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Not bad for a comedy sequel
areatw19 August 2017
I watched both 'Horrible Bosses' films back to back and it's clear that the first movie is the better of the two. 'Horrible Bosses 2' has its moments but lacks ideas and the originality of the first film. The guys are a lot more stupid in the sequel, they reminded me a lot of the Hangover trio. Whether that was deliberate or not I don't know, but they weren't that dumb in the first film.

By the standards of the average comedy movie, it's not bad. I laughed a few times, which is more than can be said about a lot of comedy sequels. Like in the first film, Aniston and Sudeikis are the highlight for me. Both are brilliant in their roles. 'Horrible Bosses 2' isn't as bad as some would have you believe, but there's a clear lack of ideas here.
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I laughed so hard
cajete13 February 2015
I honestly thought it was way better than the first. This movie is ridiculous, the whole scenario is ridiculous which is what makes it funny. The three main actors have the best synergy. Three morons who try to kidnap a millionaire's son for ransom, you can only imagine the chaos that ensues. I really enjoyed it, but the humour is a little silly so it's not for all. You either going to like it or hate it, more specifically Charlie Day. A lot of people complain about his voice, but personally I thought he was one of the funniest. One thing is for sure, this movie does not deserve a 6. It's well above 6 and should easily be ranking 7-7.5 score.
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simon_c237 December 2014
I don't normally review films as plenty of people manage to put across a good enough review. I feel so angry about how bad this film is that I really need to warn you about how bad it is. It's not funny and it's boring to add insult to injury. It does have a couple of funny moments in, but for a comedy film, that's nowhere near enough. The acting is bad, the script is bad, the plot is even worse. I don't need to say any more as you'll either watch it anyway or have watched it and are looking for reviews to prove you're not alone in hating this film. This is the second worse film I've seen this year behind Godzilla. I'm even doubting that the first film was as funny as I remember.
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Not as Good as the Original,but Fans will still be Pleased,
lesleyharris302 December 2014
Horrible Bosses 2 is a great movie with a well written storyline and an outstanding comedic cast.The first Horrible Bosses is certainly better,but this sequel this totally holds up and delivers many very entertaining and laugh out loud scenes.The three leads are still in great form the second time around and you can tell that Bateman,Sudekis and Day are all great friends,and they are joined by a star studded supporting cast that includes Christoph Waltz,Chris Pine,Jennifer Aniston,Jamie Foxx,Kevin Spacey and Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks.Pine would have to be my favourite out of the supporting cast,his character had the best dialogue and he was surprisingly great at comedy.The movie thankfully dosen't follow the same premise as the first,which is something that a lot of comedy movies do and I was very grateful that they took a very different approach from the first.Packed with tons of laughs and a great cast,I would definitely recommend Horrible Bosses 2 to fans of the first and to anyone looking for a good comedy.

After they fail to get an investment from a very successful business man,Nick,Kurt and Dale decide to kidnap his son to receive the money they need to run the business.

Best Performance: Jason Sudekis Worst Performance: Lindsay Sloane
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Annoying babbling
vwebworld14 December 2014
If you like annoying babble with characters talking over each other, you'll love HB 2. I found the relentless cross talk terribly annoying... mostly because it occur so often in the sequel.

Charlie Day as Dale Arbus was totally annoying.

The movie has moments of comedy, but many of the scenes are just ruined by annoying babbling.

For me, Chris Pine was the standout actor and character. Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Fox all do a good job with their characters too.

