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Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Photos and New Poster Art from 'Dinner with the Dwyers'

Seth Metoyer

Some exclusive behind the scenes photos, new poster and details about the upcoming horror-comedy short Dinner With the Dwyers have released.

Check them out below the official details.

From The Press Release

An Anti-Hero Production brings you the official poster art and family photos from the first shoot date of Dinner with the Dwyers.

A short horror-comedy film brought to you by the executive producer and director Edward Payson, whose directing credits include The Cohasset Snuff Film, and writer Trevor Wright, who’s known for Sculpture. Dinner with the Dwyers tells the story about a serial killer who finds himself out of his element when he accompanies his girlfriend to a family dinner in hopes of impressing her eccentric parents.

Producer and star Marv Blauvelt, who is also known for Sculpture and Snake with a Human Tail, created a happy little family by bringing Felissa Rose
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R-squared Films to release controversial movie 'The Cohasset Snuff Film'


R-squared Films is set to release The Cohasset Snuff Film, the controversial horror film by Edward Payson. Check out the gory details below.

From The Press Release:

Release Dates

Cable VOD January 1st-March 31st 2014

BluRay: Jan 15th 2014 In Stores and available on

DVD: February 18th, 2014 In stores and online (Available for Pre-order on Amazon now)

Digital: January 2014


The filmmakers have been threatened by the town of Cohasset Massachusetts. The Cohasset School system was contacted by the Cohasset police department in regards the the Cohasset Snuff Film facebook page. They thought the film would cause a homicide in Cohasset and wanted to shut the film down, hinting at suing the filmmakers.

In October before the film was in select Massachusetts theaters Cohasset parents tried to have the trailer pulled from Youtube and protested the film at Cohasset City hall.

Phone Call received by the filmmakers from school official: http://www.
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Breaking News: MOnsterworks66 and Dismal Productions team up to produce Horror feature 'Squeal: The Harvest'

By Terry Farmer,

The latest news from Hollywoodland is that two horror powerhouses – Seth Metoyer and Bill Obert Jr’s Dismal Productions and Maria Olsen’s MOnsterworks66 – have joined forces to bring their rabid horror fans Squeal: The Harvest, a dark and sordid feature that will leave audiences gasping and, yes, squealing!

Michael Hultquist (Arena, Victim) has written a cracker of a script exploring murder, mutilation and mayhem, and the cast will be headed by the ultra-creepy Oberst as Uncle Ollie. Oberst is probably best known for winning a Daytime Emmy award for his role in the internet sensation Take This Lollipop, which was actually blocked on Facebook under suspicion of being a malicious app when it was first released. His other on-screen horror triumphs include Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, The Shunning and Deadly Revisions.

Squeal will also feature Olsen in a supporting role, and
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Exclusive: Teaser Poster and first details about ‘Squeal’ (working title) unveiled

By David Harkness,

Dismal Productions has unveiled the first poster and details for the upcoming horror film Squeal (working title).

The movie is currently in pre-production and has tapped Ted Payson (The Cohasset Snuff Film, Sunday Night Slaughters) to direct. The story is by Seth Metoyer (Cell Count, Slink) and Shannon Hilson. The script was penned by Michael Hultquist (Arena, Victim). Poster design was created by Charlie Hintz of Mental Shed Studios.

Squeal is currently casting for minor roles, but actor Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) will be playing the role of Uncle Ollie. Consequently, Oberst and Metoyer co-own Dismal Productions. When speaking with Oberst about his role as Uncle Ollie, Oberst said it was "perfect" for him because he is "so twisted".

When speaking about the script, Oberst added that it has a "very fun and scary's like Escape To Witch Mountain
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'The Cohasset Snuff Film' Premiere Dates Announced

By David Harkness,

The premiere theatrical dates for the controversial found footage feature film The Cohasset Snuff Film (review) have been announced.

The movie, which features an uncensored theatrical poster (see the uncensored poster here) has recently been flagged by Google as showing too much "gore/violence". This just adds to the continued controversy surrounding the film.

Check out the following premiere dates and info about "The Cohasset Snuff Film" and listen to an exclusive audio video which features a Cohasset public school teacher's message voicing her concern about the movie and stating that many parents "in a panic" over the movie.

Make sure to catch it in theaters if you can!

Premiere Dates

Edward Payson and an Anti-Hero Production presents The Cohasset Snuff Film - World Premiere Oct. 31 North Hollywood, CA, 7:30pm at Laemmle's Noho 7 Pending

Edward Payson and an Anti-Hero Production presents The Cohasset Snuff Film Nov.
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Angel Corbin Joins Cast of 'Sunday Night Slaughters'


Edward Payson’s Sunday Night Slaughters is a horror webseries-cum-dvd anthology that promises something for every horror fan, and Payson is thrilled to welcome Angel Corbin to the Sns team as both producer and actress.

Sunday Night Slaughters is nothing if not a team effort, and it’s helmed by writer/director/producer Payson (Morbid: A Love Story, The Cohasset Snuff Film), MoreHorror’s own Seth Metoyer, Antonino Buzzone, the web-genius who brought the world the hit series A Guy walks into a Bar and the fast-growing production company, MOnsterworks66, of which Corbin is a full partner along with Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, The Haunting of Whaley House).

