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Jason Mantzoukas’ Sundance Comedy ‘The Long Dumb Road’ Acquired by Universal

Jason Mantzoukas’ Sundance Comedy ‘The Long Dumb Road’ Acquired by Universal
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group has purchased North American rights to Hannah Fidell’s road trip comedy “The Long Dumb Road,” starring Jason Mantzoukas and Tony Revolori.

The film made its world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Fidell and co-written by Fidell and Carson Mell, the film also stars Taissa Farmiga, Grace Gummer, and Ron Livingston.

Revolori plays a college-bound teenager who offers an itinerant 30-something mechanic (Mantzoukas) a ride during a stop-over in small-town Texas. As they travel through the American Southwest, both passengers come alive through the myriad possibilities of the open road as they find connection, comfort and chaos in their shared journey.

In her review for Variety, Amy Nicholson said, “Fidell’s third film after her darker dramas ‘A Teacher’ and ‘6 Years’ is a light-fingered diversion. She keeps an eye on class. People continually offer each other small amounts of cash
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“The Time Spent Rigging Was a Challenge”: Dp Andrew Droz Palermo on Filming Hannah Fidell’s Road Movie The Long Dumb Road

How do you reinvent the look of the road movie? That was the key question for Andrew Droz Palermo while filming The Long Dumb Road, the third feature film from director Hannah Fidell. Palermo’s recent credits as Dp include last year’s A Ghost Story, the 2014 horror film You’re Next and Fidell’s two previous features (A Teacher and 6 Years). Palermo spoke with Filmmaker ahead of The Long Dumb Road‘s premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Below he discusses the logistics of filming moving cars and his aim to “live up to our influences, and […] take them into a new […]
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Sundance Film Review: ‘The Long Dumb Road’

Sundance Film Review: ‘The Long Dumb Road’
Freshman photography student Nathan (Tony Revolori) is on a quest to find the real America. On “The Long Dumb Road” of director Hannah Fidell’s title, his trek from Texas to Los Angeles, he pulls over to shoot shuttered movie theaters and American flags drooping over drive-thrus, the kind of cynical corporate salute a kid like him considers deep. He’s too snobby to actually eat a fast-food burger, but when his purple minivan breaks down in Fort Stockton, the real America — or at least, an alcoholic mechanic (Jason Mantzoukas) drifting through it — takes the wheel of his trip, with several disastrous detours and stretches of pleasant pointlessness.

The normcore-meets-nutcase road comedy is older than Route 66, and the film’s destination could have been plotted by Google Maps, as well as the familiar screen sight of two men companionably peeing together in the wilderness. Along the way, Nathan and Richard bond and bicker while navigating, and detonating
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Sundance: Wes Anderson Vr Project, Todd Haynes Retrospective Complete 2018 Lineup

Sundance: Wes Anderson Vr Project, Todd Haynes Retrospective Complete 2018 Lineup
The Sundance Film Festival finalized its 2018 lineup with the addition of 11 more programs, ranging from a pair of world premieres by female directors Hannah Fidell (“A Teacher”) and Tamara Jenkins (“The Savages”) to a special conversation with Sundance veteran Todd Haynes (“Poison”).

The festival also announced a new virtual reality project from Wes Anderson. Dubbed “Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes,” the Vr installation puts the viewer inside the world of the filmmaker’s upcoming stop-motion animated film.

Hearts Beat Loud,” previously added to the Premieres section, has been confirmed as a Closing Night Film.

Combined with the earlier announcements of 110 feature films, New Frontier experimental work and the shorts and Indie Episodic sections, this completes a robust program for the independent film festival, which will unspool in Park City, Utah, from Jan. 18-28, 2018.

The latest additions:


The​ ​Long​ ​Dumb​ ​Road​​ ​(Director:​ ​Hannah​ ​Fidell,​ ​Screenwriters:​ ​Hannah​ ​Fidell,​ ​Carson​ ​Mell,​ ​Producers:​ ​Hannah Fidell,
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‘Blame’ Trailer: The Sexiest Debut of the Year Delivers a Taboo Take on ‘The Crucible’

‘Blame’ Trailer: The Sexiest Debut of the Year Delivers a Taboo Take on ‘The Crucible’
Using all of your college money to fund a first feature is a risky move, but in the case of Quinn Shephard, it paid off. The 22-year-old debuted “Blame” at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, it received universally warm praise as a solid first feature. In his review of the film, IndieWire’s Michael Nordine wrote “Reminiscent of both Hannah Fidell’s ‘A Teacher’ and Melanie Laurent’s ‘Breathe,’…“Blame,” though under-realized, shows great promise from a filmmaker who’s clearly just getting started.” In the first trailer, Shephard is a beguiling foil to Chris Messina in a decidedly grown-up role.

