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What did everyone expect? It's a disaster movie!
otter-stl11 October 2015
I read some of the reviews here and am wondering what all the negative reviewers expected. Who didn't know this was a huge, costly disaster movie? Who didn't know there were going to be many unbelievable scenes? Who didn't know there would be some cheesy dialogue?

Well, I, for one, enjoyed it. The last good disaster movie I saw was The Towering Inferno, and you know that was a long, long time ago. It's still my favorite disaster flick. San Andreas, of course, had much better special effects. (several decades later, better effects, right?) I thought the scenes of the destruction were amazing.

We all know disaster movies usually focus on a handful of people in it and this one was no different. The movie was entertaining for me. I hope it is for you, too. :)
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Big Dumb America
Rob-O-Cop26 August 2015
Hilariously dumb and manipulative, it's entertaining on that level alone, although scary in that it's so boarder line that you can't be sure the movie was made with tongue anywhere near cheek, I'm inclined to think not. That this movie is serious, that America needs to feel like a scared kitten rescued by a big stack of muscles. That stack of muscles is Dwayne Johnson and it's hard not to love him. He's kinda good in this, I like him, even when he's part of this manipulative propaganda. The special effects were nice. it kinda flowed, sort of, I guess, lots of plot holes but why bother looking for them when the iq level they're aiming this at is so low you're not supposed to notice. The cheesy flag at the end gives you another good piece of cheese to choke on. If we're going to go down we might as well go down stupid.
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kenneyken-9484912 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is absolutely terrible.

Imagine melting a 4kg ball of Edam, a 12kg slab of cheddar and 47 cases of mozzarella, it still wouldn't be anywhere near as cheesy as this piece of drivel.

I was dragged along to see it and for the entire time I sat there wondering if this was some kind of sick joke I wasn't in on.

The effects were decent but lets be honest, which movie doesn't have decent effects nowadays? The acting is absolutely horrific, the rock has the acting ability of a disabled fox and I wanted the two English toff kids to die every time they appeared on the screen.

The girl in it, although very attractive, has the personality of a sprout.

Bah! if anyone offers to watch this movie in your presence please punch them in the face.

The ending where the rock says something like "now we rebuild" and the American flag unfurls in the wind made me want to spew my popcorn all over the cinema floor.

Avoid at all costs.
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justinwfirestone11 July 2015
My first experience in the UltraScreen®DLX with massive screen, Dreamlounger™ leather reserved recliners, and Dolby Atmos immersive sound with bass you can feel (it's true), was none other than to see San Andreas. If you haven't been following my reviews this summer, my goal is to review all of the summer blockbusters on cheap movie days for $5.

My first surprise was that the seats are reserved. You get to pick your seat, although there were few left to choose from when I arrived. The second surprise was that the chairs are power recliners, so you just push a button and wham you go back and your legs go up. The third surprise was a smell I hadn't smelled in years, not since junior high locker room. It was a mix of people who don't like to shower, don't like to wash their gym clothes, and wet tile. Then a nice young couple who dry humped the whole movie sat next to me and at least she was wearing a strong perfume that mostly covered up the smell.

But I digress. What about this disaster movie? It features a family (that apparently has no last name, at least not that I ever learned, nor is there any last name listed for them in the credits, so I will call them Family #1), a pretty family, an upper-middle-class family that is going through a rather benign divorce and Emma causes trouble immediately because she is moving in with a richy rich dude (who has a last name, because he's Daniel Riddick), a thoroughly loathsome man incapable of love except for buildings.

Ray is solid as a rock, he's something sturdy, like a real man, someone you can cling to or hold on to no matter what. He loves his daughter, Blake, very much, because he blames himself for the death of his other daughter, whom we eventually learn died while rafting. You see, Ray is a professional rescue-chopper pilot, so the death of his daughter is as much personal as it was a professional blunder.

The main problem with this disaster movie is that Family #1 is split in two groups, and there is no real belief that any of them will ever actually die, although San Andreas does feature Blake enduring the longest non-death sequence I've ever seen. In better disaster movies, like the original Poseidon Adventure (it's unfortunate that I have to clarify the "original" Poseidon Adventure) the protagonists are traipsing and shambling through the disaster together, and they drop like flies until the very end, when only a handful of the worthy and fortunate survive.

The acting in San Andreas isn't bad, and it's not good. It's extremely okay. Poor Paul Giamatti, who seems typecast as himself these days.

Things blow up, collapse, and fall apart real good. The special effects are pretty amazing and realistic. It's nice to see so many Californians perish as a precursor to the Great Water Wars of 2016. In fact, even though Ray is a civil servant responsible for saving lives, he tries to fly the chopper from L.A. to San Francisco to save his daughter instead of trying to save anyone in Los Angeles or elsewhere along the way. He _does_, however, trade a stolen pickup for directions to an airfield, which I suppose is a fair trade and shows he's a Really Good Guy.

