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Art heist movie
deloudelouvain24 January 2017
Another heist movie with a little bit of humor. Why not? If I had to choose between the Ocean's heist movies and The Art of the Steal I would go for this one. It's basically the same, a heist explained by a narrating voice, but this time with a touch of humor. Not that you will laugh a lot or so, well at least I didn't, but it was an easy movie to watch. Not too much complicated entertainment for a laid back movie night. The cast is good, the conversations between the two brothers played by Russell and Dillon are fun to watch. In the middle of the movie I thought it was going down a bit but the end saved it all. There are enough good twists to make this movie better then the average heist movie.
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nogodnomasters22 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It is 5 1/2 years after Crunch (Kurt Russell) took the fall for stolen art. He was ratted out by his brother Nicky (Matt Dillon). After being apart, the old gang gets back together for "one last job."

It is a simple art heist/fence story that offers you levels of complexity as the real story unfolds at the end, similar to many fine "head fake" films. Like most films of this genre, the production is filled with good characters and humor. It is a movie worth watching for fans of "Ocean's Eleven" type films.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.
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It's not Danny Ocean caliber, but it is fun.
jdesando16 March 2014
The Art of the Steal doesn't have the class of Ocean's Eleven, Guy Ritchie's eccentric bad boys, nor does it have the wry wit of In Bruges, but it does have enough enthusiasm, convoluted plot, split- screen framing, and seasoned cast anchored by Kurt Russell and Terence Stamp to make this dead-zone time of movie year bearable until May.

This religious texts heist, however, does have some class—art to be specific—and the Seurat original, along with some Mona Lisa recollections, is the main object of the crime. Russell's Crunch Calhoun and Matt Dillon's half-brother Nicky do one last heist, a thriller mainstay that promises much will go wrong before the denouement. Writer- director Jonathan Sobol's double-crosses and cocky hooligans last to the twisted end for a real "last" one.

With Jay Baruchel playing the greenhorn, and therefore the vulnerable part of the plan, fun ensues as he questions the sanity of the plan's convoluted steps. Even more fun is watching a deadpan Terence Stamp play a federal informer whose British accent and considerable knowledge of art inform every suspenseful moment with the exotic, the cultural, and the dangerous.

Part of the joy is trying to figure out where his character fits in with the lawful and the unlawful. Not happy, however, is the over-the-top reactions of Jason Jones' Interpol agent, Bick. Blame director Jonathan Sobol for not seeing the chasm between this sophomoric performance and Stamp's nuanced turn.

Kurt Russell has been in showbiz for at least a half century, and while his face shows some wear, his actorly sensibilities are sharply delivered in a film whose comic moments and frequent plot twists offer a brief respite in a waning but still ornery winter.
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Robbing you blind
kosmasp20 October 2014
What a cast! I have to put that out there first. Matt Dillon, Kurt Russell, but also Terence Stamp (every word he's saying has such a weight and him going for comedy, is so great). Actually everyone involved makes it look so effortless. Heist movies of course might not be everyones thing and people might argue, that after Oceans Eleven (or the sequels), there is nothing left to say.

Yes this may be predictable and may or may not make much sense under scrutiny, but it is too fun to watch, twist and turn and go different directions, that it would be a shame for you not to enjoy it. And I can't stress out enough, that this also has a lot to do with the cast involved. The script is good, but you have to have people deliver it. Every role is cast in a great way and this movie makes no secret that it wants to entertain you. It's not as wrangled up as "Now you see me" (which is also better), but it doesn't have to be
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As fun as the Ocean's movies with a pay off that puts in almost on par with them. Heist fans will love this. I did.
cosmo_tiger4 April 2014
"If you got no trust that what do you got?" Crunch (Russell) and Nicky (Dillon) are brothers and partners in crime. When a job goes bad and they are both caught only Crunch ends up doing time. When he gets out he tries to go straight and becomes a motorcycle daredevil. When he tires of crashing for a few hundred bucks he agrees to pull off one last heist with his old team. They only thing standing in their way of pulling off the perfect heist is trust. This movie was a great surprise for me. I knew nothing about this going in and I think that helped my enjoyment of it. The movie was super fun to watch, really funny with a smart plot. This is the closest heist movie to the Ocean's series that has been made. Just like the Ocean's series the heist itself is fun to watch and the pay off brings it over the top. This is the kind of movie you can't say too much about without giving anything away but what I can say is watch this. One of the biggest surprises and funnest movies I have seen in a while. Overall, heist movie fans will love this...I did. I give this an A-.
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lower grade Guy Ritchie style
SnoopyStyle12 August 2014
Motorcycle rider Crunch Calhoun (Kurt Russell) is in a crew with his half-brother Nicky Calhoun (Matt Dillon), Paddy MacCarthy (Kenneth Welsh), and forger Guy (Chris Diamantopoulos). Their mark is Stash Bartkowiak who had a stolen Gauguin from an Oslo gallery. They are discovered and Nicky rats out Crunch. Seven years in a Polish prison (5 1/2 with good behavior) later, Crunch is out and out of crime for good. He's daredevil motorcycle riding working with his girlfriend Lola (Katheryn Winnick) and apprentice Francie Tobin (Jay Baruchel). Interpol Agent Bick (Jason Jones) is after a stolen Seurat with the help of informant Samuel Winter (Terence Stamp). Nicky outsmarts them and double cross Sunny who then threatens Crunch for his money. Crunch is pulled back in with Nicky.

