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Nothing but a nauseating, noisy mess
ryan_aus0427 August 2013
A late night car chase through the cosmopolitan streets of Sofia, Bulgaria; throbbing with that distinct and exotic coolness European cities exude when darkness falls... it's an idea that could have been executed very well. Unfortunately not in the case of Getaway, which instead slaughters the idea so poorly you can't help but feel sorry for it. 

Everyone loves a good car chase. You won't find one in Getaway though. All the chase scenes are nothing more than a nauseating rapid succession of very brief cuts. It's literally   impossible to get a wider picture and understanding of what is going. Many scenes could have been quite impressive if they had just been shot at a wider angle and held a longer frame. This does not happen once though. The breakneck speed at which the cuts are made (close up of car headlights-exploding box-back wheel-driver-back to headlights) just doesn't allow the chase to flow and is frustrating to watch. How can one appreciate what's happening when they can't even see what's happening?

Selena Gomez may be trying to break out of her Disney image (and good for her) but that doesn't mean she's suited to every role. Her performance here feels weak and definitely isn't helped by an even weaker dialogue. Ethan Hawke's performance is more believable, but it's only one taste bud of sweetness in the overall bad taste this movie leaves. 

There's pretty much zero laughs, the first half is filled with the characters bickering annoyingly, the chase scenes are visually unwatchable, it's painfully unnecessarily noisy and the plot is nothing but mediocre. 

Fortunately I viewed the film at an advance screening and therefore given it was free I just felt disappointed, rather than feeling ripped off as I would have had I actually handed over my hard earned dollars in exchange for that mess. I tried my best to enjoy the film, but to be honest all I wanted to do was getaway.  
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The Title is the Only Thing Right About This Film
Michael_Elliott12 September 2013
Getaway (2013)

BOMB (out of 4)

What on Earth could Ethan Hawke have done that caused the producers of this thing to be able to blackmail him into appearing in this film? In the film, Hawke plays a former NASCAR driver whose wife is kidnapped by some maniac on a phone (Jon Voight). This maniac forces Hawke to drive all over the place, cause large amounts of damage and it's up to the poor viewer to figure out why. GETAWAY is without question one of the worst movies of the year. It takes elements of SAW, TAKEN and DRIVE and puts them in a blender but the end result is just downright horrid. The most shocking thing is the fact that director Courtney Solomon has made one of the ugliest, more boring action pictures in the history of cinema. He has bragged that no CGI was used in the car stunts but it really doesn't matter if it's true because the scenes are so poorly shot and many times it's just one second clips with quick editing, which is just annoying. The entire visual style of this picture seems like some kid got ahold of some editing equipment and didn't know what he was doing. While watching the picture I couldn't help but think of the director and editor in the editing room giving each other high fives and saying "awesome" non-stop. Another problem is the dialogue, which is just downright horrid and it's amazing that actors like Hawke and Voight can keep a straight face while saying it. The performances are even worse with Hawke sleep-walking through the role and every scene just seems like he's wanting to walk away from the camera and go home. Voight pretty much gets to do nothing except talk with a funny accent and this adds nothing to the picture. As for Selena Gomez, I've seen her acting ability before and it's the time I saw a dead goldfish sitting at the bottom of its bowl. GETAWAY doesn't have a single thing going for it but my expectations were low going in. I just never could have imagined that a major studio would release a picture like this into theaters. I'm sure even the low-standards of Cinemax would have turned this thing down.
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"Getaway" from this train wreck
rileyjustin30629 August 2013
The "plot" follows Former race car driver Brent Magna (Played by Ethan Hawke.) Who discovers that his wife has been kidnapped by a mysterious man referred to as the Voice,(Played by Jon Voight.) Who promises to promises to return her to safety if he completes a series of broad and laughable tasks while driving through the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria in a supped up Shelby Super Snake Mustang. Along the way, he runs into the original owner of the Mustang named "The Kid" (Played by Selena Gomez.)

Now, at first glance it's very easy to see that this movie's plot and characters are there to serve as a backdrop for the action, which would at least be tolerable, if the action was any good, sadly that is not the case here. Getaway is weighted Down by it's clunky script and frantic direction. The action sequences are unwatchable, consisting of exhaustingly monotonous and poorly edited car chases. And in the rare moments where it escapes that monotony, it usually crosses the border into unintentional hilarity.

