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Tommy DeNuccis Almost Mercy Coming to VOD this May

The first of writer/director Tommy DeNucci's ('Army of the Damned', 'Self Storage') new 5 picture deal is set to arrive on VOD later this month. 'Almost Mercy' is the tale of Jackson and Emily who aren't like the other kids. They are two burgeoning sociopaths on the brink of total meltdown, ticking time bombs seeking revenge. But just who will unravel first? 'Almost Mercy' is the first of DeNucci's projects with Verdi and Woodhaven Productions and stars horror legends Bill Moseley ('The Devil's Rejects', 'Halloween') and Kane Hodder ('Seven', 'Monster'), Allie Marshall, Nick Principe, David Gere, Tommy Dreamer and newcomer Danielle Guldin. The movie lands on VOD on 26 May and will drop on to Netflix in July. Head below to check out the poster, stills and the trailer...
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On the set of the new Woodhaven films horror movie, Almost Mercy

It’s not everyday that I get a chance to get up close and personal during the making of a horror movie. Woodhaven Films just wrapped on their newest film, “Almost Mercy“, and they graciously invited me up to Rhode Island to watch the movie magic happen. This is the passion project of writer / director Tommy DeNucci, who has previously directed Self Storage and Army of the Damned.

I … Continue reading →
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Woodhaven Announces New Project Almost Mercy; Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder to Star

Woodhaven Production Company and Chad A. Verdi Productions have worked with some of the biggest names in horror, and now they are bringing in two more genre legends to star in their upcoming film Almost Mercy, written and directed by Tom DeNucci.

Both Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder will be featured prominently in the film.

Previously Woodhaven has featured such stars as Robert Englund in Inkubus, William Forsythe and Michael Madsen in Infected, Michael Berryman and Eric Roberts in Self Storage, and Tony Todd and Godsmack's Sully Erna in Army of the Damned just to name a few. Now Tom DeNucci has a whole new tale to tell, and Moseley and Hodder will be headlining the cast.

Fans of Tom DeNucci's previous movies certainly know that the filmmaker normally has a vein of comedy running through his horror films. However, with Almost Mercy, although there is certainly black comedy to it,
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Godsmack's Sully Erna, Tony Todd and Complete Army of the Damned Cast to Invade Rock and Shock

Once again this year, Rock and Shock will turn over its main event Saturday night film spot to Woodhaven Production Company, who will deliver the worldwide debut of Army of the Damned with the entire star-studded cast in attendance!

We had a visit to the Army of the Damned set earlier this year (Part 1 and Part 2) and were stunned by the eclectic and diverse cast. Rock band Godsmack's frontman Sully Erna was there as well as horror icons Tony Todd and Michael Berryman, 'N Sync's Joey Fatone, wrestlers Tommy Dreamer, Maria Kanellis and Thea Trinidad, David Chokachi from "Baywatch" and veteran horror star Nick Principe. As fans of horror and entertainment in general, we thought our readers would appreciate meeting these cast members, and now producer Chad A. Verdi is making that a reality at this year's Rock and Shock convention.

"I'm excited that the whole cast is going to be there,
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Chad Verdi Announces Self Storage 2, Talks Army of the Damned, and Lands Martin Scorsese to Co-Produce Passion Project

To say that producer Chad A. Verdi has made a splash on the horror industry would be quite the understatement. In just the last two years he has produced films starring Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Michael Berryman and many more.

And he's just getting started.

Verdi inked a four-picture deal with Screen Media guaranteeing him distribution for his films before they were even made. A monumental feat for an independent film company. Now Verdi continues to add to his catalog of films, and even landed legendary director Martin Scorsese to co-produce a project he's always dreamed of making.

Verdi recently sat down with Dread Central to talk about his recently wrapped film Army of the Damned and his upcoming projects. "I feel Army of the Damned is the best horror movie we've made yet. No question about it," Verdi said. I think the actors came in, they delivered and with
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Exclusive: Dread Central Visits the Set of Army of the Damned - Part 2

Recently Woodhaven Pictures invited Dread Central to visit the set of their newest project, Army of the Damned, and the cast was so unique that we had to take them up on the offer. This is the conclusion of our set visit report.

Our first article on the Army of the Damned set visit contained interviews with Tony Todd, Nick Principe, Tommy Dreamer, Thea Trinidad, Maria Kanellis and Jackie Moore. Read on to see who shows up in Part Two.

