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The reason you go to the movies
steve-atkinson-814-72659211 October 2013
Why do you go to the cinema? For me, it is to be moved. To laugh, to cry, to be frightened, to be in awe, to be amused in a gentle way. This movie did this to me in all 5 ways. I am Mr. Ordinary - I have been lucky enough to be born into a loving family, I have wooed a certain number of women, I have married and enjoyed the highs and lows of having my own family, I have lost my parents. I try in my own way to appreciate others and acknowledge that they are trying to make their way in life. This movie defines me. If you miss it this time, don't worry. You'll catch it later. Most people interested in cinema will see it at some stage. My advice is to go and see it now. It's not perfect - it's a bit English, a bit middle class, the story is preposterous. But the sentiment, the message hits the spot. Take one of your significant others. Take a first date. Take a box of tissues. It's the reason you go to the cinema.
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First of all, I hate this movie...
jonathancolley-885-70486016 January 2014
I hate this movie.

Why might you ask have I rated it 10/10 then? Because it is possibly the most completely wonderful story I have ever watched.

I'm getting on now, I'm a guy in my late 30's who is into action and violence and explosions and big robots smashing things and never before have I seen a movie which moved me to tears.

There were elements which reminded me of silly things which I have done in the past and wished I could have done over, moments I wish I could relive and times I wish I could get - even writing this makes me want to cry! Damn you Richard Curtis, you've made me into a sissy with your perfect casting in this bloody beautiful, touching movie!!!

I don't usually do sentimentality but this isn't the reason I hate this movie... No I hate this movie because I think it has replaced the Princess Bride as my no. 1! And yes I know that was a soppy romance but it had pirates in it so it was fine!!!

See this movie.
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a witty, intelligent, charming, sweet film with surprising depth and heart
YJLcool21 September 2013
From the director of 'Love Actually', who is also the writer of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', 'Bean', 'Notting Hill' and the 'Bridget Jones' films, it sure raises some expectations for this particular fantasy romantic comedy drama film about time travel.

Although it shares some similarities with 'The Time Traveler's Wife' (the same female lead actress, Rachel McAdams) and 'Groundhog Day', but rest assured, 'About Time' is a witty, intelligent, charming, sweet film with surprising depth and heart. The script was well written, the direction was great and the casts made a decent performance in their respective roles.

The film done a fine job in balancing the comedic and dramatic elements of the story, providing enough laughter and allowing it to flow smoothly without feeling too overly long despite its 2 hours running time.

Despite the time-traveling plot device, the story focuses on the father-son relationship of Tim and his dad and the lovely romantic relationship between Tim and Mary, without being too sappy, too overly lovey-dovey or too sentimental. The message or overall theme of the film about appreciating life as if it was your last was subtle and not too forceful or preachy.The selection of songs for the film was appropriate and not too overly done for the emotional scenes.The on-screen chemistry between Rachel and Domhnall are convincing enough for the audience to watch them going through life together. On the other hand, Domhnall and Bill, as father and son, their connection is felt throughout the film and certainly evoke some poignant memories when watching them together.

It's one of the best romantic comedies this year had to offer, better than the disappointing 'Time Traveler's Wife'. It's a great date movie that's not to be missed.
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One of the very best films I have ever seen
roger-pettit128 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Initial impressions of a book, film, play, piece of music etc. can sometimes be ill-considered. I have occasionally revised my opinion of such a work with the passage of time. I am confident, however, that I shall not change my view on "About Time", the sheer brilliance of which has quite bowled me over. It's not only one of the very best films I have seen recently. It's one of the best I have ever seen. Yes, I think it's that good.

