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Season 2

1 Dec. 2013
Episode #2.1
The story resumes six months after Leo's death. Tobbe's inadvertent use of the memory stick has released a virus that has spread world-wide via the internet, infecting Hubots and causing serious malfunctions. Inger meets with a government official, who tells her her family is not being held responsible for the virus, but she is forced to acquiesce to the sanitised official explanation of the events surrounding Leo's imprisonment and death. On her way home, she witnesses a hubot malfunctioning on the train. At home, Hans has lost his job, Tobbe is still smitten with ...
8 Dec. 2013
Episode #2.2
Jonas starts new business Hub Battle Land. Silas got out of prison and work there with Odi. Bea came to Mimi in the night and says something about being David's children. Bea tries to find out where David's clone robot and goes to his mom's house. Mimi go to Inger's office to see what it's like. Matilda meets new friend at work and she is acting like a human robot. Kevin joins Real Human organization. Flash met a nice guy at the party and she tries hard to give a good impression.
15 Dec. 2013
Episode #2.3
After their breakup, Douglas searches for Flash/Florentine with only one real clue. Roger stumbles upon a secret that brings back memories of his history. Mimi is trapped into making a bad choice, but others are able to see that it was not of her doing. Lennart sends a message to Inger after his death.
22 Dec. 2013
Episode #2.4
Flash and Duglas come to Inger's office which his dad works in. They announce that they will marry. Mimi meets Flash. Inger finally starts Lennart's clone robot. Tobias and Matilda goes to a party with Mimi. Kevin and his friends go to the party to pick a fight with robots. The police get involved with the party fight and Mimi is in danger.
29 Dec. 2013
Episode #2.5
Bea get the David's clone but brain is missing. Gordon tries to get Flash back. Roger goes to pick a robot up for work and it turns out Rick. Hans and Inger sell Vera and she is going to Hub Battle Land. Jonas works on to reborn as a robot with his own mind. Kevin finds out his mom lives with a robot again. Sofia download an app to Lennart's robot.
5 Jan. 2014
Episode #2.6
Theresse goes to a camp to see Kevin but he refuses to see her again. Flash tries to adopt a kid. Lennart got infected. Tobis and his friends is going to use David's code to fix him and to see if the code works. Bea goes to get David's brain which Jonas's mom's place. Jonas also looks for his brain.
12 Jan. 2014
Episode #2.7
Inger goes to get Lennart back but he's not at the hubot center. Flash steals a kid at hotel where she stayed before. Rick works on building an army and he fights real with customers. Jonas got David's brain and body. David works on code for him. Mimi download an app on internet for work. And her body gets weird afterwards. Gordon comes to Flash's home again and in the night he approaches Duglas.
19 Jan. 2014
Episode #2.8
Mimi dreamed weird scenes. Duglas gave his all heritage to Flash. His ex finds out she's a robot and she is going to court to get heritage. Hans takes Mimi to get her fixed. David's clone says that he doesn't know the code. Jonas goes to the leader to take the memory stick.
26 Jan. 2014
Episode #2.9
Mimi's condition is getting worse, while the Engmans discover something about her past. Attempting to destroy Florentine, Petra turns to the Real Humans and to the police as Inger and Claes fight hard to save her. Jonas continues his plan to transfer his consciousness into his clone, but needs Silas' help. Following a disclosure from Bea, Jonas now begins to doubt David's clone.
2 Feb. 2014
Episode #2.10
Florentine's future is being settled in court and Mimi, sick with the virus, is called as a witness. An unexpected person from her past turns up in the courtroom. Kevin and some Real Humans Youths go to Hub Battle Land in order to destroy hubots. Rick, armed, plans to do all that he can to defend Hub Battle Land from humans and Bea gets Roger involved in the search for the code.

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