The Acting is terrible. Though in Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez' defense, the horrible dialogue (which consists mostly of sh*t and a**hole) is to more to blame then they are.

Never has a movie been more apply titled than "Getaway". Because it's warning you to "Getaway" and avoid this clunker at all costs.
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Brainless, but not fun
dragracedude31 August 2013
According to another user, this movie is "brainless fun", which I really must contend with. This movie sure is brainless, but there isn't much fun to be found here. The script is dismal, the central plot makes no sense, and the chase sequences are edited in the contemporary shaky-cam style that makes it hard to tell what is going on at some points, which really gets my goat. The whole reason I went to see this movie is to see some kick-butt car cinematography, but there is better, free content on youtube that I could have watched to whet my appetite(like Ken Block's gymkhana series or vintage rally B-group footage). To say that I am disappointed would be a lie, I had a feeling this movie would be a dud because they hardly marketed it at all and released at the end of summer, which is always a bad sign.

Ethan Hawke's performance may be the only redeemable part of this movie, as I could really tell he was working hard to make the 11th grade level dialog work. Selena Gomez's acting was predictably sub-par, it seems to me the only reason she was included in Getaway was to get guys my age into the theater. And if the two other dudes in the theater besides my friends and I are evidence, it didn't work.

In short, don't waste your time on Getaway, watch The Transporter or Top Gear instead to get your gearhead action fix.
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Absurd attempt at doing something Need For Speed-like
plasm-116 October 2013
Oh boy where to start....

If I'd list everything that is just utterly wrong in this movie in terms of character motivation, logic glitches .... pages would be filled.

A crash car derby has a plot that makes more sense. At least there you know its all about turning cars into scrap metal. In this movie it happens to more expensive cars and there's not really anything else happening. Cars get destroyed left and right and you sit there and think: "Yeah this should all be filled with tension and be exciting." Instead i was just bored. Just in terms of making sense as a movie so many thing were done wrong early that i felt sort of detached and was not caring about what was happening or who it was happening to.

I did see this movie in a sneak preview screening. The audience there is somewhat different. We were having our fun after all, because this movie gives you so many opportunities to laugh at it. And once we were resigned to just how bad it was, it was rather funny (unintentionally) in the end.
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Absolutely Horrendous
molokobones21 September 2013
Bad script, bad story, unbelievable scenes! What do you call it, I think it's second hand embarrassment or shame. Within the first 20 minutes, I saw 2 people walk out of this show, and I kid you not when I say I swear there were lots of people who slept all throughout. How could they even release this movie? I'm all for Ethan Hawke but c'mon! Bad chemistry between Ethan and Selena. Unbelievable scenes where you might be wondering if this was all a joke or not. All throughout the movie my mind was floating else where. This was so painful to watch. I'd save money and just watch another movie if I were you. I still can't believe this movie was actually released. Who were they kidding?!
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Bad! Bad! Bad!
baseball_914 September 2013
Completely pointless. A waste of my money, hollyweird's money, baby sitter's time, and life in general. The movie is one long chase scene. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. They do take very small breaks waiting for their next location assignment but it's one constant crash, bam, boom. Must been easy for the actors to remember their lines as the script couldn't have been more than a couple of pages. I watched it at a local drive-in (yes they still exist) and it reminded me of the old "B" movies but wasn't as good. Must be an "F" movie. Bring back Return of the Killer Tomatoes! At least I could laugh at how bad it was. With this movie I just cried.
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Bad. Just bad.
jaxx_walk10 September 2013
I've walked out on two movies in the last dozen+ years and this was number 2 (pun intended). From story line to acting, this was all goofy and bad, to say the least. Worst of all and what always drives me nuts is the damage, oh wait, the non-damage to cars. Ya, great car. But cars, much less the tires, can not last constantly skid, breaking, hitting things and going down stairs. You don't miss every possible person. The car maybe amour plated but it's still dents when you slam it into another object. You can't scratch and dent the side of a car in one scene to then have it without scratches and dents in the next. You can't have bullet holes before guns are involved. The acting. Ethan, well your Ethan Hawk, you should have chosen a better roll. Selena, you poor thing. The way they try to make you hard made you look lame and quite pudgy. Is s**t the big bad word that you can use to give you some credit...I think not. Esp over used. That storyline, which is played out, was exhausted 5 minutes into the flick.
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I Don't Understand Why this Has Been So Poorly Received
kevrhon-12 September 2013
I don't normally take the time to write reviews as I don't feel I have much to add to everyone else's take. But Getaway has been so poorly received, unjustifiably so in my opinion, that I thought I'd weigh in.

