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Student of the Year
MR_Heraclius8 March 2020
A feel good movie in the imaginary world of K Jo. the new guys did a fair job however the Bhatt girl needs some acting classes (how on earth was she selected among 400+ girls, I'll never know). Not a perfect film yet Watchable !
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They think viewers are IDIOT.
achraj25 October 2012
It would've been more apt to title this movie 'Dancer of the Year', instead of 'Student of the year', because that's what Karan Johar's pretty students do the most. They break into a jig at the drop of a hat.

From extravagant weddings to snow-clad mountains, to funky clubs, to almost anywhere, they invest every waking hour in matching their steps to a host of remixed, old Hindi film classics.

At KJo's new school, it's only the dance moves that count, and nothing else.

Textbooks, sports and any other extracurricular activities, barring the one that touches the heart, are sidelined and pitched towards the fag end of the two-and-a-half-hour race.

third class acting and zero percent logic. Only fools could like this.
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its a movie claiming to be a school
husainsalman724 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK first things first, if your i.q is below 50 you ll love the movie. the movie features a school attended by 25-26 year olds whose idea of fun includes drunk driving,half the school attending the rich trustee's son wedding in his private jet,shallow relationships etc etc. idiotic stereotyping is the backbone of the flick, while the supposedly 16 year olds are competing for covetous student of the year like a reality show for 12 year olds. the entire narration of the movie is like a reality show where characters start talking to the audience, as absurd as it looks, it insults the intellect of even the chairs and pop corn present in the theater. while every 15 minutes a song creeps up with all the old bollywood dancing around the trees, the screenplay is different owing to the homosexual fantasies of karan johar, showing guys (male bodies, cleavages enough to nauseate) the way other directors show chicks!! while the girls are just bystanders. SPOILER ALERT!! NO ONE WINS THE TROPHY COZ THE RICH BRAT ALTHOUGH WINS DECLINES THE TROPHY COZ THE POOR LAD HAD LET HIM WIN... WHILE WHEN THEY MEET 10 OR WHATEVER ODD YEARS LATER, THEY BECOME MORE LAME!! WATCH IT IF SHOOTING YOURSELF JUMPING FROM A CLIFF OR HANGING YOURSELF Wasn't ENOUGH
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Disaster of the year
ypuskinsan20 October 2012
Student of the year. Or, Disaster of the year.

I am still in shock trying to recover from the fact that this crap is directed by Karan johar, the same director who made one of the legendary in bollywood "Kuch Kuch hota hai". I am observing all the movies directed by Karan Johar. Usually we say with experience comes perfection, but in his case we see less and less perfection and more blunders as he directs more. But with this movie he reach his limit. The Film board should strip him of his directing license.

Yes, the film might do good in box office. But the sole credit goes to the new debutantes and Karan Johar's past fame.

Here is my review

Script(Story) - there was none, Directing - I would like to believe there was no director, Editing - A series of disastrous clips glued together, Acting - Okay, Songs - Great, Screenplay - Mildly Okay, Choreography - Okay, Climax - I didn't get any orgasm

What you get out the movie?

You get to watch two gorgeous hunks fighting, their bromance and one tag-along beauty doing all sorts nonsense.
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Karan needs a brake
festrel23 October 2012
Karan needs to understand that what used to sell 5 years back with plots and drama of K3G will not sell every time You cant sell lollies to kids who have grown up. I felt the movie lost connection with the Indian audience when they started showing foreign stuff in the movie, like college arranging prom nights and triathlon. Then there are scenes where people start getting emotional for things that don't concern them and not to mention the half a dozen songs squeezed into the movie, on top of that half these songs are remake of old Hindi songs. This movie lacks innovation, acting, good story or a good casting. tough luck karan i hope he does'nt go in depression after this movie he is a softy after all.
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Waste of time
pranav_200119 October 2012
You work hard all week so that you can enjoy your weekend, with anticipation that a good movie will make all the hard work worthwhile. But then life produces people like 'Karan Johar' to keep reminding you that not every Friday night will be fulfilling. After watching SOTY I felt like watching a good movie (at least twice) to completely erase from my memory the 3 hrs of non-sense I had to go through.

