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Sex & Nudity

  • Two teenagers make out on a bed, the male's shirt is off. They are interrupted by children.

Violence & Gore

  • In the beginning of the film, a group of pre-teens dressed in colorful armored outfits engage each other in playful hand to hand combat. They fight with play swords and very clearly fake guns. Kids punch each other, kick each other, and commit mock executions with, again, very clearly fake guns.
  • A child is hit in the head with a glass bottle. He is later seen with a small amount of blood on his head.
  • Two young boys play fight each other in a wrestling ring. They slam each other to the ground, punch and kick each other in traditional pro-wrestling fashion. On child falls off a ladder and breaks his arm. We do not see the break, even in the next scene, his arm is not visibly broken.
  • Human remains are found on a waterfront. The remains are a skeleton and an "investigator" callously tears the skull off the body of the skeleton and puts it in a box.
  • A speeding car nearly hits 3 children playing the driveway of their home.
  • During a high school party, a male is seen aggressively blocking the way of a female. Later he is seen grabbing her by the arm roughly. When she says "you're hurting me", he replies with "good".
  • Several young adults and children are abruptly grabbed by alien creatures and dragged away through the forest and into a body of water.
  • A girl is strapped to an alter by the alien creatures and is doused in a thick acid like substance that melts her body to a skeleton. This goes on for a couple of minutes as her screaming face slowly melts and becomes bone, her abdomen splits open and her entrails spill out of her body. When done the aliens creatures toss her slimy skeleton to the side.
  • An alien creature vomits into a human skull and proceeds to poor it onto a teens face, the teen the morphs into a fanged creature.
  • A teenage girl slashes an alien creature in the chest with a sword, the aliens bloody slash wound is seen. She then stabs another alien through the abdomen, a small amount of blood is seen. Not very graphic.
  • During a quick fight in a forest, a girl fights off two aliens with a sword. She cuts the arm off one of them, the amputation is seen on camera and a large amount of blood shoots out of the aliens stump. She then shoves an aliens face into a broken tree branch. The branch impales the aliens head through the eye and out the back of its head. This is seen clearly and is graphic.
  • A human child is stabbed through the abdomen with a sword, we see the sword go through him and blood pours out of his mouth.
  • A young man is punched in the face resulting in a moderate amount of blood coming from his nose and mouth. An alien then bites him in the neck, rips a portion of his throat out, resulting is a large of amount of blood spewing everywhere.
  • A young woman splits an alien's head in half with a words. Blood shoots out in a comical manner.
  • Armed men (presumably military) shoot 4 aliens, little blood is seen.


  • Several uses of 'fuck'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3 teenagers are seen smoking cigarettes and drinking.
  • Drinking and smoking marijuana. A teenager drinks a bottle of alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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