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Not as Good As The Old Ones
maysonjester24 September 2022
One Pokemons running out of ideas they spend more money on the animations than the story or the art and 2 pokemon hasnt been good since XYZ Movies And Shows Since Alola Ended It Went Downhill Pokémon is no longer the best show but only a fun card game The Character goh sucks 1 and two somehow ash gets shorter every show since OG To Alola To Now Hes Been Shrinking What Is Up With That Pokemon I Hope You Try To Understand People dont like the goh character or galar region much the question Is How Is Everyone else aging exept ash and brock somehow got shorter i dont even know how that happend goodbye.
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ITALUKE15 November 2022
Really disappointing the fact that Arceus did not knew who Ash was. I would have given it a better rate if the movie showed continuity. I mean, it kinda did that because Ash referenced the previous encounters during the Tv series, but no one mentioned that time where Ash met Arceus and saved his life. Ash did not even know who Arceus was. And what really disappointed me was that Arceus did not speak at all. At least he did not say his name like every other Pokèmon, that is a thing about the tv show that I hate. I would have rathered that they used the games pokemon cries instead of their names.
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