SOTY is everything that is wrong with today's bollywood movies. After watching the way people have acted in the movie, I could bet 'Justin Bieber' could have done a better role than these newbie's :-P. SOTY tries to capture the friendship among two friends in a college who... fight over one girl, duh! There is absolutely no chemistry between the friends or the couples. The two new heroes have tried their best to make their friendship look good, but I would say their friendship is more of a sunken-ship. It never even comes close to the chemistry friends share in 'Dil chahata hai' or 'Aisha' or 'Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara'.

The new heroine is like a doll, whose face has been painted white. There's something weird about the girl's face that looks extra (Photoshop) white than it should normally be. Of all the actors, Rishi Kapoor is the only one who stands out being soundly suitable and interesting for his role.

I felt the movie lost connection with the Indian audience when they started showing foreign things in the movie, like college arranging prom nights and triathlon. Then there are scenes where people start getting emotional for things that don't concern them and not to mention the half a dozen songs squeezed into the movie, on top of that half these songs are remake of old Hindi songs. This movie lacks innovation, acting, good story or a good casting.

My suggestion: All those who plan to watch "Student of the Year"... change your plans!
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The perfect crappy movie of the year.
nithinrajagopal1 November 2012
Most of the Indian movies demand the intelligence of a brick from the viewer. Karan Johar's SOTY not only lowers that standard further, but it erodes whatever brain cells you might make the mistake of carrying inside the cinema. It took all of yesterday and a couple of pegs of cheap whiskey to erase my memory of this movie and writing this review today is not helping the cause. But I feel warning others of this movie equivalent of a horrible experiment is my primary task for the day.

There are some facts about KJo and his movies (this one in particular) that one needs to be wary of,

1. Karan Johar can direct anything that doesn't move, with brilliance - for instance the faces of actors in this movie, a goal post etc. He usually creates the illusion of movement by blowing air through a fan on the faces while making a bunch of women blare 'aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa' in the background.

2. I am not a feminist but SOTY is about as demeaning to the fairer sex (teenage girls especially) as a movie can be, without stooping to Talibanic standards of whipping them in an open field. Teenage girls are either slutty or moronic or scheming or just plain stupid. While talking about the female lead in the movie, one of the guys mentioned her name dropping of major fashion houses as a charming quality. Really?

3. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar was a movie that conveyed that truth, honesty and sincerity will get you there. This movie on the other hand seems to convey that whatever is wrong with today's young is right.

4. Karan Johar stereotypes, typifies, mocks and ridicules gay people in movies that he produces or directs. In his movies, a gay being is just a humorous character in someone else's life.

There is more i can rant and rave about, but if you are looking for a good time, nice entertainment, something about nothing that doesn't erode your grey matter, stay at home and watch Seinfeld instead.
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SOTY tries to be a modern version of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, but it does not have the same innocence or freshness about it
balyan-rahul22 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Student of the year tries to be a modern version of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, but it does not have the same innocence or freshness about it. Like so much of Bollywood which loves to be "inspired", this one seems to particularly incestuous in its inspirations. References to old Bollywood movie are rife and are totally irrelevant to the story. The remixed songs, random uses of recycled props (daflies, bells in a temple, with clip from an Amitabh movie etc), etc seem like pure indulgences of the maker who is in love with the Bollywood that he grew on as a kid. But the ticket paying audiences of today deserve a bit more than this staleness.

Student of the year feels like Bollywood's fantasy about today's youth. It is not clear if the story is set in a school or a college. The world that the characters inhabit is pretty unidimensional and stereotypical of Bollywood – All girls are just pretty young things who like to flaunt their bodies, chase guys and have no other ambitions of their own. The guys are competitive beef cakes who throw corny dialogues at each other like Tuhjhe Maarunga, Lekin Usese Pehle Gale Lagaunga, and are looking for a reason to hug each other all the time. Adding a gay dean and trying to keep it funny while being sort of apologetic about gays takes the cake for poor taste. I know this is Bollywood, and suspension of dis-belief is a crucial requirement to enjoy it, but this film pushes the limits of ridiculousness pretty far out.

