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Great action film
ahbindare18 March 2015
One of the better action movies I've seen in a while. Great characters - great acting and interesting story line. I really liked this film and I don't understand why this movie does not get better reviews. unlike a lot of the popular glitzy action films, this one leaves a memory of what it was really about. The camera work was great and incorporated some of the best and most believable action scenes I have experienced. The language was fitting and not overpopulated with Fbombs. The story line is easy to follow. The soundtrack is appropriate without a lot of unnecessary crashing and banging, or a way over the top, or overpowering soundtrack. Definitely a good film.
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A immensely satisfying blend of gripping mob drama and thrilling action setpieces that is easily Liam Neeson's most credible work in recent years
moviexclusive12 March 2015
Before you dismiss the latest Liam Neeson action movie 'Run All Night' as yet another iteration of 'Taken', let us reassure you that there is much more to this mob thriller than meets the eye. True, Neeson plays a former man of violence with a 'particular set of skills' who is forced to employ them in order to save his family, but that's about where the similarities end. Indeed, while that franchise never quite had any ambition than as a glorified B-movie, this latest team-up between Neeson and his 'Unknown' and 'Non-Stop' collaborator Jaume Collet- Serra proves itself as an impressive amalgamation of the Oscar- nominated dramatic skills on which his earlier career was built on and his more recent kickassery.

Brad Inglesby's script starts by giving us a glimpse of Neeson after the fateful events of the titular evening – that is, lying in a forest and bleeding from a shotgun wound – before rewinding sixteen hours before to fill us in. As we soon learn, Neeson's Jimmy Conlon wasn't in a much better state before his most recent run-in with mob boss and childhood friend Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris) that had led to his current predicament. An alcoholic mocked by the denizens at the local pub for farting in his sleep, the former Brooklyn hit-man was once Shawn's trusty right-hand man, but has now been reduced to playing Santa at the latter's son's birthday party for quick cash, which he spends drowning his guilt over the people he has killed and the family he has alienated through the years.

As bad luck would have it, Jimmy's estranged son, Mike (Joel Kinnaman), who only wants to take care of his pregnant wife and two young kids and to have nothing to do with his father, stumbles upon Danny executing two Albanian drug dealers. When Danny turns up at Mike's house, Jimmy intervenes to save his son and ends up killing Danny, setting in motion the subsequent series of events which will see father and son move through New York City while being pursued by Danny's men – including a professional assassin named Price (Common) who has his own grudge with Jimmy – as well as crooked cops looking to stay on Shawn's payroll.

Rather than just skip to the chase, Collet-Serra and his screenwriter Inglesby invest in a more character-driven narrative than may be expected. A pivotal scene has Jimmy confessing to Danny's murder shortly after Shawn returns from the morgue to identify his son's body, which poignantly expresses not just one father's grief (and consequent thirst for revenge) from the death of his son but also another father's paternal instinct to protect his family by whatever means possible. Whereas 'Taken' (pardon the pun) the latter for granted, Collet-Serra wisely lets the polarising dynamic between Jimmy and Shawn define the conflict that ensues, giving both characters and their longstanding friendship turned brutal rivalry both shading and nuance.

Lest it be forgotten, Neeson and Harris are both accomplished actors in their own right, and both manage to find their characters' empathetic core. Collet-Serra understands Neeson's 'particular set of skills' in playing the fallible hero, and gives his lead actor space and breadth to explore his character's vulnerabilities and motivations – even bringing in an unbilled Nick Nolte to add patriarchal weight to the proceedings. Kinnaman doesn't get enough quiet scenes with Neeson for their father-son relationship to develop into something truly compelling, but the actors share a good rapport that give the action scenes added emotional texture.

And in that department, Collet-Serra doesn't disappoint. Reining in the hand-held shots that made the last 'Taken 3' an absolute nightmare to watch even on the big screen, Collet-Serra fashions a couple of impressive sequences that make full use of its New York locale. A thrilling cop-car chase through the streets of Brooklyn easily puts 'Taken 3's' highway chase to shame, while a high-rise apartment complex on fire provides a tense backdrop against which Jimmy and Mike attempt to protect a kid witness. There is also the iconic Madison Square Garden, which provides the scene for a daring escape right after a Rangers-Devils game, and heightens the Big Apple atmosphere while keeping the gritty noir-ish feel of the earlier scenes.

It is certainly tempting to see this as yet another attempt to cash in on Neeson's newfound action hero status, but 'Run All Night' distinguishes itself with some well-filmed setpieces to satisfy the adrenaline-hungry crowd while staying grounded with enough characterisation and good acting for its audience to be rooted with the characters on screen. It is also his best collaboration yet with Collet-Serra, who seems genuinely interested at making a movie tailored to the actor's strengths than simply cashing in on a fad. Even and especially if you were disillusioned with 'Taken 3', 'Run All Night' is a good, solid slab of macho entertainment that should wash away the bitter taste of that over-the-hill franchise.
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Not Your Run Of The Mill Liam Movie.... I'm Very Impressed
poopiter19 March 2015
I went to see this because I found out last minute that "It Follows" was only limited release and I'M GLAD I DID! When you go see "Taken 2" or "Walk Among the Tombstones" you expect crazy action which you definitely get with Run All Night. But what you're not expecting is above average story and acting. There was great suspense with solid characters that you start to care about. There's some larger than life feats that Liam pulls off as usual, but it's done well.

