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Lifetime TV movie land...
Warning: Spoilers
When Jennifer Love Hewitt opens that door, and looks aghast at Kyle, who has the nerve to come barging back after leaving her stranded for a year (a year? a year? (mentioned by Dale) a year? this was ten episodes and months didn't pass in the story-line), when she stands behind that door, just before slamming it shut, oh, that beautiful face...

...very few guys would turn their backs on Love. Very, very few. It would take more than just debt. Nice house, nice kids, come on, and Jennifer Love Hewitt!!

Okay, so that's it for me, folks, the season closes, and as a whole, it came in way below my expectations, so, like Kyle, I am also leaving, for the greedily-priced Season 2 DVD box-set is just unduly expensive in the wake of the under-performing Season 1. There is no buzz to see what happens next, for it is so predictable...

(wagering now... for I haven't seen...)

The police are outside. Red-and-blue strobe lights. It's that policeman guy wearing the alligator/snakeskin/whatever boots. He is there to investigate why the alarm has gone off. Nothing more. The Heidi Fleiss client list Book is not being sought. So everything will just go back to normal, we're back in humdrum TV movie land, there is no real meat on the table, just a load of potatoes.

The big problem with this show is that, at the heart of it, it's kinda bland. It deals with something scandalous and treats it as such, for the thrill of it, but doesn't really delve into the hypocrisy of society. What The Rub does, is provide a service, an outlet, a necessary outlet, should it be illegal, no. Should it all be open and above board without any deceit, yes. Certainly people should have freedom of choice without law enforcement barging in where it doesn't belong.
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