There are too many capers and too many complicated expositions. Writer/director Jonathan Sobol has pack this in with so many characters. It's a lower grade Guy Ritchie in Canada. He is starting to solidify his style along with 'A Beginner's Guide to Endings'. However this is a little bit too ambitious for him. Dillon-Russell anchors it with a complicated cute relationship. There are some funny bits, some fun dialog, and a whole lot of fun-like wacky. There is a particularly funny art piece. In the end, it just needs more comedy and a more simplified story.
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Way better than expected
emv103114 March 2014
I decided to review this one because some of the other reviews are slightly miss leading. I do not pretend in any way to be a film critic... Just your every day regular movie goer/watcher, and as such I must admit I really really enjoyed this one. It has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked till the end and delivers a nice sense of humor throughout the whole movie. Yes, maybe the movie did try a bit too much to be a type of Guy Ritchie meets Ocean's Eleven, but I wouldn't necessarily say that's bad, and I wouldn't say it failed at it either. Bottom line, if you are considering watching it don't think it over too much, go for it and enjoy it, I guarantee it'll have you hooked into the first 10 minutes.
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"It's always nice to know who you can trust."
classicsoncall20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Here's what I don't understand - for Crunch Calhoun (Kurt Russell) to make more money taking dives as a motorcycle stunt driver than to actually perform those crazy jumps successfully in front of a packed stadium - that just doesn't pass the smell test for me. Maybe I'm missing something there, but it just doesn't sound right.

Well anyway, this is a scam the scammer flick in which the scammer and the scammed turn out to be brothers. After Crunch does hard time for a heist gone wrong instead of brother Nicky (Matt Dillon), he's not willing to forgive and forget, and sets up an elaborate plan to take Nicky out with the help of career grifters, most notably Samuel Winter (Terence Stamp), now working for Interpol as their resident expert on artful dodges. What starts out as a scheme to steal and reproduce a famous Gutenberg work, The Gospel of St. James, turns into an elaborate forgery of a famous Seurat painting. The nifty double cross is cleverly handled, but gets a little lost in the weeds during the exposition, so keeping a sharp eye on the action comes in handy. That scene of Dillon and Russell in the trunk of the car discussing the St. James potential was just a little to creepy, don't you think? That was a little too close even for brothers.