Giving it a 9 out of 10 might be a little high, but I feel it deserves bonus points for surprising the heck out of me and breaking the recent trend of over the top Liam movies.

Don't wait for video on this one; it's a wild ride for the theater.
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As long as you're coming after Michael, I'm coming after you.
CowherPowerForever14 March 2015
Liam Neeson is back yet again with another action film. Some will claim this is another Taken film, and maybe he is cashing in big time on his success from that franchise, but the story in this film is much deeper overall than the recent Taken films, and the acting is absolutely amazing. With some great acting and a good story overall, Liam Neeson and the legendary Ed Harris deliver a must see film for any movie fan. The following is my review of Run All Night.

Run All Night was written by writer Brad Ingelsby who is very well known for his fabulous work on the 2013 film Out of the Furnace. I actually did not know that going into the film, after seeing he did write the film, I'm not surprised the characters were so greatly written. The story follows Mobster Shawn Maguire(Ed Harris) and his longtime friend and hit man Jimmy Conlon(Liam Neeson). These two have been friends for a great many years, even decades. Now that they are older and have children, things aren't exactly the same, more so for Jimmy. While Shawn is still very much close to his son Danny(Boyd Holbrook), Jimmy hasn't spoken to his son Mike(Joel Kinnaman) in several years. One night Mike has a big job as a limo driver, but the people he is driving around get into some dirt that makes Mike and Jimmy enemies with Shawn. Shawn promises to hunt Mike and Shawn down and kill them, and their family members because of the death of his son. The story is very rich in characters, and you actually care about them. While the film is nearly two hours, you honestly aren't looking at your watch at all. The film flows by perfectly because of the amazing writing by Brad Ingelsby. Overall, Ingelsby does another fabulous job of writing in this film, and his efforts on this film should not be overlooked.

The film was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who is no stranger to working with Liam Neeson on action films. He previously worked with Neeson on Unknown and last years Non-Stop. The action in this film is not exactly a great deal, but easily much more than last years Non-Stop. There are some fabulous hand to hand combat action scenes, and even one heck on a chase scene. Though the chase scene can be convoluted because of some shaky cam work. Collett-Serra delivers this nice way of changing location in the film from scene to scene by zooming out of the current scene and showing a high rise city view, then slowly zooming in on the new location. While this clever way of changing might have been slightly overused, it was used perfectly and if something different. The acting was really another great aspect of the film, and when you have two legends like Ed Harris and Liam Neeson on the screen together, of course great things will happen. Neeson and Harris really play great off of each other, and you really believe the story as it plays out. The film also features great acting from Joel Kinnaman, Vincent D'Onofrio, and even Common fits in nicely with his small but important role in the film. With mostly great action and absolutely fabulous acting, Collett-Serra and Neeson have easily delivered another epic action film that will live on for many years to come.

The film was composed by composer Junkie XL who is well known for working with legendary composer Hans Zimmer. He recently scored films such as Divergent and 300: Rise of an Empire, and will be scoring next years Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The score XL delivers is nothing great nor something I would claim is memorable, but his work here easily adds some much needed depth in the bigger action scenes. There are some interesting things he does throughout the film, and this is easily a score I will be going back to listen to over and over for the next few weeks to see if it grows on me even more. Junkie XL doesn't deliver the greatest score to an action film, but the score is still very much top notch.

In closing, this is a very enjoyable film, which is certainly worth the price of admission. I personally spent almost ten dollars on this film and still feel I got my money's worth and then some. The replay value seems to be high with not only the great visuals from the directing angle, but also from the great performances from the actors. Fans of films in general should put this film on on your list to watch, certainly a must see film.

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James_De_Bello6 May 2015
Fluently put together and entertaining enough for it not to be forgotten as easily as it could have been, yet it falls short in achieving both what it could have and what it promises to, that being a remarkable and unique action thriller.

All of the problems "Run All Night" has seem to tie in together and make just one big problem: it simply does not use its potential and it does not use it exactly because of the problems it has. Firstly it does not use its well defined characters to its advantage and ultimately even fails to stick to some. Moreover way to many times the film descends into ultra-generic territory: I was watching the film, entertained and time and time again what it seemed to be leading up to wasn't as interesting as I wanted it to be, it was a situation I had seen times and times again and I was repeatedly left asking myself "so that was all?". The director also hints at a very original eye for visuals, just as the whole movie hints at a better, more intriguing and surprising film, but ultimately both fail to the delver what they promised. The visual style and editing style had some brief brilliant moments, but for the majority falls into, again, ultra-generic and fast-cut distracting action scene. Way too many times I wondered why hadn't the director shot a scene in another way which could have made it incredibly and vastly more fascinating to watch.

