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Theron, Rogen's "Long Shot" Provides Comedic Short Cut to Some Surprising Political Commentary
mandygrrl42419 March 2019
My first R-rated movie starred Seth Rogen.

Growing up in a fairly conservative and religious focused family, my first R-rated film (in the theater, mind you-I was blessed to already have had my fair share of home release viewings in the basements of friend's houses or in secret, thanks to my Blockbuster employment connection) was the Rogen and Heigl raunch-fest-with-a-heart Knocked Up.

Knocked Up, if you recall, stars Rogen, an overweight, expired frat boy who has no interest in growing up, and Katherine Heigl, a model-esque, large-and-in-charge-with-no-time-for-a-social-life television producer, as the parents-to-be of a surprise pregnancy after an incredibly drunken one night stand. Critics raved about Rogen and Hiegel's performances, solidifying Rogen as bonafied movie star and launching Heigl's career.

Fast forward ten years and some change later, and once again I found myself in a theater, anticipating yet another Rogan vehicle where the plot seemed somewhat recycled: a beautiful blonde (this time played by the always excellent and committed Charlize Theron) and an average Joe (a slightly more mature, Rogen, complete with his trademarked genuineness) somehow get involved romantically, in a tale mixed with a generous helping of penis jokes, heavy drug use, and the exuberant use of the F-word sprinkled around like confetti.

I went in thinking it would be mediocre.

A few hours (and lots of laughter) later, I'm happy to report this one pleasantly surprised me.

Theron plays Charlotte Field, the current Secretary of State making the strategic moves necessary to announce her bid for the 2020 presidency. Rogen portrays vulgar-yet-honest alternative journalist Fred Flarsky. Field faces an up hill battle in the presidential race for literally being a woman (something audiences know a thing or two about since the 2016 election), and her team wants her to come off relatable and likeable. Fred, recently laid off due to a large media corporation buy out of his independent online newspaper, thanks to the devious workings of an old, privileged white male tycoon (the never-recognizable but never mistakable Andy Serkis), needs a job.

When a chance meeting at an elite party has the pair cross paths, it only takes a few a minutes for the two to connect and make the realization that they went to high school together. Fred had a crush on Charlotte, who had big, beautiful ideas about making the school a better place when she ran for student body president. Charlotte remembers him as the smart, sweet kid who lived next door.

Days later, after scrolling through his past articles, Charlotte goes against the cautioned judgment of her campaign team and hires Fred as her speech writer, and immediately the two, along with the rest of her team, embark on a round-the-world tour, touting Charlotte's "Save the Bees, Trees, and Seas" initiative, a flowery sounding vision that's to be the anchor of her campaign (and something adult Charlotte still believes in).

From there on, it's easy to see where this story is headed. Charlotte and Fred grow closer, as he interviews her to get a better handle on her voice for the speeches he crafts. They butt heads, they disagree. He calls her out for compromising on her beliefs when a country negotiates changes to the initiative, she tells him he is out of line and to remember that at the end of the day, she is his boss and that sometimes you have to play the game to win the game.

To anyone questioning if Theron and Rogen have chemistry, the answer is a solid yes. It looks like it shouldn't work, both due to their differing acting resumes and their physical attributes. But Theron and Rogen take their unique blend of class and crass, humor and heart, and it honest to God works.

Sparks fly, feelings happen, and before you know it, this film treads into familiar territory, a gender-reversed Pretty Woman that happens to involve politics (complete with the beloved pop standards one would expect from the aforementioned film and typical rom com fare).

But then the movie goes deeper than that, and while it appears to be a lighthearted popcorn flick with an edge, there's a lot of subtle (and not so subtle) messages bubbling below and on the surface. The unfair treatment of women by the media, the shallow game politics has become, the necessity of standing by one's beliefs while recognizing when we need to set differences aside to actually accomplish things, and an encouragement to men to support the women in their lives, even if she is more successful than them. Especially when she is more successful than her them.

It was these thoughts that had me pondered as I drove home, "could movies like this be the answer? Could unassuming, middle grade romantic comedies be the catalyst for starting conversations in the real world?" Too often, certain audiences are turned off by movies that come off as more lecture than entertainment. But what if a movie, disguised as a comedy, provides honest political commentary in an easy to digest manner that helps audiences reach across the aisle with their perspectives? Could a movie featuring a solid boner joke, a viral video with an unfortunate masturbation mishap, and a highly respected political figure high on molly negotiating a hostage situation like a straight up boss be the one that finally stops people in their tracks, makes them scratch their heads, and state "I never thought about it that way before?"

Honestly, probably not.

But given the choice between yet another film with a blatant message that feels like a lecture that won't be heard by the audience necessary, or Long Shot, which tackles political differences in an entertaining and delightful manner, I'd go with the latter.