This is a popcorn movie. Nothing more. I understood that going in. It's not high art. It doesn't revolutionize movie-making, and is not even the high point of the genre. But it's entertaining, and that's all I ask of a movie. Give me some popcorn and a Coke, and dim the lights, let me forget about the world for a couple hours, and I'm happy.

The two leads are very good in my opinion. Ethan Hawke is a very capable actor, and he brought a depth to his character that I didn't expect. He expressed concern without being overly dramatic or gnashing his teeth or chewing up the scenery, and conveyed his character's limitations without appearing dumb. Selena Gomez was bright, and had the expected attitude of someone her character's age without being precocious or annoying.

Most of the plot was admittedly easy to figure out early on, but the movie still provided plenty of excitement in how it got there. There were some aspects of the story that were dismissed without explaining a lot of detail, but it didn't rely on otherwise smart people doing dumb things to make it all work, and I appreciated that as well.

I've read criticisms by others concerning the "shaky-cam" technique during the chase scenes. I didn't find that to be a problem in the least. It was much less annoying or even apparent than in movies like Transformers. I found everything was easy to follow and served the story well - I didn't think any style choices got in the way. And there was one street-level point of view sequence that I thought was especially well done - presumably a single take - that gave me a real rush.

Overall, I enjoyed Getaway, but that may be in part because I went in with low expectations due to its opening weekend box office and some negative reviews. With stiff competition this summer there are certainly better choices for your entertainment dollar. I don't know if I'd even consider this in the top ten or twenty films this year. But for cheap ticket at a matinée or second-run theater, or later as a rental it's an entertaining diversion.
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Easily the worst film of the year; heed the titular warning - I wish I did.
george.schmidt2 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
GETAWAY (2013) 0 stars Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight, Rebecca Budig. Epically ridiculous action thriller with Hawke (dialing in his performance flatly for a quick paycheck) as a washed-up professional race car driver finding himself forced to steal a muscle car for an unknown kidnapper (Voight, shot only in extreme close ups of his jowls; ditto) who has his wife hostage and a time clock ticking. Gomez is the unlikely owner of the super up automobile who is along for the ride and arguably the most laughable 'techie nerd' ever (!) Courtney Solomon's excuse for a movie is simply to show a shiny toy speed really fast and a ton of police cars paying homage to any other action film with an unending loop of a 'chase'. Easily the worst film of the year; heed the titular warning - I wish I did.
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Not Deep-but very engaging
This is not Lawrence of Arabia and doesn't pretend to be. It is engaging, exciting, crazy driving sequences, I cared about the characters and yes, it is shallow. Sometimes one doesn't want super deep mind bending movies, just escapism. I sure didn't think about bills due, or other minor problems during this movie. It was fun, if not really believable. It is what it is. Enjoy it if that sounds good. If you are the movie critic of all time, skip it and let some people have lighthearted, superficial fun. Having raced on a small level and taken high performance driving courses I was stunned that this could be filmed without CGI. The moves I saw were close to unbelievable and I can believe the movie had over 6000 edits and crashed over 130 cars-what a bill that must have been.
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I loved it
bengarvey141 September 2013
I have no idea what these people are talking about saying this movie is so bad. I'm a big fan of Ethan Hawke, and he does a great job being the shady underdog race car driver. I've never seen Selena Gomez in anything besides Wizards of Waverly Place, but she did a great job in character being the technical kid. I'm angry people are saying this sucked because it did not by any means. The whole entire time my hands were sweating like "Oh my word, what is going to happen." See this movie, it's great and makes your heart pound. If you are wondering if there is humor in this, I chuckled once at the two bickering. I smiled a couple times. But it's pretty much a fully serious movie! I loved it though, one I will be buying.