The core of the story revolves around the award for Student of the year. The winner is supposed to get a scholarship for higher education at ivy league college anywhere in the world. By the end of the movie it I was wondering what will be the admission essay of the winner to Harvard sound like :

Sir, I have been awarded the Student of the Year in my school which makes me special. I won a really competitive treasure hunt, and that tells you some things about me, Uummm, well, lets leave that as a clue for you to solve. I now also have that hot chick with the hottest legs in school and who has windswept hair all the time, and who comes with that big cup; so maybe that tells you that I am satisfied with nothing but the best, and I am charming and can become a successful investment banker too. I dance well and last the longest on the floor as I proved in the prom (our prom is a bit different that yours). Even Farah Khan aunty was there to give me two thumbs up and Kajol also winked at me on the floor, so maybe that tells you that I enjoy culture and arts too. I play football, I run, I swim, I even cycle (you ask why cycle, obviously you haven't seen Jo Jeeta Wohi Sinkandar…). My biggest regret is that Sharukh uncle didn't join me on the floor that day, I had practised his step better than him and would have shown Karan uncle that his faith in me is well deserved. I know I am the best and so totally cool enough to be at Harvard. You deserve me. — Cheers (from the guy who only half smiles…)

Midway I think Karan kind-of realised the silliness of it all. In his script he gets a fat boy gets drunk (am calling him that because that is his stereotype), and launches him into a badly acted outburst listing out all the flaws of this contest and how ridiculous it all is. The trick of berating your own film inside the same film doesn't really get anyone off the hook in my blog. So if you anyway knew this was all junk, why did you still do it? The ending is predictable and there is nothing at stake by the time it happens.

The three young actors act well, especially for a debut. They all ooze confidence, look all sexy, and push up the bra, oh I mean bar, for all the entrenched and ageing Bollywood stars. Other than these three, everyone else does a hack job. Boman Irani's boy is totally out of place. The other kids don't matter much anyway. Music sucks except for the title track, but even for that the spoof version is so much better. The background score is unbearable at most places and the creators rely too much on it to lift weak screenplays.

This is another one of those films that exploits the brand value of the producer/stars to pull in audience (a 20Cr marketing budget may also have something to do with it) and leaves them with a substandard experience. I wonder when will this exploitation come to bite Bollywood back on its butt, and the viewers will all get wiser. Totally avoid this film, and watch Jo Jeeta Wohi Sinkandar again instead. (from )

My rating – 3/10
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The worst movie ever
mreddys12 January 2019
You will surely love this movie is you have an single digit iq
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Terrible movie
Ecochic20 October 2012
I went to watch this at a movie theater near Boston and had to walk out as it was so unbearable. The characters lacked any depth and the sequence of events, especially the songs, made no logical sense. The dialogs sounded lame and the story had sets and concepts that were completely unrealistic. Where in India can you find a school that looks so magnificent or has cheerleaders?!

I am capable of enjoying an occasional chick flick or Bollywood movie with songs; however this one was hard to go through.

