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(I) (2013)

Rachel McAdams: Mary



  • Mary : I'm going to go into the bedroom and put on my new pajamas, and in a minute you can come in and take them off.

  • Mary : Actually, I look like Kate Moss.

    Tim : Really?

    Mary : No, I sort of look like a squirrel.

    Tim : Do you like Kate Moss?

    Mary : I absolutely love her! In fact, I almost wore one of her dresses here tonight. You?

    Tim : No, no. Her clothes look terrible on me.

  • Tim : Mum, this is Mary.

    Mum : Mary! Good Lord, you're pretty.

    Mary : Oh, no. It's just... I've got a lot of mascara and lipstick on.

    Mum : Let's have a look.

    Mary : [presents her face] 

    Mum : Oh, yes. Good. It's very bad for a girl to be too pretty. It stops her developing a sense of humor. Or a personality.

  • Mary : I'm not taking my panties off for Scotland!

  • Tim : I thought this phone was old, and suddenly it's my most valuable possession.

    Mary : You really like me? Even my frock?

    Tim : I love your frock.

    Mary : And, um, my hair. It's not too brown?

    Tim : I love brown.

    Mary : My fringe is new.

    Tim : Your fringe is perfect. Fringe is the best bit.

  • Mum : And what are your faults? I mean, little weaknesses.

    Mary : Well, I'm very insecure.

    Mum : Sweet.

  • Tim : So, what do you do?

    Mary : I'm a reader at a publisher.

    Tim : No! You read for a living?

    Mary : Yes. That's it, I read.

    Tim : Oh, that's so great. It's like someone asking, "What do you do for a living?" "Well, I breathe. I'm a breather. I get paid for breathing." How did you get that job?

    Mary : Okay, smart-ass, what do you do?

    Tim : I am a lawyer. Sort of... Sort of.

    Mary : That's sexy.

    Tim : Is it?

    Mary : I mean, I think so. In a suit, in a court, saving people's lives. Kinda sexy.

    Tim : I guess it is. Although it's not as sexy as reading. Sitting there in an office in a little chair reading. Ooh!

    Mary : Okay, stop. Just wait right there mister, because you know a lot of books get submitted to my publisher. So it's an immense responsibility.

    Tim : I bet it is. But when you're doing normal reading,

    [they both laugh] 

    Tim : is it ruined because it's your job? You know, like prostitutes? I always worry that when they stop being prostitutes that they can't enjoy sex anymore.

    Mary : You always worry about that?

    Tim : No, I sometimes worry about that.

    Mary : Oh, okay, good. Because someone who always worried about that would be a bit of a worry.

    Tim : When you read a newspaper do you think, "Forget this, it's work"?

    Mary : Have you interviewed a lot of prostitutes?

    Tim : When you read a menu, do you think, "No, I'm not reading this, unless you pay me hard cash"?

    Mary : How many prostitutes will you need to talk to before this issue is solved?

  • [Mary wants another baby] 

    Mary : I just thought that maybe it was time for the insurance baby.

    Tim : What?

    Mary : In case one of them is really smart. We don't want the other one to feel stupid their whole life. And if we had a third one then we could have *two* happy dummies. What do you think?

    [Tim realises that once another baby is born, he will never be able to go back to a time before that] 

    Tim : [voiceover]  It was the toughest decision of my life. Saying "yes" to the future meant saying "goodbye" to my dad - forever.

  • [Tim and Mary are in bed] 

    Mary : So not such a bad day after all?

    Tim : No. It was pretty good, really. Very good day, actually, as it turns out.

    Mary : Well, that's a relief. Because it had been a very bad day, I thought I might have had to have had sex with you to make up for it.

    [she turns the light out] 

    Mary : Goodnight.

    Tim : [he is lying blatantly and Mary knows it]  It was a very, very bad day. It went very badly. I got fired from my job. And then I killed a man.

    [she turns the light back on] 

    Mary : That is a very bad day.

    Tim : It's terrible.

    Mary : Yeah, the worst day ever. I'm so sorry.

    [they start to make love] 

  • [Mary is trying on one dress after another, and can't decide which one to wear to a party] 

    Mary : How about the blue one?

    Tim : The first one that you tried on, that was boring and lumpy, but that wasn't actually boring and lumpy, that one?

    Mary : Yeah, which do you prefer?

    Tim : I don't know. I'm actually starting to go mad.

    Mary : I think I like the blue one.

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