So it's a neat caper flick with both brothers doing a double cross, and it could have had a more more meaningful resolution if we found out where Nicky would be spending the next few years. Even so, stick around for some humorous outtakes during the credits roll. It's your reward for good behavior making it through the movie.
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Very much a caper/heist movie from north of the 48th, that you could like.
face-819-93372610 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This just doesn't happen enough, and really it was the 80's in my opinion since Canada actually made a good caper/heist movie. Most of this cast is Canadian, and top quality, it is a nice change really to not have just one, or two big name Canadians, then just a lot of fresh faces. The story is very good. I think they should go back, and fix that one Flashback phone call that the wording is different, and that would make this movie work completely. The Double cross is predictable, but fulfilling, and a great scene with the gang standing in the cold really freezing their faces off. I got everything out of this movie that I want from any movie, the story kept my interest, the characters felt real, and fleshed out for the most part, and the ending has to work. So with my needs met, I Enjoyed this one from the start Kurt Russell is great I want more Snake Plissken after seeing this. I do recommend this movie, and I hope it does really well, I mentioned that there is a major break in the reveal that needs to be fixed, but it is still a great movie, and if you miss the break all the better.
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surprise! nice one!
siwaka15 March 2014
Seldom writing reviews, but this one deserved it... just because it got such a low rating.... the movie fulfills the promise of the genre - it's a heist movie, with a bit of comedy in it, and actually funny comedy... and it has interesting plot, with good twist... the acting could be better, the camera could be better, the story could have been better...everything could have been better, but then it would be another movie. This movie deserves higher rating, if for no other reason, then just because it delivers the promised. it s not a masterpiece, it s just a good movie to watch when you want to be entertained... not many movies these days do so, so i must say: bravo,finally!
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Fantastic Heist Movie...good Twist ...Loved it!
michael-yates-88-3086348 February 2014
If you love heist movies like me then you will love this one...without spoiling, it has all the ingredients for a good heist movie: protagonist is hard done by antagonist; trust is burnt; work together again for a big score; can they trust each other again? But what I like about this movies is the intricate story...there are things afoot and they're not twelve inches...Can you work it out? I had a rough idea without working out the details but I still loved it.... works much better than Now You See Me in my opinion...has a B grade movie feel but an A grade kick in the pants at the end...I do like Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon. And it is great to see Kenneth Welsh...A very Good Movie...
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The highlight of the movie is just watching all of the cast having a blast together!
Hellmant24 April 2014
'THE ART OF THE STEAL': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Buddy heist comedy flick starring an ensemble cast headed by Kurt Russell. Matt Dillon, Jay Baruchel, Chris Diamantopoulos, Kenneth Welsh, Katheryn Winnick, Jason Jones and Terence Stamp all costar in it. It was written and directed by Jonathan Sobol (who also performed both duties on the 2010 comedy flick 'A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO ENDINGS') and tells the story of a veteran art thief who's betrayed by his brother, and sent to prison for over five years, and then reluctantly reteams with him on a new heist (when he gets out). I found the movie to be entertaining enough, even if it seems like something I've seen dozens of times before.

Russell stars as Crunch Calhoun, a longtime criminal who's betrayed by his partner and brother, Nicky (Dillon), on a heist in which Nicky is caught by the police. Crunch is sentenced to seven-years in prison but gets out in five-and-a-half due to good behavior. When he's released he takes up work as a motorcycle stunt driver and takes on an apprentice named Francie (Baruchel) and a beautiful young girlfriend named Lola (Winnick). When times get really tough he decides to do another heist with his old team, including Nicky, after some persuasion. He of course doesn't trust Nicky and seemingly rightfully so. As they plot to steal a priceless book Crunch's team is also being watched by two interpol agents (Jones and Stamp).

The highlight of the movie is just watching all of the cast having a blast together. The film is not exceptionally well directed or brilliantly written (on any level) but the actors are all so perfectly cast that you care about the characters and just have a ton of fun watching them have fun together. It's great to see Russell in the type of role that he's most famous for again and his supporting cast couldn't be more fitting. There's even a highly entertaining blooper reel, at the end, to leave you in a really positive mood! The movie is unoriginal and the twists aren't all that great but it is entertaining even so.

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7 stars because it's an ok gangster movie. Good jokes. Real sharp and witty.
imseeg17 July 2019
The heist genre is old, so what is new and worth watching about this particular heist movie? The jokes. They are really sharp, fast, original and witty. And those jokes are delivered by a bunch of great actors: Matt Dillon, Kurt Russell and a delightful cool, calm and collected Terence Stamp. They all act really good.

The story is tight and fast moving and funny. Kurt Russell plays a gangster in need of money. Well, that´s news! He desperately needs money though and that's the reason he agrees to do an impossibly difficult heist. Will he succeed anyway?

Any bad? It's a bit too clever for the sake of wanting to be clever. And it's still a copycat of Ocean's Eleven, but an enjoyable copycat...
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Did this even go to the movie theaters?
elocal-bpalmer20 February 2014
This was WAAAAYYYY better than what I thought it was going to be. There are very few movies I don't like of Kurt Russell's but the rest of the cast was pretty awesome too. The comedy part that stood out to me was the banter of Terence Stamp. Funny stuff there!