I was really looking forward to HB 2, as I liked the first movie. I felt the plot had many holes in it and there was many actions that just seemed to be put into the script just for a giggle - with no follow- up or follow-through.
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An unnecessary but funny sequel
jeffdrollins19 December 2014
Hollywood's strategy of wringing every last ounce of life out of a successful idea via sequels, prequels, spin-offs and the "partification" of films has been discussed to death. At this point I'm almost as tired of having that discussion as I am seeing the subject at hand play out in real life, over and over again. It is with this mindset that, upon seeing the trailer for Horrible Bosses 2 for the first time, I loudly sighed in my theater seat and thought to myself, "Why the hell are they doing this?" And despite the actual answer being EASY MONEY, after actually seeing Horrible Bosses 2, I can honestly make a case that maybe – just maybe – these people actually wanted to get together again and make a funny movie for the sake of comedy. Exhibit A: The jokes are solid and, in most cases, funnier than the first film's. Part of that is a result of just letting a joke breathe and flourish naturally via timing and delivery. One gag in particular regarding the use of walkie-talkies nearly made me choke on my popcorn specifically because of how well it was executed through dialog alone. The first Horrible Bosses was more comparable to The Hangover films in that a group of white guys get in over their head and endure insane circumstances, each one more outlandish than the one before it. This time around, while we're still very much in the Hangover spirit of storytelling (I use that term in the loosest of senses), the film is much more reliant upon the comedic chemistry between our three leading men. That leads me to…

Exhibit B: This cast is simply fantastic. Reprising their roles as Nick (Jason Bateman) the straight man, Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) the womanizer, and Dale (Charlie Day) the fool, the three stars of this film bounce lines off one another like bumper cars to increasingly hilarious effect. Bateman shines brightest and that speaks volumes on his talent considering he's been playing variations of this role for nearly his entire career without the shtick showing any signs of wear – at least as far as this film is concerned. Sudeikis and Day get to play human cartoon characters the entire film and it simply just works. Also back is Jamie Foxx as the criminal consigliere, "Motherf***er Jones." While this character did nothing for me the first go-round, this time I find myself enjoying his dimwitted power plays and Big Gulp inflected sit- downs. Jennifer Aniston also returns as her sex-addicted dentist from the first film and gets to appear in the funniest scene of Horrible Bosses 2. Newcomers Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz also bring a welcome exaggerated Big Business brass ballsiness element to the film's central plot that just makes the story that much more relevant. Speaking of the plot…

Exhibit C: This story is conducive to comedy as well as being socially relevant. Nick, Kurt and Dale have created a product that Christoph Waltz agrees to help manufacture. Once the order has been completed, Waltz's character then cancels the order in a strategy that will allow him to purchase the product at pennies on the dollar once our three heroes have to claim bankruptcy. In a climate where we are mistrusting of the unscrupulous 1%, this plot has a sort of resonance that hits home with modern movie goers. I'm also fairly certain that more folks can relate to being screwed over by their boss (or the boss's conniving underling) than they can to their mega-hot co-worker trying to seduce them against their will. Basically, this film corrects every issue I had with the first one in that it unifies the protagonists motivations with the audience's desire for them to stick it to the man. It reaches across the aisle and finds a middle ground we can all agree on – and then it amps it up to mach speed by way of kidnap, hostage taking and much worse.

With all this praise you might think I'm ready to call this a modern comedy classic. I'm not. Horrible Bosses 2 has problems. It's not shy to rely on gross-out gags, it has no shame in reprising jokes from the first film (albeit sparingly so), and it might as well have been directed by Apple CEO Tim Cook because, as Erik Walkuski of ScreenCrush noted in a tweet, Horrible Bosses 2 looks like it was filmed on an iPhone. That is to say there is no personality to the look of the film. It just is. While that's not a major concern for a comedy, it does leave a bit to be desired in the aesthetics department.

I present my case that Horrible Bosses 2 is a win for everyone. Hollywood will make a nice payday while being able to say, "See! People want more of the same" without a hint of irony to be found. Audiences will get to laugh for a straight 110 minutes in the company of characters they already know they like spending time with based on the success of the first film. And although this could mean "more of the same" is all we're ever going to get, I'd like to put a positive spin on things and hope that maybe someone behind the scenes is paying attention. Maybe, just maybe, someone will pick up on the fact that this film is better than the first because it's actually just better in every sense of the word. Probably not though. *a football hits me in the groin and a laugh track explodes from an unknown dimension*
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There is a difference between stupid and funny
demoxx10 January 2015
2 Star. 1 star for Jennifer Aniston 1 star for Kevin Spacey

