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Harmless comedy, will bring a smile or two.
Flow6 November 2013
Stalled, in my personal opinion, is actually a good comedy/horror, something that works even for girls, even for the stomach weak people, because it doesn't rely that much on gore. Of course, it has its parts, but mostly it tries to be constructive, as much as it can, especially considering the plot and somehow I think it succeed.

We all know that a janitor is trapped in a women's restroom, so if you lower your expectations a little, especially from those 2 bad reviews that are here, I think you might just laugh a little at this one. I watched it become more interesting, more humorous and smarter, therefore I do recommend such a movie. You want a real crapper, then watch "Zombie ass: toilette of the dead", you wanna have some innocent fun to pass the time, sure, give "Stallet" a try. I'm telling you, if you are a horror fan that likes to put one eye on the cross with comedy from time to time, this one will do the trick. A nice add-on to the gender.

Other horror comedies I would recommend: Dead Snow; Night of the living dorks; One eyed monster; Grabbers.
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Interesting in itself, but didn't really stand out...
Paul Magne Haakonsen1 February 2014
I enjoy all things zombie, and check out just about everything I can come across. Now, the title of this movie, the concept of the story and the fact that it brandished "a worthy successor to Shaun of the Dead" on the front cover really had my interest peaked.

So, of course I had to give it a go. And the verdict is, well, the story has its moments, and it is one of those particular movies that is thick with British comedy. A worthy successor to "Shaun of the Dead", however, nah, I wouldn't go that far.

The story is in all its simplicity about W.C. (played by Dan Palmer), a janitor who gets trapped in a women's bathroom stall when a Christmas party takes a turn for the worse and people start turning into ravenous flesh-eating zombies.

I will say that director Christian James did have an interest approach to this movie, especially since about 95% of all the movie just takes place in a confined, cramped stall in a ladies restroom. That being said, then that limitation of location also set a heavy limitation on the movie, because it was starting to wear a bit thin towards the end.

The acting in the movie was alright, especially since the entire movie was just riding on the performance of Dan Palmer and the voice of Antonia Bernath - from two stalls over.

"Stalled" is in itself a good enough zombie movie, that should be watched at least once, if you enjoy zombie movies, as I do. However, it is not outstanding, nor is it as great as initially hyped up to be. The movie is fairly generic, and while it is not amongst the worst of zombies movies I have seen, nor can I claim that it is amongst the better of such movies.
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An hilarious and heartfelt horror comedy
May_lo6 November 2013
Stalled was a real surprise. A zombie picture that takes place in a restroom? Sure to be full of puerile urine jokes, yes? No. The surprise element came in the form of emotional u-turns (u-bends?), well drawn characterizations and unique performances. The majority of the reviews for this film have been great, the bad ones seem to be on IMDb and are so bitter it is clear that the individuals writing them have more of a deepseated problem with themselves than any film!

This film is equally silly, emotional and action packed and the makers (for the most part)stay true to their all-in-a-stall concept. I saw this with a festival crowd and the entire audience cheered and laughed and whooped throughout. So inventive I squealed. Give it a chance - you won't regret it.
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A true Zombie flick where the brains are lacking from the writing to the filmmaking
Bruno Filardi5 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Bad acting, too many "familiar places" in the story, a starting point which has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING and practically a waste of your life. 450k went out on making this thing? Jeez. And the poster brags of being "successor to Shawn of the Dead"? You wish! It's slow, the plot is filled with excessive absurdities and the "ending"... what was that for? If this were a student film, I would have gave them a B for effort. Since this were made by so-called professionals, I would have gave them a kick in the face for making me waste my time, for starters. It is pretty obvious that the ONLY other "review" (if you can call it that) was made by someone with personal interest in the creators. No one in their sane mind could say that this movie is EVEN good. The only consistency in the film is that since it takes place in a toilet the movie accurately is complete crap.
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Cute idea, terrible execution - FLUSH IT!!!
NormanCroucher4 November 2013
A man is stuck in a toilet stall during the zombie apocalypse. Sold!

Simple and effective horror comedy concept... totally amateurish and inept execution. The disappointment here is that with some actual talent behind and in front of the camera, this could have been a real gem.