This movie deserves nothing more than a 1 star. The director Karan Johar is more entertaining in his gossip talk shows than he is with his movie making.
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abhi-sohu23 October 2012
Now a day's indeed there is a lot of competition among Bollywood film makers. And guess what the competition is all about.? 'How bad can the movies get!'. And just then someone pops up and says, 'mine is the worse direction of all time'!. 3 hours of nonsense, that's all it is!. and again, who is to be blamed? Of the entire budget large fractions are just spent on publicizing the movie. An item song, the fame of the actors, achieved over the years, is what is being used to make a movie a big hit. And we ,'the most' of the Indians just go crazy about it because we don't really know what a good direction is. We have hardly ever seen one in our lives. what good acting is? It doesn't really means that we don't have good actors, just that they don't want to act good. Why would they put the effort? when they are already being paid large sums for doing nothing!
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Time "wala" Pass, Seriously its nothing but Glam Glow and Little bit of drama.
shan-nathir25 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
K Jo's films are mostly alike they have characters and story like any other movie but Kuch kuch hota hai and k3g was better than this its not because of the star cast but the story itself. Which was surely driven by idea of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Kuch Kuch Hota hai and K3g. There was nothing new in this story the climax was totally inspired from JO Jeeta Wohi Sikander, the first half has a K Jo's typical scene choreography like KKHH and K3g. Now in spite of all this leadings role were unfair. Alia Bhatt tried her best but did not catch much attention because of the role she is being played which was hardly there in the movie. Siddhart Malhotra was strictly OK, though everyone has their own opinion about it but for me he does not know how to give facial expressions while acting his skills are not as good as Varun Dhavan who I think did his best as newcomers from dancing to acting from flirting to fighting he was good in everything. He is the reason why public sit throughout the movie. K Jo's attempt was good and got good feedback and even as far it also got better gross B.O records too. Still I'll give one star to K Jo and two for the story which was having this many stories to it and was synchronized in a good manner. And the last star goes to the only star in the movie Varun Dhavan. Also I will not give a star to its music because it was not good AT ALL.. So if you are bored nothing to do just watch it and let it go as it has nothing to hold on to. XISHAN
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down right pathetic
chandanrajat26 December 2012
Firstly only barring a couple of actors, none of the actors in the movie looked like students. Secondly i could not believe that the movie was set in India. India does have some good schools but this school was really a fantasy.. Talking about the actors the boys were okay in the movie but alia bhatt was there just like a fluff piece in the movie... The songs were good but should not have been a part of the movie coz they only made the movie more long and much more unbearable.... I did have a couple of laughs but they were too far apart... Some advice for Karan Johar - Please make more realistic movies and stop making fairy tales... SOTY was a waste of time and money.
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SOTY is a one time watch!!!
jahangirhussain742 November 2012
SOTY is definitely not the movie of the year. Given the fact that it was directed by a maverick and talented filmmaker Karan Johar, one should keep in mind that SOTY is no Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or K3G. Storywise, the film looked like a rehash of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. It's the story of three people, Abhimanyu, Rohan and Shanaya (newcomers Sidharth, Varun and Alia) who come to terms with life in St. Theresa School (or college I don't know). Who comes out as the eventual winner in this battle of supremacy forms the rest of the story.

Newcomers Sidharth, Varun and Alia show much promise as first-timers. Sidharth looks confident though he has no background in acting. He looks fab and got good dialogues too, as is the case with most of the movies of Karan Johar. Varun is handsome and has expressive eyes. This kid could go a long way in the future. Alia is simply brilliant, given the fact that her father and half-sister, Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt are from the same acting background. She looks super-confident as a debutante and looks gorgeous too. Rishi Kapoor was annoying as a homosexual dean of St. theresa's.

There are a lot of things though which should've been well-written or explained at least from a director of Karan Johar's caliber.

1) I didn't get whether St. theresa is a school or college 2) the relationship between Rohan and his father should've been better explained. Rohan's father is a man who has all the evil intentions for his son. His character is so one dimensional. 3) too much westernization of the plot like prom night, cheerleading, speeding in the middle of the road with no interference from the cops, parties look so un-indianized that the traditional song "Radha" sticks out like a sore thumb. 4) the ending seems too abrupt and unrealistic.

The songs of the film were good but copied from old classical songs, like the late Nazia Hassan's magical 1980's song "Disco Deewane" and Mohammed Rafi's classic hit song "Gulabi Aankhen Jo Teri Dekhi" (from The Train). I certainly didn't expect this kind of stuff from Karan Johar. Did his creativity go out the window?

Overall, SOTY is definitely a one-time watch. You won't be disappointed with the performances of the three lead actors.
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Neither a sports movies nor romantic or drama - but good for watching cloth brands advertising
ketgup838 November 2012
STOY was one of disastrous movie ever made in recent time once again confirming that it is the content of the film that makes it watchable and not glossy and glamour look.

Student of the year tells the story of 3 friends in a school and how their life cross and influence each other to ultimately win the annual STOY competition.

