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Exactly what I wanted
brown_sam5710 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I purchased this game for my XBOX 360. I have been waiting so long for this since I do not have a computer that can handle the PC version. When I heard of the release on console I was pumped and pre-ordered it as soon as possible. The game was well worth the wait. Many people have been giving the game a hard time based on the story and the graphics. This game has a decent story and the graphics are comparable to any game of this nature that has come out lately. Yeah the colors are a little more flashy then I expected from a Diablo game but I got over that really quick. Lets face it, no one buys Diablo for the story or for the graphics. Diablo is about two things and two things only, not stop slaughtering of demons that come at you waive after waive and the sweet loot you pick up from their bloody corpses. That I why we are all here. This game delivers this in every way shape and form, people seem to have forgotten that that is why this game exist. I will not get into any spoilers, lets just say that this game gives me everything I want from a Diablo game and this is one gamer that is not disappointed with the game after a far too long wait. Keep the Diablo games coming Blizzard.
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A well-polished finale
KillerK199128 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Diablo 3 is the Diablo you know and love, minus the tedium that reared its ugly head in older installments. Scrolls are nonexistent, items' finer points are highlighted green to lessen the thought provoking struggle to decide which item is better, the potion guzzling madness has been toned down completely, and there are frequent checkpoints in case you ever want to go outside. The combat here is just as fun and intuitive as ever; the game is a fun clickfest whether you want to go it alone or with your acquaintances. Every new spell/skill here seems to matter unlike the hefty amounts of seemingly cool fluff in the last game waiting for you to make the wrong decision and ruin your character; this game wants you to succeed. I don't think the cast of playable characters of #2 can be topped, however the new guys and gals are interesting in their own rights and mix the abilities of their predecessors in exciting ways. The audio presentation is a standout here- from the protagonist and accompanying merc's many lines for almost every new encounter to the simple fact that excerpts you find sound off while you run along creates a nice pacing; the action never stops. The cinematics are up to blizzards standards, perhaps even surpassing them with the showcase of not one, but two biblical encounters that though short, must be seen to be believed. The art style is definitely world of warcraft-esque(cartoony) unfortunately, however it looks great and doesn't hold back with the gut spewing gore seen in the last installments. Though the immersion level is definitely higher with the player character interacting with everyone, the plot kind of resorts to the typical blizzard twist that I guess must be in every one of their games these days. This twist leads to the epic locale of the finale, so I'm not complaining...too much. The voice acting is top notch for the most part, kudos to veteran actor James Hong's hilarious turn as the enigmatic Covetous Shen along with the man behind Lyndon the Scoundrel, a performance that captures a roguish whimsy similar to Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow. Besides the final act, I was a little disappointed in the similarities to the acts of the last game, sometimes I felt like they ran out of ideas at points as exact bosses from previous games made their returns almost randomly and in almost the same chronological order they appeared in the older games, though the first act's numerous references to the first game were quite amusing. There's a particular moment near the end were you fight a fallen foe from the past while an exciting fight with an angelic adversary is only teased. All in all, Diablo 3 is a great entry in the hack n' slash genre, as its level of accessibility is above most games of any genre. Highly recommended...if you have internet, that is.
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Love this game!
Shaliney27 May 2014
Diablo III is my favorite video game to play of all time. I can set and play it for hours and hours, going through the whole game over and over again. I did play the first Diablo and Diablo II, but Diablo III is definitely the best! I love the new monsters, love the spells of the Wizard (which is the only character I play), love the achievements that you can get, love the sound effects of the game, the cinematics, and I absolutely love the graphics! Blizzard did a fantastic job with the graphics. I love playing the computer version the best, but also have it on Xbox 360. With the computer game, I love playing Diablo III with my mom, she loves Diablo III as well! We have so much fun playing together! This game is completely awesome!
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One of the best video games ever produced
dogg-vetriabs6 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I even start with Diablo III?

From the color palette, to the dialogue, to the areas you get to see, to the graphics that look like a Renaissance painting, to the music and atmosphere, this games is an absolute jewel.