If you like Jay Baruchel's acting, you'll get some great scenes with him too. Especially when he had the beard on at the border crossing. Wasn't any nudity that I could think of which is always a bummer but good for the kids. While not action packed like Italian Job or movies of the sort, it was still a great watch. Definitely stay for the end credits as there are some out takes.
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Unexpectedly good
Calicodreamin3 September 2019
I didn't go into this with high hopes: it didn't have a good rating, I'd never heard of it, and it was in the backwaters of Netflix. But I was surprised by the quality of this movie. It definitely had a few flaws, but overall a good experience. A nice, somewhat expected, twist, that flowed well and had near flawless execution. The acting was fairly good.
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The Art of the Steal is a Fun Heist Movie That Accomplishes What it Wants To Do
CANpatbuck366429 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This was another random pick on Netflix for me. I like heist flicks and the movie had a pretty good cast. It's not Ocean's Eleven calibre with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon but you rarely go wrong with guys like Kurt Russell, Jay Baruchel and Terrence Stamp. I had heard a little bit about this movie, some people were claiming it was a bit of a cult hit so I threw it on while I was having my morning cup of coffee. I think as long as you're not expecting something from Guy Ritchie or Steven Soderbergh, you could have a good time with this.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* Crunch Calhoun (Kurt Russell) is our narrator and our protagonist and he begins the movie by talking about how when you go to jail, you only really remember your first day and your last day. He's not in your normal minimum security prison though, he's been jailed in Warsaw, Poland with a pretty angry prison population. He then takes us back to show us how he ended up in jail. His team, comprised of his brother Nicky Calhoun (Matt Dillon), Paddy (Kenneth Welsh) and Guy (Chris Diamantopoulos) are on the verge of ripping off a powerful dealer by supplying him with a forgery of a famous piece of art and keeping the original for themselves. It almost goes off perfectly but a last minute touch-up by Guy (the forger on the team) leads to the dealer being tipped off that it's a fake while he's driving away. When the team tries to make their getaway, they get in an accident with the police. Nicky rats out Crunch under interrogation to avoid jail time. Crunch then has to spend 5 1/2 years in the jail to spare Nicky and the rest of the team.

Crunch gets out of jail and tries to live a relatively honest life. He's got a girlfriend named Lola (Kathryn Winnick) and a friend/apprentice named Francie (Jay Baruchel). He works as a motorcycle stuntman who deliberately crashes his bike in a circus for an extra couple hundred bucks. Things are looking bleak when due to a bizarre set of circumstances, Nicky ends up back in his life. He claims to want to make amends and has a plan to reform the gang and tackle 1 more big score.

The Art of the Steal follows in the tradition of the heist movies that came before it. The plot is pretty tight, it isn't without small problems but I didn't find any glaring plot holes. Swiping art from the Canadian border patrol is decently fresh. They include a couple of twists in the plot that are unexpected. I'll admit, other than some new items that they're swiping (the one piece is interesting for sure), there's not too much here that's completely original.

So while The Art of the Steal does borrow a little from more famous sources, it does do it well. The movie has a surprising amount of style for a movie that wasn't given a huge budget and it was very reminiscent of Snatch or any other Guy Ritchie movie. The other thing is that you have some very quick and sharp dialogue. The movie was pretty funny in certain scenes and Kurt Russell has a couple of nice monologues to bookend the film.

You don't have an A-list cast here but they did a good job casting the film. Kurt Russell is always fun to watch even when he's not on the top of his game and he did some good work in this. It was nice to see Matt Dillon again, he delivers a pretty workmanlike performance. Jay Baruchel fit into the ensemble nicely, he kind of offsets the more reserved Russell and Dillon against Diamantopoulos and Welsh who aren't bad but they're laying it on a little thick. In a small aside, it was also cool to see Kathryn Winnick here. She's been really great on Vikings, they don't give her much to do but it's good to see her getting more roles.