If you like the transporter, or anything like that'll like this a lot.
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I like it
tamara-misic11918 January 2014
I just don't know why everyone says that is so bad.I don't think so.I think it was really good,except maybe writing. The writing isn't really bad,but it isn't great as everything else. I like the movie,because it pumps your adrenaline,it has great filming and acting,and story. It wasn't waste of my time,and I actually really enjoyed it. I'm glad I watched this movie,it was for free,but I wouldn't regret if I paid it. This isn't that type of movie,who you can't watch till the end,because you're bored,it really captures your attention. I'm fan of Selena Gomez,but I didn't watched this movie because of her. When I watched the trailer it seemed to me like a good movie. Well,I wasn't wrong. It's great! Selena acting to me,in this movie is good. Some of you think it isn't good to pick Selena for this movie,well I think the opposite. It didn't bother me,and it was good choice picking her. I proudly recommend to anyone to watch this movie!
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A Top Notch Movie For Car Chase Fans!
Kerem Gogus13 November 2013
A watched is with holding my breath! After long years since Smokey & Bandit and Vanishing Point I've seen that much clever, creative and all-about-cars movie!...

It was better than 60 Seconds remake, even better than my most recent favorite Drive.

Fanboys and girls of Ryan Gosling probably show up and try to put that movie down. But Ethan Hawke is 100 times better actor than him and Getaway is way more faster and exciting than Drive. That doesn't mean I don't like Drive movie - I LOVE it.

But I LOVE Getaway even more...

Many people didn't get the point looking for a better story or other stuff - this is not a novel adaptation, this is a Car Chase movie just like Vanishing Point. Plus with a superbly atmospheric cinematography and cleverly tailored simple but powerful story.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy this brilliant work of art, without caring about the trolls and naysayers coming to IMDb almost underrate and underestimate all kinds of cinematic work.

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Too noisy and messy
masandaglinus12330 March 2015
I heard that there is no actually CGI in any of the car crash scenes. All the crashes in the movie are real. Too bad. They gave so much effort for nothing. I'm glad that this film got a lower rating from various websites. This film deserves it. I just wasted 90 minutes of my life. I wish I could take that back and do something else instead like sleeping than watching this piece of garbage.

The film has it all. From cliché action sequences and bad acting. Selena Gomez gave the worst performance in her career ever. Playing as "The Kid", she's so annoying and horrible that she deserves her Razzie nomination. And why did Ethan Hawke accept to play in this movie? He could have been chosen a better role.

Overall, Getaway is a horrible film. It's a mess and a noisy action flick. I will give this film a score of 1 because there's nothing good to watch this film. It's just a completely nuisance.
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dannomartinez20 September 2013
The best part of this movie was watching the ending credits...BTW I would not want to take the credit for this flop. I should have suspected a bad flick when the movie only had 5 people watching and 2 of them was me and wife. The best actor was the Mustang...Gomez and Hawk were at an all time low, the dialog was 3rd grade level at best. The plot has been played out, save your money and watch old episodes of The Dukes of Hazard, about as entertaining. Next time I will read the reviews, would have saved the hassle of sitting through another poorly made film, but I guess it was not as bad as Lone Ranger only because it was not as long and drawn out. This one should have went straight to DVD..
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If you like fast cars and jailbait...
sad_otter13 November 2013
...then you must be yet another deep, thoughtful, sensitive dude. Haha.

Ah, coming up with a clever headline. I'm sticking by this one though. I read a few of the reviews on here prior to watching this, then scanned the next full page and saw almost all 1-star or 1-star-but-would've- given-zero-stars etc. So not the highest expectations. Plus, I'm not super big on just watching cars drive around (especially a Ford. I'm not that big on fixing my car every other week either) so there's that.