He's a newcomer to the acting business, but certainly not to entertaining audiences. Sully Erna, lead singer of rock band Godsmack, made his feature film debut in Army of the Damned. "This is my first lead in a movie and it's cool," Erna said. "It's an action/horror and there's some good sarcastic New England humor in it. They put me together with three other cops that play beside me.
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Exclusive: Dread Central Visits the Set of Army of the Damned - Part 1

It's not often we hear of a cast as unique as the one producer Chad A. Verdi and Woodhaven Pictures put together for their upcoming film Army of the Damned. So when we got an invite to visit the Rhode Island set, it was a no-brainer.

Headlined by horror legend Tony Todd, the cast was an amazingly diverse bunch, and we got a chance to talk to all of them about their experiences filming Army of the Damned. There were so many key contributors to this movie that we had to break our report into a two-part series; in this section we talk with Todd, horror mainstay Nick Principe, wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer, gorgeous wrestlers Maria Kanellis and Thea Trinidad and one of Army of the Damned female leads, Jackie Moore.

We figured there was no one better to talk to on the set first than the icon, Tony Todd.
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Check Out the First Trailer for Self-Storage, Featuring Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman

Always with a nose to the grindstone, Woodhaven Pictures has just dropped the trailer for their next release, Self-Storage. The film features a cool cast, some killer F/X and hot chicks. Sounds like a winner.

From the Press Release

Verdi Productions and The Woodhaven Production Company announce the official trailer and worldwide releases of their latest film, Self-Storage, through Universal. The films will each reach over 100 million homes through Universals VOD platform starting June 10th.

Chad A. Verdi, the producer and the CEO stated, "this is one of the best films I have ever been involved with and the trailer reflects this." Verdi added, "It's a great feeling to be able to reach over 100 million homes with a national VOD release like this film will have. It's truly a filmmakers dream come true." Verdi added, "I am very proud of my Director Tom DeNucci for his hard work and dedication to the project,
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Filmmaker Chad A. Verdi Taps Tom DeNucci to Direct Army of the Damned, Filming Begins in April

Don’t look now but the Woodhaven Production Company is at it again. Producer Chad A. Verdi has announced his newest film, Army of the Damned, will begin filming in April.

Verdi was so impressed with Tom DeNucci, who wrote and directed his previous film, Self Storage, that he handed him the reins of this film as well.

Woodhaven has previously released the Robert Englund vehicle Inkubus, followed by Infected which starred William Forsythe and Michael Madsen. Dig the original artwork for Army of the Damned below.

From the Press Release

Verdi Productions and The Woodhaven Production Company announce that Rhode Island filmmaker Chad A. Verdi has tabbed writer/director Tom DeNucci to direct his next horror film, Army of the Damned. Filming will begin in April with a star studded cast to be announced soon. David Gere and Seth Rosenblit will join Verdi and Gino Pereira as producers on the project.
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Rock and Shock Welcomes Eric Roberts; Announces Free Sunday Admission for Servicemen and Women

We've got some new updates coming out of Rock and Shock. One story involves a new celebrity guest, and the other concerns a promotion for servicemen and women, including police officers, firefighters and EMTs, attending the festival.

Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts has been added to the constantly growing list of Rock and Shock celebrity guests. Roberts will join Michael Berryman, Jonathan Silverman, Chad Verdi and the rest of the Woodhaven Production team for their panel just before the world premiere of Infected on Saturday night. Verdi recently announced that Roberts and Silverman not only star in his next picture, Self Storage, but have both already signed on for a sequel to be shot next year. And, incidentally, fans of Dread Central might be interested to hear that Dread's own Doctor Gash (that's me!) will be moderating that main event panel.

Rock and Shock is also proud to announce its "Service Sunday" promotion,
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Infected, the Newest Offering from Woodhaven Films, to Hold World Premiere at Rock and Shock

More great news for horror fans in the Massachusetts area! In addition to all the great guests already announced for Rock and Shock, the world premiere of Infected will be held on Saturday night!

Infected is the newest project from Woodhaven Films, which also produced the main entry in last year's Rock and Shock festival, the Robert Englund fueled demonic film Inkubus. Infected stars William Forsythe, Michael Madsen, Christy Romano and Tom DeNucci. Also from Woodhaven pictures will be a sneak preview of their next picture, Self Storage, starring Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman, Nick Principe and Tommy Dreamer. Many of the cast and crew will be on hand for the sneak preview, and a Woodhaven Films panel will be held just before the Infected screening on Saturday night.

Visit the official Rock and Shock website

From the Press Release

MassConcerts and Rock and Shock are thrilled to welcome to our
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First Poster Arrives for Woodhaven Production Company's Self Storage

Featuring one of the more diverse casts we've seen in quite some time, Woodhaven Films' latest movie, Self Storage, has wrapped, and we've got the first official poster as well as some early news of a sequel for you to check out.

