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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman make out in the storage room of a bar. This scene occurs only for a few seconds.
  • A woman makes a joke saying she wished she had hospital sex.
  • A woman removes her bra in an episode, but it only shows her back. *Not meant to be sexual*
  • In season 2 episode 13 a man and woman kiss
  • The implication of sexual relationships between adults are present, but no actual sexuality or nudity is never shown.
  • Overall the kissing is mild and occurs rarely. 13+
  • Training montages occur throughout several seasons, with bare male upper bodies visible.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 4 is perhaps the most tame when it comes to violence, with a more stylized approach. The hand-to-hand element is still intense though and there are multiple uses of weapons. Magical elements also come into play, as characters are thrown around and suffocated with such powers. A man is set on fire and characters are stabbed (knives and arrows), shot (arrows and guns) and beaten, with little or no blood.
  • In a very intense scene, a man has a pen thrown in his eye (a brief blood spurt can be seen when he pulls it out) and another is choked with a wire of sort, resulting in blood flowing down the killer's shirt. The killer later uses the same thrown pen to violently stab the first man (offscreen) to death.
  • Seasons 1 and 2 are pretty dark when it comes to violence, with frequent action violence. While not very brutal, it can get intense and have bloody results. People are shot with guns, and arrows and stabbed (all result in some blood shown). The action is also very atmospheric, with dimly lit hallways and streets, making the violence all the more intense.
  • In a hospital fight, a man is shot with guns and an arrow (blood spurts on the wall) and later has his tendons sliced with arrows (not much blood shown).
  • A man is shot with a submachine gun repeatedly (blood spurts in slow motion, though the scene is brief)
  • Three people are killed of by a metahuman via their powers (sonic scream). Neither of the kills are shown, but the aftermath is. One is a brief crime scene image, the other is a photograph, while the third is the most disturbing (visible bleeding from the ears and splattered blood on the wall). Another episode sees a man being killed brutally with the same power after he is impaled through the wall (bloody and a little graphic).
  • A security guard is stabbed in the abdomen (not shown) and drags a blood trail after himself on the ground (disturbing) and later has his neck snapped.
  • During a very quick and rather bloody fight scene, Deathstroke kills a dozen men, shooting them (blood is seen briefly spurting), bashing them with his guns, tossing them across the room and brutally stabbing and slicing them (impalement is seen in full view with blood). The aftermath has pools of blood near the corpses.
  • In a duel, a man's hand is cut off (no blood, but the dismemberment is fully shown). Not long after, we get a brief glimpse at the severed hand.
  • A man has his eye stabbed with an arrow.
  • A man falls and chunks of glass get stuck in him. He later pulls these off.
  • A security guard is stabbed in the back and vomits blood.
  • A woman is stabbed with an arrow. She later dies in a hospital.
  • A man is shot with several arrows and falls out of a building.
  • During the beginning of season 7 we see a lot of prison violence.
  • A man is shot and forced to remove the bullet from his wound.
  • A woman is shot in the back of the head. We see her body and the wound.
  • Oliver slices a man's artery (though not graphic).
  • During a prison break, a couple of prison guards are seen being beaten by a couple of inmates. We see blood on their face and them screaming in pain.
  • A man is set on fire and falls off of a ledge.
  • A woman has her neck snapped.
  • A prison guard has his throat slit and we see the blood.
  • Action violence is present in each episode. As the seasons progress the violence & content becomes less dark and starts leaning toward more of what you would expect in a typical comic book movie.
  • The series features frequent martial arts combat. This sometimes includes violent hand-to-hand combat, but injuries are never graphic and only slight blood is shown.
  • In earlier episodes Green Arrow has killed people via skewering with arrows or combat kills (broken neck), but never any gore or injury is depicted.
  • A woman is shot with multiple arrows, and then falls off a roof.
  • In season 3 the violence gets extremely intense and has more blood. Sword fights often have bloody results. A lot of the hand-to-hand combat also gets more intense and becomes more brutal.
  • In a graphic scene a man pulls blades out of his stitched up arms and neck. He later dies from blood loss. Another man takes these blades and slits a mans throat resulting in blood spray.
  • Deathstroke cuts off a mans arm the stump is only seen for a second
  • Oliver tortures a man brutally by slicing down his leg and sticking arrows in his arms


  • "Ass", "damn", "hell", and "crap" are used intermittently. "Bitch" is infrequently said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A girl takes a drug called Vertigo and crashes her car. She is later sent to the hospital and charged for a DWI. (Driving while intoxicated)
  • A man falls into a giant tub of a mysterious chemical. We assume at first that he is killed, but turns out he survived. We see later that the chemical made him resistant to pain and he tries to replicate the drug for his gang.
  • An underage girl gets intoxicated at a party.
  • In a flashback, we see a character buy drugs off of someone multiple times.
  • A woman attempts suicide by ingesting Tibetan Pit Viper venom
  • A doctor uses an experimental identity eraser.
  • A drug called Vertigo is featured in many episodes and we see the effects of its use on people. However, it is shown to be bad to use.
  • In later episodes a woman uses prescription meds that are not prescribed to her and has an alcohol addiction.
  • People drink champagne at parties, nothing note worthy
  • One cop is shown to get drunk at a bar several times.
  • A character goes and kills another character while under the influence of a memory-erasing plant.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This show overall is quite intense and graphic.
  • A man is injected with Vertigo. He is seen in extreme pain and then shoots himself in the head (offscreen but we hear the shot).
  • In one of the flashbacks, a child is seen bleeding from the mouth as a result of a bioweapon. Very sad.
  • Rated TV-14 for strong violence, disturbing images, suggestive content and drug material.
  • Many villains are dangerous and may be considered scary by young children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In the last couple episodes of season 2, masked men injected with Mirakuru are shown causing mayhem in the city. We some of them break peoples necks and another where one throws a cop across the room.
  • In season 1 a main character is killed after being impaled on rhubarb while his friend watches him die slowly very emotional with blood
  • In season 3, Oliver is stabbed in the stomach with a sword and blood is shown. Oliver then falls off of a cliff and lands on a ledge pretty far down. He is assumed dead for over a week.
  • The main character, Oliver, witnesses his father kill himself (offscreen)
  • Oliver's mother is killed by a sword stabbed through her, and Oliver is stabbed similarly, spitting out a mouthful of blood.
  • An entire section of a city is blown up and rubble can be seen, the body count, 500+ is infrequently mentioned.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In Season 2, a steroid called Mirakuru is shown, which can provide the user with enhanced strength, reflexes, and the ability to instantaneously heal from wounds. It is used mostly by villains, but in one case a protagonist is injected - this means it is not treated with a completely negative light however it is still looked upon negatively and its effects are resented.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • S1 ep 5: Oliver is tortured brutally by having a blade sliced through his stomach.
  • A man and a woman have sex in a bedroom. Though it is not graphic, we see the man pull off the woman's bra and the scene ends there.
  • In season 4, an idol is featured that is shown to make the user become more and more powerful by sacrificing people in the vicinity of its presence.
  • Season 2- When Mirakuru is injected into someone, they often will start convulsing and screaming. We often will see blood pouring from their eyes.
  • In season 2, a homicidal maniac kidnaps several women and pours a polymer down each of their throats. This polymer hardens and suffocates the victim. He then dresses them up as dolls and leaves them out in public for the police to find. Very disturbing.
  • There is a main villain who appears in season 6 named Ricardo Diaz who is an incredibly psychopathic villain that has a basically a split personality (kinda) with one side being very sociopathic and evil while the other side is considered extremely psychopathic and violent and is definitely the most disturbing and darkest villain in the show

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