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Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains infrequent mild sex references.
  • Brief reference to sex during a single conversation. NOT crude.

Violence & Gore

  • There are a number of fast-paced fights and shoot-outs.
  • Although there are some heavy blows and bullet impacts, little is shown in terms of injury detail, with the focus instead placed on the spectacular and generally unrealistic fight choreography.
  • Contains strong, choreographed and brutal violence with moderate amounts of blood. Some of this is war violence.
  • The film contains moderate to strong violence, which can and can not be too intense. However, there are some stylized fights that often end up in strong violence with gore.
  • In a fight sequence, a man kills many people in brutal violence in which another man's wrist is cut off with a gun in it and later it is tossed away by the man who did it.
  • Examples include a brief shot of cutting a character's hand with a sword, without any gore at all. There are several hand to hand fights, mostly stylized, and involving the use of weapons. There are numerous explosions as well.
  • Some burnt dead bodies with bloody patches are shown on screen, and the camera moves across to show several in an extended shot.
  • A man's half blown up body is tossed up on screen. Ribs upward including the head is distinctly visibly with blood. Very gory and disturbing. A man is shot multiple times with the blood from the impact shown on screen.
  • A man is hung using a crane to lift him up off the ground. He's shown shaking before he dies, which results in gun shots of approval by spectators.
  • Notably (no spoilers):
  • A man is shown in a pool of blood on the floor from close range. His phone vibrates in his pocket and creates waves in the blood.
  • A man starts cutting the neck of a man (shown briefly with NO blood on screen. The remainder is OFF-SCREEN. The sound of pain is disturbing.


  • The film contains infrequent mild bad language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is also some sight of hard drugs, but this occurs within a clear anti drug context.
  • There is none

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Flashback in the movie is very dark and threateningThe climax in the movie is very intense
  • Contains moderate intensity arising from the thorough exploration of (possibly) disturbing themes. A man's half blown up body is tossed up on screen. Ribs upward including the head is distinctly visibly with blood. Very gory and disturbing. A man's wrist is chopped off.
  • Men who have been exposed to radiation are shown. Some people may not like this.
  • The violence in Afghanistan could be considered intense by some, with strong threat to civillians etc.
  • Some may be displeased with thee also depictions of oppression in Afghanistan, namely male oppression towards females, and the female state of constant fear.
  • Some may find the fact that a character has a prosthetic eye disturbing

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