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A Beautiful Film about the Water Slums of Brazil
JustCuriosity12 March 2012
Bay of All Saints was well-received in its world premiere at Austin's SXSW Film Festival. Bay of All Saints is a beautiful, compassionate film that allows those of us with so much more a chance to look inside the lives of some of the poorest of the poor. This is a hidden world that we all know at some level exists, but which we rarely allow ourselves bear witness to. There have been a number of films in recent years that capture extreme poverty in the developing world including Which Way Home (child migrants in Mexico), Garbage Dreams (Coptic garbage workers in Cairo, Egypt), and Iron Crows (Bangladeshi ship yard recyclers) among others. Bay of All Saints follows the lives of 3 families living in shacks on stilts overlooking the Bay of All Saints in the city of Salvador in Brazil's Bahia province. Their desperate poverty is contrasted with the beauty of the gorgeous bay that they live along. The film follows their lives over a period of 6 years as they struggle with their desperate poverty. During this time, the Brazilian government with money from the World Bank promises to clear the slums (in order to build a boardwalk for tourists) and build them new subsidized public housing, but the project and the hope that it represented is delayed in the morass of Brazil's bureaucracy and corruption. The poorest of the poor rarely have a voice in any society. Annie Eastman's eloquent film gives them a small voice that they can attempt to raise to tell the world that they exist and their suffering shouldn't be ignored. I hope that film is widely viewed by all who believe that everyone has the right to live in dignity. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the political will can be built to help these families and the hundreds of millions of others who live lives of quiet desperation. But every voice raised in protest is a small step in the right direction. A film like Bay of all Saints at least allows us a view of the humanity of the desperately poor who are so often ignored and forgotten.
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My rating: 8
Vihren Mitev15 January 2014
As I follow my passion of documentary and autobiographically (here we can see both) movies I set this rating. A movie created by the help of Kickstarter (online platform which gives the opportunity original ideas to be presented and the way everyone can help with amount of resources on his will). Debut for its producer.

This movie shows the destiny or doom of a community which didn't have the option to be born in a better place to live. While the rich live nearby without noticing them and spend the millions given from the World Bank, people from the "palafita" decide to take things into their hands and get what they deserve. A battle which is not over at end of the movie.

A battle for freedom, for dreams of the representatives of the community. A battle that symbolize faith and hope, which they have because are doomed to have. Real life around us, where "developed societies" do not give hand to... the smaller communities.

Interesting example of developing a socium, the problems in it, the fears, dreams, friendship and humanity. Deepest human dreams performed on the wings of the sticks grounded into the junks and the sea.
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