That is not to say that there are many redeemable qualities. First and foremost there is genuine tension mostly because of the well rounded characters for whom I had a surprisingly positive emotional connection and didn't realize so until the end. Helping this is a fantastic cast that delivers the majority of the goods. Neeson is obviously charismatic, he isn't phoning it in, he is giving a heartfelt performance that definitely delivered. Ed Harris is in my opinion one of the best actors of history possibly and this is further proof that he simply can do no wrong, he has a presence on screen that is very hard to match. Even Kinnaman, whom I have been a critic of, is delivering a good enough performance. Lastly, the story doesn't ever realize its potential as I said, but it still makes for a very riveting premise that kept me hooked until the end, despite an overlong duration.

I had a good share of fun and excitement, but I was disappointed to see such a good opportunity ending up being another average film.
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One of Liam Neeson's finest!
Aodhanrooney14 March 2015
Liam Neeson plays retired hit-man, James Conlon, and it's one of the finest roles he's played in years with a great performance, and with additional superb acting from Joel Kinnaman, whom plays his son, Mike Conlon. The first 'Taken' may have turned out great, until it launched a franchise, but 'Run All Night' is a definite improvement over Neeson's latest work, and a major improvement over clichéd action movies released in the past decade. What makes it so good, is that Neeson brings company with him: his co-star Kinnaman who plays his son - and it's a different movie experience altogether as in most clichéd action thrillers the main protagonist, usually played by a familiar action star, is usually without company the whole way through. The character James Conlon is so similar to Jimmy Bobo, a part Sylvester Stallone played in a movie called 'Bullet to the Head'. Jimmy Bobo was an ageing hit-man who still made hits on assignments, but compared to Conlon, he's more emotionless and merciless. Neeson's Conlon still had good in his heart somewhere, whereas Bobo cared more about killing and seeking vengeance. However, the action sequences are enjoyable and thrilling, acting is great and the direction and screen writing becomes intriguing whenever the main plot kicks in - so Run All Night has what it takes of being one of the most exciting movies of the year!
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Gritty And Predictable
tspear-6183119 June 2015
The best part of "Run All Night" are the steely performances by Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman.

Liam Neeson is solid but the previous two steal the show.

It is definitely worth a rental but not a purchase. The plot is predictable, but that's expected and doesn't derail from the entertainment value. It prevents us from becoming attached or emotionally invested in Kinneman's character's family; but we weren't really expecting to anyway were we? Fans of "Running Scared", "A History of Violence" and Kinnaman's show "The Killing" will enjoy this movie.
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Liam Neeson's BEST ACTION movie to date!!!!!
baehr_adam13 March 2015
I will first start off by saying do not listen to a word these dumb reviews are saying especially the so-called professional men and women from newspaper company's and etc because they have no idea what they are talking about at all. I absolutely loved this movie from beginning to end it was a highly action oriented film and in my opinion Liam Neeson's best to date beating out both Taken and Non-Stop both of which I own and have seen. The story is simple which makes it easy to follow. I also loved that there are a few scenes where Liam has some very dry humor that made me laugh. The action was Top Notch and continuous for about a good hour and twenty minutes out of a two hour movie. The other actors were Superb including Ed Harris who is always Awesome as well as Joel Kinnaman who did Fantastic. Common rocked as a Hit-man. The movie had great closure and I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves Liam Neeson's movies and even if you are tired of them I feel it's well worth it.
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Run All Night
abouhelier-r15 March 2015
Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mike, whose life is in danger, or his longtime best friend, mob boss Shawn Maguire, who wants Mike to pay for the death of his son.

Run all Night stars Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Ed Harris and is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who brought us Unknown and Non-Stop. It's an exciting and funny movie to watch when you have nothing else to do and you're bored. It is quiet entertaining for what it is. People should know that by now: don't mess with Liam Neeson's family! When I first saw the trailer I was expecting yet another "not-so- good" film starring Liam Neeson such as Walk Among the Tombstones; but this film is definitely a good action movie with some drama thriller touches here and there. At first, Liam Neeson is just a beaten drunk broken man and throughout the film you really start to care about this man who is hunted by some of the things he's done in his past; as well as his son and Ed Harris characters. You really feel like they have a past, it feels like things have happened to them before; which shows a very well built story. Those are the best characters: when you're able to envision character's background before the movie start, they exist beyond the movie. In fact, this movie takes place in a city in one night, which is a good thing for the action plot because everyone is constantly moving. However, on the other hand it makes things a little hard to keep up with this bunch of informations: cops, drug dealers, mob bosses, Liam Neeson and his son, his son's family and their relationship with him, his relationship with Ed Harris and last but not least an assassin is thrown in the middle of everything. This cool hit-man stars Common and it would be great to know more about his story rather than being thrown out there with his futuristic Google glasses (which were super cool by the way). Finally, there's one cameo scene that I won't spoil; it seems a little bit forced and completely irrelevant to the main plot of the movie. It doesn't fit in at all, it's like a completely different movie.

Overall Run All Night is not as good as the first Taken movie but it ads a little more heart, substance and more depth though. It's very fun and suspenseful thriller, it has good characters and good action sequences.
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Excellent and worth seeing too many times.
basilbenaz15 March 2015
Run All Night is a 2015 American action thriller film written by Brad Ingelsby and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The film stars Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Common, and Ed Harris.

This movie is excellent and worth seeing.

