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Good piece of Romanian cinematography
accercel25 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Another good example of Romanian cinematography, "Toată lumea din familia noastră" focuses on the character excellently played by Șerban Pavlu and the nervous breakdown he is going through on the day he wanted to take his daughter to the seaside. The apparent opposition he encounters from the mother's new boyfriend and then from the mother herself lead to growing tensions, verbal abuse and even physical violence, all of them already announced at the beginning of the movie, when we see Pavlu's character in his relationship with his own parents. Like most recent Romanian productions, it's a movie difficult to narrate and it has an open ending, a thing Romanian directors and script writers seem to very much enjoy. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly more audience-engaging than other Romanian films, as the likes by Cristi Puiu or Corneliu Porumboiu. Strongly recommended.
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Quite veridical from my point of view
ruxicpit12 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have just watched this film and was very interested in what others had to say about it. While I am not going to contradict the people claiming that this is meant to be a (very) dark comedy (I think that only the director and the writers know best whether this is true or not), I am going to state that from my point of view it is sadly way too close to reality. From the moment Marius refuses to wait for Otilia before leaving with their little daughter, my heart kept pounding in my chest because there was no way of knowing what would happen next. Marius acts like a mad person and Serban Pavlu beautifully portrays a cornered man searching for every possibility of getting away: violence, pleading, emotional blackmail, lies. What puzzled me was Otilia's calm, she was the one that reminded me it was only a film, but then again, everybody acts differently under such circumstances and it could be only myself that found her attitude slightly less real than the others'. Even Aurel, played very well by Gabriel Spahiu, with his inability to stand up to Marius, didn't seem comical to me.

I am without a doubt influenced by having had a similar drama in my own family, and thus might not be able to see it as it might have been intended - a dark comedy. However, being able to compare it to the real thing, I can say that it certainly made me feel the same, scared and experiencing mixed emotions towards each character, knowing that every so-called grown-up (as they are acting very childish) shares a part of the blame, and not being able to decide (at least at first) who it would be best to win this battle. And it is because the film achieves this that I recommend it.
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new romanian cinema
barisemek19 November 2012
it was a nice movie that i've seen in Doha-Qatar Film Festival. it is like Cristian Mungiu style that is reflecting the new approach in Romania's movies. by a short scene famous author Panait Istrati was symbolized at the end it was neither a comedy, nor tragedy it was a cross section of our life. mislead,misunderstood standard ordinary life... the movie is in Bucharest, near gar north in Sector 2 very nice selection of a child player Sophie is appreciated the Gypsy funeral was a nice catch as well also the family ties che guavera symbol were all remarkable points that impressed me i really like it i strongly do recommend it
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Not easy
kosmasp30 April 2012
It's all about family in this movie. Not only one, but what can happen when things do not go as planned. The director present at the screening of this movie in Berlin at the Festival was keen to make a lot of jokes, which came as no surprise as the movie is very much a comedy (even if it is a very dark one).

The actors are really good in it and the story does concentrate on one location mainly. And this is important because this was shot on location, which made it very difficult for the crew and the cast of course. But that also means, that it is terrific work by the DP of the movie. Smooth and nice shots and even when they decided to use a take, where you can clearly see a cell phone ringing but not hear it (for obvious distracting reasons, story-wise), you are not too mad at the movie. Or you shouldn't be. Watch it, if you have no problem with Un-PC behavior and lots of dialogue!
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Very enjoyable movie, I had a good laugh
tandrei200111 June 2012
This is indeed a well made dark comedy. Although the subject is very serious and the action is dramatic in the end, the dialogs are so hilarious that you can't hold yourself and burst into laughing. You also have the chance to see in secondary roles some of the most respected Romanian actors of the last decades. I am talking about Mihai's parents (Alexandu Arsinel and Stela Popescu) and especially Tamara Buciuceanu-Botez as "the badger", playing the old mother is law of the main character. The movie treats a very serious subject, of a dysfunctional family, custody and impact over minors. But it seems to me the authors just wanted to jeopardize life and problems and it succeeds with such humour! A last mention is Gabriel Spahiu as Aurel, the "replacement" father for Mihai. He is the funniest guy. He plays brilliantly the role of an accountant, responsible and loving stepfather, delicate to his gf/wife, but in fact he is a coward, doesn't even know to throw a punch and ends up lamenting pathetically. Watched it on TIFF festival in Cluj-Napoca.
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Life as a child of the parted parents.
Reno-Rangan9 June 2014
I have not seen a Romanian movie for a while and good to be back with a good drama that partially filled with the dark humour. This family movie is about a father, Marius and his ex-wife, Otilia and her new husband, Aurel and his stepdaughter, Sofia. The movie determines the story of a family about a particular matter which varies the opinion from each others. Except the opening few minutes the remaining of the story takes place inside a house before it concludes.

The story is simple as that a divorced man goes to pick his daughter for the holiday. He wanted to go to the beach with her, but what he encounters is the resistance by the stepfather. Everything begins to be a complicate around and puts into the verbal war between them before violence takes its part. Can it be solved? but how is the remaining portion explained.

''A Japanese haiku says: Without a beloved child, there is no truth in cherry blossom''

A satisfying story with the interesting characters. A fictional story, but very much true in nature that resemble the real incidents of the divorced families around the world. Most of the couple separates because of the different ideology after the marriage. When it comes to matters of their children it won't vary much, they have to fight for the rights to provide what's best for the kids. That is what this story describes the family's difficulties which drags their children as well into such an awful affairs.

Might not have a valuable message in it, but the most essential thematic content movie for the present society. A story that provides to study about the characters. Families should watch this. This movie is also can be watched for entertainment purpose. Overall, a better movie than I expected something like the movie 'Death at a Funeral'.
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cristidumitr20 August 2013
There is a series of good Romanian films which are usually called the new Romanian wave, like the excellent "4, 3, 2", "Beyond the Hills", "Child's pose". Those are the most representatives, but there are also some others, like "Somwhere in Palilula", "California Dreamin'", "Silent Wedding" which are also really good films. But, in order to have some films of great quality, is almost evident that there are some non value films, and, in my opinion "Everybody in Our Family" is exactly this kind of production. The acting is poor, even the actors are well known for light productions and entertainment sketches, the story isn't believable, no trace of psychological in this film, just a wish to be a special kind or dark movie, a failure of dark movie.
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Foe fetish voyeurs
alexp4017 March 2021
This "movie" adds nothing to the art of cinema, it overreacts just for the sake of overreacting and it's like a show for a voyeur. It was made just to serve the PC movement like all the movies of this.. Jude "director"
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