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  • The Arrow is based on the DC Comics character, The Green Arrow, created by Morton Weisinger and designed by George Papp, which first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941.

    The character was originally a backup strip in the comics who is a millionaire playboy with a sidekick called Speedy and distinctive equipment such as gadget arrows, an Arrowcar and an Arrowplane. As such, the character had a long and largely undistinguished publishing history except for his inclusion into the Justice League series and a short run of stories by the important comics artist, Jack Kirby, years before his most famous work at Marvel Comics.

    That changed when the innovative comics artist, Neal Adams, completely redesigned the look of the character in 1969, most notably by giving him a distinctive Van Dyke beard. This change inspired his frequent collaborator, writer Dennis O'Neil, to change the premise of the character by having him lose his fortune and becoming an ardent leftist political activist devoted to helping the underprivileged as a combination of Robin Hood and the Yippie political activist, Abbie Hoffman. This character became much more popular as a result such as giving him a famous series of socially conscious stories in the early 1970s with Green Lantern and later his own various solo comic book series.

    This character has appeared in animation before this TV series version appeared on Smallville, such as the first incarnation of SuperFriends, Justice League Unlimited and a DC Comics Showcase short. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • For music lists with scene descriptions, go here: Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The main adversary is the League of Assassins, alternately known as the League of Shadows or Tempest. As with most media, it is led by (Matt Nable). During the first season, it is primarily represented by (John Barrowman), who has his own dual identity as the Dark Archer (Green Arrow's arch nemesis from the comics). Oliver's mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson), was blackmailed into working with Malcolm. (Jeffrey C. Robinson and Manu Bennett), Eddie Fyers (a supporting character from the Green Arrow comic, played by Sebastian Dunn), and (Dylan Neal) are involved in Oliver's training, with an implied link to a greater conspiracy. The second season introduces (Kevin Alejandro), (Michael Jai White), KGBeast (David Nykl), (Graham Shiels), and Task Force X, with the latter revealed to have hired Fyers. Other prominent villains are (Seth Gabel), who has been reimagined to be the series equivalent to the Joker or , Asian crime boss (Kelly Hu), the assassin Deadshot (Michael Rowe), and HIVE leader Damian Darkh. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • John Diggle was the first person back in the main city to find out Oliver's secret. It was at the end of the third episode in Season 1. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. In the DC comics continuity, he is a member of the Great Ten, a Chinese superhero team similar to the Justice League (2001). Codenamed Da Yi Zhe Wan (Accomplished Perfect Physician), he is the team's healer and diplomat. He was not involved in Green Arrow's training, and many of his abilities were magical in nature.

    In the TV series continuity, Yao does not have any magical or metahuman powers, but is instead a master martial artist, having more in common with another Great Ten member, the Celestial Archer. However, he does retain the military and medical background of his comics counterpart. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Kyudo (Japanese for "Way of the bow"), a mixture of archery and martial arts popularized by the samurai of feudal Japan (though it may have actually been Chinese in origin). During his sparring sessions with Slade and Diggle, and when he trains in his dojo in the Arrowcave, he uses Eskrima, a Filipino martial art that usually involves improvised melee weapons. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season One:

    Flashback-Edward Fyers and his band of mercs on Lian Yu and Deathstroke

    Present-Malcolm Merlyn (The Dark Archer) and everyone written in Robert Queens book

    Season Two:

    Flashback-Dr. Anthony Ivo and Slade Wilson

    Present-Slade Wilson, Isabel Rochev, and their Mirakuru-infused army

    Season Three:

    Flashback-Gen. Matthew Shrieve and his dirty soldiers

    Present-Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins and Danny Brickwell and his crew

    Season Four:

    Flashback-Shadowspire (Led by Baron Reiter)

    Present-H.I.V.E. (led by Damien Darkh)

    Season Five:

    Flashback-Konstatin Kovar and Ishmael Gregor

    Present-Elliot Chase (Prometheus), Talia Al-Ghul, Tobias Church, and General Walker

    Season Six:

    Black Siren(partially), Anatoly Knyazev of the Bratva(partially), Cayden James, and Ricardo Diaz

    Season Seven:

    Present: Ricardo Diaz

    Future: TBA Edit (Coming Soon)


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