I also saw someone saying that the only reason I'm watching this is to see Selena Gomez. Well, I have no idea who she is so I'd have to say that assumption was incorrect. The name rang a faint bell but that's about it (apparently she's one of those Disney slaves, or was until recently). Following that, I noticed a disturbing amount of stuff about her sexuality and whatnot. I looked up her age and I believe it was like 19 (it was yesterday and I didn't really care so I could be wrong. Maybe 21). So what the hell guys? I'm only in my late 30's and I think she's too young. Slightly chubby face, looks like she's still got baby fat. Frickin' pedophiles man. No wonder most girls are all whacked out and paranoid about men. As Louis CK said, men are the number one danger to women (and ours was heart disease, I believe). Anyway, there's that spiel. If you watched this just to scope out some barely legal Disney actress then you may want to see a psychologist. And yes, I wouldn't be surprised if she's encouraging this sort of thing. Morality aside, it is profitable.

Well, none of that really matters cuz I doubt this movie is going to do much for her career. Did I like it? No, can't say I did. Was I miserable and bored the whole time? No, not really. It wasn't a great movie, but by today's standards it was fine. Like Fast and the Furious w/out the gratuitous/unnecessary booty shots and homosexual/Mr. Potato Head star. I watched Death Race once too. Same basic circumstances: bored and too lazy to find something else to do. I'd put them at about the same level. Ethan Hawke does fine. He looks out the windshield, he shifts a lot (not that it seems to effect the speed of the vehicle at all) and he treats his co-star way better than she deserves.

Yes, her part is lame. It reminded me of that James Bond movie where Denise Richards was supposed to be a nuclear physicist (even though her hooters made it physical impossible to use a microscope or see a keyboard or anything). You're supposed to believe she's this tough chick who can drive fast, isn't afraid to bust out her gat, and that she can "hack" or whatever they call it. Just doesn't sell it. They should've used whoever that girl was in Death Race or something. Selena Gomez is basically jammed into the movie w/no finesse. I guess she acted okay. Well, not really. Was pretty bad sometimes. Just totally miscast.

The rest of the movie? Eh, all right. Nothing great, but I took a little time to see what people who voted this down liked and couldn't really make any sense of it. Usually I see BS reviews in favor of the movie. But here, there's so many universally bad reviews that I gotta wonder. Then again, why bother undermining a movie that went ahead and did all the work for you anyway? I dunno.

The only part that left me incredulous was a POV sequence near the end. I don't care how beat up the Mustang was, or that it was made by Ford and therefore doomed to failure: there's no freakin way some SUV could outrun it. And not only that, the SUV had more hp and recovered from stops quicker. Maybe Ethan Hawke is just a crappy driver. Maybe that's the point of the movie.

Oh, one more thing. I will give this movie props for not trying to pretend it was in America or something. I've noticed a lot of lower budget movies will film in some Eastern Bloc country, I believe do to incentives and being relatively inexpensive comparably. The second Ghost Rider movie (much worse than Getaway) comes to mind.

Yeah, it wasn't a good movie. But it wasn't that bad.
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Great Film if you Love Cars!
unitedbmx20121 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those films you sit back and enjoy. Regardless if the storyline or script is not well written. I gotta say, I read some reviews with low ratings while starting the movie. But i still said i gotta give this film a chance. I mean the actors you can't go wrong. Selena Gomez performance in this film grabs you with the intense car scenes, she is a smart and tough young girl. Ethan Hawke is a very good actor that was well suited for this role. To sum things up. Getaway is a well entertaining film especially if your a car fanatic. It's true from other reviews maybe not a lot of story. But the scenes were shot and filmed were practical. No CGI! The Angles the camera work inside the car and outside and these different angles possible. There's really nothing more i can say. Other than to me is one of those movies that are on my top list of car movies. Give it a try. Don't analyze the characters or script. Just push play, sit back and enjoy the ride!
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Not As Bad As Everyone Says---
thepotatoHasEyes19 November 2013
I will be the "other side" of the reviews, as i will be honest , I saw it for free... I would probably be mildly disappointed if i had payed $15... it's a "red box" movie ...worth a couple of bucks . but it wasn't that bad --like "Frankenstein theory" or other REALLY bad films lately-- If you saw "vanishing Point", this is better ,by far than that one .