By a long shot.
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An unexpected remake of Lady and the Tramp
FrenchEddieFelson17 May 2019
Whether in The Green Hornet (Michel Gondry, 2011) or in The 40 Year Old Virgin (Judd Apatow, 2005), the actor Seth Rogen clearly does not like to take himself seriously. Conversely, Charlize Theron's filmography is immeasurably more eclectic, with Monster (Patty Jenkins, 2003), Mad Max (George Miller, 2015), The Road (John Hillcoat, 2009), as a non exhaustive list. Therefore, a cinematographic association between this eternal teen and this gorgeous bomb is rather unlikely and completely devoid of any alchemy. And that's definitely the point, the movie regularly flirting with the absurd. Thus, although it is not a masterpiece, the result is globally funny. As a matter of fact, the movie theater was almost crowded and the atmosphere was joyful, with manifold laughs.
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Uninspiring sex comedy
gary-646594 May 2019
For a romantic comedy there was surprisingly little romance (more like opportunistic sex) and almost no real comedy -- A guy who lives in my suburb who happens to be a local tv comedian and has very similar looks and manner to Seth Rogan could have pulled off Seth's role better even though he is not particularly talented. The story was unrealistic, even fantasy-like and is obviously just an ill-conceived, poorly executed reaction to the trumpian world. I give it 2 points for the one belly-laugh near the end when a departing female news anchor throws a coffee cup that connects with a male meathead anchor's head.
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Super funny!! Great feel good movie! Go see it for yourself...!
imdb-9925211 May 2019
This was really a super funny movie! Really hilarious parts that had me laughing out loud throughout the movie! And I'm a guy that doesn't laugh much from movies, but this one was awesome... Do not believe the negative reviews on IMDB by others, they are b.s. The negative reviews almost made me not go see it, and I'm so glad I went... Whomever wrote the funny parts did a great job! I might go see it a second time, it was so funny... Go see it!
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Skip it.
mpincetic5 May 2019
The trailer was funnier than the movie. If you watch the trailer then you've seen the funniest scenes so save yourself the $13.50 and go watch something else.
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Another soon-to-be forgotten flick.
stevenacheson2 May 2019
Don't let the gasbags that think they are future suskel or eberts fool you. The movie stunk.
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Terrible Waste fo Money
virusrage5 May 2019
An absolute disaster. No coherent story. And worse, not in the least bit amusing. It was painful and well-below the threshold of stupid. The obvious political agenda aside, an abysmal vision of comedy. Worse than Sausage Party which was also idiotic.
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dastephens-318272 May 2019
Im sorry , but if the contemporary state of American filmmaking endorses drugs,smoking,casual sex, and dick jokes,and political position is held in such low regard , then it says a lot about the cinema scene,American filmmaking, and audience intelligence,all of them scarily bad .
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Childish and a waste of time
npkulakofski5 May 2019
Funny in parts but childishly unrealustic. And how many f-bombs were dropped? And "the come guy"? Charlize Theron must have needed to make a mortgage payment to agree to do this low-class, stereotype- filled film. I almost walked out three times. A waste of time.
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Close Your Eyes
largrizzly5 May 2019
A new low for Charlize. I thought she had more class than this drivel.
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It doesn't make sense!!!
ivansimcic-237075 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A rich, prospective, beautiful woman occupies an ugly, incompetent, vulgar, disorderly, not funny, cowardly, irritating man who does not have any value . Willing to throw all her career just for their magical love based on...i dont know what!?...its just hard to watch. No connection or sympathy for the main character ... Fred is just random bum from every street with power to charm a beautiful candidate for president
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oceanbluexo7 May 2019
This movie was so bad. In every way. Not funny, not romantic. Not Good. Cheesy storyline, unbelievable plot, horrible soundtrack. I felt robbed of my admission fee. Wouldn't even watch for free on HBO!
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Eh, it was ok...
stevesky675 May 2019
I'm not really a big fan of Seth Rogan first of all, and he seems to play the same stupid comedic roles, honestly, I didn't enjoy this one bit, same old stupid dick jokes, too predictable. I don't get in an age where we are trying to get the drug problems out of this country and they are glorifying drug use as " ok"...I don't know what happened to Romcoms anymore .
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If you enjoy hearing the F word
davidtravis036 May 2019
Then effing Run to this effing movie. And you can effing laugh every two effing moments. F, F, F. Thanks for the creativie effing writing.
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Vulgar and stupid
tlgodderz9 May 2019
This movie has clinched it for me...I will never again see another Seth Rogen movie. As usual it's vulgar, there's gratuitous drug use, and it's improbable. The sad part is it COULD have been a great movie...but they decided to go from a decent plot to a vulgar and inane one. For example, "Long Shot" doesn't only refer to her chances of getting into the presidency! Disgusting and totally unnecessary. Why a movie couldn't have been made with a strong female character, who girls could look up to, I'll never know. Absolute pass!!
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The definition of punching above your weight!
bob-the-movie-man30 April 2019
Long Shot is a comedy featuring the 'out-there' journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogan) who has been holding a candle for the glacial ice-queen Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) for nearly twenty years. At the age of 16 she was his babysitter. Always with an interest in school issues, she has now risen to the dizzy heights of secretary ("of State") to the President of the United States (Bob Odenkirk). With Charlotte getting the opportunity to run for President, fate arranges for Fred to get hired as a speechwriter on the team to help inject some necessary humour into Charlotte's icy public persona. But in terms of romantic options, the shell-suited Fred is surely #punching isn't he?

