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MPAA Rated R for graphic violence, some grisly images, strong sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Contains strong sex and sex references
  • A man and a woman lie in bed together completely covered by sheets as we hear them talking and see their bodies moving toward each other; the point-of-view changes to under the sheets where we see them kiss and talk; the man asks the woman what she wants him to do to her and she describes explicitly what she wants as he moves his hand between her legs and then moves his head between her legs where he performs oral sex on her as she moans and writhes (no nudity shown).
  • A man describes an incident where his girlfriend had sex with his car and we see the act re-enacted: The woman removes her panties (we see her legs bare to the upper thigh), and crawls up the hood of the car while the man was in the passenger seat watching through the windshield; the woman straddles the windshield in a split (we see her bare legs to the thigh and bare buttocks when her dress pulls up) and thrusts (she moans and the man watches with his mouth agape), she leans over the windshield, kisses the man, and then climaxes.
  • A man agrees to do a favor for a woman (they are lawyer and client) and he says she owes him; she offers him oral sex and he declines saying that she'd still owe him. A man says that a woman having sex with his car "was too gynecological to be sexy."
  • A man and his fiancée talk on the phone and he makes a remark about pulling down her panties, and then asks her, "Is this phone sex?" A man tells a woman while they are in bed together, A man refers to himself as being good at sex, using crude terms.
  • Extended Cut:
  • There is a prolonged and extended sexual scene of a man performing cunnilingus on a woman, who moans, and writhes with pleasure. In this extended sequence, the woman then proceeds to tell the man to pleasure her in a specific way.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains infrequent strong violence with blood detail applied.
  • Three men are killed in a shootout, with the survivor being shot once in the leg. Blood splatters out for every bullet hit. One unarmed witness is also killed.
  • A man is shot in the leg, and then in the head. Blood sprays on the camera.
  • A man on a motorcycle is decapitated by razor wire. A little blood squirts up from his neck. His decapitated head drips blood. Another character picks up his head and shakes it out of its helmet.
  • A man has a razor wire looped in a motorized cinching device draped around his neck. This slowly tightens and cuts into his throat until it slices through veins and arteries. Copious amounts of blood geyser from his neck. He dies violently screaming in full view of onlookers, but his complete decapitation is offscreen. Severed fingers are shown. This scene is extremely bloody and graphic.
  • A body is seen in a garbage dump. A character receives what is strongly implied to be a snuff film of the victim's death (he doesn't watch it).
  • Extended Cut:
  • The film also contains an extended sequence where the man's head is decapitated after a gadget is strung around his neck and tightens around it.


  • Contains strong language
  • Around 30 uses of fuck, 11 uses of shit, 1 use of pussy, as well as a couple of strong sexual references.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains drug trafficking theme and scenes of smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Most of the characters drink in nearly every scene.
  • A few characters smoke.
  • The movie's plot is based entirely on a large shipment of cocaine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains sustained threat
  • Some intense moments throughout, particularly the stronger scenes of violence. The movie has a dark tone overall and many characters have little redeeming qualities. A disturbing scene involves a man realising his romantic partner has been murdered in a 'snuff movie'.

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