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Not bad, could be better
rdfarnham25 November 2012
Another re-hash of Dickens' classic the has some interesting points but, as Don Adams used to say in the old "Get Smart" TV series, "Missed it by that much". I am a "Carol" lover and I own more than 20 versions so I can comment on this with a clear conscience. The idea of having Eve, Carol's old (and dead) boss take the place of Marley is understandable. The idea of her also taking the place of the three ghosts is less so. As in all the re-tellings of the story the protagonist, Carol, is Scrooge-like and pretty well hated by all the people who work for her. Again she sees the past, present and future but, unlike other tellings she doesn't gradually realize how nasty she is until the last moment and then she suddenly switches and is a nice person. This alone makes her transformation less than believable. Not a really bad movie, but it lacks the heart of several of the other versions. For the best see the Alastair Sim version with the George C. Scott and Patrick Stewart versions running a close second.
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Carol's Christmas is Worth Catching:)
abcj-219 November 2012
I have been in an early Christmas mood this year. It all started when I saw ads for the Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel last week. I don't even regularly watch the channel, but I ran across Richard Thomas in another movie and got hooked. I've seen 5 Hallmark movies this weekend, and I may still watch a few more. If I don't, then it was worth seeing 4 mediocre but fun films in order to discover this 1 extremely cute Christmas tale. Caution: This movie is for romantics and people who love happy endings without a complete overdose on the saccharine. It may also convert a few cynics and greedy workaholics.

If you're familiar with Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, then expect the visits to the past, present, and future but with a comic twist. Carrie Fisher is the ghost, Eve, who visits Carol, a publishing CEO with a "bah humbug" attitude about Christmas, relationships, and just about everything she once valued except for the bottom line: making money. Carol's pace at work and nasty delivery of her terms are completely unbalanced with the memory of Eve, her old boss, who has died and left the company in Carol's misguided. Eve loved publishing good books for those who love reading good books. Christmas was special when Eve was in charge. Carol expects it to be just another workday and everyone in her employee to accept her way.

Carol is played by the incredibly beautiful and naturally talented Emmanuel Vaugier whom I've never seen before but found delightful. She was able to handle all the roles she played with great aplomb. The witty Carrie Fisher as Eve, the ghost of Carol's dead boss, is a bit sarcastic but really quite sweet as she carries out the job she was sent to do with Carol.

The movie really picks up when the two women embark on a journey that isn't one bit scary, cute as it can be, and bittersweet. This all makes it a well-made TV movie with a supporting cast who may be over the top for some (Carson Kressley is ebullient for sure!), but they are there to show their distress caused by Carol and, of course, for comic relief. And, of course, there is a love story in Carol's past, present, and future if she is capable of changing.

It's a Hallmark movie, so expect a happy ending. However, be on the lookout for one of those rare TV movies that you may want to put on your Christmas list for next year. It was a positive twist on a classic tale and neatly tied with a ribbon... a typewriter ribbon to be exact, but you'll have to watch the movie to figure that one out;) This movie helped me get into the much needed spirit, so enjoy it if this is your thing and have a Merry Christmas!!!
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A Modern Twist on The Often Told Tale
Christmas-Reviewer30 December 2016

"A Christmas Carol" gets another (and uninspired) re-telling. This time we get an American Setting with "Carol" being the Scrooge.

Now the first time I viewed this film was when it premiered on THE HALLMARK CHANNEL. I didn't remember it. Last year I bought a 4 Movie Christmas Pack this was in it. I bought that set because it had 2 other films that I like.

Now I watched this film again a few days after Carrie's and Debbie's Passing. Since Carrie plays an angel I thought it was perfect film to watch.

Well the film was a typical Hallmark Movie. Carrie however is great but had she had written the screenplay it would of been fantastic.

Now in this film we still get the "Christmas Past Present and Future" but this time its just one ghost and its played by Carrie.

I will admit that watching this film took on a weird vibe because of the fact Carrie just die and in this film she talks about death.

Now most of are familiar with "A Christmas Carol". SO we all know the story inside and out. I wish they could of done something else with the story.

Maybe one day we will.
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A Christmas Carol
On A Starless Night7 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A very good family movie.I loved it.A good attempt by Hallmark to reignite the essence of A Christmas Carol.

The movie is about Carol who portrays our favourite Scrooge in the movie.Her deceased boss Eve is the person who tries to warn and save Carol from the fate that awaits her.She is visited by three ghosts(the ghost of Christmas Past, ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas future).As a twist to the original A Christmas Carol by Sir Charles Dickens her deceased boss Eve gets to play all three ghosts which turns out to be funny and interesting though i love the idea of three different ghosts as created by Sir Charles much more.

