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  • The film is based on the story of several affluent teenagers and young adults from well heeled families who burglarised the homes of high-profile celebrities in wealthy areas of Los Angeles; they stole an excess of $3 million in clothing and jewelry from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities. They seemed less motivated by monetary gain than by "celebrity worship" and their own desires for celebrity (though "infamy" may be a better word) as well as designer clothes and goods. Few of the goods were ever fenced or fenced intelligently, and that which was seems to have been done so cheaply. Despite years of indoctrination from shows like Law and Order and the many iterations of CSI, little care was paid to avoid leaving fingerprints and other evidence of their "visits" to the homes or to otherwise concealing the crimes. The thieves also bragged often and freely to friends and acquaintance both. Amazingly, much of the more outrageous dialogue from the film is taken verbatim from the article and the thieves themselves. Sales subsequently wrote a book on the group of thieves, The Bling Ring, which goes further into depth about the events surrounding the burglaries. Edit (Coming Soon)


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