A comedy should be funny. Movie was not funny. They (Nick, Kurt and Dale) are just retards running around trying to be funny. I wanted to give one more star because they managed not to get them-self killed, but then again that would have prevented HB3. *** Spoiler *** Saying name over walkie repeatedly even it was pointed out they shouldn't. Keep talking in walkie about nothing while breaking into office. Holding button so other cant talk. And that is just one scene. Jennifer Aniston is still hot though, and only reason I saw movie ½ way through. And the 10 line rule is stupid.
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Incredibly annoying
brofiteroles2 May 2015
I enjoyed the first movie, it was fresh, it was funny! But then they made a second, with a poor storyline, and a so annoying Charlie Day, it literally made me want to rip my face off. His voice was so squeaky, and forever on-going, I finished that film with a god awful headache. I know the three of them are meant to make bad decisions constantly because it's part of the humor of the show, but for me, all it was, was extremely exhausting, and it was mainly to do with Charlie Cox being the squeaky, childish idiot, who can't keep his mouth shut. Seriously, if you want a headache after watching a movie, watch this, but if not, steer way clear because this movie stinks.
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There are some laughs in here for everyone (unless you can't handle potty humor … that's what this is full of!)
jaclyn-144-75958320 November 2014
Yes!!! I knew (My Hollywood Boyfriend) Jason Bateman wouldn't let me down — he and the rest of the cast of Horrible Bosses 2 showed us how to properly put out a funny sequel. After a disappointing Dumb and Dumber To, this movie was a welcome surprise that needs to be on your list when it's your turn to pick. If you are looking at the line-up for the weekend and just want something everyone will enjoy, check out Horrible Bosses 2. It's worth the box office price with a side of popcorn and a coke!

Horrible Bosses 2 was exactly what I was hoping for — a fun, great, laugh out loud movie to step away from reality a bit and hang out with some of our favorite guys. For those of us that like adding movie one-liners to our repertoire, — Bateman, Sudeikis and Day are happy to oblige. There were so many funny moments from the best characters in Horrible Bosses plus the welcome addition of Chris Pine and Christopher Waltz.

The movie didn't try to remake Horrible Bosses. It didn't try to force us into a "thou shall think this is funny" jokes. You don't need to see Horrible Bosses to understand or enjoy the sequel. It seemed to just be a fun movie to make. When you can feel genuine chemistry on the screen it plays out for the audience. Simply put, it's just good comedy with a well written script acted by a group of folks who really seem to enjoy each other. Will it someday be on the AFI Top 100 list? No. Is it something you'll want to see again? Absolutely. Will we add it to our purchased list when released to DVD? Oh yes! It's one of those movies that is good to put on when you have someone visiting or just want a night away from drama (on screen or in life!)

I'm not usually one to comment on the soundtrack — but I must say every song seemed to come straight from my playlist! Who doesn't want to enjoy a bit of Katy Perry "Roar" with some Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Can't Hold Us"! Fantastic! Are they still making movie soundtrack CD's anymore?!?! Because I'm in!

On a personal note — I also enjoyed the "American Manufacturing" and "American Dream" basis for the script. Being a huge of American Manufacturing, the story was a welcome (and funny) look at the challenges of "Making it in America". One of my favorite lines that I think will get a chuckle out of manufacturing fans — "The American Dream is built in China". Hilarious.

Bottom line, there are some laughs in here for everyone (unless you can't handle potty humor … that's what this is full of!) Take break from the holiday season upon us and check out my boyfriend Jason…ahh… I mean the movie Horrible Bosses 2 ;)
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Be a Boss
abcvision19 December 2014
A continuation of the Horrible Bosses series, this second in the series hits a bit more about the complexity of striking out on your own. The three amigos in Nick Hendricks, Kurt Buckman, and Dale Arbus take a risk in establishing their brand of shower heads and seek a stake in the business world. What they discover is that is much more of doggie dog world than they expected. Has a large well known cast from Kevin Spacey, Jaimie Foxx, and Christoph Waltz. Jennifer Aniston is the nastiest I have seen in this film and does push the cougar sex craze angel to the limits. As the trio strike out on their own, they soon discover they need plan b if they want to be able to compete in the world of business. This plan B is not perfect but helps them find a path to being their own bosses.
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Everything I loved about the first, without being horribly "meta".
blarglznoflo28 November 2014
I loved it. I cracked up nearly the entire time, even though my husband next to me wasn't quite as amused. But he liked the first one slightly more. I guess we just have different tastes.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the first one, I swear this isn't one of those comedy sequels that spends the whole time going "hey, remember our last movie and how we did this one thing and it was funny? Right? Remember that joke?" (22 Jump Street being one example). Yes, HB2 makes some shout-outs to the first movie. Duh, it's a sequel. But it's nowhere near annoying, in my opinion.