When you first start the game, you are greeted with the most impressive interface, with frames, skulls, ripped curtains and the beautifully animated backgrounds of each act. The game's story line is one of the most complex ones you will ever encounter: it first takes you on a journey through the dying New Tristram with it's dark and anxious atmosphere. Here, the thing I like the most is what the non-playable characters will tell you, what their point of view is regarding the situation that they and their families find themselves in. When you leave New Tristram, you start exploring its surroundings, which are beautifully crafted, accompanied by the greatest of atmospheres. I was struck by the beauty of the Highlands, every time I get there, I just stop on the edge of the cliff and just watch the valley, the river on its bottom, the clouds, the waving grass.. it is just beautiful. One thing I didn't like about the first act is Maghda... she looks out of the Diablo universe, but at least she gets to die for what she's done.

The second act is just as marvelous, with its Caldeum, and its surroundings, my favorites being the Desolate Sands and Alcarnus. There is just so much mystery about every location, and getting those lore books with their explanations, takes everything on a much deeper level. The whole idea of Belial being in Caldeum somewhere and all this conspiracy pushes the story line of the second act further and further, which is a feeling I love.

The third act is, I think, the most thrilling, with its Battle of Bastion's Keep, going back to Mount Arreat and entering the most visually striking hell you will ever see in a video game. The Towers of the Damned are just... very uneasy to watch.

The fourth act is something that doesn't enchant me very much, with its High Heavens destruction, but at least it is a thrilling adventure.

And, at last, the final act, the one that brought so much change to the game: Reaper of Souls and West March. There could be an entire review I could write about the expansion of Diablo III... All the changes that were subdued to the game, just made it so much better, improving the game play experience, bringing the adventure mode, the bounties, the rifts, the loot, the new interface, the seasons... So much has changed, and I am happy to see that all the "problems" with the game have been solved. It finally seems like more and more people are starting to enjoy the game, which warms my heart! I start to see more and more positive comments, with even the haters admitting that... they finally enjoy the game.

The cinematic sequences, the actors, the music, the depth of the story line, the loot, the game experience, all the things you can do make this game... one of the best ever made, and, in my opinion, THE best ever made.

So, enough "staying a while and listening", nephelem! Go get your gear and finish that season! You have the head of a demon lord to put on a pike!
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They RUINED the Franchise - but it's still fun
fawn_jane22 August 2013
Diablo 3 is a disappointment, I like the game, but still: The requirement to always be online while playing, the cartoonish graphics, the lack of character customization. But it is still fun; I have 5 level 60 characters, one for each class.

Compared to Diablo 2, the game is much easier. It is convenient how controls are better-designed, and the inventory holds more stuff, lots of little improvements to the user-interface. In Diablo 2 the game was frustrating or even impossible if you made the wrong choices in developing your character, but in Diablo 3 the pendulum has swung too far the other way, and it is impossible to mess up, and the game is way too easy until you are in Hell Mode.

The worst part of the gameplay is the loot. There is way to much loot, and it's ALL crap. Sometimes I just sell it all without even looking at it, that's how bad it is. Even the Legendary Items are usually mediocre. The best items I have are equipment that other players just gave me for free for some reason.

In the the game eventually you have three mercenaries to choose from. They were pretty useless at first but the patches to the game have made them more powerful. The mercenary dialogue is amusing. The voice actor for the Scoundrel in particular is great!

In Diablo III the plot seems thrown-together, not much worse or better than the previous games. It has a couple of interesting twists though. The plot for Diablo games has never been what has drawn gamers in. Personally, for a long time I just enjoyed the pretty cinematics and did not even pay attention to what was going on in the plot.

My biggest criticism of the plot is how they handled Act 2 with Zoltun Kulle. This is a seriously bad-ass dude who achieved immortality, built a massive epic library, and was so powerful the Horadrim banded together to defeat him and spread his body parts across the desert. His story evokes the myth Osiris, the important Egyptian God who also was dismembered and scattered about, and even Jesus, him being a regular man who achieves immorality and is resurrected, and yet in this game he is just some little side-character that the writers blithely introduce and summarily toss aside in the middle of Act 2.

And what is with the NPC character Leah? I don't understand what the game designers were going for with her. An NPC who is so central to the plot and with you throughout the game should've been designed better. She's pretty irritating, and doesn't fit into the Diablo universe at all. She has a bow in her hair - wha?