Problems begin pretty much from the opening shot when you realise the lighting and cinematography are absolutely horrid. The film achieves this really cheap and cheerless look. It resembles an episode from one of those bad teen TV soap operas from the 1990's. This should immediately alert you to the fact that you're watching student filmmakers running amok with a budget.


Okay, so the cheap look can be forgiven because this is lo-fi comedy horror stuff. Fair enough right? Surely the film will make-up for that with wit and invention and gags. Right? Right??!


The next major (and most crucial) problem; the writer of "Stalled", Dan Palmer, is also its star. And this is one of those writers that fancies himself an actor. And not only does he not have the chops to carry an entire feature film by himself, he can't deliver a single line of dialogue with conviction. It's as if he's trying to remember how his script sounded in his head when he came up with the dialogue. He may as well be reading the script to himself on the toilet. He's awful. If Palmer had taken his own ego and misguided acting aspirations out of the equation, they could have cast a semi-decent comedic actor in the lead.

It starts off with the promise of a somewhat "silent" horror comedy where our main character doesn't seem to speak much, if at all. But then the dialogue kicks in and, since Dan Palmer has no idea how to keep the story going without it, we get endless "f bombs" being dropped every other sentence, horribly muddled and dull lines delivered by people who just can't act, and long interludes of Palmer monloguing and emoting with embarrassing consequences. Accentuating sentences in the wrong places, forcing emotion with no help from the clueless director, Christian James.

Add in some unconvincing zombie make-up effects and mostly unfunny gags, and you have all the ingredients of a desperate "Shaun of the Dead" knock-off without the wit, invention or the talent.

It's a shame because it's got some smart ideas and a few neat ways of sustaining its simple concept over 80 minutes. I even quite liked the punchline at the end but the journey there was so unimaginative and glib that ultimately the whole experience smacked of a bunch of student filmmakers who got a little money together and extended a short film concept into a feature.

And that's what this should have been - a student short film and nothing more.

As much as I like to support independent films, when they are this amateur and poorly executed in (almost) every area, it's advisable to warn others against crossing paths with it.

Sorry "Stalled" but you really do belong in the toilet.
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Zombie movie with heart
jon_dolan200024 August 2013
Having been aware of Dan Palmer and Christian James, with their debut feature Freak Out, I was looking forward to seeing their new film STALLED. Described as Phone Booth meets Evil Dead, STALLED takes the concept of being stuck in a confined space with no visible escape and runs with it. What sets it apart from other zombie films is that is has a great deal of heart. You learn about the characters lives and they too learn about themselves. I found that, although the concept lends itself to all kinds of lowbrow gags and knowing winks, it avoids them and plays it pretty straight up. That's not to say it's a totally serious film, there are some real laugh out loud parts. The dialogue is incredibly funny and there's a healthy amount of red stuff splashed about the place.

I saw this at the 2013 Frightfest weekend in London. I enjoyed it a great deal and will definitely be going to see it again when it finally gets an official UK release. I believe it has a limited run in Cinemas and VOD in October. Since I'm visiting Orlando for a holiday then I will definitely be checking to see if this is playing whilst I'm over there.

There were certain parts which stayed with me, and made me laugh, long after I'd left the cinema. The only downside is that I really want to re watch it again. Unfortunately until an official release comes along I'll have to wait.

Highly recommended.
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A fresh zombie film in a stale genre
Lauren Donis25 November 2013
I heard about this film whilst preparing for my first FrightFest and the concept of a zombie apocalypse taking place in a toilet instantly excited me. Not only are zombie films my favourite type of films, I also love films set in a limited location. I desperately wanted to see it, but I figured it was either going to be awesome or terrible. Thankfully, it was the former.

Unlike many films that trick you with an interesting and original concept which is barely utilised, it fully explores the thing that draws you in. The majority of the film takes place in the stall, and the rest of it within the bathroom (mostly), so there are no unnecessary filler scenes.

It is more or less a one-man show, with Dan Palmer taking on the job of carrying the entire film on his shoulders. Playing to his strengths, he manages to create a likable and sympathetic hero in WC, as well as delivering his lines perfectly and just being damn hilarious. I knew I was going to love it as soon as soon as he uttered, "There's zombies in your toilet!".