Getting the balance right for a "romantic comedy" is a tricky job, but "Long Shot" just about gets it spot on. The comedy is sharp with a whole heap of great lines, some of which will need a second watch to catch. It's also pleasingly politically incorrect, with US news anchors in particular being lampooned for their appallingly sexist language.

Just occasionally, the humour flips into Farrelly-levels of dubious taste (one "Mary-style" incident in particular was, for me, very funny but might test some viewer's "ugh" button). The film also earns its UK15 certificate from the extensive array of "F" words utilized, and for some casual drug use.

Romantically, the film harks back to a classic blockbuster of 1990, but is well done and touching.

The sharp and tight screenplay was written by Dan Sterling, who wrote the internationally controversial Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy "The Interview" from 2014, and Liz Hannah, whose movie screenplay debut was the Spielberg drama "The Post".

Behind the camera is Jonathan Levine, who previously directed the pretty awful "Snatched" from 2017 (a film I have started watching on a plane but never finished) but on the flip side he has on his bio the interesting rom-com-zombie film "Warm Bodies" and the moving cancer comedy "50:50", also with Rogan, from 2011.

Also worthy of note in the technical department is the cinematography by Yves Bélanger ("The Mule", "Brooklyn", "Dallas Buyers Club") with some lovely angles and tracking shots (a kitchen dance scene has an impressively leisurely track-away).

Seth Rogen is a bit of an acquired taste: he's like the US version of Johnny Vegas. Here he is suitably geeky when he needs to be, but has the range to make some of the pathos work in the inevitable "downer" scenes. Theron is absolutely gorgeous on-screen (although unlike the US anchors I OBVIOUSLY also appreciate her style and acting ability!). She really is the Grace Kelly of the modern age. She's no stranger to comedy, having been in the other Seth (Macfarlane)'s "A Million Ways to Die in the West". But she seems to be more comfortable with this material, and again gets the mix of comedy, romance and drama spot-on.

The strong supporting cast includes the unknown (to me) June Diane Raphael who is very effective at the cock-blocking Maggie, Charlotte's aide; O'Shea Jackson Jr. as Fred's buddy Lance; and Ravi Patel as the staffer Tom.

But winning the prize for the most unrecognizable cast member was Andy Serkis as the wizened old Rupert Murdoch-style media tycoon Parker Wembley: I genuinely got a shock as the titles rolled that this was him.

Although possibly causing offence to some, this is a fine example of a US comedy that delivers consistent laughs. Most of the audience chatter coming out of the screening was positive. At just over 2 hours, it breaks my "90 minute comedy" rule, but just about gets away with it. It's not quite for me at the bar of "Game Night", but it's pretty close. Recommended.

(For the full graphical review, please visit One Mann's Movies on the web or Facebook. Thanks.)
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claro-862876 May 2019
It's a terrible movie! There is nothing redeeming in it and an absolute waste of time. The language was unnecessary and was constant throughout. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. As a matter of fact, we will never see a movie that has Seth Rogen in it again! Charlize Theron also was foul and really makes women look uncouth. What a shame! DON"T SEE IT! We should all ask for refunds.
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rob_44 May 2019
Really bad acting,but really really bad script. Charlize just needs to retire and Seth Rogen just needs to give up.
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Cum Face
Okay guys we're talking about the movie Long Shot starring Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron. There's a few notable characters but I won't bore you with those. Look it up on IMDb. So Seth Rogan plays Fred Flarsky who is an off the wall journalist who quits his job due to moral reasons. He's also super prideful and it's his way or the wrong way. Charlize Theron plays Charlotte Field who's the Secretary of State and is a presidential candidate. Charlotte use to baby sit Fred when they were younger and Fred has a crush on her. They cross paths at an event where Fred needs a job and Charlotte needs a writer to improve her speeches. All caught up? Cool.

