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Poor comeback episode
reddragon-1413 March 2012
This episode was not up to par considering the lengthly hiatus. Gee, what an original idea going after an easy target a "big tobacco" company. "This poor man's wife smoked for 35 years and cigarettes killed her" Well duh! 35 years means she started in 1977 well after the surgeon generals report in 1964. Adds on TV stopped in the 70's. The tobacco companies set aside billions for these kinds of cases. As far as I'm concerned she should have known this was coming. No sympathy here. There are two kinds of people in this world, non-smokers and damn fools. Now the story line with the "lonely Tommy". He's lonely because he's a self-centered, arrogant ass, and only similar women are attracted to him. And finally the third storyline, yes actually did three, didn't get much time to flesh it out character-wise, the mom was dumb enough to not change the alarm code or the door locks to prevent her husbands access, resorts to a booby trap (illegal in most states), says she hadn't loaded the gun, and surprise, surprise her daughter had everyone fooled, loaded the gun shot her daddy herself. Harriet threatening to fire Adam is getting to be too much. He should just walk if she does it again. He could get hired anywhere, he's just as good as Harry.
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**1/2 for this Reconvening-Harry's Law
edwagreen11 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Disappointing opening show after an over a month hiatus.

Tommy Jefferson is being sued by his ex-girlfriend who claimed he told her and others he was impotent.

A man whose wife died from smoking is suing the tobacco company only to find that when the attorney for the company has a nail put through his head in an accident, he has a change of heart and is willing to immediately settle. Adam questions Harry's ethics in rushing the settlement as he feels the attorney has taken leave of his senses.

The third story was even more awkward. An ex-wife fears that her former husband will do her harm. The ending where we see The Bad Seed revisited is most eerie and unfortunately inappropriate.

It's nice to have the show back, but let's get back to the scripts we hand previously.
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