Read More:‘Blame’ Review: Quinn Shephard Makes a Strong First Impression in Her Debut as Writer, Director, and Star

Shephard plays high-school student Abigail (who else), a recent transfer from a mental institution who is battling a group of mean girls. When the dreamy substitute drama teacher
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‘Thirst Street’ Clip: Lindsay Burdge Gets Obsessed [Exclusive]

One of our favorite films of the year so far is “Thirst Street,” an indie about obsession, delusion and romance. Starring indie actor Lindsay Burdge (“A Teacher”), the film is arch and dreamy, and features a deliciously sly narration by Academy Award-winner Anjelica Huston. Our review described it as “a wry and disturbed look at lust and longing… delightfully twisted.”

Read More: Lindsay Burdge Sparkles In The Delicious Psycho Sexual Thriller ‘Thirst Street’ [Tribeca Review]

Directed by Nathan Silver the filmmaker told us in a quick email interview he wanted to write a lead part for Burdge who had a role in his previous film, “Actor Martinez.

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Exclusive Thirst Street Poster: Obsessed By Romance; Watch New Trailer Too

On a layover in Paris, flight attendant Gina decides to change her life and soon finds herself doing things she might never have imagined before. It's an intoxicating premise, one that is explored colorfully in Nathan Silver's Thirst Street, opening in theaters next month. We are pleased to debut a new poster for the film, which you can see in full below. To put things more fully into context, here's the official synopsis. Alone and depressed after the suicide of her lover, American flight attendant Gina (Lindsay Burdge, A Teacher) travels to Paris and hooks up with nightclub bartender Jerome (Damien Bonnard, Staying Vertical) on her layover. But as Gina falls deeper into lust and opts to stay in France, this harmless rendezvous quickly turns...

[Read the whole post on screenanarchy.com...]
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Official Us Trailer for Psychosexual French Drama Film 'Thirst Street'

"Who is the girl? Did you two have sex?" Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted the official Us trailer for a new indie film titled Thirst Street, a psychosexual drama that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. The film stars Lindsay Burdge (star of the indie film A Teacher) as a flight attendant still reeling over the suicide of her boyfriend, who hooks up with a bartender in Paris on one of her layovers. But she soon gets sucked into this lust and then falls even further into madness when his ex shows up and messes with everything. The film's full cast includes Damien Bonnard, Anjelica Huston, Esther Garrel, Lola Bessis, Alice de Lencquesaing, and Jacques Nolot. This looks very 70s in story and in color palette, which seems like an interesting if not cliched choice. It also seems totally twisted and insane, so watch out. Here's the official
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Trailer for Nathan Silver’s ‘Thirst Street’ Depicts a Paris-Set Psychodrama

There’s one thing that connects some of my favorite American independent films of the last few years: cinematography of Sean Price Williams. Following Listen Up Philip, Kate Plays Christine, Heaven Knows What, Golden Exits, Marjorie Prime, Queen of Earth, and Good Time, his latest project is Thirst Street, from director Nathan Silver. Ahead of a September release, the first trailer has landed for the film following an American flight attendant who tries to make a romantic connection in Paris and things don’t go as planned.

“Sean [Price Williams] and I were talking and one key image was that crazy image from Fassbinder’s Lola (1981) where she’s sitting in bed and there are a million different colours on her,” Silver tells The Seventh Art. “We talked about always looking for ways to heighten the lighting and we used anamorphic lenses in Paris and then when we were in the U.
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‘Thirst Street’ Trailer: Lindsay Burdge Stalks In A Wry Psycho Sexual Drama

Of all the films I saw at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, Nathan Silver’s “Thirst Street” was easily the best one. Starring Lindsay Burdge (“A Teacher”), the movie is influenced by the erotic 1970s dramas of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, but gives a deviously funny edge (think Roman Polanski’s “The Tenant”) to what is a delicious psycho sexual drama.

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Andrew Droz Palermo || A Process Close To Music || The Cinematography Of A Ghost Story

  • Cinelinx
Would you have guessed A Ghost Story’s aesthetic was primarily formed instinctually day by day? I wouldn’t have, and I didn’t. The fact derailed everything I thought I knew about Andrew Droz Palermo (Cinematographer: You’re Next, Rich Hill, A Teacher) and David Lowery’s (Writer/Director: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon) formal motivations and forced the interview to operate in an intuitive mode similar to the film’s process.

Each day Andrew operated with the immediacy of a musician, or as close to that as the film industry allows. Even the most premeditated of shots/scenes could undergo major adjustments on the day, and they weren’t beholden to any rules for the sake of developing their own grammar. The film’s small budget allowed them to take their time and properly evaluate the results of their intuition.

