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Tiff Presents Canada’s Top Ten Screenings

Toronto – On December 4th, Tiff saluted the best of Canadian Cinema at the 12th Annual Canada’s Top Ten industry event, hosted by Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis, A Dangerous Method) and Don McKellar (Blindness, Trigger). A panel of industry professionals selected the top 10 Canadian feature and short films. Tiff Senior Programmer Steve Gravestock said that this year’s lineup “champions the work of familiar faces as well as emerging talent – all of whose stellar filmmaking achievements shape the Canadian film community”.

To celebrate the best Canadian films of 2012, Tiff will be hosting a 10-day festival of the winners. Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of the Toronto International Festival, says that the festival “offers homegrown talent a dedicated platform to showcase their success, and we couldn’t be more impressed by the calibre of films the industry has produced this year.”

The selected top ten are as follows, in no particular order:

Short Films

Bydlo dir.
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Your Complete Guide & Capsule Reviews of Entire 2012 Tiff Short Cuts Canada Programmes

  • The Film Stage
With all the buzz around world premieres and gala events happening at the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s easy to forget there is also a pretty stellar shorts program in the mix. Consisting of work spanning all genres, the format is a great way to experience new, upcoming talent as well as to check up on a couple familiar faces too. The following is a collection of capsule reviews and scores for each short in their respective screening blocks.

—Programme 1

Bardo Light – 10 minutes

What do you get when you mix the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the ancient metallurgical science of alchemy, and the namesake of inventor Philo Farnsworth? The answer is Connor Gaston‘s short film Bardo Light—titled for the bright glow none of us can avoid at the end of our lives.

Told via the police interrogation of the younger Farnsworth (Shaan Rahman) after his adopted
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The 20th Curtas Vila Do Conde Short Films Festival

Short films are the loose change in the treasury of world cinema usually dismissed in favor of feature films, an over-valued currency not infrequently resulting into toxic assets. The cheap label slapped on shorts unjustly omits their pivotal role in a film industry that needs them but ignores them. It is common knowledge that in 90% of cases the calling card for new directors comes in the short format, yet it would not come as natural to name the title of a short film made by an established filmmaker.

Confined to the extra features of DVD reissues, programme fillers at major film festivals, sidebar curiosities for bored cinephiles, shorts lack in visibility because they are not as profitable as their longer brothers. Even imagination has its monetary value, and stock exchange…

Shorts nonetheless possess intrinsic values: they have a snapshot quality and are able to focus intensely on a single subject.
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