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MPAA Rated R for teen drug and alcohol use, and for language including some brief sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • Contains only occasional mild sexual references throughout the film.
  • Young women can be seen in revealing outfits, such as bikinis and revealing tops. A mother zips up her daughter's low-cut blouse.
  • A celebrity's "nightclub" room contains a pole, which a young woman dances with jokingly.
  • A young woman breaks into an older man's bedroom and flirtatiously threatens him at gunpoint while he lies in bed. He grabs her, triggering a stray bullet to fire. They kiss passionately. The scene cuts before any further sexual activity is depicted.
  • A female character playfully tells another to "suck [her] dick".

Violence & Gore

  • A car crashes into the side of another car and we see the driver being photographed at a police station (she has a bruise on her forehead).
  • A girl playfully threatens a boy with a handgun that may or may not be loaded. The boy feels intimidated and fearful and asks her repeatedly to stop.
  • A girl is arrested and complains that she is in pain after she has been cuffed.


  • Contains coarse language throughout, including frequent use of "fuck" (including one blasphemous use of the word) as well as milder terms such as "shit" and bitch". The word "cunt" is heard multiple times throughout a song, but most can be easily missed, excluding the last instance.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains strong recreational drug use throughout (by adolescent characters), including use of marijuana and cocaine. The use of illegal substances is somewhat glamourised as nobody suffers any adverse repercussions; however, two characters are involved in a car crash after having consumed illegal drugs, however, they only suffer mild bruising.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The plot revolves around a group of adolescent girls and a boy as they burglarise the homes of celebrities. They appear to be obsessed with materialism and are portrayed as being extremely superficial.

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