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  • A young family are chosen by unknown strangers, who kindap their baby girl and put surveillance cameras in the entire house, watching their every move.


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  • Steven and Taylor and their baby Avery are followed home one night from the grocery store. They are watched all night. The next day, after a morning job with Avery, Taylor puts her down for a nap and goes to take a shower. Steven comes early from work and goes to check on Avery only to find her gone. All that's left is a note leaving two rules: Don't call the police and Don't leave the house. It is also then when they realize there are surveillance cameras in the whole house. Shortly thereafter they find out that baby Avery might be less than two hundred feet away thanks in part to seeing her on the baby monitor. The kidnappers took the camera to baby monitor. Then they receive a message on the baby monitor and see Avery. She's alive and close by. The kidnappers give no demands. Next is a knock on the door, their awkward neighbor Keith holding an HD camera thinking it was theirs and leaves. Taylor immediately accuses Keith and makes a message to him on the HD camera. There's another knock on the door. It's Keith. He's dead. Steven tries to convince Taylor they need to remain calm and think this through. A message comes over the baby monitor: it reads, "One of you knows." Then another note, "Your husband's name is Vince. His real name". Taylor is rocked to the core. The man she's shared the last six years with is or could be lying to her.

    Taylor starts to make her own plans and tries to escape the house, only to be brought back in by Steven/Vince. He tries to convince her he's telling the truth and begins a short confession that the men outside might have something to do with his past when he was in witness location. Taylor now knows he hasn't been truthful to her and if he's lied once, how many other times will he lie? Taylor now not only fears for the life of her daughter, but believes she's all alone and her husband is part, a big part of the problem. Through a series of flashbacks we realize Steven/Vince does have a dark, mysterious past.

    Within 24 hours since the baby's abduction Taylor and Steven question each other's allegiance and love for each other and their baby girl. Will they survive? Will Avery be saved? Will they be able to pick up the pieces in the aftermath? Or will it just end, badly?

    This is Hyde. Everyone has more than one side.

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