A secondary character, who we never see, is introduced later on and she is one of the few faults I find with the film. She's an interesting character with some funny lines, but also feels a little distant and occasionally forced - which may be especially jarring as she's playing against Palmer, who is much more natural. That's not to say I didn't sympathize with her either; it's just she felt a little out of place.

It is very much a film that focuses on its characters and their situation, rather than being a slasher-zombie film. The zombies themselves look good and they, and the gory stuff, are used sparingly and to effect.

It is a near-perfect film with only a few weak spots; the 'Evie' character, a bit of the overly sentimental dialogue and a couple of too-silly jokes, but after having seen it three times, it's definitely solidified itself as an all-time favourite for me, and I'm sure it'll be held up as one of the best zombie films in recent years for others as well.
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Kid Retro12 December 2013
Bathrooms... our most vulnerable state. Stalled's premise is clever however, it failed to take off.

The very first minute will let you know that this is an incredibly low-budget. The lighting is awful, the sound is poorly executed, and the crew seems to have forgotten tripods exist. The lighting changes so often and the shaky camera made this movie very hard to watch.

As for the plot, Stalled can hardly be labeled as a zombie film. 1/4 of the movie is zombie survival while the other 3/4 is filled with Dan Palmer's back-story/revelations and crude jokes. Speaking of jokes, I guess you can label Stalled as a Horror-comedy. It is mainly toilet humor (both figuratively and literally) but it does have a few jokes (pop-culture references) where you may smile or chuckle however, it is not enough to save it.

Honestly, Stalled has no redeeming qualities. If, for some reason, you are interested in low budget, "indie" film with zombies, I do not recommend Stalled.
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great premise....
Sorpse3 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was a very competent film. The premise was incredible but it definitely worried me into wondering how they could pull it off. A guy surviving the zombie apocalypse from a bathroom stall. Funny, but could it fill a feature? In the end I would say that they pulled it off. The script went at a good pace, the zombies and gore looked good, and probably the best part was the lead actor who pulled off his role very well. The only problem that I would have with this movie though is that there wasn't anything that really put it over the top for me too make it overly memorable, besides the original premise of course. It satisfied but it didn't quite thrill me so for that it gets a 6.5. Its a movie that achieves what it set out to do and for that its a success in a genre (low budget independent zom-com) that can be very tricky to tackle.
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Needs Something
gavin69426 December 2013
A janitor (Dan Palmer) gets trapped in a women's restroom and encounters an all-out attack by a horde of zombies.

Clearly the people who made this have talent, had an idea, had a good cast and crew and had a sense of humor. But it just never really took off. There are some scenes that are pretty awesome, but the vast bulk of the time is drawn out (I could not care less about the relationship between WC and the girl in the other stall).

Unfortunately, another issue was the strong British accents. I cannot hold this against them -- or at least I should not -- but many of the talking parts were completely lost on me. These were some thick accents.
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Best Zombie Comedy for Quite Some Time
abbydirects8 November 2013
I saw Stalled at the Film Four Fright Fest in Leicester Square this past Summer and it was most deffo in my number two (haha) of the weekend, after Big Bad Wolves and before Curse of Chucky. Myself and the people I saw the film with went in thinking we had 'had it' with zombie films ..we were dead wrong.

This film is charming from beginning to end with a lovably unlovable lead in Dan Palmer who makes you root for him even though he does some pretty low things and often messes up. But I think what really made this film for me was the razor sharp dialogue and the very clever way they came up with ways to battle or defend themselves from the zombies (now and again it reminded me of MacGuyver ...or MacGroober!!).

Don't listen to the few nay-sayers on this board, everyone in that screening loved the film and if you look at most of the reviews from real critics it has got AMAZING reviews. WHich I agree with!

It has been compared to Sean of the Dead but it only has vague similarities, I think it is more comparable to Brain Dead or Jack Brooks with a bit of Evil Dead thrown in. The character of WC could be a new nerdy ASH - maybe he could fight werewolves next?! Cannot wait for the sequel!!
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A worthy successor to Shaun of the Dead? No.
Harry_Henderson_NZ8 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing that should worry you about this film before even watching it are the words prominently displayed on it's poster stating that it is "A worthy successor to Shaun of the Dead". After watching the movie I decided to go and read the full review where that little excerpt was taken from, just to make sure that the words 'This is not' didn't come immediately before or after it, because this is not a worthy successor to Shaun of the Dead and a worthy successor to Shaun of the Dead this is not.