It tells the story of an aging hit-man Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson)who is forced to take on his brutal former boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris) to protect his estranged son Mike (Joel Kinnaman) and his family following the death of Shawn's son, Danny (Boyd Holbrook).

I really enjoyed watching this Gangster movie from beginning to end. It was so thrilling and kept me so interested to see what will happen in the end.

Liam Neeson's acting was so strong that he deserves to win an Oscar.

Honestly the acting by all characters was wonderful .

I recommend it for teens and adults.
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draft2926 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Like many Liam's films, it has him running around seeking revenge for something that has happened to him, but in Run All Night the story is different. Dark scenes, Night city full of enemies - that is main atmosphere in this movie. BUT… Run All Night - stolen plot,not bad remake. Watch "Road To Perdition. Neeson/Hanks kills Holbrook/Craig. Then Harris/Newman wants a revenge. Then everybody is running. Then Price /JudeLaw wounds Neeson/Hanks. Then Neeson kills Price/JudeLaw. Kinnaman/Hoechlin is innocent. Neeson dies. Questionable originality. You must see the original Mendes's picture. All actors with a good performances. Directing is nice. Screenwriter is sly. What can i say? It's only 5.
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Seen it a thousand times
billypilgrim239 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Another standard run-of-the-mill action movie.

You have your ex mob hit-man who is sucked back into the life-cliché. You have your car chase, your bad guys who cant hit a target no matter how many times they fire. You have your corrupt cops and your hero who kills a few hundred people and then kills the boss that he used to work for.

Nothing original to be found anywhere. Generic acting, generic dialogue, generic everything.

If you like to see the same movie you have seen a gazillion times, watch it, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to see something new, avoid at all costs.
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Breathless Thriller
claudio_carvalho27 June 2015
In New York, the decadent alcoholic Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) is the former hit man known as Gravedigger. Jimmy is a lonely man and his only friend is the mobster Sean Maguire (Ed Harris) that was also his boss. Jimmy's estranged son Mike Conlon (Joel Kinnaman) is a former boxer that works as limousine driver and is married with children. Sean's son Danny Maguire (Boyd Holbrook) is an ambitious troublemaker. On the Christmas Day, Danny deals with Albanese drug dealers but Sean refuses to participate. Danny schedules a meeting with the men at home to give the money he had received back. Mike coincidently drives the two Albanese in the limousine and Danny kills them in his house. Then he hunts Mike down since he does not want eyewitnesses for what he did. Jimmy goes to Mike's house and saves his life killing Danny. Now Sean seeks revenge and puts a contract on Jimmy and Mike that are hunted down along the night by the mobsters, the hired hit man and the corrupt police officers. Sean does not want a deal and Jimmy's only chance to protect Mike and his family is the support of the honest Detective Harding (Vincent D'Onofrio) that has been on his tail for many years.

"Run All Night" is a breathless thriller with one of the best action actors of the present days, Liam Neeson, and the top-notch Ed Harris. The supporting cast is also great. The plot is well constructed with developed characters and non-stop action. The conclusion is predictable but Jimmy is a doomed character from the beginning and could not have a different fate. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Noite Sem Fim" ("Endless Night")
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The best sins-of-the-fathers revenge thrillers I've seen in a long time
Ramascreen13 March 2015
RUN ALL NIGHT is the best sins-of-the-fathers revenge thrillers I've seen in a long time. Liam Neeson Vs. Ed Harris is like Ali and Liston in a ring and they're just so damn good, you'd want the rounds to keep going. A bloody, hard-hitting mob action/drama that would sure entertain us gangster movie fans everywhere. It's an unforgiving city in RUN ALL NIGHT.

Liam Neeson plays professional Brooklyn pitman, Jimmy "The Gravedigger" Conlon, who's best friends with his boss, Sean Maguire. But when Sean's son, Danny, is about to kill Jimmy's son, Michael, Jimmy does what he needs to protect Michael at all cost. Hunted by the mobs, Jimmy and Michael must survive the night and hope that they can get their version of the truth to the only good cop in town.

The scene of Ed Harris and Liam Neeson in a restaurant across from each other, face to face, is reminiscent of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro's iconic scene in Michael Mann's "Heat," the difference is Ed and Liam's characters share a background, they share a past, you get to see Ed and Liam both stating their cases, exchanging threats, it's a display of caliber performances, anytime you get two heavyweight actors like this in a room together, you'd want them to throw lines at each other that would set the tone for the rest of the movie, that there's going to be bloodbath from that point forward.

The final conflict between those two characters is more or less a carbon copy of screenwriter Brad Ingelsby's previous film, "Out Of The Furnace," it does give you the impression like Ingelsby can't come up with a different scenario and you wonder if he's going to rehash the same thing again in his next movie, but RUN ALL NIGHT aims to give you a satisfying closure, just like those Martin Scorsese's gangster movies where you just know that the bad guys will eat a bullet, there's no room for them to walk into the sunset breathing free. Another thing that's interesting about Liam Neeson's character, Jimmy, is, well, the way we can describe it is.. what if Whitey Bulger had a conscience?! Liam's Jimmy is pretty much Whitey with regrets.