Directed by Karan Johar , STOY promises all the glitters and glosses with candy floss romance which was unnecessary but fails to mark in the most important aspect - script. The movie begins in flashback describing 3 pivotal character in the most stupid way possible. For instance - Karan Malhotra's character is a middle class struggling student but he is entering the college with some high-end expensive motorbike, Aliya Bhatt's character introduction is in a night gown which is none lesser than a bikini ( was wondering which kind of female student wears these dresses in their hostel), Varun's character is still decent but not even close to reality. The biggest camouflage is that the students shown in the film wearing trendy cloths , riding on expensive cars and bikes , traveling to Thailand and they do not even look like school-going kids. ( In India , I thought student had uniform to wear) Worst is the introduction of so many songs that you will feel like pulling out hair.I have never liked Karan Johar's movies and this was an icing on the cake confirming his in capabilities. He uses glamour and expensive set decoration for his movies but never works on the screenplay. Pathetic direction is followed by terrible screenplay followed by even worst story. Music by Vishal-Shekhar is a big letdown. The talented duo has given so many good music before but could only provide 2-3 songs which can be listened once. Coming to the performances , Varun Dhawan has potential to make it big. He emotes expressively and has an attitude to become a big star. Karan Malhotra's acting was wooden. He still needs to work on his performance skills. Aliyah Bhatt looks gorgeous but thats it .. in term of acting she has long way to go. Talents like Rishi Kapoor and Ronit Roy are wasted.

Overall , a terrible movie in every context. I would suggest you to watch Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar again as it relishes the spirit of sport rather than this boring flick !! Bad 0.5 /5
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Crap , Pathetic , Useless
saurabhc8428 October 2012
The above three words completely describe the new venture by KJ. Dude, why this old formula of college students and competition of "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar " in a new packaging .

Don't u see the movie after u make it.

Completely awe-full.

And I spent 32.5 (Not Ruppes dollar on this one..) which makes it out to more than 1600 INR. Just wasted it out....

I really don't say want my money back because I understand that's my "MISTAKE".

Plz stay home, sleep, do whatever u want to don't go for this "MOVIE".
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harsh025120 October 2012
just another karan johar's boring film..

People who enjoyed kuch kuch hota hai -this film is 4 u guyz..

If u don't want to waste money leave it.. bad film - for me one of the worst.

music is good. thumbs up for vishal-shekhar-one of the few good things Songs stop you from sleeping, some parts of the film are entertaining, but not that entertaining to waste your money on something like this

theme's nice - though common, but flop story, flop acting except varun d., Rishi K.

you'll regret watching it.. yucks.. wastage of time and money. avoid the film

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Total crap
malviyaamulya24 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Pathetic Storyline, Illogical, Seems more like a fantasy movie, Pathetic acting


you don't get successful after winning some idotic competition as shown in movie

college is not all about drinks, having fun you have to work your ass off to get successful

Its just a movie where some rich brats show off in some uhh school or college whatever with literally no story line and pathetic acting
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not up to the mark
k-bansal725 October 2012
The movie is for youngsters, good songs, performance wise varun dhawan is good, Aila bhat looked plastic doll with very little expression on face, sidhartha malhotra over acted, rishi kappor had very little role to offer any thing, as far as story and direction is concerned couldn't make out what actually director wanted whether competition is good in life or not,as far as i make out director wants to say that there should not be any sort of competition in colleges & school because they break friendship.

over all a over-hyped film with very little to offer, only positive outcome from the film is varun dhawan.
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About as good as you would expect
tangreat-bk23 April 2018
It hits the expected beats you would expect. Totally entertaining and the narrative arc between the leads is alright. Let down by under developed side characters, lazy storytelling , self seriousness ,and too many musical numbers !