In 1989 a family flying from Venezuela to Brazil crashed in the dense forest of an unexplored part of the Amazon rain forest. The tribe that lived there had never seen TV or movies, never heard of horror or zombies, yet I would bet my first born child's soul that with the home video camera that the tribe found in the wreckage, they would manage to make a better horror/comedy zombie film than what the makers of Stalled delivered to us.

First things first, Stalled is about a janitor working in a large office block who sneaks into the ladies restroom to quickly use one of the toilets, while in there the zombie apocalypse happens and he get's trapped. They should of made a movie about a person trapped in the toilets with a TV playing this movie and no way to turn it off, at least that would be true horror.

There are 3 main problems with this movie, firstly the camera-work is just horrible. Close ups and weird angles that are obviously meant to make the movie look interesting do nothing except make the movie look like a bunch of film students were given a camera with no teacher around to tell them when they were doing things wrong. Also it just looks cheap, it doesn't have that movie feel to it, it looks more like a half decent home made video posted on Youtube.

The 2nd problem is the acting, especially by the actor playing the main character. He is the writer of this movie and unfortunately for us he decided to play the lead role as well, a lead role where the character is the only character on screen for 95% of the movie. He can not act. I could give any of you reading this a copy of the script, on the day it was to be filmed, and I would expect that all of you could deliver your lines better than he could. I will be surprised if his acting career in the future entails anything more exciting than dressing up in a giant animal suit and playing Roger the giant Rabbit in a pantomime for preschoolers, even then he wouldn't be first choice for any director. But acting in a horror comedy film isn't that important, not when you have a witty script filled with humorous and/or dangerous situations for our characters to find themselves in........

...and that brings us to the last, and possibly the biggest problem with this comedy horror film. It just doesn't successfully deliver on the horror or the comedy. The comedy is school boyish at best, not what we have become used to from British films over the last few years. The first "funny" scene in the film is when the janitor, stuck in a stall in the ladies toilets, contemplates masturbating to two scantily clad women who walked in and decided to start making out with each other for no real reason after they had been talking about what men they liked. At least I think it was meant to be funny, either that or it was meant to be disturbing, if it was meant to be disturbing then the filmmakers succeeded. The comedy goes downhill after that with jokes and gags that just don't work. The horror on the other hand is non existent, it doesn't miss like the comedy does, it just isn't there, sure there are zombies and we see people get eaten, but there is no tension, no sense of claustrophobia (which is quite an achievement for a movie set inside a toilet cubicle),no panic, no urgency and absolutely zero fear shown by the leads. I can think of pretty much any horror comedy movie and all of them had more horror in them than this did, even the Scary Movie franchise, and for a movie that is meant to be a horror comedy but isn't funny and has no scares, that's a problem.

I'll leave now, I will admit that this movie left me thinking about it long after I had finished watching it, and that thought was "Is it irony that this movie is set entirely in a toilet and turned out to be a big steaming pile of sh...........?"

I give it 2 stars out of 10. One for the camera operator managing to keep the camera pointed in the right direction and another for the brilliant portrayal of a toilet played by a very talented toilet.
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More John Hughes than John Carpenter, a zombie movie that's not exploitational
brodiebruce_40514 November 2013
I was lucky enough to see this based on the fact I was a huge fan of the team's first feature, FREAK OUT, also written by and starring Dan Palmer and directed by Christian James. This is not quite more of the same - Freak Out was a handmade, home-made movie taking years to film and has confident-low-budget-feel that comes from that kind of production and the somewhat leisurely pace of it. By virtue of it's setting and plotting, STALLED lacks the scope of FREAK OUT which, in the long tradition of horror/monster movies, functioned almost as a travelogue for small towns in general, but it gains in every other area because it is clearly a more professional production, shot on a tight schedule (almost all of it on one set), with more of a cohesive whole.