Even before Self Storage has its first screening, the film's star, Eric Roberts, and director, Tom DeNucci, have already agreed to return for a sequel. In addition to Roberts, the film features a unique cast featuring Jonathan Silverman, Michael Berryman and former professional wrestler Tommy Dreamer. A sneak peek of Self Storage is slated for October 13th with all actors attending. The location of the show will be announced soon.

For more visit the official Woodhaven Production Company website.

From the Press Release

The Woodhaven Production Company is pleased to announce that its current film, Self Storage, has completed principal photography. Rhode Island producer/filmmaker Chad A. Verdi
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Attention Wrestling Fans! Tommy Dreamer and Rosita Added to Cast of Self Storage

E-c-w! E-c-w! E-c-w! Ah, the chant still rings in our ears from the great days of Extreme Championship Wresting. And one of the main players from the early days, Tommy Dreamer, has been added to the cast of Self Storage.

One of the hardest of the hardcore, the one and only Tommy Dreamer recently joined the cast of Woodhaven Production Co.'s Self Storage. Additionally, Tna's lovely Rosita (aka Thea Trinidad) is also on board. With Michael Berryman, Eric Roberts and Jonathan Silverman already involved in the project, this is shaping up to be a really fun sounding cast.

From the Press Release

Rhode Island filmmaker Chad A. Verdi attached professional wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer (World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (Ecw)), along with Thea Trinidad (aka Rosita from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), to his film Self Storage that is currently being lensed in Rhode Island.

Dreamer and
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Eliza Roberts Enters Self Storage Horror Plus New Behind the Scenes Pics

Go behind the scenes on the set of The Woodhaven Production Company's new horror project 'Self Storage'. A couple of new pics featuring one its stars Michael Berryman ('The Hills Have Eyes') have popped up from the shoot currently lensing on Rhode Island. Producer Chad A. Verdi has revealed the stills along the news that actress Eliza Roberts ('Killer Weekend') has joined the cast. Mrs Roberts will be joining her already cast husband, Eric Roberts ('The Dark Knight'), who is set to play former black operative Walter. Joining Berryman and the Roberts are 'Weekend at Bernies' Jonathan Silverman, Tom DeNucci, Billy 'V' Vigeant, Gillian Williams and Tom Paolino. Check out the full plot and new stills from the Tom DeNucci helmed horror below....
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More Casting News and Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Self Storage

The Woodhaven Production Company is proud to update us on its newest film, Self Storage. The cast currently consists of Michael Berryman, Eric Roberts and Jonathan Silverman; and now a new star has been added. We also have a behind-the-scenes look at the flick.

Filmmaker Chad A. Verdi is pleased to announce Eliza Roberts from such films as Animal House, Kicking and Screaming and the made-for-tv film Doctor Who, has been added to the cast. In addition, Verdi has provided us with some behind-the-scenes stills of Michael Berryman with the cast and crew. Dig it!

For more on the film, check out Self Storage on Facebook.

From the Press Release

The Woodhaven Production Company is pleased to announce the addition of Eliza Roberts (Animal House, Kicking and Screaming) to its star-studded cast that includes Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables) and horror legend Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes,
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Producer Chad A. Verdi Attaches Eric Roberts to Upcoming Film Self Storage

After recently announcing that Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman will be starring in his next film, Self Storage, producer Chad A. Verdi of Woodhaven Productions now adds Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts to the project.

Verdi stated, "This film is going to be something very special. It started with a great script, and now, with this cast, the sky is the limit." Filming begins in July in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, for a planned March 2013 release.

For more on Self Storage, plus info on Verdi's previous films, the Robert Englund vehicle Inkubus, and the upcoming zombie film Infected (starring William Forsythe and Michael Madsen, October 2012 release date), visit the official Woodhaven Films website.

From the Press Release

The Woodhaven Production Company is pleased to announce the signing of Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Night, The Expendables) to the cast of Self Storage. The film tells the story of Jake,
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Michael Berryman Heads into Self Storage

Legendary genre actor Michael Berryman has been added to the cast of Woodhaven Production Company's newest project, Self Storage. The creators of Inkubus, starring Robert Englund and William Forsythe, now add another name to the growing list of genre icons on their roster.

Filming for Self Storage will begin in July with an eye on a March 2013 release date. For more on this up-and-coming East Coast horror-making machine (Self Storage will be their third film horror film produced in the past 20 months), visit the official Woodhaven Films website.

From the Press Release

The Woodhaven Production Company has attached Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Star Trek) to its next feature horror film, Self Storage. Berryman will join Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's, Inkubus) in the cast. Producer Chad A. Verdi stated,"We are currently in the final stages of signing an Oscar-nominated actor to play opposite Berryman.
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