The essence of the story i believe is kept alive in the movie by the just and beautiful portrayal of the point that heartless acts tend to take our life to eternal poverty(loneliness) and nobody on Earth wishes for or desires for a lonely end.Carol realizes her mistakes, she is reminded about the girl she used to be, her priceless Mother, the things she believed in and most importantly the love of her life but will he give her a second chance ?.To find out please watch.
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Not the best Scrooge adaptation, but has its moments
MartianOctocretr52 December 2012
Modernizing and slightly rewriting the Charles Dickens classic Christmas Carol is an oft used formula, and this Hallmark offering is one of the more awkward in attempting it.

First, the idea of merging all four ghosts (Marley, Past, Present, and Future) into one character doesn't seem to work as well as the movie makers hoped. This latter day Scrooge is a toxic publishing exec named Carol (get it?), who is visited by her deceased predecessor, who also has a Christmas reference name: Eve (Carrie Fisher). Fisher plays it well, but an immediate problem develops as we see little if any change in Carol's demeanor. Faced with only ghost visitor throughout the story, someone she knew personally, their banter becomes a stalemate where Carol persistently demands to go home to bed; Eve talks down to her with sarcastic tolerance like she would talk to a child. Scrooge had different reactions as the various ghosts got through to him--each in their own way, and this story misses that.

The life story of Carol really has none of the human interest of her 1840's counterpart, either. She just stepped on people's faces her whole life, and doesn't seem to be touched emotionally when confronted with this. It's difficult to identify with someone this deep into denial and lacking in empathy, and the character does not change in a logical or believable manner.

The acting of the cast in general rises above the script, although some of them are stuck with tiresome and annoying stereotypes.

There are many versions of the Scrooge story out there. Among the best are George C. Scott's and Alistair Sim's. Catch one of those if you can this Christmas season. Carol is OK only if you have nothing else to do.
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A decent Scrooge knockoff
Jack Vasen5 November 2017
We all know the story once we figure out where all the new players fit. Carol is obviously Scrooge. But one of the first new things is there is only one Christmas ghost, and it is Carol's late partner, Eve. The real treat though is that it is Carrie Fisher. She even makes a Star Wars joke.

There is some good humor here and there. The story follows the general lines of the original so we won't be terribly surprised by much. The acting is good, especially Fisher.
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A new twist on the Dickens classic...
Last year I sat down for a Christmas movie marathon with my family, and "It's Christmas, Carol!" happened to be one of the movies that we got around to watching. None of us had heard about the movie, much less had any familiarity with it in any way.

It turned out that "It's Christmas, Carol!" actually was quite a nice surprise of a movie, and it actually was rather entertaining for everyone in the family. So yes, this is indeed a Christmas movie that is quite suitable for a family viewing during the holidays.

"It's Christmas, Carol!" is actually a different approach to the Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol" story. So one might ponder if meddling around with a classic is a particularly good idea. It turned out that writers William Penick and Chris Sey actually managed to pull it off quite nicely.

Carol Huffman is a busy publishing executive, whom is visited by her former boss on Christmas Eve, as Carol has lost track of what is important and lost perspective on what truly matters. Initially Carol was supposed to have a visit from three ghosts, but because of budget cutbacks Eve, Carol's former boss, is in charge of the visit to the past, present and future.

Sure, this is a predictable movie, and you know exactly how it will turn out from very early on in the storyline. And you are already more than well familiar with the Dickens tale, be it from the book or from one of the many movie adaptations available.

But at the same time, it is the familiarity in the story that makes it a good story, and the rewriting just adds a new twist on the classic. So on that account director Michael Scott pulled it off quite well.

The cast in the movie was fairly good and people did good jobs with their given roles and characters. It was, for me at least, Carrie Fisher who stole the screen with her role as Eve. And Olivia Cheng also did a good job, just a shame that her role was only a minor supporting one.

All in all, then "It's Christmas, Carol!" was actually a wholehearted and entertaining movie, and definitely a movie that is worth sitting down to watch during the Christmas season. However, it is not likely that this is a movie that you will watch more than just once.
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Lacks charm
Zoooma3 June 2014
Yet another Made-for-TV movie from the Hallmark Channel and this one is 2012's take on A Christmas Carol. Carrie Fisher has the role as all three ghosts showing Emmanuelle Vaugier her life in three different ways. I knew I'd seen her somewhere before -- ah yes, Mia in Two and a Half Men and she was also in many eps of CSI: NY.

One scene in particular was kind of interesting when in a library, a Star Wars book was seen on a nearby shelf in the background. There was also a Star Wars mention. Those were kind of the highlights, it's sad to say. Other than that this tele-film lacks charm. Many versions of a Christmas Carol do... not very Christmasy. Ah well. Still, for some twisted reason, I'd actually maybe watch it again someday.

5.4 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
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