So the beginning is totally In your face. It's a white power neo nazi party where Fred is trying to get the inside scoop. If you've seen the movie Sausage Party then you'd get kind of nervous. Cursing and in your face comedy is cool but too much is just too much. You know? Luckily things tone down a bit and some good scripting comes to play. There's good supporting actors introduced and Rogans character flaw is introduced from the beginning. Hello good character arc. I liked how there was a good in-depth explanation how they met and how crazy it is that they are in the same room. I will mention O'Shea Jackson Jr. is Fred's best friend and is actually hilarious. The film wouldn't be the same without him and Seth Rogan's friendship.

Anyway, the movie builds well. Charlotte hires Fred but gets some resistance from her team because, remember, Fred isn't exactly politic material and can be a liability due to previous articles. Now what I appreciated is the way the relationship between Fred and Charlotte is slow and steady. It's not forced at all and you get why she would even like someone like him. I do gotta say that they're on screen chemistry is really good as well. We're talking Mr. GQ you know. Now let's not forget Fred's flaw that he's super prideful. The way Charlotte has to run things (and i say has to because she's looking to be the first woman president so she's gotta please a lot of people) doesn't jive with Fred because she needs to make sacrifices that he simply doesn't understand at this point of the movie.

So on, things go on well and the relationship blossoms to a great under the table situation. Now in a story like this you gotta know that the "we can't be together" thing is coming. And it does in a very good way. Charlize plays this role extremely well and shows a lot of depth with her dramatic and also comedic acting. It's not forced. You empathize with her quite a bit because she has so much responsibility but doesn't let that stray her away from falling in love with Fred and being okay with people know that. While Fred over here is all in his head and becomes kind of a jerk. Not on purpose though, keep in mind. It's just he hasn't overcome his flaw. In comes O'Shea. The light from the dark clouds finally turns Fred's mindset around in a way that's hilarious and also relieving.

On goes to the end of the movie which I'll let for you to see because this is definitely worth watching. The originality of the movie, character development, and acting is a big win. The only criticism i would have would be with some of the commentary that happens, the length of the movie and also that beginning. If you like Rogan or even remotely liked Zack And Miri then you'll really enjoy this one. I'm giving this movie a solid 8/10.
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Sexy, good natured fun!
cherikurz29 May 2019
This movie was just what I needed today! Some fun, irreverent, escapism. Made me laugh throughout. Great chemistry between Seth and Charlize. Furthermore, the whole supporting cast we're enjoyable in their roles. It's not highbrow and not meant to be. I'm a hard sell on these kind of movies but the lead pairing really piqued my interest. I wasn't disappointed! Just enjoy!
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Boring, cringeworthy
Not funny. Borning. Dragging. I just dont see how this movie got 7.2 rating. Waste of money.dissapointment. I dont get the plot, it was really not funny. Im not sure what t was. I kept wondering and then it ended. Thanks god
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So Disappointing. The trailer was so much better.
garyg-949746 May 2019
People like Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are under the illusion that real people are like people in Hollywood. We aren't. People in the real world have to be competent, not just attractive and amusing. There is exactly one good scene in this movie, when the Rogen character finds out a "secret" about his black friend. Everything else was completely predictable. Otherwise, by far the worst movie and the least funny we have seen this year.
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trinaboice7 May 2019
Garbage. This political satire/rom-com is over-the-top and ridiculous. So, do you think sloppy, stoner Seth rises to the level of classy Charlize or does he drag her into the Molly gutter? Yep, you guessed it. So, if you think that sounds hilarious, you'll like this movie. If that sounds really dumb and juvenile, skip this one.

You can read my full movie review at Movie Review Mom.
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Great potential, BUT . . . .
tjhartung-16 May 2019
While this is yet another boy/girl romance story, it COULD have been done better by leaving out the crude humor, salty language, and scenes that make you say "yuck!!" This movie appeals to those who enjoy the smutty humor that Seth Rogan is famous for, but I would be embarrassed to bring my mother to see it. Charlize should be ashamed to be associated with this film. She is so much better that this.
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Really Not That Funny And Just No Chemistry
martimusross30 April 2019
Long Shot

I so desperately wanted to like this comedy, it was a carefully worked out script, I did laugh in places, both Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen gave it their all, we had a good ensemble played especially well by Alexander Skarsgard and Andy Serkis that really raised this movie up albeit fleetingly.

So what was it I didn't like!

Both Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen were totally miscast, her icy Nordic look really does not lend itself to comedy or indeed romance, and his nerdy idiot principled persona just grated. The two of them trying to inject some life into this dead horse of a relationship just didn't work as there just was no believable chemistry and I am not even clear if these actors like each other.

If you can suspend any critical faculties you have for 2 hours and 5 minutes then you may enjoy this movie, I was mildly entertained whilst I watched it but just felt cheated afterwards.
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