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There is no CGI in any of the car crash scenes. All the crashes in the movie are real.
130 cars were wrecked in the making of this movie. The production had its own junkyard on set to store the wreckage.
The Shelby Super Snake Mustang is such a rare car, that Shelby had to make cars especially for this production.
Ethan Hawke did some of his own stunt driving.
A perpetual flow of 130 vehicles (including police cars, pedestrian cars, motorcycles, and large trucks) had to always be in working condition with multiple duplicates on standby. Some nights every Mustang was under repair.
Seven Shelby's were made for the film. Many were wrecked multiple times and parts of some would be added to others to create a new car. In all, 13 versions of the Shelby were wrecked in the making of this film.
Ethan Hawke's first time doing donuts in the Super Snake was on set, and he had Selena Gomez in the passenger seat.
Ethan Hawke attended a racing school to learn how to properly maneuver like a professional.
The film has somewhere around 6150 edits in it, as opposed to the average 1600.
Entire production was shot at night in Bulgaria, in temperatures under minus eight degrees Celsius and snow.
Selena Gomez went in a car with a stunt driver to get a feel for what it was like, and was terrified - but not as terrified as she was when Ethan Hawke was driving.
Some of the stuntmen were driving up to 55mph when they crashed, but remarkably, no one was hurt.
To catch all the breakneck action from both inside and outside the Shelby Super Snake the director used a variety of cameras, numbering anywhere from 18 to 42, in any given scene. The cameras ranged in size and format, including state of the art digital RED Epics.
Picerni's team carried out over 20 air cannon launches. They also executed 25 pipe rims, which involves running the car up a pipe and turning it over. They did 40 turnovers, which is a huge amount for one film.
The team had about 70 VIOS in the middle of the street to get dynamic shots where the cars literally drive over them. Sometimes they survived, and sometimes they didn't.
WILHELM SCREAM: A motorcyclist flees after he trips over a rock, during a car chase scene.
First month of filming, the production had already amassed its own junkyard.
There were approximately 28 7D cameras rigged on the car at certain points to create a 360 view of what was going on inside and outside.
Ethan Hawke's favorite car is the 1968 Shelby Mustang.
Selena Gomez's first PG-13 rated film.
Steve Picerni drove the Shelby, going 70mph, with two police cars in pursuit and five stunt cars coming straight at him. The scene culminated with a "double cannon"-both police cars crash and catapult over the Shelby.
VIOS, small point-of-view cameras, accounted for the majority of cameras rigged on the cars and earned the nickname "crash cams."
Principal photography took place on location in the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, beginning in winter.
According to director of photography Yaron Levy, it took intensive coordination because they had basically six hours from 'Let's get going,' to bring up the lights and actually shoot.
Shipped to theaters under the code name "Speed Demon".
This film, along with The Apparition (2012), would be Dark Castle Entertainment's last films released before the production company went out of business.
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Selena Gomez's character The Kid was originally named Alex, which would've referenced to the character she portrayed in "Wizards Of Waverly Place". However, the name was unused in the film and instead Gomez's character is nicknamed "The Kid".
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