I caught Andrew in between shoots.
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Cannes: Lindsay Burdge’s Comic Drama ‘Thirst Street’ Lands at Samuel Goldwyn

Cannes: Lindsay Burdge’s Comic Drama ‘Thirst Street’ Lands at Samuel Goldwyn
Samuel Goldwyn Films has bought North American rights to Nathan Silver’s dark comedy “Thirst Street,” starring Lindsay Burdge (“A Teacher”) and Damien Bonnard (“Staying Vertical”).

The film, narrated by Anjelica Huston, is directed by Silver from a script he co-wrote with C. Mason Wells. The Paris-set tale of romantic obsession had its world premiere last month at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and is set for release later this year.

The deal was announced Friday at the Cannes Film Festival. Burdge portrays a grief-stricken American flight attendant on a layover in Paris, where she hooks up with nightclub bartender, played by Bonnard. As she falls deeper into lust and opts to stay in France, his ex reenters the picture, sending the flight attendant on a downward spiral of miscommunication, masochism, and madness.

Variety first reported on the project a year ago at Cannes. Producers are Louise Bellicaud and Claire Charles-Gervais
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Memo to Distributors: Buy These 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Movies

  • Indiewire
Memo to Distributors: Buy These 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Movies
The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival has come and gone, but several of its highlights face an uncertain future. While the festival opened with an iTunes-ready documentary about Clive Davis and closed with back-to-back screenings of the first two “Godfather” films, many of the films in its competition sections arrived at the festival without distribution deals and ended it in the same state. Here’s at a few significant titles from this year’s edition that deserve to get picked up.


Overachieving multi-hyphenate Quinn Shephard was just 20 when she wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in her feature directorial debut, a modern spin on Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” set in the witch hunt capital of contemporary America: the suburban high school. While Shephard cast herself as the film’s Abigail Williams — an outcast with secrets to spare who gets entangled with a smoldering substitute teacher, played by Chris Messina — the
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‘Blame’ Review: Quinn Shephard Makes a Strong First Impression in Her Debut as Writer, Director, and Star

‘Blame’ Review: Quinn Shephard Makes a Strong First Impression in Her Debut as Writer, Director, and Star
There’s good reason for “Blame” to feel lived-in and authentic: Writer, director and star Quinn Shephard is only 22 years old, making her just a few years removed from the film’s high-school environs. Given the nature of her Arthur Miller-inflected debut, one hopes she had an easier go of it than her character does.

Said heroine is Abigail, and if you’ve read “The Crucible” you might know why. Recently discharged from a mental institution, the troubled teen is now tasked with resuming her studies among a clique of mean girls who write harassing messages on her locker and generally do their utmost to make life miserable. Melissa (Nadia Alexander) serves as ringleader, though Shephard makes plain that Melissa’s habit of spreading misery to others is borne of her own pain. There are more victims than villains here, even if the impulse is always to assign, well,
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'Thirst Street': Film Review | Tribeca 2017

'Thirst Street': Film Review | Tribeca 2017
Lindsay Burdge showed a willingness to hold nothing back in her ballsy portrayal of dangerously single-minded romantic obsession in the 2013 Sundance entry A Teacher. Her character retains even fewer vestiges of dignity or rationality in Nathan Silver's Thirst Street, an idiosyncratic but distancing genre blend that folds together melodrama, suggestions of horror and a lurid fascination with sex, intoxication and despair evocative of 1970s Euro art movies. While the caustic ending might be interpreted as some kind of feminist revenge twist, the unsympathetic characters and punishing situations will likely confine this to the indie-streaming fringe.

One of...
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Principal Photography Kicks Off for Hannah Fidell’s “The Long Dumb Road”

Hannah Fidell: Perri Nemiroff/ YouTube

Hannah Fidell is following up “6 Years,” her portrait of dysfunctional young love, with a buddy comedy. Principal photography for “The Long Dumb Road” has begun in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a press release has announced.

Tony Revolori (“Grand Budapest Hotel”) and Jason Mantzoukas (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) star as two men who have little in common but are both at personal crossroads. They “meet serendipitously and take an unpredictable journey through the American Southwest,” the film’s official synopsis reveals. “At once comedic and honest, the film explores how differences in class, race, age, and life experience divide us, and how they can ultimately bring us together.”

Taissa Farmiga (“American Horror Story”), who starred in Fidell’s 2015 relationship drama “6 Years,” has a supporting role in the project. The ensemble cast also includes Grace Gummer (“Good Girls Revolt”), Casey Wilson (“Happy Endings”), and Ron Livingston (“Drinking Buddies”).

“It’s been my experience that the indie/festival world is very female-director friendly. It’s those higher-budgeted projects where it seems to be harder to break through,” Fidell told us when “6 Years” premiered at SXSW. At the time, she was working on the screenplay for “The Long Dumb Road.” “I’m in the middle of writing a comedy — two dudes on a road trip — that I co-wrote with my friend Carson Mell,” she said. “He wrote on ‘Eastbound and Down’ and currently writes on ‘Silicon Valley,’ so you know this film will be very different from anything I’ve done before, just as the improv-heavy ‘6 Years’ was vastly different from the meticulously planned out and scripted ‘A Teacher.’ I like a good challenge. And I like to feel that I’m always learning something new,” she emphasized.