Director Jaumet Collet-Serra's previous run with Liam Neeson was 2011's "Unknown" and 2014's "Non-Stop" both of which didn't impress me, I guess third time's the charm. Instead of a plane, this time Collet-Serra has everybody in New York city hunting down Liam and Joel Kinnaman. And what you get is a gritty, merciless, well-shot movie with so many gun fights, you would think that you're watching a western flick. And I like that, this is what we want from a revenge thriller. And in the middle of the storm is the father-and-son redemption drama that leaves a lasting impression.

Read more at Ramascreen.Com
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Tiring Clichés and Same Old Formula All Over, Only Blandly Executed.
I haven't seen any of the Taken films, but I've seen almost every 007 film and a handful of engaging others belonging to the genre, enough for me to say that RUN ALL NIGHT isn't one of them.

The entirety of the movie screams overkill, and almost every single part of it comes across as another reenactment of a familiar scene from another movie. It gathers attention once it spins out all the action and cat-and-mouse chases, but only up to a point when the sequences already strike as merely another version, only much worse, of what we've seen from another film. On times when the movie desperately pushes the level of violence one notch higher, it messes up further, no thanks to its horribly written script. Even the fact that this movie has overly qualified actors on its payroll, doesn't make any sense, as it gets overshadowed by its unfocused narrative and unsatisfying execution.

If it's any consolation, RUN ALL NIGHT has beautifully captured action sequences, some of which, breathtaking, but you can't expect of anything beyond that. Waiting for this movie show progress (and I'm not saying there's any) is as painful as watching a sportscar blaringly screech its wheels through the road, but barely leaves its place at all. Can't say if this is Neeson's worst, but certainly, among I've seen, this is one.
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Standard Gritty Bloodbath
billygoat107113 March 2015
The conceit of Run All Night is having Liam Neeson wander around the city, protecting his family as he beats up a set of bad guys in an entire night. It sounds like a pretty simple action experience that represents Neeson's action star career, but the story never allows to be that simple. The plot is so drowned with backstories that sometimes halts the fun it deserves. It also feels a little too long and most of the real pleasures are so reserved to make way for drama. There is joy when things get really violent and its best lead talents shine throughout making it entertaining enough, but there is nothing much left on screen but a cold standard revenge thriller.

The story has a pretty compelling setup, we are introduced to Jimmy and Shawn about their forgiving friendship until one of them crossed the line and begins threatening each other. This is a pretty long prologue, but for the good reasons to flesh out this tough, gritty world they are into; even before the actual bloodbath, the movie already offers enough amount of thrills. The best thing to say here is the movie is full of action; they are pretty violent, merciless, and driven with fine amount of suspense. But the plot keeps mattering their dramatic backstories, interrupting the fun that the film is supposed to be having. There just isn't momentum with this cat and mouse chase, even when we already understand their plight, we are still being introduced with new information, which loses the steam at the middle.

The plot is also too dumb to take seriously, but then it's all about the action, and again, it offers enough violence. The director continues to be stylish in his action, but once again, it's Liam Neeson who brings it to the table, and the movie has found a perfect competitor for him: Ed Harris. Both actors make their dialogue sound real threatening, which makes you wish it's all about them pointing guns at each other. The strongest moment of the film is basically their confrontation as now enemies. Too bad, more of the movie is Neeson telling his son what to do. The rest of the cast is alright, but it doesn't have the same appeal of the real stars of the film.

There are reasons to like Run All Night, but there are too many stories to tell that seems apart from what the movie has promised. This is basically just another Liam Neeson action movie, the only novelty it provides is giving him a perfect antagonist for him to share threat speeches back and forth. Most of it is just a thriller with the same rhythm: fight, sit down, explain and repeat. It's as typical as it gets, but the violence is appropriately grim for a revenge film. In the end, it's probably not going to be that memorable, but this proves that it's fun to see Neeson meeting his match, not by muscle, but by line delivery, which can be a recommendation for his future roles, if he continues to star in movies like this.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Run All Night
burlesonjesse517 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Liam frickin Neeson". Those are the first thoughts that enter my mind when I discover that Ireland's favorite butt kicker is making another action drama. The look: a leather jacket, an unshaven face, a weariness from the soaking effects of alcohol on the mend. The character: one bad mother, a former hit-man battling inner demons, a 6'4" juggernaut with a special set of skills. The plot: fathers and sons, mob ties, plenty of chain smoking, bodies piling up. The verdict: 2015's Run All Night is the third collaboration from Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra. They scored with last year's Non-Stop and actually top themselves this time with "Night". It's a hard-ass, moxie noir that makes you feel unsafe and doesn't give you a chance to breathe. Dare I say that this might be the crowning achievement in Liam's career as a vigilante who's on the verge of collecting his veritable social security.