Hated the abrupt ending too.q
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There are only a few reasons to cheer
dineshprakash19 October 2012
Director Karan Johar is known for his mastery in emotional film but this film lacks this ingredient. You can find the glimpses of emotions but not as intense as one usually expects from him. There is weak story with weakest screenplay .Dialogues are good and at places excellent. No strong logic for the competition of the Student of the year award in college. Then why they are fighting like hell, just for some personal reasons. Worst love triangle by Karan Johar. Performance wise Siddharth Malhotra is fine, in emotional scenes he excels. Varun Dhawan is thik thak as Alia Bhatt. All three have delivered their best performance in emotional scenes. Sure credit goes to Mr. Director. Rishi Kapoor is lovable. Manjyot Singh and Kyoze Irani are very entertaining. You would love to watch them, especially the performance by Keyoze in climax is superb. Cinematography and editing of competitions scenes are very weak. They didn't create the pace or excitement. One song "Ishaq wala love" is soothing . Credit goes to music director Vishal Dadlani. The makers name behind the film and publicity is very high, so film has taken a good start but moving long won't be possible. Mouth publicity won't come positive. After all its a so so film.
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CaptKeshav11 May 2013
The film is unbearable. Stupid Plot, Senseless Comedy, Ridiculous Student of the Year Concept, Annoying Characters, Awful Storytelling. Easily one of the worst films ever. It's like the twilight of bollywood without vampires. It is clear that Karan Johar left his brain at home while making this movie. No matter how popular it is, It is still an awful movie. It's made for stupid teen girls and boys. Johar is forcing the actors to be the next superstar for the future generation. Just like James Cameron was trying to do with Sam Worthington in Avatar. Rishi Kapoor did a great job in it. Nothing makes sense in this movie. I'm offering you the truth and nothing else. It depends on you whether to chose the blue pill or the red pill. I can't even rate the film 0/10, So I guess 0.1/10 is fare.
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Just Average
yogeshsingh4781 December 2012
No script, no emotions, no depth in characters, only glam show and cinematography ! Music was just good enough and looked so not original kind of music as compared to a normal bollywood flick.

Was it really a school or a fashion ground ? Director or filmmakers concentrated too much on dresses instead of acting quotient ! Female cast Alia Bhatt has been shown as a doll, totally dishonest with her character. Blank face with zero emotions.

Script flawed in the end and no good explanation given why Alia chooses Sidharth instead she could choose Varun as her life partner.

Guys, you may avoid this one in theaters !
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Stupidity of the year...
chaitanyark8327 October 2012
There is a Vishal Bharadwaj, there is a Anurag Kashyap and then there is a Karan Johar. There is a Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, there is a Haasil and then we have Student of the year. Forgive me for being a blasphemous and comparing Bharadwaj and Kashyap with Johar. And forgive me for comparing JJWS with SOTY. Never a huge fan of Karan Johar style of film making, I somehow against my own will landed at a movie hall to watch SOTY. And the next couple of hours did nothing to change my opinion that Karan Johar's movies are not to be watched. His movies are height of absurdity. A school which seems more like hangout of filthy rich kids, expensive cars, and huge sets for houses, parents encouraging their off springs to lick a***s, people moving around in designer clothes, throw in some songs and we have all the ingredients of SOTY. And yes there is story too or so we are made to believe. One girl, two guys; friendship between the guys; the gal falling for her BF's BFF; a fight; re-union; another fight; again friendship; The end. That's SOTY for you. And the irony was I walked out of the hall with a huge smile on my face. The smile for having managed to get tickets for Indian GP, What did you guys think? Don't watch the movie guys; give it a miss and get stuck in traffic, you would really enjoy it.
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Zizek will be proud of SOTY
feverbaba2 November 2012
Never before has a filmmaker depicted the Oedipus complex in such a captivating and thought-provoking manner as in Karan Johar's SOTY.The moment comes in the introduction of the leads in the film who are believed to be the epitome of its sexual demographic.They are simply in awe of it.This moment in itself is a strong reference to Sigmund Freud's "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality" .The scene denotes the emotions and ideas that the mind keeps in the unconscious, via dynamic repression, that concentrate upon a person's homosexual attraction and desire to sexually possess them.

In yet another moment Johar makes Carl Gustav Jung proud.The moment where he reinforces Carl's Electra Complex proposition through the libidinal shift of the girl's colleagues towards the guy.In classical, Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the earlier identification with the same-sex person is the successful resolution of the Oedipus complex and of the Electra complex; and the key psychological experience to developing a mature role and identity which interestingly is the climax of the film.The clash between the two males in the film is the most blatant instance of symbolic castration anxiety. Johar captures that irrational fear of being degraded where the person will go to extreme lengths to save their pride and perceive trivial things as being degrading making their anxiety restrictive and sometimes damaging.
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