"About Time" is a romantic comedy about the vicissitudes of life and love. It's witty, clever, intelligent and very funny. But it's also a film of perhaps quite surprising depth. The centrepiece of the film is the relationship between Tim (Domnhall Gleeson), a young lawyer living in London, and his father (Bill Nighy), who lives with Tim's mother (Lindsay Duncan) in Cornwall. Tim's father is able to time travel. He cannot change history when doing so; but he can revisit past experiences and incidents within his own life and alter their outcomes. Tim has inherited this ability from his father (a gift which apparently is hereditary on the male side of the family). He uses it to improve his love life. He builds up a strong bond and a young family with Mary (Rachel McAdams). But he soon realises that his exceptional gift does not protect him from the normal ups and downs of family life. Indeed, one of the most moving scenes in the film (and there are many) is a conversation Tim has with his father on learning that the latter has terminal cancer.

The performances, the screenplay, the direction and the soundtrack are first class. The humour is excellent. There is one very funny scene in which Tim nervously meets his prospective in-laws for the first time and blurts out an admission that he and Mary do not practise oral sex. There is also a very amusing sex scene. The soundtrack includes music performed by The Cure, Amy Winehouse and Nick Cave. Indeed, the featured Cave song, "Into My Arms", forms a motif for the themes depicted in the film and gets a specific mention by Tim's father when he is discussing his funeral arrangements with Tim.

"About Time" is a very watchable, intelligent and witty film that could so easily have descended to mawkishness and sentimentality. But it doesn't. It's a brilliant film that raises in the viewer's mind all sorts of important questions about life, love and loyalty. Do go and see it. 10/10.
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Extraordinary movie.
tukamark29 January 2014
What an amazing movie. When I see the cast and the title, I immediately thought of a romantic cliché, with full of known plot twists, and et cetera. Rachel McAdams is known for her romantic movies, but this was just more and more than that.

About Time was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I was immediately captured, and the cast is so brilliant, I believed every single line. Thank you for this film, I am still under the influence of this movie. It is about life, in the most raw way. How life should be lived, and how we should see the world, as it is.

Extraordinary movie. Magnificent.
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How can people slate this movie???
james-67-1182909 September 2013
I just don't understand how people are not liking this film. It is just perfect!!! Any Richard Curtis movie I rate against Love actually, because to me that is his best film and one of my all time favourites! But About Time for me beats love actually hands down. The film is so well thought out and the cast is just so good! I have seen this movie twice already as it was such a great story. The main focus of the film is about love and family so don't be too worried about the travelling in time, it fits into the film so well and makes some great comic moments when things go wrong. Don't listen to the haters, this really is a fabulous movie! It is a sad thought though that this could be Richard's last film he is going to direct, I hope not, but if it is, what a way to end his brilliant films!

Well done Richard Curtis! 10/10
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One of the best films I've seen
beardfaceduncan28 September 2013
I loved this film. I perfect balance of story, humour and sincerity along with excellent acting and a wonderful cast. Even the soundtrack was superb. Not your average time travel movie. Very thought provoking and one which tugged at the old tear ducts in the best way. Some reviews complain about how it is like this or that film. No film is unique, and for sure there are similarities with other Richard Curtis films, but that is all. Plus to be compared to other great films is surely an honour. Forget about all that and enjoy what is a great film which will inspire you in ways you were not expecting. Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm already looking forward to going to see it again. That doesn't happen very often.
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Chick Flick for Men
msims19 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My husband accompanied me, but warned me that he would not stay if it didn't interest him after 15 minutes. He stayed, and gave me the summary, CHICK FLICK FOR MEN.

It's a fantasy because it deals with living in the present and the past at the same time. It's a romance because it's about young love, and love expressed between two people who have been married for a very long time and still feel that spark that brought them together. It's a family film about siblings loving one another so much that one of them might just jeopardize his future to save his sister's life. It's a cautionary tale for those who practice habits that could sicken them or get them killed. It's about life, and truly living one's life even when faced with the prospect of death.