The story is funny and *mostly* believable, and to me that's good enough for a comedy. The cast is still just as on the ball as they were in the first, and I even found their chemistry better this time. Those 3 men work wonderfully together, and when you add in Chris Pine it becomes even more hilarious. Plus several other great names.

In summary, I found myself breathless with laughter during about 90% of this movie, and to me that makes it absolutely worth the ticket. I plan to buy it the day it comes out.
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With so many of my favorite celebrities in one movie, this one is a miss...
jameswhit5212 December 2014
I can only say, "ouch." The first few jokes got me laughing out loud and I became super excited only to be disappointed with the movie going nowhere fast. With such a star studded collection in this sequel, in my opinion the only way this movie will turn a profit is because there are so many fans of the cast. I'll watch any film with Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston or Jason Sudeikis with great enthusiasm, but this movie is tough to watch for even the simplest minded viewer. Repeated attempts at the same jokes and too much focus on idiotic arguing and/or antics; here is another example on how/why it's risky business making a sequel after a successful movie... (especially successful comedies)
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Could be worse, but it would be a total disaster
veritas-deus15 February 2015
The movie is nothing more than an horrific experiment: is the audiences taste is nonexistent? Are they so simple that they'll like a shallow story and same 'ol jokes for dummies?

Horrible Bosses 2 is not dumb, it's dumber. The humor is immature (I guess, that's a standard for nowadays so-called-comedies), plot is flat as an hand-egg field, but the worst part is the yelling and the "idiocracy" of the main characters. They yell almost all the time, talking all at once, screaming words and dancing their erratic dance of "having nothing better to do with themselves cause of that nonexistent quality of the script"*. So they yell, scream and... And they are dumber then Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from "Dumb and Dumber". But Lloyd and Dunne are likable - they are just two heavy cases of idiocy, of being dumb - two dumb chumps, funny and sweet in their dumbness, with some characteristics, a soul - one could say. What about Nick, Dale and Kurt? Nothing. They are soulless and mindless, without the spark of life - characters that you'll forget in no time cause they're like thousands more produced by so many. And I guess it's not entirely actors fault, no. It's the script, the director and so on. This movie is almost as bad as Jack and Jill, but less entertaining for sure.

*that's the name of the ancient Indian dance
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Awful movie!
vastus6664 January 2015
If you're angry on your intellect, go see it. Otherwise it's just an awful waste of time, and if you spent money on watching it in movies, then also your money.

HB2 is meant for people who like 'kick in the nuts' jokes. I mean you really don't find any more stupid main characters than in this movie. There is 'funny stupid' as for example in Hangover-Galifianakis-type, but Sudeikis and Day in HB2 are over the edge stupid.

I would rather recommend going to the mall and watching the crazy shoppers fighting over a hair trimmer than wasting any minute watching this movie.
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I wasn't a fan of the original 'HORRIBLE BOSSES' but I absolutely love this sequel!
Hellmant3 December 2014
'HORRIBLE BOSSES 2': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Sequel to the 2011 hit comedy flick 'HORRIBLE BOSSES', which was about three friends who team together to try to murder their bosses. This time the buddies plot to kidnap the adult son of a rich businessman, who conned them out of their own business dreams. All of the main cast, of the original film, is back for this installment (except Colin Farrell, who's character died in the first movie); including Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey and Lindsay Sloane. They're joined this time around by Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz. It was directed by Sean Anders and written by Anders and John Morris (along with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein). Anders and Morris are the same team that wrote other popular comedy flicks like 'SEX DRIVE' (which Anders also directed) and 'SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE'; they also co-wrote 'HOT TUB TIME MACHINE', 'WE'RE THE MILLERS' and 'DUMB AND DUMBER TO' (I'm a big fan of theirs). I wasn't a fan of the original 'HORRIBLE BOSSES' but I absolutely love this sequel!