The writing is a lot more confident - if Freak Out was driven by an infectious craziness - a low-budget British attempt at an early Joe Dante film - this is more like Joss Whedon's writing. There's a heavy emphasis on character, a lot of fun with words and clichés, gratuitous pop culture references (including some very important ones to "Jingle All the Way") and a sweet natured affection throughout. Palmer has called it a cross between "Career Opportunities", a much maligned and neglected John Hughes production about coming of age (it was sort of a riff on both "The Breakfast Club" and "Home Alone", but with a love relationship at the core) and George A. Romero's original "Day of the Dead". The latter influence is almost exclusively on the (extremely) confined environment and the zombie presence - none of that film's ugly nihilism is really present, but much of the former's charm is present and in this day and age, that's more impressive to me. Anyone can now fill the screen with zombies and gore, but how many can actually make you care about the characters, especially when there are really only two of them that matter? With an ensemble cast, peripheral characters can alienate us - with only two characters (one of whom is barely seen, more on that in a sec) the audience is potentially stuck with people they hate - the film pulls this off completely.

Our main character is W.C. (that's an abbreviation of "Water Closet", a term for a toilet in case you missed's a throwaway joke, the film is funnier than that) played by Palmer. I don't want to spoil the movie but he's basically a crook with some reasons - selfish, immature but understandable ones. This movie doesn't really want to be "Attack the Block" (which is fine with me, I hated it) and make some bold social statement, but it does use the underlying tension of that for some neat character business. Think more along the lines of Dante's infidelity in "Clerks" than interpreting the zombies as the supernatural guilt manifestations as in an Edgar Allen Poe story.

The other character is "Evie", and I'm somewhat limited about what I can say about her without spoiling the film. Some of the film she functions as an avatar for W.C. to speak to sight-unseen (think "Wilson" in "Castaway"), and in other scenes has a more profound interaction with W.C. (now think "Wilson" in "Home Improvement", barely glimpsed over the fence). She has an arc of her own that it's not fair to spoil, but let it be said it does get you in the heart and speaks to a pretty neglected section of society. In a sea of "Strippers VS Zombies", "Strippers VS Vampires", "Vampire Zombie Strippers" and "Strippers VS Hookers", this stands apart from the noisy soft-core "dvd premiere" zombie toilet.

There are some problems in the film - the movie was shot digital and has a bit of a synthetic look to it, but the story and writing worked well enough that I didn't mind. The set's convincing, the music fantastic (a Tangerine Dream/Mark Isham's score for the original "The Hitcher" feel) and the zombies serviceable.

There is a moment where I have to wonder why the zombies all exclaim "Brains" in one key scene, not in evidence in the rest of the picture, in the manner of the "Return of the Living Dead" zombies (and every zombie parody from 1985-2000, including The Simpsons and South Park).

I do also think the ending, which most people liked, could've stood to lose the last 20 seconds or so. There's a phone call which wraps up the plot quite neatly and nothing more needed to be done, I have to say I thought it was a development too far, but I'm probably in the minority there. My feeling is simply that when the movie was over, what stayed with me wasn't the brilliance of the concept (epic apocalypse, most mundane and awful seat to watch from) but the writing and characterisation wrung out of such a limited situation and cast. To have that final image felt incongruous with the, yes, journey I went on with the characters. In other words, those final few moments ruined the entire film for me and retroactively made me hate their first film...JUST KIDDING.
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Low end vanity film, and the low end of the zombie genre.
suite9227 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Christmas Eve, somewhere in the UK. There's a corporate party. There's also a complaint about a smell in the ladies' rest room. Our hero, WC, extracts the dead rat causing the smell from the ceiling fan vent. Two women in skimpy costumes come in, so WC hides in a stall on top of a stool.

One of the women turns zombie, then bites the other. WC drops his cell phone into the toilet, which fries it. Then the first two zombies go after WC. He kills the first., then the second. More zombies come in. Soon enough, WC is trapped in the loo. More zombies come to the toilet. Fortunately for WC, they are, by and large, slow zombies.