Containing a set of story lines and/or themes that evoke shades of 2006's Running Scared and even 2011's Drive, Run All Night is a farcical yet entertaining vehicle. It sporadically features mad dog chemistry between Neeson and his heavyweight acting counterpart, Ed Harris. The story takes us to I guess, present day New York City. Liam "I'm still milking the action cow" Neeson plays a former contract killer named Jimmy Conlon (the quintessential name for a New Yorker). Jimmy currently lives his life in a drunken haze. He rarely eats, has huge regrets, and is so broke, he's actually desperate enough to borrow eight hundred dollars. He's also estranged from his son Mike Conlon (played by Joe Kinnaman), his ex-wife has passed away long ago, and he's relegated to living in a rundown apartment. Despite all this, he still has the back of his former yet more successful crime boss, Shawn Maguire (played by Ed Harris). Within "Night's" first half hour, Jimmy's son (a part-time limo driver) winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He watches Shawn's son Danny (played by Boyd Holbrook) commit multiple murders. When Danny goes after Mike as to leave no witnesses behind, Jimmy kills Danny and the two are hunted down by everyone from the police to another hired hit-man to Shawn's plethora of mob henchmen. Ed's Shawn instinctively turns on Liam's Jimmy and says to him, "I'm coming after Mikey with everything I got". You ain't kidding bud.

Jaume Collet-Serra's direction is at times hyperkinetic if not unsobering. Instead of always cutting to a scene, he chooses to use Manhattan as a CGI map so his camera can go all aerial by travelling from one location to the next. He also exhausts you with plenty of gravitating action set pieces as well as letting his sound effects editor (Patrick Cicero) pound your senses with loud, visceral gunplay. He unintentionally channels 1995's Heat. There's the familiar restaurant conversation between the leads (a la De Niro and Pacino) and the familiar ending involving kill shots and bromantic hand holding. Finally, Collet-Serra gives "Night" a feeling of a Western via the last ten minutes. That's when Neeson's Conlon gets his indubitable kill on in a ruffneck, mafia- invested tavern.

With the exception of Joel Kinnaman who's just as wooden as he was in last year's RoboCop, Run All Night has performances that are rich and textured. We start of course, with Liam Neeson. He dons the mask and cape as the ultimate antihero. His despicable, former murderer for hire is fall down drunk until his need to save his wrongly accused son really makes him snap to it. Ed Harris is well, effective playing Ed Harris. He does his best emoting while sitting down and not moving all over the place. Then we have Common. With minimal dialogue and a how to approach in being Joe Conlon's rival hit-man (Mr. Price), the Chicago born rapper is icy cool and rigidly nasty. Last but not least, there's grizzly Nick Nolte in an unbilled, two to three minute cameo. He plays Neeson's character's disapproving brother.

Acting and directing stints aside, I am going to recommend Run All Night despite some clichés. They run rampant like the movie version of the NYPD who never seems to get to a violent shootout on time. We also have the the gun-toting protagonist who fails to run out of ammo no matter how many gazillion rounds he's fired. Finally, we get the obligatory opening flashback where a character is on the verge of dying. This flashback, which is enhanced by narration, later on turns into a climatic scene that will be featured towards "Night's" conclusion. I lost count the number of times thrillers featured this hand me down.

Anyway, Run All Night has its share of flaws. However, it has given me the most excitement I've had writing a review since I penned The Gambler back in December. It's a relentless shootout quandary, a nail biter that an audience member should never and I mean never, "run" away from. So okay, here's what you do: grab some popcorn, buy a pack of Goobers, fill up your soda, and get settled in. As Neeson's Conlon says during the film's second act, "it's gonna be a long night".
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Better Then All Of The "Taken" Movies
thpgmc16 March 2015
The pairing of Neeson/Harris in a movie like this was an excellent choice. After seeing this movie I now can't visualize anyone else playing the roles. Both did an awesome job. The storyline is easy to follow unlike some movies who have (3) sub-plots, 18 different people to keep track of and a dialog spoken where you can only understand every 3rd word. A long movie but because of the content time goes too quickly. There isn't any part of this movie that was slow much less boring because of it. If your a "Taken" fan then you'll go away from this movie totally satisfied. Don't compare the dollar take to "Cinderella". Of course "Cinderella" took in much more. The reason is that parents to a gazillion kids bought tickets. These were the only two movies that opened this week. Give it time. Word of mouth will up the take for "RAN". It won't ever beat "Cinderella" but then would you choose this over the Neeson/Harris movie if your over the age of 18? The fast action in "RAN" is as good, if not better, then any of the (3)"Taken" movies. It will hold your interest from beginning to end and have you wishing it were longer in length. A superior thriller/action movie. Can't wait for the DVD to be among my collection.
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Daddy Help Me !!
FallsDownz15 March 2015
The first impression of Liam Neeson in this year is for sure not so good , with his Taken 3 is pretty terrible , for sure it's not his fault in most part but it's still the movie he starring in.

After just only 2 months here we go again with a new Liam Neeson movie "Run All Night " which makes me feels like i don't know what to expected from this movie since like i said before Taken 3 is terrible and the movie trailer feels boring and repetitive.

But after i saw this movie i really think there's still hope in Liam Neeson movie with Run All Night being this good.

The most surprising thing in this movie for me is the script is actually really good Brad Inglesby used the relationship between father and son in the movie and tie it to the main conflict of the movie really well.

Also the 2 main characters which is Liam Neeson and Ed Harris characters are so good that just make watching them try to kill / revenge each other fun to watch.

