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14 Feb. 2012
Scamming and You
Andrea, who teeters between the worlds of the bar and the "break-the-fourth-wall" pristine white studio, introduces us to the world of Swagger... and scamming. James, a "scammer", and his wingman, Donnie, hit on Carmen and her friend Sonya. Carmen sees through the scam, but Sonya isn't quite so lucky and goes home with James. Richard, a dude with a lot of potential, and swagger, hits it off with Carmen. Right after Andrea gives us a crash course on how to dress to go out, she closes the bar and talks to a disenchanted Sonya: hooking up with James didn't turn out so ...
28 Feb. 2012
Winner Takes All
Andrea greets us and starts giving us the low-down on how to get setup once we make it to the bar. As she's getting into the juicy details, Gary, her "arch-frenemy" and barback (and avid scammer) interrupts her and tries to take control. He's bested by Andrea, and slinks away. Through a prestigious nature documentary, we learn that each pack of hot chicks is led by their closest relative in the animal kingdom: the mighty milf. Once back in the bar, Gary presents a challenge to Andrea: whichever one of their proteges can pick up a girl first, wins. At the end of the ...
13 Mar. 2012
The Power of Hey
Andrea gears up to let us in on the secrets of how to make initial contact with the chicks we're ready to approach... but it's just not as easy as we wish it was. A clip of "Lonely Leslie," a fictional late-80's sitcom, shows James trying a reductive/seductive approach on Leslie. He seems to do well, but this approach he uses obviously would never work in real life. Right after learning all about the "swagger version" of "hey," the bachelors try to use their own lines to pick up chicks, completely ignoring Andrea's advice. The bachelorettes are appalled. Ryan hits on ...
27 Mar. 2012
$#!* Guys Say
A mad recap with events that may, or may not, have actually happened. After Andrea preps us for what comes up next, the bachelors reveal their most inner crazy thoughts. Meanwhile, Donnie has taken Andrea's advice, and is doing a great job at building chemistry with Roxanne. He brings her back to meet his friends, but almost loses her to an overzealous Felix. Right after Andrea stops this impending disaster, Michael makes his moves on Clarissa - but his lying ways earn him a sob story to tell at the bar at closing time, all while Gary and Andrea rub his face in his ...
10 Apr. 2012
Hit Me, Baby
It's nearing closing time at the bar, and Andrea is giving us the skinny on how to wrap up the evening successfully. After this brief explanation, she warns us to never commit the worst scamming sin of all: Female Digit Acquisition (more commonly known as "phone rape"). We see a segment from the fictional reality show "Love on the Rocks," where we see the devastating effects of such a practice. After, Richard and Miles make it happen with their respective squeezes. Tiffany and Clarissa taunt Carmen with her romantic success. After the bar closes, Gary discloses his "...
1 May 2012
Classic themes and scenes are revisited, rearranged, and remixed into an exploration of juxtaposition and a study of mad beats.

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