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Great "historical" audio-visual movie
Chabex6 May 2012
I know this movie from the director's mom- she recommended it to me. Well - I said - I'll give it a shot. After the first minute I could nonstop watching it since I was growing up in the 8 bit area and on this "historical" time line I came across some of the movie's demo/scene by chance - sweet memories.

Watching this movie I realized: wow these people are (still)around? They are making these things which are sometime much more better than a multi million dollar budgeted movie?

So even if you are younger it worth to watch because the visuals and the music is excellent and who knows? You might get inspired and become the next world famous scene coder.
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very complete, entertaining and accessible
mramakers6 March 2016
Captivating from start to finish, and made a real professional and complete impression on me.

I myself have been mildly involved in the 8-bit demo-scene around 1990, and it's always great to see accessible information being available on this subject.

Perhaps the things I appreciated most, were the many interviews / Q&A where people explained their motivation for entering the demo-scene in the first place, and e.g. competing in a demo-compo. This goes to show that although there is no easy way to the top, it's also about fun, and influencing other people to enter this hobby.

The fact that it probably takes understanding about the underlying hardware and limitations thereof to appreciate demo-productions to a bigger extent, was explained well.

I can recommend watching this documentary to everyone, regardless of former experience with demos, as long as they can appreciate creative digital effort.
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