The acting is solid, and Rachel McAdams is lovely and inspiring. The rest of the actors are amazing as well, and you want to believe that it is all real. But the story itself can be so unbelievable. Just go with it. It's like a really high calorie dessert that tastes so good you don't care if you gain five pounds. I enjoyed ABOUT TIME immensely, and I could watch it again and again.
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Master Piece ... just don't know why this is so underrated....
Shobhit-srt20 October 2013
One of the best Movies i have watched till date. This movie makes you imagine all what you can feel and all what you want to feel in just 120 minutes. Worth watching millions of times. I have seen many time travel concepts before but this is where my heart pounded better than any where.

Not only romances is magnificent, humor and drama are also far better than many Classics. With Heart touching soundtracks and songs, the movie has Eye pleasing Scenes.

Characters are perfectly casted. Performance, screenplay, dialogues etc all are first class. But the best is the Presentation of emotions which could be linked to every single person who ever Loved someone or just believes in.

The movie begins with casual entries and remains a good entertainer till second half while in the last quarter(ending) it cross a bridge and steps in best movie category platform with a message of living.

I strongly recommend this movie to all the viewers.

I rate this Movie 10/10.
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an unexpected delight
cinematic_aficionado7 September 2013
A young man, like many others. Only he can travel in time. This main element of the plot, is something that was difficult to digest throughout the film, since it was not a predominantly sci-fi movie. This struggle was compensated by the successful interjection that even with such ability, life can have difficulties.

The main character, did use this to his advantage to win the love of the girl he was so fond of but still he often faced difficult choices as to let things happen or turn the time back to prevent them.

One thing that makes this stand out is the somewhat philosophical approach, an approach that is conveyed with simplicity so all can relate.

Overall, it is an intelligent film, with emotion and poignancy.
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ArT_of_InSaNiTy9 September 2013
Really surprised by this one;was expecting the run of the mill rom-com, but it is so much more than that; it's about family and the smiles and cries of life. The whole film was filled with charm, wit and had its fair share of heartfelt moments. Time travel is a subject that has been visited many times in the film industry, but this had its own unique touch to it.

The film flows really nicely, it oozes class at some points. And the mere thought of having the ability to travel back in time sends your mind into a whirlwind of what-ifs? The acting is superb by all, but Bill Nighy was my favourite as Tim's Dad. When on screen with Domhnall Gleeson (Tim), the connection is very convincing and it was those scenes that i enjoyed the most.

A very good film and worthy of a viewing by any standards

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Charming, funny and poignant romantic time travelling comedy drama. A top date movie.
theycallmemrglass19 August 2013
I attended a preview screening of this in London.

If you enjoy previous Richard Curtis (writer, director) films such as Four Weddings and a funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually then you will very likely enjoy this sweet time travel comedy drama albeit with an ironic sense of time travel feeling of been having been here before.

But that more of the same feeling is no bad thing, thanks largely to the wonderful performances of the cast and more importantly, the exquisite execution of its new spin, the time travelling plot device. In fact, the time travelling here is really good fun and plentiful as its employed with typical motives but with inventiveness by our main protagonist, a stereotypical "loser" played with utter charm and goofiness by Domhall Gleeson. His use of the power is at times hilarious but very useful without your typical "changing your past will backfire" moral message. In most time travel movies, changing events in the past is usually painted as a negative repercussion but here, for the most part, the movie is certainly promoting its benefits.

The time travel premise have some set rules that nicely serves the narrative, although if you think too carefully in some scenes, you might find some minute flaws in the execution of the cause and effects which could have been made neater if extra attention was paid.

There is a moral message but you have to wait until the end to get what it is because it isn't so obvious as the film rolls. You might suspect things will happen in some ways as you watch the film but they don't and you might wonder, what's the story then but let it roll and the point of it all comes at the end.

However, that waiting for the end leads to my first little bit of criticism. This film clocks in at just over 2hours and it did feel a tad too long. There are quite a few points in the film which I feel could have been trimmed. I think it could have been about at least 10 minutes shorter.