In a nutshell , Getaway is , or could be called "A Lot of Cops Crashing"

Yes it is a thin plot , yes it has bad writing ,and although overall, it is highly polished, some of the camera work seems to be shot by a 9th grade A/V student,and some is crazy good, there is one shot towards the end that -for me- was incredible camera work .... it is a grill cam shot from the second car car , it is one continuous shot that winds you through traffic like you are riding a street luge, it is a clean crisp long -no scene splits- camera shot that I just loved ,

Although predictable , this film is full of action, well , car chases, Im a car nut so , who cares about Oscars when you get to thrash a highly built mustang ... it's no "shawshank" but it gets at least a five ---6.5 , from me , great action , no slow plot development , and the ending is great if not just a little predictable ....its just popcorn fun ...yes, it was fun ..dont listen to the other critics if you like any of this . I hate slow crappy movies , this is not one of those .... when i am bored , I will watch this again
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Flawed, yet better than CGI Samurai robots or Chitauri
johnmuir763 September 2013
The good - 1. no CGI - all the crashes are real, refreshing break from crappy digital effects action movies. 2. The plot - starts out strong, setting up a mysterious voice & mysterious plan, but as it progress it doesn't quite deliver (I can imagine much more interesting directions the story could have gone). 3. Selena Gomez is cute - she can be my road buddy. The average: 1. Ethan Hawke is mostly convincing in his role, although his performance is a bit reminiscent to me of his performance in "Before the Devil Knows Your Dead", I also think in real life the character wouldn't have been so cool under pressure. 2. The dialogue is nothing special, and they don't develop the characters beyond the bare minimum needed for the plot. The bad: 1. it's essentially a long car chase movie - it's cool for awhile, but eventually gets boring. 2. a lot of "no way" scenes where it's hard to suspend belief. Overall, though I must say I did enjoy it.
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A glint of really good amongst glaring really bad
Robert W.1 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I want to say right off the bat that I won't be bashing Selena Gomez. Not as a person anyways. I think to hate a film because of a former teen star that you find irritating is childish. This film has a disgustingly low rating currently on IMDb and its 99% due to the fact that grown adults think its "cool" to bash on a teen star. I caught this on opening day just wanting to see something at the theatre and this was the last thing left to see. I was not disappointed that I saw it. It was mostly brainless action that I could sit back and veg out and just enjoy a pure popcorn flick. Now that being said there was some serious miss-steps in the course of this film. Fast and The Furious fans can rejoice because I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie with this many car chase sequences. There were simply too many and they didn't really differ from one chase to the next. It got to the point where our lead would turn a corner and be confronted with more cop cars and I sort of groaned aloud we go again. But I understand that there was NO CGI used in the film and they actually carried out the wrecks and chases and for that reason I give them big kudos. There was also one very cool first rate top notch chase scene that I think was nearly brilliant. It was near the end when our hero is chasing down our main villain. There is what felt like a five minute scene from the perspective of the car in a high speed chase. There was no voice over, nothing to distract, just a racing car from that perspective. It was brilliant and I felt myself pressed into my theatre seat feeling the adrenaline. This is sort of the good of the film. I will in a moment cover the bad because there is some bad.

Ethan Hawke is quite good in a role that is very stereotypical. There is really nothing new to his "husband pushed to his limits to save his wife/family." He has a particular set of skills that he's good at. We've seen it before and its slightly tiresome. However, Hawke carries his own and is good in the role. Now, we have Selena Gomez. She did okay...very okay. Honestly, her role wasn't necessary. She was a distraction and some of her line delivery felt forced. Her character was meant to be a sarcastic, lively spark plug so to speak and sometimes she pulls it off and sometimes it feels like she's straining to fit into the character. I honestly think that is because the character feels so out of place. The chemistry between her and Hawke is not romantic by any means but more of a friendship bond under the circumstances and its okay...better than I expected. It isn't great but its okay. I knew Jon Voight's voice right away and what a great villain he was. I mean, not only does he have only a fleeting scene on camera but his voice was perfect and menacing and he did more acting with his vocal scenes than Hawke and Gomez combined. He is obviously an acting legend for a reason. I thought his character was terrific.

