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9 Jun. 2012
Fuck Art Let's Dance
"Fuck art let's dance!" proclaimed the famous slogan on a post-punk T-shirt, expressing the rebellious musical spirit that thrived in art colleges at the time. Ironically it was precisely this spirit that had led to British art colleges contributing to pop music culture on a scale unmatched elsewhere. The new role of art schools as a social melting pot in the 1960s, and their policy that everyone had to study a broad-based arts curriculum before being allowed to specialise, resulted in a new cultural playground where musical passions and fresh ideas flourished. Every ...
16 Jun. 2012
Every Picture Tells a Story
From the memorable fury of The Clash's London Calling cover to the retro rural traditionalism of the Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society, the cosmic psychedelia of Pink Floyd and the grainy monochrome existential gloom of Joy Division to the colourful androgyny of Bowie and Annie Lennox, image has played a huge part in shaping the success of British pop over the years. In this episode we investigate photography's role in capturing rock's majesty and mystery frozen in time, hear about the lengths people went to in order to create those moments and how those ...
23 Jun. 2012
You Wear It Well
In the late 60s the album, formerly just a collection of singles, established itself as the ultimate musical statement, and an album sleeve art culture was born that forsook obvious band photos for graphical invention and far more ambitious visual pastures. We open this episode with the story of the fashions that accompanied British pop and the people who had the look. No other country's musicians share even a fraction of the image-fixation that has always characterised the best British pop. From The Beatles' moptop hairdos to the punks' Mohicans, the grey shirts of ...
30 Jun. 2012
Master of Puppets
Britain's rock managers, with their largely theatrical background, were flamboyant in a way that baffled their secretive American counterparts. But, as they blundered and bludgeoned their way across the world's stages, these flashy impresarios ended up defining many of the rules of the modern music business. A rich post-war palette of gangsters, impresarios and Jewish homosexuals, these people were pioneers, they learning by their mistakes - like the disastrous Beatles merchandising deal that Brian Epstein struck - but without the belief, stubbornness and casual ...

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