The graphics are pretty, but are an unfortunate mismatch for the dark, gritty atmosphere that fans had come to associate with Diablo. The game has you traversing horrible torture-dungeons filled with dead bodies and zombies and rivers of blood, yet the graphical style is so colorful and cartoonish, the graphics and dialogue are reminiscent of Saturday- morning cartoons - the mismatch is downright jarring.

Next year they are slated to release an expansion. I think they should just reboot the franchise. They should make a 3-d game like Borderlands, but with realistic graphics, and melee combat, and reboot it in that format. And retell the Diablo story, fixing up the weak points of the plot.
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An absolute disappointment and poor launch
francis-cy19 January 2013
I bought diablo 3 at launch expecting it to be a good introduction to the diablo franchise. The first problem stems from the abysmal launch where it took me and many others hours just to log in because of some "error 36/37". At the time i didn't care because I was excited when i played the game and created my badass Demon Hunter and then I found another error, the lack of character customization, i think the demon hunter's have awesome male and female models but the other characters don't meet my appeal. I played upto level 20 on normal difficulty and enjoyed my experience upto that point, until i realized the game was, point, spam, done without any interesting equipment. I learnt only a few weeks ago that the devs made the equipment deliberately bland for normal to encourage people to play on inferno, however i was unaware of this at the time. Some other issues i have with the game include graphics and atmosphere, the game is surprisingly low ended graphics wise with the only exception being the cutscenes which are phenomenal, and i was lead to believe that diablo 3 would be an extremely grim and disturbing world, it was meh... One praise i have for diablo 3 is it's boss fights which i found incredibly entertaining and the dialog in towns and with the companions (specifically the templar) Here are a few bullet points to outline diablo 3 +Great cutscense +Great dialogue +Great boss fights -Horrific launch -below average graphics -repetitive nature -tame content (no mature focus) -boring loot

If i were to recommend a game similar in play style, Torchlight 1 or 2 (though i have briefly touched upon the games they are miles better than diablo 3)
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It takes some of the nice elements from the old one but misses a lot.
srwatcher20 May 2016
When this game first game out, there was an auction house implemented early into its release. This auction house was used so players could sell other in game items to other players. This auction house was necessary at the time due to optimal items for your character being nearly impossible to find on your own. Blizzard realized this was a bad choice and decided to both remove the auction house and add an expansion pack known as Reaper of Souls.

The expansion allowed you to get many more tailored item drops to your character. The item drops in the expansion were so improved that it makes most of your old items from vanilla Diablo III basically useless. The expansion is more fair to play through if you do own it. You actually don't feel as hopeless when you're finding items from monsters. The items you'll find a lot of times are actually good, tailored to your specific character.

Well that's some good changes they made stated above. What I still dislike though is that you can't trade unique items to people unless you found that item in the same game session as that other person was in. Also, after 2 in game hours have passed, the item becomes account bound.

If you want to duel your friends, you have to duel in a very small area. Unlike Diablo II where you are able to duel literally anywhere as long as it's not town, in Diablo III you're heavily restricted where you can duel your friends or others. Diablo II also had a much higher max player cap. In Diablo II, you could have up to 8 players in a game session. This allowed team duels in the Blood Moor for example. You could have 2v2v2v2, 4v4, 3v3v2, or even a straight out free for all, a 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1. In Diablo III, game sessions are limited to 4 people only. This means you lose a lot of possible social interaction that you would have had if you were with more players at once.

If you're looking at this game for mainly PvM or Person vs Monster action, it fills that role well. If you're looking for a true successor to Diablo II, I've heard many others suggest a game such as Path of Exile which is free as far as I know.

I still do play Diablo III however. It lacks many elements that I wanted it to have but it still plays solid enough to play to pass the time. It's only worth playing at this point if you have the Reaper of Souls expansion pack though.

It does get repetitive without a true duel system and that is a pretty big flaw to me. Diablo II's duel system is what kept people constantly farming up bigger and better items so that they would dominate on the battlefield against other players.

Oh well, there's always hope for if or when Diablo IV ever comes out.

I give this a 6/10. Playable but not ideal in my opinion.
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