There are familiar stalwart faces from Richard Curtis's previous films making guest appearances with the always awesome Bill Nighy justifiably anchoring a supporting role with his usual high calibre presence. Its also nice to see one of our great British character actors who had recently passed away make a surprise and funny bit part appearance perhaps for the last time...or did the film makers travel back in time to shoot his part? Rachel McAdams is very lovely as the love interest and is believable as a girl worth manipulating time for.

I'm not a great fan of Richard Curtis previous movies but this film swims along with so much charm, English middle class idiosyncrasies, a lovely romance and a gentle pacing that flows with a steady beat from beginning to end. This is not a riotous comedy, its not a thriller, nor an adventure or even a film that draws any suspense towards the last act. Its a journey through a period of our time traveller's life, sometimes funny, charming, poignant with a very clever and enjoyable time travelling premise.

Its certainly a great date movie too.

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Wish I could travel back in time and watch this movie again for the first time
dtpieper22 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love horror movies. I like fun movies. But I am not really into romantic movies. Except this one.

I think it is well paced and has a lot of heart and warmth, and I swore profoundly when I read the reviews in the Danish media. As I see it, it is not just another "boy meets girl" love story. It is first and foremost a story about appreciating life - even the everyday routine. But also a film about the bond between a young man and his father.

Suffice it to say this: The plot is great and the story is well paced; The casting and acting is very good by all the main characters; Bill Nighy is really a joy to watch; The music/sound track is "spitzenklasse" throughout; I would not have to think twice if Rachel McAdams were to ask me to have a third child(sic!); The father/son farewell scene brought me the rare sensation of tears in my eyes (thank you for that)
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About a guy who could travel back in time. This is a story about his life. How he edits his life so that everything is perfect.
yii-manaishah17 April 2014
the characters are very strong. you just cant help but to fall in love with every each one of them. they're so unique but yet so familiar. for me, i feel like i know them and could relate to each one of the character.the message is strong.yes, the message is common. but yet, the way they tell the story makes you appreciate life a whole lot more. after watching this movie, i came to realize that little things should not be taken for granted.i don't know about anyone else but if a movie can make me think about my own life, then its definitely an awesome movie.the movie is funny, charming, witty, touching and inspiring. MUST WATCH! but please, keep the tissue box near.
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Enjoyable despite flaws
utgard1425 January 2014
Pleasant romantic comedy about a young man (Domhnall Gleeson) who is told by his father (Bill Nighy) on his 21st birthday that all the men in his family possess the ability to travel back in time. He proceeds to use this new gift repeatedly to help him fix mistakes in his life and to help him with his relationship with a pretty girl (Rachel McAdams). As a romantic comedy with some tearjerker moments, it's very enjoyable and nice. As science fiction, it will give you headaches with all the plot holes. So the more unforgiving sci-fi fans out there might want to skip this one. I didn't mind it much at first but it got more complicated as it went along. The plot itself is reminiscent of Groundhog Day and maybe a little bit of Somewhere in Time. Gleeson and McAdams both do very well and have great chemistry. McAdams is especially likable. Gleeson has an appealing "young Hugh Grant" quality about him. Bill Nighy steals the show from everybody, as is often the case. It's a good movie if you don't think too hard about it. But I must stress if you are someone who is a stickler for flaws in plots or someone who nitpicks time travel stories, you will really hate this. Everybody who doesn't fit that description should definitely check it out.
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Slices of life
harry_tk_yung3 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When Richard Curtis turns to sci-fi as a vehicle for his acclaimed human stories, the results is mixed. As sci-fi "About time" is an absolute disaster. As Curtis's signature thoughtful, gentle and often humorous exploration of human feelings, it is delightful.

I'm not going to waste time on a discourse of time traveling. One does not need to be an Isaac Asimov devotee to understand the most fundamental paradox: what happens when you meet yourself in the past. As well, a key theme addressed in the proliferation of time-traveling movie is whether you can change things in the past so that you switch yourself into a difference life line. Suffices to say that Curtis is not even remotely concerned with these questions, but simply uses this loose idea of "time traveling" to suit whatever he wants to do in his movie, bending it whichever way his whims or the need of the movie steers. I can't even say there are logical plot holes because in this movie, insofar as the science of time travel is concerned, there is no logic, none, whatsoever, period.