He gets another cell phone from a zombie, then calls the police. Unfortunately, he does this at the moment of conversion. Evie is in the second stall over, and she has also not converted. Jeff from IT shows up, strong and not infected, but WC unintentionally infects him. Their chances grow slimmer.

Evie and WC talk from 33 minutes until 41 minutes. That inspired zero laughs, rather like the movie as a whole. WC gets his ladder, and makes an attempt to get his tool box. He get the toolbox, but loses the ladder. The conversation resumes, only on a more ribald note. Evie throws him a pill, and he makes the awful mistake of taking it; he has not experience with drugs, so he's screwed.

While drugged, WC just walks out of his stall and the zombies take him where he wants to go. Sure. Then Evie finally makes contact, and the false memories fade.

Some truths come out. The management had fired him. On the way out, he stole some fund for a 'good cause' whatever that was. He also stole Evie's cell phone, that is, the one he dropped down the toilet.

By another happy circumstance, he gets his hammer for a while, only to get his hand grabbed and bloodied...or so he thought. He needs to get swinging with the hammer. He does get to a crawl space that might get them out, or not. Evie turns out to be really large, and likely won't fit. She sacrifices herself to give him more of a chance.

He follows a crawl space to another vent, but only zombies are in the connecting room. He tries other rooms. Finally, he wraps himself in toilet paper and breaks through the zombies. He meets the real Evie, and she seems OK, except she got lacerated by one of the zombies.

Will he make it out alive, talk to his mum, have a Happy Christmas?


Cinematography: 6/10 Poor. Has sort of a VHS feel to it: low contrast, washed out, sometimes grainy.

Sound: 6/10 Hollow. Has that bad VHS hollowness. I wonder what equipment they used to record such bad sound.

Acting: 1/10 There is only Dan Palmer, and he is not worth anything.

Screenplay: 1/10 Nonsense. Perhaps 15 minutes of plot spread over 82 minutes. The zombies are not funny, WC and Evie (actually Heather) are not funny, the drug nonsense is beyond stupid. The zombies are a threat, then they are not, then they are. It is totally inconsistent.
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If you need a 'zombie fix'
dan-bgb27 November 2013
Shaun of the Dead ? No. Waste of time ? Not if you love zombies. Everyone knows that zombies have experienced a resurgence of sorts from its heyday back in the late 70's, early 80's. Problem is, how many different ways can you tell a story involving re-animated corpses ? We've got Nazi Zombies, Ninja Zombies, Zombie Gangs, Zombies on a train, plane or automobile, etc. There's even a TV series, The Walking Dead, which simply uses zombies as a prop to distract from the real story about survivor interaction. "Stalled" is (not just) another installment in the Zombie Comedy genre, the best of which started with the above-mentioned "Shaun of the Dead" and continued with "Zombieland"... Stalled is an inventive take on the whole "holed up" premise started way back with the original; Romero's Night of the Living Dead. But instead of a farmhouse, it takes place in a women's commode. It's got it's funny bits, it's got lots of blood, and it gets right to the action; it's even has a little sexual thrill (nothing explicit); that's it's positives. What it's got going against it is, it's fairly predictable and it's just not as funny as it thinks it is...but, with zombie comedies, they've got a huge yardstick to measure up to with Shaun. For those that view zombies as just another horror character, Stalled may seem like so much crap, but for the true zombie connoisseur, it's an inventive way to tell another zombie story. Any movie that can hold your attention and (nearly) everything takes place in a restroom, must have something going for it.
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Nice little zombie film
bowmanblue19 September 2014
Okay, so, if you haven't got much of a budget and you want to make a picture, where do you set it? The answer: a toilet. I had to watch this film to believe it – an entire (zombie) film set inside a toilet (and, most importantly, a toilet cubicle). But, amazingly, they pulled it off – just.

At a Christmas party the dead rise (why... who cares!) and a janitor gets trapped in the women's toilets by a horde of flesh-eating ghouls. There he must sit and wait it out, or try to escape (or maybe both). Apart from the zombies (who don't really talk, as you can imagine), this is pretty much a one man show, as the janitor does what we might do in such a situation – which is pretty much nothing, as the circumstances don't really allow it.

