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Not worth the effort...
paul_haakonsen17 January 2023
Well, I wasn't exactly harboring much of any high hopes for this 2022 comedy titled "Halloween Friends", but I figured that it might be worth checking out nonetheless. Why? Well, because of it apparently appearing to be a spoof on the "Halloween Ends" movie, given this movie's title.

Now, I had never heard about "Halloween Friends" from director Mark Mos prior to sitting down here in 2023 to watch it.

I managed to endure 60 minute out of the 84 minute runtime that "Halloween Friends" ran for. Then I just couldn't take anymore of the suffering. This movie was a swing and a miss, and a massive one at that. The storyline in the movie was not entertaining, enjoyable or even funny. So passing this 2022 movie as a comedy is somewhat of a stretch.

The acting performances in the movie were amateurish, but at least that was in tune with the overall feel of the movie; amateurish. But I do think they had fun making the movie at least.

As for the wardrobe and costumes in the movie, yeah, this was just cheap Halloween dress-up costumes, and cheap ones at that. They didn't even have a proper hockey mask similar to the one Jason Voorhees wears in the "Friday the 13th" movies.

"Halloween Friends" was utterly failed to entertain me, and this is not a movie that I would recommend you waste your time, money or effort on. Some of us suffered through this ordeal in lesser or greater extend so you don't have to.

My rating of "Halloween Friends" lands on a one out ten stars.
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What Film?
nogodnomasters19 February 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Miranda Myers (Natalie Polisson) is the unknown sister of Michael Myers. She gets together with her friends Franny Kruger (Taylor Storm) daughter of Freddy Kruger and J Daughter (daughter of Ja(son). They have Kristen Lundberg tied up in a shed. Everyone but Miranda knows they are in a movie. Their conversation and little action acts as a conduit for an anthology of short stories. The final story consists of a family from Transylvania attempting to fit into a Florida community. The first film redrum was cute. All the stories make light of the horror genre, but not directly as a spoof. These are the type of extreme low budget films made by Mark Mos. He is perhaps a cut below the Polonia Brothers.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Mark Mos Should not be Making Movies
arfdawg-124 January 2023
I hav no idea who Mark Mos, the director of this travesty is, but according to IMDB he's been making about 15 movies a year for the past few years.

Quantity, not quality shows. This movie is a mess.

At first I thought it was a home movie made by some middle school kid who got a video camera for his birthday. Unfortunately, it's not.

The budget is so low the "actors" if you can call them that, are wearing cheap masks you can purchase at pop up stores just prior to Halloween. And if your idea of Orson Welles filmmaking is characters like Freddie Kreuger saying "you go girl." then this movie will be right up your alley.

It's a bomb in my book.
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