Nick Hendricks (Bateman), Dale Arbus (Day), and Kurt Buckman (Sudeikis) have decided to start their own business together; instead of having to continue to answer to the horrible bosses of other companies. They've come up with a unique shower head invention, they call 'Shower Buddy', and think they've attracted the interest of a rich investor and his son, named Bert (Waltz) and Rex Hanson (Pine). Bert promises the trio that he'll buy 100,000 units from them but after they take out a $500,000 loan, and make the product, he backs out of the deal; he then plans to buy all their shower heads, at a discounted foreclosure price, to sell himself. In order to get their money back Nick, Dale and Kurt decide they're going to kidnap Rex and ask Bert for the $500.000, they lost, in ransom. Things, of course, don't go as they planned.

I liked the idea of the original movie but just didn't find it to be that funny; I thought a lot of the jokes fell flat (despite an awesome cast) and didn't think it seemed very inspired (especially considering the great premise and great cast). This installment gets everything right that the first film got wrong. First of all it's hilarious, from beginning to end, thanks in large part to the directing of Anders and the clever writing team of Anders and Morris. The jokes rarely miss this time around and it's got a pretty clever caper storyline, and an awesome car chase climax, to boot! The film's success is also thanks largely to the outstanding cast, that seems like they're having a lot more fun this time; you can see it in the bloopers (in the end credits) and you can also just feel it in the movie (the whole way through). This is comedy done right; much better than the original!

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Extremely annoying characters
fdagenais-872-51523316 December 2014
I usually don't write comments about movies since there is a lot already. But this one made me so angry even after only 20 minutes watching it. And I NE VER not finish a movie, but I could'nt go on with this one. The characters (especially Charlie Day (Dale)) are so annoying, it made me furious and I never finished the movie. I know mentally challenged people that would'nt act this stupid in these situations. Shouting for no reason, talking over each others and doing stupid jokes. (ex: when dale starts screaming Rex's name in the house for no reason). Seriously, this is when I stopped it.

I enjoy a stupid comedy, but this is going too far and I can't even say that I had even a smile once in the movie.

