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There was a way to do this well
ossie858 September 2022
And it wasn't this.

It is hard not to be cynical about stuff like this. But there wasn't anything to be positive about it really.

The song was below average, the jokes didn't land, and the story wasn't there.

The Maggie shorts have some cleverness about them, but the soulless Disney crossovers not so much.

And just because Tom Hiddleston makes jokes about contractual obligations, doesn't mean it isn't true.

It is possible to bring The Simpsons A game combined with Disney's impressive back catalogue to come up with something truly unique.

But will Disney put the money into it? Only time will tell. They need to do something with The Simpsons IP.
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Better than Plusaversary but still below average
dudeguy-295368 September 2022
This is another Disney+ Simpsons short to cash into the dreadful long running animated series in celebration of Disney+ Day in 2022. What seemed like a sequel to Plusaversary turned out to be something less offensive but it's however still unfortunate.

So Plusaversary in my opinion was the definite worst of the shorts since it literally screams "Renew the subscription!!" with a boat load of fake Disney cameos in the Simpsons universe. Here it's just Lisa wanting to be a Disney princess and the Disney villains sing a short musical number about the disadvantages of becoming a princess. So in terms of the positives, I will give it credit for not being treated like a 5 minute commercial and not throwing in dozens of Disney properties making it an awful uncanny spoof of the underrated House of Mouse series. In terms of the negatives however, the jokes are still barely funny, the short still defeats the purpose of Disney+ Day by literally being a Simpsons short with the Disney characters animated with the Simpsonized designs, the voice acting is still subpar especially with Mickey Mouse like is it really that hard for Disney to bring the actual voice actors into the production? And there's just barely anything to it even compared to the other shorts, it feels very basic and nothing about it feels anything more than an extended parody for Disney+ Day.

This is better than Plusaversary, but still nothing redeemable.
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Better. Still Half Baked
actaction9 September 2022
This is more in tune with the general vibe of what Simpsons can and should be, but it still falls off at the end like an unfinished bit without a story punchline. The set up is fine & in line with Lisa's character & the villain song is cute. Am I asking too much to want even a short to have a conclusion, though, like so many Treehouse of Horror shorts have before? It once again ends up making fun of the mouse, which is great (please continue making fun of your corporate overlords)... but it doesn't seem to be poking fun and just ending flat where it needs another 2 min to figure out what the hell is going on with these cross promotions.
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Couldn't make it three minutes
amytude21 September 2022
I cannot believe that Disney couldn't make it three whole minutes without cramming some form of woke BS into the cartoon. Three minutes.!!!??

There is literally no reason in the world why a cartoon for children should mention drag queens. Why are we singing about this.?

I'm Not sure why the character count is so high for this so I'm going to babble about it to fill in the space.

I could probably type out the whole dialog for the first minute of the three minute cartoon and not fill in the length needed for this. Not sure I remember it being so long in the past. This is getting boring. I hope Disney gets their acts together and makes non political entertainment again.
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Could've been better.
jphidalgo-8497116 September 2022
Ok, I'll admit, this DOES look better than Plusaversary, BUT. They have to RUIN EVERYTHING with the singing! Now, I know, people have their opinion about Disney musicals, but me? I hate them. I feel like they're completely unnecessary. ESPECIALLY when they do it with other companies they bought!! (specifically, fox) So, this was bad, but not as bad as Plusaversary. If you want proof that Disney ruins everything, watch Plusaversary, this? Eh. Don't watch this unless you're ABSOLUTELY BORED. That's my advice. Oejfjfifhtjrktjtjrkofjfjfjkfjfjtjtkgiufhtktitujvvigibjbjvuvibiguvubibibibivuvhvuvycycuvuvicigfigdjgxtjxigcyocgi jb jg jg itcig jg kv gk kh ig ig ig i.w.
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