The story has a fair mystery that unravels at a good speed. It isn't the smartest storyline but it is interesting. You sort of see the twists coming but it still a decent story. I thought the entire villain angle was very clever and I quite enjoyed his anonymity right up to his last scene. Director Courtney Solomon has very few credits and experience to his name. This absolutely shows in this film. The editing should have been tighter, the chase scenes more diverse, characters re-tooled to be less predictable and more interesting. It is a very sophomoric thriller. I suppose they figure it will be Gomez's teen fans will be the ones to carry the film hence that feel to it which is unfortunate. I mean I had modest expectations going in and how could you not? I never understand people that rate a movie so low as though they expected The Godfather of films. This provides exactly what you would expect and delivers decently. No one will ever say what an amazing film it was and yet it is entertaining. Turn your brain off, get some popcorn and just watch it for what it is. 7/10
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Definitely worth seeing
mega-bamafan1 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw that the average rating was a 3.9 I couldn't believe it. One of the best car action movies I've ever seen. If you've ever wanted to drive a car real real fast, well there are times I felt like I was a passenger. Very cool.

Ethan Hawke plays the part of a man desperate to save the one he loves and other than murder, he'll do whatever it takes. He ..was.. a professional race car driver. I can't tell you any more about his character without including spoilers, other than he is in a role that is very believable.

Although I thought Selena Gomez cutsie brat demeanor was played to a T, there really wasn't much need for her part in the movie.

If you like speed and action but you don't want to see human beings turn into zombies and get slaughtered, then this movie will give you plenty of entertainment. So the bottom line is this... if you like movies with fast cars, a ton of wrecks, a believable plot, then you will be glad you saw this one on the big screen.
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Great acting, amazing special effects, and wonderful plot
davidandrewfugett20 February 2014
I loved this movie. Granted, I only watched it for Selina Gomez, but after I watched it I was amazed. The acting is great, you can really see the fear and the excitement of the actors faces. When an explosion happens or a car nearly hits them, you can see the fear and surprise on the two main actor's faces. The car chases are fast and very realistic. Lots of cars hitting other cars. Though the number of times they avoid the police chasing them, and the routes that take to avoid them, is a little unbelievable. The relationship that develops between Selina and the male actor is interesting. The development of a relationship under extreme stress was well acted and very realistic. So, other than the sheer number of times they avoid the police, and some of the ways they do so, this movie was very realistic and believable, which is very important for me with regard to an action movie. There is not gore, or explicit violence, but there are car chases, explosions, avoiding the police, an abduction, and some gunfights make the PG-13 rating accurate. Altogether a very enjoyable movie I would recommend to anyone who likes action movies
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OK, let's review...
limejockey5 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Let's start from the top. This movie is called Getaway. The trailer features a number of cars doing back flips, bouncing off of each other, and various other types of vehicular carnage, and very little else besides a wisp of a plot thread involving a man, his kidnapped wife, and flying around Bulgaria in a stolen Shelby Mustang, being directed by a voice on cell phones. So you go to the theater, and the entire movie is set up in the first three minutes. The man gets told his wife is in mortal danger if he doesn't follow instructions to the letter, steals the car, and basically floors it for the next 90 minutes or so. The cast list on here gives a name to exactly two individuals. Everything else is generic (Kid, Thug, Man, Voice) Plausibility, therefore, doesn't exist. Reality doesn't exist. Common Sense doesn't exist. Most of the reviews seem to think the script is lacking. To a point, it is sorely lacking in a number of departments. However, if you don't know what you're in for within that first 3 to 5 minutes, you're really watching the wrong movie. It delivers exactly what a movie with this trailer and title and set up should. Lots of stunts, lots of vehicular destruction, and very little plot. The actors do not have a lot of help from the script, which seems to always be trying to set up the next load of driving stunts, instead of character development. You get bare outlines of the two actors with the most screen time, and very little else. However, because it's Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, they do their best with what is given. Mr Hawke is a reliable presence, and Ms Gomez, I think, has a bright future, assuming she stays clear of Lindsay Lohan territory. Yes, the script is lacking. Yes, the plot has cavernous holes in it. Yes the twist ending may leave you with the proverbial OH COME ON!! sort of feeling. But, this isn't an awards season kind of movie. Take it on its own terms, and it's a fun ride.
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