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Mostly musical
Jackbv12312 December 2022
Forget the story. This movie is basically a platform for a lot of singing and a little dancing in a gospel/pop style. There is a mother and daughter story plus a romance story. Both are good enough even if squeezed into all the music. The script has a good pace as we follow several characters and their interactions while it all leads to a show at the end. The dialogue is lively. The movie ends with a performance by all the major performers. There are some fantastic voices. Some of the music is original.

There is some God talk, but that is mostly random. Some of the song lyrics have a gospel message.
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Great movie
cdafd23 December 2022
A Night Before Christmas,

Love all of Kirk Franklin's work. Found this on cable by accident. Good to see it, and not have to stream it.

Good to see wholesome movies !! We need more of them.

Good message and good actors. The plot kept moving, and good singing. Great to see Kirk show up in the movie!!!

Reminds of the old musical movies. Love them. I wish there were more made!! Shows you do not have to go to extremes. Some of the Hollywood stuff, now a days, just is not worth seeing, and some of it makes no sense. Just worthless.

Keep up the great work Kirk Franklin. Waiting for your next work.
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