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Oddly Not Fulfilling
weesa72924 December 2020
I love Jane Austen, as in read the books, seen the movies, and so on. As much as I wanted to like this, there was no flow to it, this film seemed to stumble along rather than flow. I am not sure that the Owen character was miscast as I felt zero connection with him as a human being, and even less between him and other characters. This could have been beautifully sad, funny and uplifting, but it is not. That makes me sad. If you want to honor Jane Austen's writing and a particular book, please do it with more life and more joy than this. I would say, if you love Jane Austen, watch it, but know that it is not what you are hoping for.
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An insult to Austen
jagfannn19 December 2020
Clearly the idea in "Modern" Persuasion is to replace the cast with vacuous degenerates and expect it to be successful. The contrast only serves as a sad commentary on modern society.
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superficial and whiny - not charming Austen
jsmlsend27 December 2020
What a disappointment. Had high hopes especially with Alicia Witt and Bebe Neuwirth.

But though based on the Austen novel, this movie lacks the integrity, intelligence and charm of Austen. Also worth noting that Persuasion is more serious than Austen's other work.

In its modern interpretation, the movie essentially celebrates consumerism, lack of ethics at work, rampant EEO violations at work, work conflict of interest, snarky objectification etc. Basically the Sex and the City version of Austen.

But even as a standard rom-com without the Austen reference, the whiny characters result in a charmless movie.
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bettinahooper22 January 2021
The 'modern day' working girl patter of this script kept me wondering how long this movie been gathering dust in a can on the shelf of some Toronto warehouse

The performances are pretty good but the script and direction, which somehow manage to make the Austen plot seem plodding, have all the hallmarks of a five year old Canadian Lifetime movie. I can't believe I paid to rent this.
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Not A Masterpiece but...
musicalfreakgurl20 December 2020
Since I haven't read that Austen book, I can't comment on how closely related is to the source material. But I will say aside from the usual conflicts that you'd expect from a Hallmarkesque movie. It is a whole convoluted mess, but an enjoyable, laughable convoluted mess.

The characters themselves definitely represent the current masses due to modern resources. But that doesn't distract from the undertones of how social media can shape and form our lives, as well as how family can be such an influence on your own views as a individual.

Wren, the heroine of the movie was definitely on the merry-go-round of life circling three men, having a connection with all three of them.

But who to choose?

The ex, the newbie, or the set-up?

Definitely give it a shot but while I say this, it doesn't mean this is a masterpiece. It's not but it is quite funny at times.
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Highly underappreciated
humormeaj24 December 2020
I haven't read the book, and I acknowledge that the leads could have had better chemistry (it wasn't zero as some have claimed), but this is one of the best romantic comedies that I have watched in ages. Sure, it didn't have a high budget, but unlike most low budget attempts, this one had good directing, talented actors, and a fantastic script. It didn't have money, so it used what it did have to wonderful effect. It hit all the right beats at all the right moments. I'm not claiming that any of the actors should get academy awards, but each one pulled off its character perfectly. The supporting roles start out as mild caricatures, but as the movie progresses they all get enough depth to be touching. Your typical Oscar winning film doesn't manage even half as much bang per buck as this movie got on its shoestring budget. If you are searching for a masterpiece, then move on. But if you're looking for good romantic comedies that don't suck, give this a try. It fights well above its weight class and is terribly underrated. I would gladly choose it ahead of at least 90% of the romantic comedies put out each year that probably have 10 times its budget.
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Fun update to Austen
thejsk23 January 2021
I confess that I love everything about Persuasion. It is my favorite Austen novel. This is definitely more rom-com than Austen could ever have imagined and the characters are not particularly faithful to the novel. However, the central story is there. The character updates to the pair of Musgrove sisters (Gen Y-Z marketing team), lovelorn Benik, and Mary Elliott (mouthy, goodhearted, lesbian... my fav update) are successful. Bebe Neuwirth is brilliant as always. Alicia Witt and Shane McRae have nice chemistry as the central romantic pair. And the supporting characters are fun though not as fully developed as I would have liked. This adaptation is more in the vein of Clueless. While I don't think the story of Persuasion lends itself to comedy, I enjoyed it very much.
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