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  • John Ross is bothered by the weight of having to do his father's dirty work and decides to move into Southfork. Strife continues to grow between Ann and Bobby when it is revealed she went to her ex for help with a family problem. Rebecca approaches Bobby and Christopher with information that she believes might help save the ranch.

  • Left in charge of drilling with only Bum as deputy by JR, Joghn Ross is terrified by scary foreign oil client's agent Vicente Cano and successfully turns to mother and candidate-governor Sue Ellen to get Harris Ryland to undo the truck embargo, which Bobby reproaches Ann having negotiated behind his back. John Ross resists both Christopher's legal charges threat and Martha's offer to rejoin each-other n bed and business. Tommy is furious when he discovers Rebecca has betrayed him to hand Bobby proof that Southfork's mineral rights aren't legally included in the land ownership since his grandfather. JR meanwhile is on a solo mission to work out Cliff's Las Vegas agenda and sabotage it with Carlos Del Sol's money.


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  • Elena comes out to talk to John Ross after their evening together. He's worried about Christopher trying to break them up. She thinks he has nothing on John Ross because he wasn't involved in the fraud (even though he was). He reminds her Christopher has made up lies about him in the past, to prevent her from believing whatever Christopher might say.

    John Ross heads off to get the rest of his stuff to move into "the hornet's nest" of Southfork. "I don't believe in the war, but I believe in the warrior," Elena tells him.

    John Ross shows up at Southfork, where Bobby warns him not to get too comfortable. John Ross threatens to kick him out and Bobby dares him to go ahead with it, saying he has no sense of family. "You're a lot like your daddy: all hat and no cattle. You have no feeling for this ranch," Bobby says.

    A worker shows up and tells John Ross the Ryland tankers didn't show up, on the boss' orders. John Ross makes the connection to Ann's ex and mocks Bobby for having his wife do his dirty work for him.

    At her place, Rebecca reads through a file of Christopher's. She hides it when Tommy comes home. He's ready to leave Texas. He's sure there's something they can cash in on in the files. She takes the file and leaves.

    At Southfork, Bobby confronts Ann about going to her ex, Harris Ryland. He wishes she'd talked to him first, but she knows he would have talked her out of it. Bobby already had the workers on the rig ready to stage a "sick out," so she need not have bothered. Bobby worries about the consequences of owing Ryland a favor.

    John Ross calls around looking for tankers, but can't find any to move his first shipment by Friday. Christopher comes in, demanding evidence against J.R. for fraud. John Ross says he doesn't have any, but Christopher still wants to see him suffer.

    John Ross dares him to turn the DVD over, saying it only proves the night Christopher broke him up with Elena he sought comfort elsewhere.

    Rebecca comes by Southfork, and tells Christopher and Bobby she might have something to help them save the ranch.

    She gives Bobby the file, telling them Tommy stole it and he doesn't know she's there. She tells Christopher she wants to make up for what she did.

    The file is a copy of an invoice mentioning a trust Bobby's granddad created separating Southfork mineral rights from the property rights. It would mean the mineral rights are excluded from the sale to Del Sol and then to J.R.

    Christopher thinks she faked it. Bobby knows they need the original to enforce it and turns down Rebecca's offer to help look for it.

    Rebecca walks to her car and notices she has a bloody nose and is lightheaded. Elena finds her.

    Bobby and Christopher start looking through the junky garage for a key to a safety deposit box that might hold the trust document.

    Christopher says they don't need it. He tells Bobby about the DVD and his threat. Bobby says blackmail never pays off.

    J.R. gets the full salon treatment. Bum calls to tell him about the tankers and the DVD. J.R. isn't worried. J.R. is holed up in Vegas. Bum gives him directions to Cliff's high stakes poker game. He thinks Cliff is trying to bring gambling to Texas and he wants to find out more about his plans.

    In the garage, Christopher and Bobby rifle through an old desk and find keys stamped Texas National Bank.

    At the doctor's, Rebecca thanks Elena for bringing her. She says the doctor thinks she's fine but they're running more tests.

    Rebecca apologizes for the email Tommy sent, saying again she knew nothing about it. At least now that she and Christopher are over, Rebecca thinks he can be happy with Elena. But Elena says that's not going to happen.

    Vicente (Carlos Barnard) drops in on John Ross. He heard about the tanker issues and wants to make sure his buyers will get their oil. John Ross is already late. Vicente warns him about the consequences if he doesn't deliver. "Promises have been made, Mr. Ewing. I intend to make sure that they're kept," he says.

    John Ross visits Sue Ellen for her help with Ryland to get the trucks. She doesn't want to trade favors, but he tells her J.R.'s investors hold the note on the ranch and they're paying them 14% interest. He's worried what they'll do if he doesn't deliver. He storms out on his mother.

    Back at his condo, he gets a visit from Marta/ Veronica thinking she has a shot with John Ross. He tells her she's crazy and he'd never have anything to do with her. She tells him she has a lot of money from skimming from Vicente from the Southfork sale. He throws her out.

    Christopher and John Ross go to the safety deposit box, which has been unopened for decades. It contains a pistol, hunting licenses and the mineral right's trust they were looking for.

    John Ross goes to Elena's. She's surprised to see her door open. John Ross finds a picture of them with a knife through it on her counter. He steps out and pays two workers to watch Elena's until he gets back.

    He goes to Marta's place but finds it cleared out.

    Cliff Barnes' man Frank visits J.R. in his hotel suite, introducing himself as Cliff's driver. The buy-in for the poker game is $1 million, which J.R. says isn't a problem.

    When Frank leaves, J.R. calls Bum. He wants info on Frank the "driver" and $1 million from Carlos Del Sol.

    Later, Bum tells John Ross he hasn't heard from J.R. John Ross tells Bum about Veronica the stalker. Bum goes looking for her.

    Ann gets a delivery of flowers. She thinks they're from Bobby, but they're from Harris. He also sent a small locket that makes her choke up and cry when she sees it. She crumples to the ground and won't tell Bobby why she's upset. Bobby sees the note from Ryland and goes to his office.

    He busts in on Harris (Mitch Pileggi) and smacks him around, warning Harris to stay away from Ann.

    Christopher is leaving Southfork when Rebecca pulls up in a taxi to get her car. He tells her the trust deed looks legit.

    Sue Ellen visits Harris. She gets a bad vibe from him but asks him to send his trucks in, in exchange for an appointment to the Railroad Commission.

    He agrees, acting very magnanimous about it. He also offers Sue Ellen a large campaign contribution. She hesitates, but accepts it.

    Back on Southfork, John Ross and Sue Ellen watch the trucks pull up.

    Inside, Ann puts on the locket from Harris. It makes her incredibly sad.

    Bobby and Christopher drop in on John Ross with the trust document. It says Bobby, J.R. and Gary own the mineral rights and Gary has already given his to Bobby. They've shut down the drilling. "You're beat, cousin. Fair and square," Christopher crows.

    Rebecca gets news from the doctor on the phone. Tommy comes in, he knows about the mineral rights because Christopher sent an email about it. He realizes Rebecca had something to do with it and starts laying into her. She yells at him to stop, she's tired of him thinking he can push her around.

    "You and I are done, Tommy," she says. She gives him her engagement and wedding rings and tells him sell them and leave town. She's in love with Christopher.

    And she's pregnant.

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