As Curtis has demonstrated times and again, depth does not necessarily require gravity (nothing to do with the recent movie with that title). A vast majority of we mortals live a life that cannot be even remotely associated with the word "epic", with any stretch of imagination. Indeed we face life, death, partings, illness, joys and woes, but none as dramatic as what you would see depicted on the silver screen. What Curtis does best is touching the everyday audience with everyday slices of life: romance, parental siblings love, parenthood, friendship….all quite ordinary and as such, empathy-winning.

Told by VO of the protagonist, everything in this story revolves around the young man from the idyllic Cornwall coast who articles in London to be a lawyer, then becoming one. Domhnall Gleeson, intelligent but unassuming, is instantly lovable as he projects his easy humor, to both the people around him in the movie and the audience. No matter how many times I see the first appearance in any movie of Rachel McAdmas, it always comes with a "wow", especially this one, and you have to watch it to see why. The romance, as said, is slices-of-life light, but by no means lacking in depth. Bill Nighy elicits another sort of "wow" and in this movie, as the father, he makes our protagonist the envy of every son. Tom Hollander always lifts a movie a notch, whether it is good or bad (and this one is definitely good, plot disaster notwithstanding). Playing a family friend and an eccentric playwright, he is not unlike one of the caricature portraits in a Dickens novel. Lydia Wilson is a joy to watch, as the protagonist's sister with a tell-tale name of "Kit Kat". There are others too, in a large support cast, making solid contributions.

At the end of the day, after lots of laughs and many heart-warming moments, the audience emerges with an endearing though: treasure every day you life.

Sci-fi? Forget it!
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Movie that gave me the FEEL!
tushar_raw4 April 2014
This movie is truly a piece of art. It has so many materials. I didn't know that it was possible for a movie to have so many materials. What doesn't this movie have??? The story is marvelous. I really liked the way this movie showed the meaning of life. At many point of my life I also wanted to change some moments that occurred in my life. That's why I liked the movie very much. It just didn't show some lame romantic or comedy that show in many movies these days. It's a complete masterpiece. It gave the most realistic scene that any movie can show.

Beside the romance I liked the part that showed the relationship between the father and the son. It matches my moments when I spend with my father.

If you haven't watched the movie yet. I highly recommend you to watch it. You won't regret it. IT'S A MASTERPIECE.
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Not the best of Curtis but a very likable addition to his collection of rom-coms
rogerdarlington9 September 2013
Over the years, British writer Richard Curtis has scripted some wonderful romantic comedies: "Four Weddings And A Funeral", "Notting Hill", and "Love Actually". So, by now, we know the features of Curtisworld: locations in London, upper middle-class English types, lots of friendship and love, plenty of wry and sometimes rude humour, a socially inhibited boy, an attractive North American girl, a doddery elderly male relative, a freaky young female relative, probably a wedding, probably a funeral, obviously some heavy rain, well-chosen songs, and finally a clever film title. "About Time, which Curtis has both written and directed, delivers all the familiar ingredients and is a charming addition to the canon but, while I really liked it, it was not love actually.

This time, we have two love stories and a time travel device that enables both to achieve special fulfilment. There is the father-son relationship between Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson and the sexual relationship between Glesson and (Canadian) Rachel McAdmas (coincidentally "The Time Traveler's Wife"). Both the technique of time travel (clenching hands in a darkened space) and the rules (forget the 'Butterfly Effect') are rather ridiculous, but the device serves to pose some almost philosophical questions: If you could travel back in time to change things in your life, how often would you do it and what would you change? In the end, is it a power that you would use to change the facts of the past or your perception of the present?
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a crowd-pleaser but the time travel setting backfires
lasttimeisaw30 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
ABOUT TIME is one half snappy romance and another half family drama which lures us into the tutelage of some very beneficial "Chicken Soup for the Soul" truisms like "value your life and live everyday fully", "notice the beauty in the small things around you" and "be brave to say goodbye to the beloved and move on", such and such. And under the sine qua non of a time-travel set-up.