Corbin is also busy making her mark in the acting world, and distribution details will shortly be announced for her first feature, DisOrientation. Also to be seen in the TV series Love Bites and After Hours – where she
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Movie Review: The Cohasset Snuff Film

The Cohasset Snuff Film (2012) review

Written by: Edward Payson & Darnell J. Taylor

Directed by: Edward Payson

Synopsis: In 2009, the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts was rocked with tragedy. A 17-year-old high school senior named Collin Mason murdered three classmates. All the murders were videotaped and uploaded to the Internet via bit torrent sites and for three days, the world viewed the murders of these three innocent teens. Through legal action, the parents of the victims were able to remove all footage from the Internet and the town tried to save face by pretending it never happened. Bootleg copies of this footage are still passed around and downloaded through illegal means. The impact of this video is still being felt in Cohasset today. The video has become infamous, and is now referred to as The Cohasset Snuff Film.

Reviewed by Jesse Miller,

You have to admire the found footage genre,
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Exclusive MoreHorror Spotlight: 'Sunday Night Slaughters' Horror Film-Maker Edward Payson

By David Harkness,

Edward Payson is the mastermind behind Sunday Night Slaughters, a collection of twelve macabre, eerie and downright terrifying short horror films that can’t wait to burst it bonds and thoroughly creep out all who sees it.

Payson is no stranger to the horror genre and directed his first feature horror, Morbid: A Love Story, while a freshman completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema at Columbia College Hollywood. Morbid, which stars Liam J Smith and Anna Palestis, was an ambitious project with a 70-person cast that took Payson two years to complete due to many complications including the unfortunate and unexpected loss of his father, Edward Payson Senior. The feature was a finalist at the Las Vegas Film Festival, and Payson is presently investigating distribution options to get this extremely intriguing look into a serial killer’s mind on everybody’s screens.

Payson was
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Exclusive: An Anti-Hero Production, Monsterworks66 and Antonio Buzzone team up to create Edward Payson's 'Sunday Night Slaughters'


Horror director Edward Payson brings an edgy new horror webseries dealing with Cannibalism, Werewolves, Demons and Christians…is the tagline for Sunday Night Slaughters, the brand new horror series / DVD anthology that Edward Payson, Antonino Buzzone and the MOnsterworks66 duo, Angel Corbin (DisOrientation) and Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief), are teaming up to produce. With such powerhouse producers attached, the series can only be stunning!

Edward Payson & An Anti-hero Productions

Edward Payson is an up-and-coming filmmaker – the whole package: writes, directs and produces – and he is fast making a name for both himself and his production company, An Anti-Hero Productions, in the horror and documentary worlds. Horror fans may remember Payson for bringing them the disturbing serial killer yarn Morbid: A Love Story, and they’re also presently anticipating the release of his documentary on snuff killer Collin Mason, The Cohasset Snuff Film,
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Uncensored Poster for 'The Cohasset Snuff Film' Releases

By Seth Metoyer,

The folks behind the upcoming teen murder movie The Cohasset Snuff Film has just released the new gory-ridden poster for your sensitive eyes.

We've included the censored version of the poster (left) for you tender eyed people.

If you think you can handle some brutal carnage, check out the full uncensored version of the poster below the jump.

The Cohasset Snuff Film is about a 17 year old high school student that murdered three of his fellow classmates and additionally recorded the murders via video.


In 2009, the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts was rocked with tragedy. A 17-year-old high school senior named Collin Mason murdered three classmates. All the murders were videotaped and uploaded to the Internet via bit torrent sites and for three days, the world viewed the murders of these three innocent teens. Through legal action, the parents of the victims were able
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Take Your First Look at The Cohasset Snuff Film

We've got very little on this one, but when a kick-ass trailer arrives, we've gotta pass it along to you guys. All we know is The Cohasset Snuff Film is from Anti-Hero Productions and was created by Edward Payson. We'll let the trailer do the rest of the talking.

Filmed in a very similar vein to The Poughkeepsie Tapes, The Cohasset Snuff Film is supposed discovered footage collected by a serial killer during his murders and the events leading up to them. Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think. We'll definitely bring you more on this as we get it.


In 2009 the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts, was rocked with tragedy. A 17-year-old high school senior named Collin Mason murdered three classmates. All the murders were videotaped and uploaded to the Internet via bit torrent sites, and for three days the world viewed the
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An Anti-hero Production to Release 'The Cohasset Snuff Film'

By Seth Metoyer,

An interesting feature film about a small Massachusetts town is set to release and we've got some exclusive footage for you to view.

Award-Winning filmmaker Edward Payson is set to release his controversial new horror film through Anti-Hero Production's about murderer Collin Mason called "The Cohasset Snuff Film".

Mason was a 17 year old high school teen who murdered three of his classmates and recorded the murders on video. Below the summary you can find the trailer for the film as well as a video blog given by a student from Cohasset High School after the murder of Sarah Moran took place on the school football field.

The film is already causing a stir within the actual community of Cohasset, Massachusetts. When speaking to filmmaker Edward Payson, he told us about being contacted by a school official concerned about the films release.

"About a month ago
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'Live-In Fear' Looks to Confront Your Fears


Maria Olsen – best known for her role as Mrs Dodds/The Fury Alecto from Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – doesn’t believe in sitting around and waiting for opportunities to come to her. She likes to go out and make opportunities for herself and others instead, and the latest in her series of attachments to ambitiously awesome horror features is that to Brandon Scullion’s Live-In Fear.

Olsen met Scullion on the set of his creepy and atmospheric short film The Black Guitar in January 2011, and, when they renewed their acquaintance while on set for The Cohasset Snuff Film, Ted Payson’s follow-up feature to his critically acclaimed Morbid: A Love Story, it was only a matter of time before they would team up under the auspices of their respective production companies, Iodine Sky Productions (Scullion) and MOnsterworks66 (Olsen). The project they have chosen
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