And the janitor does a pretty good job of holding the film together. But he's not alone. There's someone else in the other cubicle, but we never really see her. All we get is her voice and they speak through the wood throughout the film. Unfortunately, I felt this 'mystery' character was the film's sticking point. I don't know why, but I never really believed there was anyone in the other stall. It was like she had recorded her lines in a separate studio and the production team were just playing them at the appropriate times.

There isn't that much gore (as the budget probably wouldn't allow it), but there is enough humour to keep most 'zom-com' fans would like (and even a few quite touching moments here and there). It's no Shaun of the Dead, but it's not a bad entry into the increasingly saturated zombie genre.
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Oh my giddy Aunt !!
Burn The Witch7 April 2014
This is the best comical UK zombie movie in a long time! When reading the storyline, I wondered how a film could be shot entirely in the vicinity of the toilets? It was extremely well thought out, and I was pleasantly surprised how this was executed. All the cast and crew deserve a major big "thumbs up" with sprinkles on! I thoroughly enjoyed how the story started to unfold, dishing out dilemma's round every corner. There were intense moments which me jump through the roof and then nearly wet myself with laughter. I was transfixed with the superbly written script, visuals and SFX. There were belly laughs throughout every scene and many highlights! It promises to entertain from beginning to end - Definitely a must watch!!!
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Dan Palmer is no Simon Pegg
SnoopyStyle12 December 2013
A janitor is fixing the fan in the ladies room when people starts to turn. At first, he's a perv peeping on a couple of hot chicks. Then, the girls go zombie and he's hit by a wave of company Christmas party goers turn zombies.

This is a low budget British zombie comedy. The blood and gore hold very little scary moments. I actually like the charm of a low budget horror, but the only scary thing is that oversized stuff rat. As for the comedy part, it had a couple of smile worthy moments. Certainly, there is nothing worthy of a big laugh. The lead character WC is a loser weasel. But Dan Palmer is no Simon Pegg. He doesn't have the likability of Pegg. He's a pale imitation. For a low budget movie, it had its moments. There's just not enough moments to recommend the movie.
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"Stalled" vehicle that needs a tow truck!
tdrish9 November 2013
Stalled fails to be anything but another un-entertaining horror zombie flick...with the bore factor. Most of the movie takes place inside a woman's stall, where one man is trapped inside there, in survival mode, because a bunch of zombies are trying to attack him. His weapons are limited. I mean, after all, he is a janitor. I never heard of a janitor that walks into a woman's john without any cleaning supplies. Maybe a mop? You could have used that as a weapon, but instead, you decide to go in there without anything but the shirt and pants on your body. Oh. The pants. Minus the pants. I think one of the zombie chicks pulled them off of him, oh, erotic stuff...too bad it didn't get him anywhere, but then again, it probably wouldn't have gotten him anywhere if she was alive, either. I mean, it's a woman's restroom, it's not exactly a motel room. Because this movie literally spends 84 minutes near the toilet, you're left hoping that one of the dead people left over from this Christmas Eve party gone wrong just...rips his head off, just so the stupid movie ends. I mean, he's got a phone, did you try calling 911? Get some help, moron! Unfortunately for "Stalled", there is absolutely no help saving his from being anything more then a needless, blood soaked horror flick. Sad news is...I don't think were done with all these zombie movies. I regret to tell you that the 80's has made its comeback. ( Go away, already! )
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Don't do it
dmitri-giovanni10 November 2013
First off let me say I did not finish the movie. I am the curious type, yet I am in no way even thinking about watching this movie again. There is no way that it could revive itself, any entertainment value dies off quickly and is buried by horrible acting. Don't waste your time, this is not a ploy. Don't think, "If it is that bad I have to watch it." NO!!! It is worse than that, worse than you can imagine. I do not know how it has 5 stars. there really isn't anything else that I need to say, but IMDb makes me write 10 lines. If curiosity just takes over and you must experience it for yourself, don't bother with the whole movie (I almost typed film, which it isn't). Watch just enough to know just how horrible it is, then tell all your friends. The only enjoyment this movie brought to my life was trying to explain how incredibly awful it was to someone else...
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More sexist than Michael Bay
Dave Abbott21 October 2014
I got this film on DVD late at night thinking it would be a fun knock off of Shaun of the Dead. Even the cover suggests it. But it is not. It is a terrible movie from the first frame. Maybe when they shot it there wasn't enough light so they had to compensate during the editing, or maybe they were going for a contrastless, desaturated look but didn't know how to do it. I don't know. But it's just painful to look at.

I watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon the same day as this and I thought that was misogynistic. It is, but it's nothing compared to this. It's less than 5 mins into the film where two minor female characters in skimpy clothing are kissing each other for the very smallest of plot reasons. This film hates women and puts them into two boring tropes. 1. They are thin and shallow. 2. They are fat.

That said, don't get the impression that the male characters are well written. They are barely written. It feels like a film school script where sometimes A leads to B which leads to C in an unemotional, functional way and other times it just gets lost.

The screenwriter decided that he was the best person for the main role of this film. It's interesting to see him struggle to deliver lines that he wrote. I think putting the dialogue into a speech simulation program would lead to a better performance.

A terrible, terrible movie with nothing going for it. The comedy is slow and painful, the gore is boring, the plot is full of holes and is so shallow it's not even enough to fill the 75 minute run time. Do not watch. Not even on a bad film night.
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The ultimate in toilet humour
Leofwine_draca11 June 2016
STALLED is a dumb, low budget British comedy horror about a guy who ends up trapped in a toilet cubicle during the zombie apocalypse. It's a film which prides itself on its humour and tries to be the new SHAUN OF THE DEAD, although sadly the calibre of the humour is more like the woeful LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS.

I don't have a problem with low budget films, and the idea of a single location film like this is quite appealing. So it's a pity that the premise is wasted on poor, over the top acting and dumb jokes throughout. The silly zombies are played for laughs and there are the usual gross-out gore gags and the like which are also played for supposed humour.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that most of the humour here is of the toilet variety. One of the worst things about this is non-actor Dan Palmer who really struggles to sustain the viewer's interest from beginning to end. Perhaps with a more talented actor this would have been more watchable. But the attempts at suspense are woeful and certain plot developments - like the twist involving the girl in the women's toilet - are quite offensively stupid.
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I need a toilet
Michael Ledo8 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
During the company Christmas Party WC (Dan Palmer) is doing repairs in the ladies room. He ends up in a stall as he watches two women go from lovers to one eating the other. Zombies congregate in the same ladies room as WC fortifies his stall and plans his escape.

The film is consumed with dialog between WC and Heather (Antonia Bernath) in another stall. When the dialog was great, the film was good. Unfortunately the conversation needed to be shortened and more time spent on zombie action. The comedy is front loaded.

An enjoyable zombie film that won't please everyone.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. Brief beginning F/F action, brief nudity.
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Quite Cute - Give it a Chance
bizzywiththefizzy9 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Another one on Horror Channel in the wee hours.

It's very cheap, and the first few minutes went a bit soft-porny, but it was more entertaining than some bigger budget US horror of late.

The 'hero' is likable enough (aside from being a perve) and I dug that he's the world weary, a bit dumb, loser type - a la Shaun.

I did find myself rooting for him, and the voice of the girl trapped in another stall was a clever touch. That said, I did spend most of my time wondering if she was a figment induced by stress up until she chucks him an E. On that subject, the 'rave' sequence was very sweet and reminded me of Tyres from 'Spaced' who bursts into dance at traffic lights and any other repetitive noise. I wonder if that was a wee nod to Simon Pegg?

The ending was a giggle (but the post credit sequence was pointless and irritating) and overall, it's good for a pretty much zero budget piece. Also, having worked in big offices full of dreadful people, it sums up the nightmare of Christmas work parties.
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film_fan199130 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This film is the biggest pile of crap. it makes no sense the lines of comedy (well i say comedy) aren't even funny and the one set they have used is stupid if i was you i would rather stick pins in my eyes than watch this film again!!

The film is basically a badly done rip off of Shaun of the dead it starts with a janitor who is fixing the hand dryer in the ladies toilet then two girls come in and start kissing the one of them bites the other then more zombies come in from a Christmas party no explanation of where it started or anything. in review i only gave it a three out of ten because they used a few good special fx during the film otherwise i would have given it a 1/10
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