At the age of 21, Tim (Gleeson in his breakthrough leading man offer), a clumsy young Brit learns from his father (Nighy) that all men in his family can travel in time (with certain limitation for sure). So with this windfall fate-altering gift, Tim starts to woo Mary, the girl of his dream, and eventually they get married and babies are coming on the way.

On the face value, the film is tremendously entertaining and heart-warming, Tim's naturalistic maladroitness proffers enough ballast for repeating his one-trick pony to finally win Mary over, along the way there are laughters galore; the family bond is also capaciously constructed between Tim and his father, and a detour to save his sister Kit Kat (Wilson) from wrong choices in her life.

The biggest revelation of the time-travel theory comes after Tim has fixed Kit Kat's past by going back to the time-line before the conception of Tim and Mary's first baby, when he jumps back, the process has altered the baby's gender. Then immediately after that scene Tim manages to miraculously change everything back to normal, so clearly this "no pre- baby travel" rule can be amended afterward. Which drastically conflicts with the eventual dilemma of choosing between going back to visit his deceased father and having a baby no. 3 after his dad's death, for the reason that he can reverse the repercussion of the butterfly effects whatsoever (as he did in the case of Kit Kat).

I'm not nitpicking (as I am more than happier to overlook the technicality of time-travel experience, take one example, how come Kit Kat gets a hunch that she is in love with Jay after they went back to the past and altered their fate, while Tim is oblivious of his newborn baby's gender until he sees him with his own eyes?), but the film is deeply flawed in a logic stand-point and this plot-hole is too glaring to overlook, which does hurt the movie's empathy in its final stage. Alas, the performances are generally favorable, Nighy surges into my Supporting Actor chart as a benevolent father figure, immensely understanding and reasonable, passes on his wisdom (which accumulated through ages) with coherent delivery, and as the sole theory elucidator, he is the one attracts the most amount of interest on screen (although he should have warned his son about the rule beforehand, which would save the film from its paradoxical miasma).

Gleeson and McAdams makes a fitting couple, although for the latter, it is her third time being the girl of a time-traveler (after Eric Bana and Owen Wilson), her American sweetheart default and clever dressing choice remarkably masks the age difference, while a baby-face Gleeson doesn't truly reflect the passing years in the narrative. There are also several interesting secondary players, the sexy bomb Margot Robbie appears as Tim's unrequited love interest, Lindsay Duncan sheds a light of coolness as Tim's unwitting mother, and Tom Hollander is the swearing playwright with a cynical bad temper. ABOUT TIME is Oscar- nominated writer Richard Curtis' third venture (the man who writes MR. BEAN series, BRIDGET JONES series, NOTTING HILL 1999, and FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL 1994, 7/10) as a director (after LOVE ACTUALLY 2003, 7/10 and PIRATE RADIO 2009), no wonder it is such a successful crowd-pleaser and even a tearjerker, only if its content could have made more sense out of the infinite loop impedes the time travel sub-genre.
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Some magical moments undone by an endless trudge that doesn't know when to stop.
TheSquiss21 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I approached About Time with very low expectations. It hasn't arrived with the same fanfare or same star power as many of writer/director Richard Curtis other blockbusters (Notting Hill and Love Actually for example) and the trailer implied something slightly twee rather than truly uplifting. But sometime during the first fifteen minutes I berated myself severely and settled in to what started out as a very sweet, tender and gently amusing film.

Then it stuttered. And the stuttering continued as we edged towards highs and stumbled into elongated lows where nothing much occurred and nobody seemed quite sure of how to lift it again.

