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I Love This Swedish Black Comedy/Horror Films
frederickzabala19947 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i saw this movie last weekend and it was #$%^& hilarious and i love the plot of the film especially if it's a Cannibal film like this one and all of the Swedish Actors playing American Students (a la Fake American) and i love the character "Adorable Cheerleader" played by the wonderful Madeleine Borg and she's having the worst day in her life like getting her uniform torn especially her Panties and step on something i still know what she stepped on and the teacher remind so much of a Swedish Melissa Mccarthy especially the scene when (Spoiler Alert)that she managed to kill some of the Evil Chef grunts especially the two ones when they're about to kill the Fat Nerd and i recommend for those who enjoy European black comedy/horror films

my review: 10/10
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Enjoyable Horror Comedy
septbg4 November 2014
Firstmost remember this is a horror comedy so you know to brace yourself if your not familiar with the genre. The over exaggerated tropes and jokes are meant to be stereotypical, and are executed rather well.

It hits the genre perfectly and nails all of the major nails on the head, psycho villain, the jocks, cheerleader and nerd tropes are done well.

I honestly couldn't guess how the movie was going to end, and I fell for a couple plot twists, so that was extremely well done.

For the more technical analysis - Camera work was very good especially considering the genre, too many suffer from shaky and/or fast moving cameras which are more likely to induce nausea than any of the gore. Thankfully this is not it, they used a stabilizing camera during chases so it can be enjoyed to the best. - Acting was good, they are not going to win any Academy Awards, but they are able to say their lines with the appropriate tone. The fact Swedes acted as the Americans despite their accents is a cherry on top for me. - Gore was okay, wish they could have changed from venal pump to arterial spray when appropriate.
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brilliant comedy splatter
cekadah31 December 2014
What a combination! American teenage tourist in an eastern European country. A perfect prescription for fun and laffs ---- and some spooky crap too.

Americans and burgers how stereotypical and true - yet here we get neither! Which is just wonderful !

Swedish and British actors acting like American teens is ironic and insightful .... there is just too much truth here. And then the burger factory and the burger meat harvest. You just have to watch!

It's silly and goofy but great fun - splatter made funny! Check out Benjamin Brook!
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brilliant film
samk1-155-96156710 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Such a brilliant film, my favorite character has to be the PREPPY NERD played by Benjamin Brook... But the whole cast have done a brilliant job of making the film funny and enjoyable to watch I think I've watched it nearly everyday since it was released and every time I watch it, it still makes me laugh. Also the FAT NERD played by Liam Macdonald made parts of it funny. Id recommend the film to anyone who enjoys the funny side of a horror. You will not be disappointed at all..... Overall the film, is VERY VERY VERY FUNNY and I like how its all been put together ! WELL DONE EVERYONE !!!!

*spoiler alert* the BEST part is with Benjamin brook driving the bus and crashing it into a burger stand !
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Lame -- Boring
pandorapads21 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first review and I am writing it to spare you my pain. I give this movie a chance based on the good reviews here before I watched it.

There was never a funny moment. However if you think someone getting urinated on (by someone who did not know they were doing it) is funny, then this movie may be for you. There was no real plot. The "horror" effects were stupid (not funny). There was no nudity (except for a couple of rear ends). Unless you are a 10-year-old who is into horror/comedy, stay away.

I gave this movie a 2 instead of a 1 because I did actually watch all of it without turning it off. Although I wish that I had done so.
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