The Director Jaume Collet-Serra is pretty good in this movie too , with his fun and exciting storytelling , although i wish he use the "Survive in One Night" theme more because right now i just don't feel like the movie have to use that theme at all.

Overall Run All Night is a good action movie with good action scene , great characters and the movie always know what it want to tell , which is how much father love their son , even their son is totally a terrible person they still love them and will do anything to help them.
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More Baddies Buried
westsideschl29 June 2015
Formula script to sell junk food (thus make a ton of money): 1. Disconnected dad with his son. 2. Dad has horrid past, thus drinks to forget. 3. Dad is over-the-top killing machine. 4. Son has family that he and his dad need to protect from, guess who, … 5. Bad guys out to even the score when leader/boss loses his badasss son to #2 above. 6. Also involved are baddies from, guess where, Eastern Europe, and specifically the rarely used, but still been used - Albanians. The Italians and Syrians must be feeling pretty lonely this past decade or so. 7. Dad and son team up to dispatch all but the final scene where it takes a really poorly believable yet predictable final shot. Ahhh, the accuracy of a very unstable and barely alive person with a rifle. 8. I thought Liam wasn't going to promote the ridiculous over-the-top weapons carnage script formula?
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Taught, punchy and gritty thriller - an unexpected treat
jpt-154-29856619 March 2015
I went to the cinema to see "Chappie", missed the showing, and ended up seeing this instead. This is a surprisingly effective thriller, and deserves to be making more waves than it is. Marketing it as a "Taken" clone was a mistake. Within the first ten minutes I could tell that this was a very different kind of movie indeed. It's closer in tone to the raw, sombre "Out Of The Furnace", which I also saw at the cinema this year, only Run All Night works much better. It admirably blends grittier, more realistic elements - you really felt like you were in cold, rainy, claustrophobic New York urban sprawl - with more stylish, fun elements, with some top notch action scenes and memorable shootouts.

Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) used to be a fearsome Mob hit-man, to the point where the papers called him Jimmy the Gravedigger. Now, he's an alcoholic, washed up joke, who probably would have disappeared off the face of the earth if it were not for the sympathy and friendship of his old boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris). When a dispute between their sons turns deadly, battle lines are suddenly drawn. Knowing he is outnumbered and outgunned, this becomes Jimmy's quest to see if he can take a few old demons down with him tonight.

Liam Neeson is very watchable as Jimmy Conlon. I was expecting him to recycle his character from Taken, but the two could not be more different. He makes Conlon believable as a man two steps away from the gutter. Equally, I was expecting Ed Harris to recycle his steely, distanced Mafioso character from "A History Of Violence" but instead he makes Maguire into a charismatic, effortlessly practiced and conceited Mob boss who can genuinely make you believe he is a family man running a legitimate business for the good of the community. And if a few bodies have to end up in cement, no big deal.

Believability is one thing this movie gets right all the way through. Everything that everybody does would feel ridiculous in the hands of less skilled filmmakers, but the script takes a step back to think about things like motivation and avoids plot holes. Action movie clichés are kept to a minimum and everything feels fresh and inventive. The shootout in the apartment block was done especially well - with the camera virtually backed into the drywall, you really felt like you were there, dodging bullets with the characters. It's worth taking a moment to reflect on how far films have changed and evolved since fare like "Cop Land" (1995), which was also a Mob thriller set in New Jersey.

I think I liked Run All Night because it so deftly handled it composition as something between a slick parkour-like action movie, angsty retribution movie, and revenge thriller. Never did I think that the production had let anything slide, or that the big names were phoning it in. The background details were terrific. Apartments felt like real scummy low rent places, not just Hollywood sets. Scenes in bars felt like you could touch the sticky, beery wooden tables. Bad guys didn't wear pastel suits and stylish goatees - they were sweaty brooders in cheap leather jackets, and they felt very intimidating and very very real.

The one minor thing that lets this movie down is the editing. Editing, for my money, is the toughest job in filmmaking. When you've done it right, nobody notices you've done anything at all. When you do it wrong, scenes can feel choppy and disjointed, like they were clearly different takes. Especially in the family scenes, I just wanted to grab the guy and say "slow down. We don't need six cuts here in three seconds."

In summary, Run All Night was an unexpected surprise and well worth a viewing. I will be following the career of director Jaume Collet-Serra, who I think has at least one truly great movie in him.
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Surprisingly, not dreadful
InaneSwine20 February 2016
This is one of the less egregious episodes of the "Liam Neeson Defends His Family" saga. Though my standards are now set low for most of Neeson's silly action flicks, I am always pleasantly surprised when they turn out to be not dreadful.

The story is typically inane and pointless, but Run All Night balances that with its furious pace and tension, well shot and decently choreographed fight scenes, and its above average performances from the cast, if not from Neeson himself, whose acting skills continue to fail in convincing me that he actually cares at all about anyone he's trying to save.
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maybe with a different lineup?
MattyAndAnnika7 July 2015
Oh yes, another Liam Neeson film; but...