On New Year's Eve, 21-year old Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) listens wide-eyed as his dad (Bill Nighy) imparts some fantastic truth about the men in the Lake family: They can travel back in time. There are rules, of course, but the fact remains Tim's world has opened up in a most remarkable way. Much to his father's dismay, Tim decides the best use of his newfound ability is to finally secure a girlfriend. In a longwinded and occasionally funny manner he courts Mary (Rachel McAdams). Mary is insecure and likes to sleep a lot. And other stuff happens, too. Eventually. And some of it even comes about as a result of time travel. Maybe.

The obvious and immediate comparison with About Time is The Time Traveller's Wife, which starred, um, Rachel McAdams. Unfortunately, though the latter was a weak adaptation of a beautiful book, About Time has the feel of what was left on the cutting room floor after they'd excised the humour and protracted subplot.

Ten years ago Hugh Grant would have been cast as Tim and at times it feels as though Gleeson has been forced into Grant's shoes. It's a pity because he is a fine actor and, when allowed to be the Tim in his own head, does a wonderfully charming and understated job. The screenplay sucks but that's hardly his fault. There's also about the same level of chemistry between Tim & Mary as there was between the tomato and chard on my dinner plate last night.

But when Gleeson and Nighy share the screen About Time sparkles. The relationship between father and son is beautiful, it is tender, it is funny and it is the glue that binds the film. I came away not wishing I had the boy/girl relationship but dreaming that the father/son bond was mine. What a pity Curtis didn't have the courage to turn this romcom on its head and make Tim and Mary secondary to Tim & Dad.

There are moments of pure joy where Curtis is on his very best form: The wedding scene is the finest we've seen screen since James Fleet's best man speech in Four Weddings & a Funeral. It doesn't hang around, it is neither schmaltzy nor patronizing but is magically sweet and funny. The theatre sequence, too, is comedy gold. In a completely different way, the last few scenes with Tim and Dad are tender, sensitive and deeply affecting.

And then Curtis undoes the stitching. Take the dress scene; we've seen it in countless films before where girl tries on dresses but can't make her mind up while boy fails to help the issue. It's no longer original and, in this incarnation, is at least five dresses too long. It's so protracted it hurts. It's a problem that persists throughout About Time. It just doesn't know when to stop. Frequently, it even forgets what it is about and suddenly throws in a time traveling scene to justify its name. Inside this lumpy, tedious 117 minute trudge is an 85 minute gem desperately fighting to escape. Was script editor Emma Freud asleep when she held her red pen? Was editor Mark Day afraid of offending Curtis? Black marks to them both.

The supporting cast is a real boon to About Time. Lyndsay Duncan's Mum is just the right side of eccentric while Uncle D (Richard Cordery) is as mad as a box of frogs and delightfully so. Chief amongst them is Harry (Tom Hollander), the self-centered, embittered playwright who takes any glimmer of joy, crumbles it, insults it and stamps on it for good measure. He is used sparingly to crisp the edges of scenes that edge towards tedium. What a pity he wasn't let loose with a flamethrower throughout.

But even with the minor characters and their subplots, Curtis struggles as if he has a checklist of occurrences he absolutely must insert to appeal to everyone and so he throws in a broken sister with alcohol and domestic issues, parental issues with overbearing visiting folks…

About Time is too much, too long, too over-egged, and too reliant on previous films. Watching About Time is like swimming through porridge to the occasional pockets of beautifully sweet honey and then struggling onwards in vain the hope of another.

