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Sex & Nudity

  • The lead couple kisses 3-4 times. The level of intimacy, not the actual kissses, is prolonged on more than one occasion.
  • At the start, there is prolonged sight of a woman wearing a bikini and underwear only as she prepares to dive into a lake.
  • In a lengthy dance sequence, the women including the female lead are shown wearing revealing tops with short skirts.
  • A female character wears sleeveless low neck tops and shorts for a considerable part of the film.
  • A sex scene where the lead pair is seen between the sheets. Brief upper back (male) nudity and fairly prolonged shots of upper body (shoulder and above) intimacy are shown.
  • Another scene where sexual activity is implied as upper body nudity of the couple is shown as they sit on what appears to be a terrace. The scene is fairly brief during a song.
  • The lead actress is seen standing, wrapped in a bedsheet. Her bare back is seen.
  • Two references to sex, and one to Kama Sutra in conversations.
  • A character points out that a doctor is a neurologist and not a 'sexologist.'
  • One character says 'I think she's a lesbian'.

Violence & Gore

  • Two sights of blood from head injuries throughout the film


  • A character can be seen speaking half f words, i.e 'what the f...' The word 'a***hole' is used 3 times in the film. The f word is explicitly written on a wall in the background, and is shown very briefly during a song.
  • 2 uses of the word 'bi*ch'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lead female character can be seen smoking
  • A character can be seen drinking Grape Wine

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The lead actor is working with the Indian Army bomb disposal squad and there are some 'on the edge' moments while they are at their work. They are however more about anxiousness than being intense.

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