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A Total waste of 2 hours
chrisdmann9 February 2023
With the storyline it should have been a very good movie. The fight scenes were okay but the acting was mediocre to poor to say the least and that is being kind. A very poorly constructed film and a waste of money. The lead actors were not too bad but the supporting actors, and I use the word actors loosely were pathetic. With decent writers this should have been a good, watchable movie instead of a dud, The author of the previous comment was clearly watching something different to me or was being paid to come up with a positive review? In actuality anybody that paid to see it should sue. Sadly it could have been so good instead of being a dead loss.
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A film of potential that ran out of credibility
amswatton29 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
It was like a poor attempt of a remake of "The Manchurian Candidate". The film lost it's way and believability in the final hour. The "goodies" being killed by the baddies and vica versa - just a very amateur script and execution. The way Imani went back to her "normal" life after the first attempt on her life etc simply didn't stack up especially after killing three operatives in a colleague's house and and escaping police custody, just to return as if nothing has happened? Really??? The ending was a complete farce and the acting became too hammy for words and won't have done any reputations any good.
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nogodnomasters29 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Faith (Brittany S. Hall) has a good life. She is married to Bryce (Demetrius Shipp Jr.) and they have a child (Sydney-Lake Bradley). She has her own boutique. Faith takes medications to help her with her amnesia. General Dupree (Elyse Mirto ) an Afghanistan hero is running for public office. She looks familiar to Faith who also has recurrent dreams about drowning. As it turns out Faith's real name is Imani. She was thought to be dead. Dupree and Imani's rich heir brother both wanted her dead for different reasons and believe she had died drowning in a hit. The decide to go finish the job. Faith is attacked by a group of men and hits her head. She suddenly recalls her fighting skills and takes them out like they do in bad movies. She manages to escape with four groups wanting her, the cops, her husband's group, Dupree, and her brother.

The film is stingy on releasing facts wanting to keep as much of the plot hidden until the absolute moment they need to release something. This made the film frustrating to watch with all the twists and turns, some which didn't make a lot of sense.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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I loved it!
pmentdmv1 February 2023
After reading the other reviews, I wondered did they even see the same movie. I thought the movie was well done. If you had a problem following the storyline, that's a reflection on you. I personally enjoy movies with lots of twists and turns. Keeps me on my toes. The actors did a great job. Brittney Hall (Imani) was stellar and by far the best role I've seen her in. Demetrius Shipp Jr. Also did a good job. Im hoping there is a part 2 coming. It's rare to have an action movie with a majority black cast and with it being Black History Month, I was pleasantly surprised. Kudos and looking forward to the second installment of "Imani".
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