For more reviews from The Squiss, subscribe to my blog and like the Facebook page.
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A true masterpiece.
kevin-n-reno11 April 2014
I went into this movie expecting a cute romance, with a touch of comedy, and a bit of "Back to the Future" style Sci-fi flair. What I received was a beautiful and massively moving story about love. Not just romantic love (although there is plenty of that also,) but also the love between siblings, parents, friends, and even strangers. Warning: This movie will make you cry, but the end of this film will redeem any tears with an unshakable message about appreciating day to day life, and how to appreciate the beauty we experience each day. I was especially glad that this film dodges several old and annoying movie clichés that I expected to see as the film progressed. In closing, this film has an original storyline, very talented actors, and a genuinely moving power.
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unrealistically boring and absurd
rightwingisevil2 January 2014
forget about the time travel, to future or backward, let's get down to something more reasonable: this family is not a millionaire's family. father is a bookworm, mother a typical house wife, son a lamer, daughter a mindless crazy spoiled brat, so how come they could live without any earthly worries, financial wise or money wise? how come they could live in a bubble-like cocoon, live so pretentiously that even the richest people on the earth couldn't live? their life styles, oh, a regular daily activities, sitting or lying on the beach, drinking or daydreaming, sun bath, watching movies outside rain or shine? dining at table, eating and drinking with their obvious stupid and dumb uncle? then the not-quite-like-a-rich-man father told his son one day that all the men in the family got a mysterious gift of time traveling power? they could travel back in time to fix some things they didn't quite like but in general, they could not change the matters, the history, in a larger manner, say, like making Adolf Hitler never born or two world wars never happen? yeah, right, if the screenplay endowed these time-travel-capable lamers with such huge human responsibilities, guess how much budgets they got to spend for the war scenes? so, easily, this lamer son decided to just change his romance experiences. givemeabreak, will you? this is such a stupid and one of the worst movies about time traveling crap. none of the characters in this brain-dead film was convincingly likable because it just built on a ridiculous budget-cut storyline. love or no love for this young lamer's romantic adventures is no compare with 'love actually' and those heart warming or heart aching time travel romances. folks, let's go down to earth to watch some more realistic and reasoning acceptable common romances, such as 'enough talk (2013)', okay? 'cause you don't have to travel in time to get it, or got to watch the film in your backyard garden at night, or in order to give you some more romantic feeling, using rain-making machine to shower you. give it a rest, guys who gave high praises to this stupid British movie, dressed up in a costume to mimic 'love actually'.
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Thought-provoking feel-good fun
ben-788-20756610 September 2013
An ordinary 21 year old man is shocked to discover that he has the ability to travel through time, a concept which, granted, is not new to the world of cinema. Although this unusual ability is naturally the main theme of the film, the plot still engages the viewer with the struggles of every day life including marriage, finding a job, having children as well as a few family issues to keep the plot fresh. The intriguing plot complements the few time-travelling excursions and keeps the idea crisp.

The plot is thought provoking and the script is kept light, with several laugh-out-loud moments which can be all-too rare in this genre.

Domhnall Gleeson gives an extremely high quality performance in his lead role and is supported well by the highly experienced rom-com lead Rachel McAdams and an ever-amusing Bill Nighy, who provides much of the comic relief in the film.

The plot could perhaps be accused of moving slowly at times; however this only serves to heighten the drama of the intriguing plot twists.
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Great potential. Zero Story line.
rick-haft13 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The sad thing was that this film started off really well. I was enjoying it. In the moment and …. absolutely Nothing happened. It seemed to be a story about a character who used his time changing powers to change silly insignificant things ( like how good he is in bed) and so much of the plot is wasted with those things that there is very little real story. About two thirds of the way through there is finally some action when the protagonists sister is involved in a car accident but again this really does little to further the plot point. I personally believe this story would be better suited to have been a romance. Marrying the happy couple off right away was a mistake in the plot and leaves little room for adventure. This is just one of those films that has so much potential but misuses it. Not a patch on Love Actually or Notting Hill 2 stars from this user
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Just awful and boring
Joolz402 January 2014
I simply can't believe the ratings on this movie. I can't remember the last time I was so bored. How can someone with time travel powers still remain such a pathetic loser ?. I could not find any redeeming features about this movie, you don't really care for any of the characters, and there is hardly anything in the way of any special effects for the time travel sequences which may take your mind off an otherwise drab experience and lifeless script.

There is nothing the main character does in this movie that any ordinary person doesn't do, namely he has lots of kids and goes back and forward in time to accomplish this. Bravo, great achievement mate, jolly well done !! Either watch paint dry or watch this movie, all the same.
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