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Embarrassingly awful with gratuitous violence and murder.
tingfrank18 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If the makers of this web series had added a bit of camp to the project it might have actually had some entertainment value. Unfortunately, this appears to be a serious attempt to portray a feeble story about a teen girl's attempt to reunite with her Dad. Annabelle's father has been missing for a year and she receives a letter on her 16th birthday ostensibly from her Dad. Annabelle is shocked to get the letter, but we don't know if she's happy or upset because she expresses no emotion whatsoever. We then find out that her boyfriend is in cahoots with an evil woman, ineptly titled "sinister woman" and her sidekick, Mr. Mike (who closely resembles Mike Tyson in size minus the awful face tattoo). Sinister woman and Mr. Mike plan to sacrifice Annabelle on Halloween, though we don't know why - just that they have it out for this girl. So they send Annabelle another faked letter from her MIA Dad who wants her to meet him in a park at night. When she and her mom go to the park her best friend (who we now learn is sinister woman's little sister) is there and clobbers both Annabelle and her mom in the head with a rock. Sinister woman and Mr. Mike appear, with guns, and Mr. Mike suddenly decides to blast Sinister Woman and her little sister to kingdom come. Oh, what a plot twist. (cough) Annabelle wakes up in a car with Mr. Mike and calmly asks "where am I?" Yeah, normal people would be calm waking up at that moment to find you're in a car with some strange dude after your best friend tried to kill you with a rock. Mr. Mike tells Annabelle that he is going to take Annabelle to her "real father". Okay, but lets just hope that the cops catch Mr. Mike first for the cold blooded execution of Annabelle's best friend and the evil lady. Mr. Mike forgot to take out the Annabelle's so-called boyfriend, so we know that there's already somebody to finger him for the crimes.

Aside from the blisteringly awful plot, the cinematography and editing are really embarrassing. For example, the auto focus frequently focuses on background objects (doors things like that) instead of the actors faces. It might also be a good idea not to film actors with the sun directly behind their heads or try using a lens hood to cut down on all of the lens flare. The transitions are very bush league - sometimes just a black screen for several seconds, and it's very distracting that the sound doesn't match the video. Perhaps that has something to do with all of the stolen music being used in the background. The only good news is that they seem to have killed off enough characters to make a sequel impossible. We can only hope so. If I could rate this with a negative number it would be deserving of less than zero.
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