Okay I must start this off by saying that the actors picked for this film are all pretty good actors and actresses, for example Ed Harris. Ed Harris is a great actor but when I see him in any film the first thing that pops in my head is the movie "Radio" which Mr. Harris performed a beautiful role in. The reason Ed Harris played a great role in "Radio" is this is the type of role he plays best (drama, romantic, comedy); the role he had in this movie just didn't fit. Mr. Harris played his part very well but he did stick out like a sore thumb which set the mood of the movie off balance. Now this is not the only thing that set this movie off balance, many actors just didn't fit their characters, but the movie was fairly good.

Now Run All Night turned out to be a pretty well rounded film and of course I've saw this story used in probably 200 other movies, yet this one did set itself apart from some of them. The acting in general I'd have to say all of the cast done their best with what they were given. The cinematography was pretty nice, and the action within this film was on key.

All in all I did enjoy the movie and I'm happy to see Mr. Harris perform at this genre as well as he did, it just most of the cast truly didn't sit right in their roles. The styling of this film reminded me of movies like old cops and robbers flicks from the 80's featuring actors like Sylvester Stallone in "Cobra". Sadly Sylvester Stallone lost my interest in his films when The Expendables came out.

If you like drama/mystery in the styling that I mentioned above, this is right up your alley.
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I actually enjoyed a new Liam Neeson action movie.. For real...
kieranbattams14 March 2015
This is a film I never planned to see, my dad was the one who decided to go and see it. Quite frankly i expected a crappy taken 4 type film with liam neeson doing the same thing he always does, things we got bored of after the first taken film. Seeing Joel Kinnaman on the poster also put me off because he is the most bland person I've ever known to grace screens.. at least thats what i thought after the lackluster Robocop remake. Surprisingly the film was actually something rather good to watch and the two lead stars did quite well.

Run all night could have easily been the first sequel to taken.. it follows Liam Neeson's character after he kills a mobster's son who attempted to kill his son (Kinnaman) causing the two to go on the run from cops and a trained killer played by rapper Common (who has very little to do and didn't have much of a point being in the film... until the end that is). It's the type of plot we have heard of before in a Die Hard sequel for example. Although unlike the generic actiom films we have been seeing recently the film entertains to an almost absurd degree at points, the action was gripping, especially in a particular scene that involves an apartment block on fire and a fight betweem Liam Neeson and Common.. it had me transfixed to the screen for its duration which is more than I can say for any scene from a Taken film. Ed Harris was also particularly good as Sean McGuire.. Who was advertised as the villain of the film, but you actually do feel for him at points and it makes you wonder if Liam Neeson is actually the villain.

The film really plays off of the fact that everything has a consequence and the father/son relationship is a pretty realistic one in the fact that Liam Neeson's character feels regret for the unforgivable things he has done and won't see his son go the same way. The film is far from perfect and a plot point that we do get towards the third act is just sort of blown over and never heard from again when we thought it would go somewhere.. But it is more than you have come to expect from this type of film and i can't complain about that, even if it became a bit choppy at points. Run all Night is definitely worth checking out despite the ridiculous title and I can safely say that this is Liam Neeson's best for a long time.
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Run All Night makes good use of the actors' charisma and the sordid gangster tone in creating a fray from dusk till dawn.
quincytheodore13 March 2015
This may look like just another Liam Neeson's flick after Taken, understandably so with his usual look and its revenge premise, but worry not, Run All Night has enough substantial material and gritty crime ambiance to entertain. In a more convincing noir set-up, the movie gives Liam Neeson more range on his character, while still keeping his more well-known persona of action star. It justifiably takes more time to establish the premise to ensure this is more than just a random shooting spree.

Jimmy Conlon (Liam Nesson) has been an enforcer for mob boss Shawn Maquire (Ed Harris) for decades. He has done many terrible things, but when his son Michael (Joel Kinnaman) is unfortunately embroiled in the mafia's shady dealings, Jimmy must decide where his loyalty lies. This concept of veteran gunslinger who must fight once more is admittedly used by the recent Equalizer and John Wick, however Run All Night opts for more family issue than flair to create a different yet equally engaging effect.

Acting is pretty well done, action fans must be familiar with Neeson's performance by now. Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman provide what was missing from Taken series, this is not your average rescue operation. It's a perspective of camaraderie relationship, a strange brother-in-arms dilemma Neeson's character had to deal with both his longtime friend and also his son. Harris is charismatic as always, while Kinnaman from Robocop and The Killing TV series, is splendid as the young son. He looks rugged, but still act upstanding enough for a contrast on the mob life.

The dynamic works in crime or gangster thriller. It also boasts gray visual, akin to 90s mystery movie. This near exclusive darkness is a bit daunting since it may hamper the fast paced action, but it does create the authentic feel of the city and its underlying often neglected lifestyles. The movie knows exactly what it wants to accomplish with its theme and confidently portrays it with the gritty visual.

Pacing is mostly good, although it staggers a bit in midway point. A few scenes feel as though they are a bit glossed over, probably for the sake of pushing the tempo towards the latter halt, these sequences could be explored more. Action is plausible, each fired shot, especially the one that hits, carries more weight. This is not Liam Neeson going Rambo all night, but a meticulous firework show.

Run All Night makes good use of the actors' charisma and the sordid gangster tone in creating a fray from dusk till dawn.
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