I wouldn't nominate this movie for any awards but for a small-release genre film, this definitely was a decent effort. It doesn't have high aspirations but after having seen The Art of the Steal, I'm wondering why didn't it get a bigger release? It's a satisfying caper movie that checks off all the necessary boxes for a good time. You could do worse when you're clicking through Netflix looking for something to watch.
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I like the effort.
bbickley13-921-5866416 March 2014
It seems like forever since I saw Kurt Russell in something. I almost thought he was retired. Then I saw this at my local theater and realized Kurt is still rocking the old Snake Plissken hair style. That's OK, caused it works for him, and despite sporting the hair do for more than thirty years, it makes him look young and vibrate. As the title suggest, Kurt plays an experience thief. More precise he's Crunch Calhoun, a wheel man in a crew that also has his half-brother, Nicky Calhoun played by Matt Dillon as a member and Idea man. On their last Heist, Nicky gets caught and rats on his brother to stay out of Jail.After serving his time, Crunch becomes a struggling daredevil who gets pulled back into the game by his no good brother, who stumbles upon the ultimate Art Heist. That's how the title of the film doubles its cleverness, their a crew of experience art thieves, but that's where the cleverness really stops. I don't know if it's because everyone played their roles so dead on or because everyone was phoning in their performances for a pay check, but the film is way too predictable. The film follows the heist formula to the letter, and attempts to throw you off the scent, particularly with Jay Baruchel's character Francie, a thief who befriends Crunch at a time when the man was living on the up and up, and Katheryn Winnick who plays Crunch's girlfriend, Lola whose character's agenda could have kept me on the edge of my seat caused of a semi-love Triangle she created between Crunch and Nicky, but her character would have needed to be more developed to accomplish that. With the exception of Lola, The movie stands mostly on how interesting the actors made the characters they played. Watching them interact with each other was the best part. Like with veteran actor, Terrance Stamp playing a paroled ex-art thief force to work with a bumbling Interpol agent assigned to catch the crew doing something wrong in order to win his freedom. It is worth taking a gander at just to see Russell (and his hair), pal around with some interesting characters played by some decent actors, but it's nothing to go out of your way to see.
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Pretty damn decent heist-flick! Not mind-blowing, but good.
Finfrosk8617 October 2015
Just caught this on TV by chance. At first I was a wee bit skeptical, but it seemed kinda interesting, so I stuck with it, and I enjoyed it. Mostly.

Just gonna get the problems out of the way first.. Accents. There are french accents, and Irish accents, and English accents here, and why are none of the actors with accents actually from the country their accents are from? (not that I can see, anyway) That I can't figure out. Because, well, for the most part they do OK, but here and there you notice something is a little off.

Also, why not just get people that are the real deal? Or just drop the accents. Actors faking accents is so.. uhm, I don't know, what they did in the old days. It's like, typical Hollywood-ignorance. (the viewers won't notice, nooo) Anyway!

Also, without spoiling, there are some stuff here that is wildly unrealistic. It has to do with paining, and time. (I know, because I paint myself) but I won't say more.

This is a heist movie, and a pretty entertaining one. I liked Kurt Russel, and I liked Matt Damon. I liked most of it, really. The accent thing is just a minor annoyance. The story good. It's nothing too special visually, but gets the job done. There are a couple of slightly artistic "story-telling" sequences, that I enjoyed. Nice to switch it up a little.

It's R-rated, so we are treated to some swearing. I like that. It's 90 minutes, (heist-movies tend to be long, which can be a drag) so it's short and pretty sweet.

And I's ain't not gonna go on and on about it. I liked it.
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A real treat
garwhite449 February 2014
What a great ride!

I'm Canadian, and nothing kills me more (being a Canadian) than saying that there is an undeniably 'crappy' feel to most, if not all, Canadian productions. That being said, this movie was actually really good. Great performances from most of the cast, really great to see Kenneth Welsh and Terence Stamp adding some credibility to whole thing.

As far as heist movies go, this one is fairly typical but the production/editing really pull it together. Kurt Russell does a great job along with Baruchel and Winnick and my usual aversion to Matt Dillon was even kept in check to some degree. Nice little twist-up at the end even if it was somewhat predictable. Also Some pretty funny scenes and exchanges, especially if you watch the outtakes in the credits.

All in all a great film with a surprisingly good feel.
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Great Movie.
ondfritz228 August 2014
Maybe it was because I didn't expect much from this movie, but I really liked it. Great plot twist keep you guessing until the end. Suggested it to my coworkers and one said, "it was obvious what was going to happen, but then it took a turn and I was way off."

Everyone I've suggested it to said they liked it and I know some real movie critics. I also liked "The Score" with Robert De Niro and Edward Norton, maybe I am a sucker for a good "bad" heist movie. I really think this will become a cult classic, it's the box office flops that do. It's a cast of actors/actresses that you like and characters you will fall for. You won't be disappointed.
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This Doesn't Work
bob-rutzel-18 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Art thief Crunch (Kurt Russell) finishes up a 5.5-yr jail term in a Poland (yes, the country) Prison after being set up to take the fall by Nicky (Matt Dillon) his brother when an art heist went bad. He turns to stunt motorcycle riding. Nicky wants him to do one last job stealing the Saint James Bible. He agrees and gets his old team back together, but he doesn't trust Nicky.

Now you know that things are not going to go right and what can go wrong, will. You think I am talking about the story? No, I am talking about the dialogues and trying too hard to be humorous throughout. This just doesn't work. The premise is fine, but all falls apart when the actors open their mouths because trying too hard to be funny takes away from something that could have been entertaining. To put it mildly, things become annoying. Subtly was called for and this was the right call. Didn't happen.