Poor bateman who has a good strong character that has to put up with this stupid stuff.
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A genuine waste of time.
lois-lane338 January 2015
I thought the first Horrible Bosses film was good-a bit unpolished in places but basically a good & watchable funny movie. The sequel is actually an awful movie. The first film was flirting with tackiness but never really 'took the plunge' into true tackiness-but this one does. Unless you like jokes about gay men licking other gay mens asses: don't see this film. I think there is some stuff you just shouldn't say in a movie-apparently the producers of this potato don't feel that way. Also the interactions between the three main characters was so hard to watch in many cases in this sequel it made you crave watching a film on brain surgery-it was that crappy. Fortunately the cinema where I saw it took pity on the fact it was such a horrible movie and allowed me to get a refund after I departed the film after about 20 minutes worth of its brain shattering crap. I don't think there has ever been a time where they have made so many nothing movies before and I'm not talking about films like The Interview. Many of the supposedly funny/entertaining films that are more recent are just stupidity like this film. Just avoid it. The thing about that is the spate of dogs that they have been releasing are probably gong to coast some cinemas their businesses. I was the only person at this movie so when I left it was playing to an empty room, and that was in the early evening on a shopping night-the time when most people will take the time to see something at their local cinema.
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A Rare Sequel That Surpasses The Original.
powermandan30 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Horrible Bosses was 2011's best comedy and one of the very best that year too. It is awesome like The Hangover movies. When I heard about a sequel being made, I was all over it. Ready to see an awesome flick as a confidant to the first, the movie exceeded my expectations to the point where I thought it exceeded the first. There is ten times more danger, more complexity, and the guys actually ARE guilty of the crime they commit. Nick, Dale, and Kurt invest in a new kind of shower head and are approached by Chris Pine. He makes them an offer they disagree with, then his father (Waltz) makes them an offer they do agree with. After making their own factory and hiring many new employees, Waltz pulls the plug leaving them in debt. They then plot to kidnap Pine for ransom, but he catches them in the act and actually helps them construct a brilliant ransom. So as you can see, the three main men are guilty of kidnapping (even though Pine stopped them), fraud, and ransom. But as characters cool like The Wolfpack from The Hangover movies, you don't care how guilty they are and you just want them in the clear. There are some predictable parts that the director knew was predictable, so extreme hilarity and unpredictability from grounds around it make the predictable bit apathetic, which it good. The abundance of danger and things at stake make this movie easily more suspenseful than the first. Personally, I found this funnier than the first by just a little bit. Each character is funnier and the perilous situations I mentioned are as hilarious as they are deadly. Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey also make returns as crazier people they were in the first.
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Comedy that contains all that comedy needs
emi-parkour6 December 2014
I know it is a bit harsh to give a 9/10 but this movie is a comedy and what do comedies need to have? Well comedies are made to make people laugh. Thrillers, dramas, fantasies and other movie genres need to be good to have a good plot, good story and a twist to have a good rating. But this one is a comedy and it must not have a good story to be fun. It made me laugh most of the time and all other people in the theater. So if you want a good comedy to make you laugh and forget about everyday life i recommend you this movie, but only if you watch the first part first. Actors like Foxx, Spacey, Waltz and Anniston made this for a bit better. My favorite thing about this is Mother*ucker Jones. He is maybe the best role in a comedy in the last couple of years. That is why I gave the movie a 10 because it is a comedy and comedy is made to make you laugh. It has succeeded in doing that pretty much. For the end I want everyone of you to watch this movie because it is exiting, it has good jokes and it is refreshing for your everyday life.
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Horrible, Terrible, Think of a bigger word!
bfergalamo8 December 2014
We were trying to see the movie "Interstellar" only to find it was sold out so our options were to either go home or see the movie "Horrible Bosses 2", we opted for seeing this movie. While this movie has a terrific cast it is one dog of a movie and I say that with reservation as this movie gives dogs a bad name. Have you ever been in the family room with your beloved dog has suddenly and without warning you hear that unmistakable pfffffffffffffffffft sound? Yes, that means clear the room because this is a real stinker. Horrible Bosses 2 goes beyond that. The writing was embarrassing at best. I kept waiting for a chuckle or two but instead I had this bile feeling in my throat...one might glean from this review that I didn't like this film...well let me just say that on my Cannoli scale of greatness of 1-5, this film doesn't rate 1 Cannoli...so as they say...ffffffffffffagettaaboutit!!!
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I had to laugh really hard
Hopstimop15 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you saw the Spanish guy laughing on the TV talk show... that kind of laugh I have. It's horrible. Non the less, I had to laugh that hard when I saw them driving with the fence around the car. It was just hilarious with the previous setup scene with the train.

This movie is keeping you throughout on the edge and you are always curious what happens next.

So many plot twists, which you can't predict, it's amazing! I want to see the 3rd movie right now!

Christopf Waltz and Jennifer Aniston might have been a bit underused, but all the other actors were just amazing.

They had so much fun making this as I had watching it, I am sure.
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What a sequel should be
Arcturus198010 December 2014
The trailer made me want to see this film, though I was not about to do so with no frame of reference. So, I was sure to watch Horrible Bosses beforehand, an enjoyable but underwhelming film. This sequel, however, is one of the funniest films I have ever seen and certainly to my mind the most outstanding example of a sequel improving on its predecessor.

The film is cleverly plotted with refreshing comedic ideas. It also references the first film in welcomed ways. This time around the trio can just go for it with a great script and the experience of the 2011 film. I found Charlie Day's Dale Arbus annoyingly over the top at times in the original, but in this sequel everyone is on point with real comedic chemistry.

Christoph Waltz continues to flourish with his supporting role. Chris Pine is great in his role. Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey successfully reprise their roles as expected. I do not normally think of myself as a Jennifer Aniston fan, but she is indispensably good in both films. I was also happy to see Jonathan Banks, whom I remember well for heavies he played in the '80s.