The Long Dumb Road” was financed by Gamechanger Films, which invests in narrative features helmed by women. Fidell and Jacqueline “Jj” Ingram (“Operator”) are producing alongside Jonathan Duffy and Kelly Williams of Ten Acre Films (“Hellion”). Mynette Louie (“Lovesong”) and Alicia Van Couvering (“Christine”) are serving as executive producers along with Gamechanger’s Julie Parker Benello, Dan Cogan, Geralyn Dreyfous, and Wendy Ettinger.

Principal Photography Kicks Off for Hannah Fidell’s “The Long Dumb Road” was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Silly Halloween Costume Takes on New Levity in A Ghost Story [Trailer]

The images from David Lowery's A Ghost Story are sort of ridiculous. Some feature star Rooney Mara looking morose, after all the movie centers on her dealing with the loss of her husband played by Casey Affleck, while others feature a white sheet with black eyes. My initial gut reaction is to laugh but now that I've seen the trailer, I'm not so sure.

A24's has released the first trailer for the movie and it's anything but funny. It's beautiful, featuring a dream-like, almost magical approach to the cinematography - in this case from Andrew Droz Palermo of You're Next, A Teacher and Rich Hill fame, but most notably, it's incredibly sad and the ghost? The white sheet with the black eyeholes? At one point it feels downright creepy.

I don't do [Continued ...]
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What Does a Woman Director Look Like? The Global Directors Initiative Seeks to Find Out

  • Indiewire
The film industry’s gender divide is well known at this point, but action is often slow to follow knowledge. Fox took a step toward closing that gap with its Global Directors Initiative, which is “dedicated to cultivating emerging and established directors with diverse voices, backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives spanning episodic broadcast and cable television, filmed entertainment, sports and digital media.” The Fdi launched with an introductory video called simply “Fox Directors.” Watch below.

Read More: Adult Swim Creative Director on ‘Limiting Female Projects’: ‘Women Don’t Tend to Like Conflict’

Among the featured filmmakers are Hannah Fidell (“A Teacher”), Anja Marquardt (“She’s Lost Control”), Amanda Marsalis (“Echo Park”), Marta Cunningham (“Valentine Road”), and Cherien Dabis (“May in the Summer”), all of whom briefly discuss their work and their experiences within the industry. The video is directed by Jessica Sanders, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker whose documentary “After Innocence
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‘Buster’s Mal Heart’ Teaser Trailer: Rami Malek Loses His Mind in Tiff Drama

  • Indiewire
‘Buster’s Mal Heart’ Teaser Trailer: Rami Malek Loses His Mind in Tiff Drama
The new teaser for Tiff drama “Buster’s Mal Heart” has arrived, and it looks like it’s going to be an intense addition to the festival. ‘Mr. Robot’ star Rami Malek plays a fugitive surviving a harsh winter climate by breaking into vacation homes. He earns the nickname ‘Buster’ after repeatedly calling into the same radio station to warn about Y2K. But things get strange once he’s haunted by images of his old life as a clean-cut family man and nightmares of being lost at sea.

Read More: Where I Shot It: Finding the Right Backdrop for a Character’s Spiritual Quest in ‘Buster’s Mal Heart’

“Buster’s Mal Heart” is the sophomore feature from filmmaker Sarah Adina Smith, who wrote, directed and edited the film. Smith describes the movie as an “existential journey.” It was shot in Montana and produced by Gamechanger Films, Everything is Everything,
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‘Tampa’: Why Harmony Korine’s Wild, Anti-Hero Brand of Filmmaking Is Perfect for the Controversial Student-Teacher Sex Drama

‘Tampa’: Why Harmony Korine’s Wild, Anti-Hero Brand of Filmmaking Is Perfect for the Controversial Student-Teacher Sex Drama
The first thing you need to understand about the protagonist of Alissa Nutting’s wildly unsettling and wonderfully written 2013 novel “Tampa” is that she’s a monster. While Celeste Price — accurately described as “smoldering” in the book’s official synopsis — is physically stunning (and damn does she work for it), her emotional and psychological landscape is so diseased that whatever cinematic project springs forth from the material will likely look and feel more like a film about bloodthirsty vampires or Frankenstein’s creation or the abominable snowman or something similarly driven by lust and rage than any sort of dramatic offering about overcoming life’s harsh realities.

No one overcomes anything in “Tampa.” No one gets over anything.

“Tampa,” despite a premise that seems tailor-made to be turned into a prestige feature (perhaps in the vein of “Precious”?) or at least a Lifetime-ready movie of the week (think “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
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