I am not putting all the wrongs on Russell and Dillon. No, most of the supporting cast had many hands in this venture to make the heists funny. Too many.

The only good thing I found was Elvis Presley singing a song somewhere in the beginning and here Kurt Russell reminds us that he once played Elvis in a movie. He did, you know. Russell is a good actor along with Dillon, but in here nothing worked between them. It just seemed that too much was rushed trying to get to punch lines that didn't exist. See?

As expected the heist of the Bible goes good, but Nicky comes up with an idea to increase their takes using the same Bible. All agree to the new plan.

Also as expected, there are twists and turns and near the end and we get to see: THIS IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. Nothing new here. We kind of expected this to be the case. It would have been a surprise to us if this wasn't shown. But, at this point, we really didn't care. We never did. The dialogues, alleged funny lines fell flat. Again, subtly was called for. Didn't happen. (3/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
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Something is missing.
lunchboxwanderer8 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I can't put my finger on it though. I liked the characters, the actors and the idea.

It may have something to do with the fact that it tried too much to be like a "Guy Ritchie" London gangster movie.

Those are some of my favorite movies. Action packed, characters too stupid to get out of their own way, double crossing friends, and winning in spite of your incredible incompetence.

'Art of the Steal,' I think, tried to be that but fell short. The first half of it didn't do enough to create an anticipation for the second half when the gang of misfits gets back together for "the BIG JOB."

In the end, it just wasn't funny enough.
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The D minus team.....
FlashCallahan23 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Crunch (yes, Crunch), a reformed thief, agrees to get back into the game and do one final lucrative theft with his brother, Nicky.

Reassembling the old team, Crunch comes up with a plan to steal a historical book, but the successful heist leads to another, riskier plan devised by Nicky.

They fail to recognise each other's agendas when their plan goes awry, but with all the flash cuts and funky incidental music, can you blame them?

Oh the one sheet looked good, a reliable cast looking smug out at you, pretty much like The Oceans crew, or the A-Team.

And it starts of reasonably well, Russell is always reliable, and he always puts in a good performance. But then Baruchel and Dillon get in the mix, and once the every character gets a freeze frame with a hip name, the film becomes so smug, that you start to dislike it very, very quickly.

Its nothing new, we've seen this so many times before, so many times better, and when you can see through the flashy editing and funky incidental music, you begin to realise just how unintelligent the dialogue is, and how hard they writers are trying to be smart, but it just becomes a flat movie.

The performances are perfunctory, Russell is as watchable as ever, and Stamp is always good fun fun to watch, but this cannot help the fundamental flaws of the film, like lack of decent narrative. And the silly reveal ending, again that we've seen dozens of times before.

But there is a brilliant reference to a 1991 sequel starring Danny Glover, about an alien with dreadlocks...

It is really and insult to people who like clever movies, with an air of Steve McQueen or James Dean.

Here it's more of an air of Pacino in Gigli, and Oceans 12....
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A very decent comedy thriller could have been better
nickan200016 April 2014
Just saw the movie. It was a very decent movie. You do expect the actors to do what they were suppose to do. Kurt's Elvis was a bit copied from 3000 miles but rest was good. Comedy was good. One thing that was sh*t was the score, I wish they had some better people in music department. Jay was what he is in every movie, a excited kid, which was a bit boring. Rest of the guys were up to it. But the movie is worth watching. To be honest the only thing movie lacks is the major finance, which I believe kills the new idea. I would still thing that it is worth a watch and to be criticized on, But a very good effect.

Plz do watch and decide for yourself.
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Almost Is Good Enough
AudioFileZ4 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Are you a sucker for heist movies? If so this one is almost great. No, it's just not going to make that cut, but it's plenty good enough to enjoy. That is if you park your "high-brow" ambitions. "The Art of the Steal" has some things going for it. First, it's a heist movie. That said, it ain't no "Reservoir Dogs". No gritty realism here, but there is a great cast, absolutely fantastic cinematography, and a just passable double-crossing plot.

This movie is filmed and edited with a distinct nod to Guy Ritchie. That is a good thing. Though it won't reach his level it's a good tip of the hat nonetheless. What elevates it to good enough is genuinely scene-stealing cinematography with a close to perfect cast and snappy (i.e., damn funny) dialog. It overcomes a lot. Not the least of which is a definitely lame story. But, oh how that story is brought to life by the cast and the director. It's pure entertainment. That is, if you park those "high-brow" expectations and just go with it.
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