It was very well received in my crowded theater.
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A Laugh-Riot!
namashi_112 December 2014
A sequel to the decent Horrible Bosses, 'Horrible Bosses 2' is a much superior & much funnier sequel, that delivers above expectations. I laughed, laughed & laughed!

'Horrible Bosses 2' Synopsis: Dale, Kurt and Nick decide to start their own business but things don't go as planned because of a slick investor, prompting the trio to pull off a harebrained and misguided kidnapping scheme.

'Horrible Bosses 2' gets it right, as there are hardly any major minuses here. Sure, the second-hour, where our ill-fated protagonists plan to execute their plan, could've been shorter, with a better climax. But otherwise, this sequel is a riot. The sequences, one after the other, especially the ones with Horrible Bosses Veterans (Portrayed superbly by Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx & Jennifer Aniston), bring the house down!

Sean Anders & John Morris's Screenplay is brisk, hilarious & interesting. The goings-on barely offer dull moments. Anders Direction, also, is appropriately done. Cinematography is fine. Editing is good.

Performance-Wise: Jason Bateman, one of the finest actors in the block, delivers a truly committed performance, yet again! Charlie Day is first-rate, he contributes to some of the film's funniest bits enormously. Jason Sudeikis supports very well. Christoph Waltz deserved more scope, nonetheless, he's passable. Chris Pine is fantastic. He enacts the comedic baddie to perfection.

On the whole, 'Horrible Bosses 2' is one great laugh! Go, have fun!
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Outrageously funny sequel that surpasses its predecessor.
Anurag-Shetty30 November 2014
Horrible Bosses 2 continues with the story of Nick Hendricks(Jason Bateman), Kurt Buckman(Jason Sudeikis) & Dale Arbus(Charlie Day). After the events of the first film Nick, Kurt & Dale have quit their respective jobs & are now their own bosses. They invent a Shower Buddy. This invention consists of a built-in shower gel & shampoo in the shower head. They look for investors. A businessman named Bert Hanson(Christoph Waltz) shows interest in the trio's product. He agrees to buy their product for a lot of money. However, he later double crosses them. This prompts Nick, Kurt & Dale to plan a kidnapping involving Hanson's son, Rex Hanson(Chris Pine).

Horrible Bosses 2 is freaking hilarious! I was laughing non-stop from start to finish. At first, I was skeptical when I learned that they were making a sequel to Horrible Bosses(2011). However, all my doubts were laid to rest when I started watching the movie. Every single joke in this film had me guffawing uncontrollably. There were some scenes that were so funny that I was struggling to catch my breath! The cast works really well together & you can tell that they had a whale of a time shooting this movie. Jason Bateman is great as Nick Hendricks. Jason Sudeikis is brilliant as Kurt Buckman. Charlie Day is outstanding as Dale Arbus. Jennifer Aniston is spectacular as Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. Kevin Spacey is hysterical in his short but important role as Dave Harken. Jamie Foxx is mind blowing as Dean "MF" Jones. Chris Pine is awesome as Rex Hanson. Christoph Waltz is good as Bert Hanson. Jonathan Banks & Lindsay Sloane are impressive as Detective Hatcher & Stacy Arbus respectively. If you liked Horrible Bosses then you will love Horrible Bosses 2. This film stays true to the spirit of the original & improves upon it. Go, watch it right away & laugh till your sides hurt!
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ariflopes30 November 2014
Despite some negative reviews, this film was a great sequel. Absolutely hilarious. It was just as funny if not funnier than the first. At first I was kind of skeptical after watching the trailer being that they invented something and tried to sell it, but it ended working really well and helped propel the story. Jamie Foxx's MF Jones was just as funny as he was last time. And Chris Pine did a great job! Love seeing Jason Bateman and Sudekis' style of acting mesh because they are so different. Charlie Day, that guy is funny as all heck, love him in Its Always Sunny in Philly, and I love him in this series. Jennifer Anniston is even more hot and bizarre in this one, I like her character because its unlike anything else she does, VERY dirty and kind of weird haha, but VERY HOT. If you liked the first film and the set of characters there is no doubt you will love this! An extremely solid 8 out of 10! Go watch it!
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