There is a bit of adventure. Ray commandeers trains and boats and planes. Well, no trains. That would've been pretty cool to drive a train through an earthquake. A simple oversight, I suppose. Nevertheless, I sensed the feeling of excitement at the thought of being in a real disaster, stealing whatever vehicles were around to go wherever I wanted. And it's nice to see a lot of chopper scenes in a movie. There should be more chopper scenes in every movie.

Forget the millions of Californians who died or were dying along the way. All we care about are a handful of pretty, well-off people trying to survive the worst earthquake in human history. We rarely see anyone die, because they get swooped up or down or crushed. No bones, no blood, no limbs flying everywhere. It's pretty WASPish death, as people disappear in clouds of dust, never to be seen or heard from again.

Despite all the Californian death and destruction, Americans can be jingoistically proud to see a final flowing flag confirming we are the best nation-state on Earth, and we will rebuild it all for the next disaster.
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Rehashed crap.
spookysully26 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the worst examples of Hollywood smearing money on something until a room full of idiots gives texted approvals.

A brave, muscle bound man rescues his soon to be ex-wife, who just happens to be marrying a real Snidley McWhiplash billionaire played by one of the dingus's from fantastic 4... by commandeering a coastguard helicopter and basically doing whatever the hell he wants with it which apparently is to fly over literally millions and millions of people in immediate need of rescue to save his wife and daughter. Both of which are horribly cast, plastic coated Californians lounging poolside and enjoying the finer things in life and then... Disaster strikes! There is no connection with these characters and you just don't care if they live or die, I was hoping for the latter in every case.

Oh, and there's the "expert" quoting countless geologists from the discovery channel who conveniently and of course, narrowly escapes death dozens of times only to unfailingly "know" what's about to happen, sadly, just after it happens.

This is a perfect example of Hollywood, being Hollywood and should be avoided by anyone who's been hollywooded before, which is anyone watching this kind of crap over the last several decades. I would have given it a 0 but IMDb, sadly doesn't give that option.
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San Andreas.
freshclean-66-31860819 January 2016
Going into this film I knew it wasn't going to be one of the best films I've ever seen I just knew I would like the visual effects and the action, although there were some parts that wouldn't have happened in real life but that's standard Hollywood, it's expected. The story line and plot wasn't anything spectacular. It wasn't anything you haven't seen before, very clichéd and predictable. The Rock's performance in this film did give it that extra kick that was needed to make this film a bit more tolerable. If you're planning on seeing this film enjoy the ride for the visual effects and the action, don't expect very much more. I'm not going to say it's bad and I'm not going to say it's good. It's just a clichéd Hollywood work of art. You be the judge.
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Lame Story, Great Special Effects
claudio_carvalho3 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In Los Angeles, the Fire Department Air Rescue pilot Raymond "Ray" Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) will drive his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) to San Francisco since she has joined the university. He is divorcing from his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) that intends to move in together with her wealthy boyfriend Daniel Riddick (Ioan Gruffudd). Meanwhile the researchers Dr. Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) and Dr. Kim Park (Will Yun Lee) from the Caltech travel to a dam to check their seismic studies and there is a strong earthquake collapsing the dam that kills Kim. Lawrence discovers that the San Andreas Fault is moving and will cause a huge earthquake in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ray needs to travel to help the victims from the dam and Daniel offers to take Blake to San Francisco since he has a meeting in the city. Daniel brings Blake to his office and while waiting for him, she befriends the British architect Ben Taylor (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and his younger brother Ollie Taylor (Art Parkinson). When Ray is flying to the dam, there is an earthquake in Los Angeles and he rescues Emma. When the earthquake reaches San Francisco, Daniel escapes with Blake to his limousine but the building collapses and she is trapped inside the car. Daniel flees from the building and leaves Blake behind. Blake succeeds in contacting her father but the cell phone dies. What will happen to her?

"San Andreas" is a popcorn disaster movie, a genre that was usual in the 70's, but with state-of-art special effects. Unfortunately, the lame and corny story is ridiculous. Ray uses the helicopter to rescue his wife and daughter and destroy it. He steals a pickup truck; an airplane from the hangar; and a boat to save his daughter apparently with no consequences. His ex-wife Emma resolves all her issues with Ray in the middle of the chaos. There is no cell phone, but the fixed-line telephone works perfectly despite the destruction and havoc. Blake, Ben and Ollie save the film. There is a tsunami and Ray drives the motor boat in the middle of the debris and possible survivors as if he were in a race. In the end, love is beautiful! My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Terremoto: A Falha de San Andreas"("Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault")
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Could this be the worst film of the year so far? Without question it is.
jarcheese20121 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
San Andreas is truly a disaster of monumental proportions.

The main character, Ray (Dwayne Johnson), is a divorced Search and Rescue helicopter pilot who is still in love with his estranged wife. Not only can he fly helicopters, he can also fly light aircraft and drive speedboats at the drop of a hat. In fact, he can do anything and if the scriptwriters (and I use that term loosely) hadn't been able to provide a vehicle for him they would probably have given him the power of unaided flight.

His estranged wife is about to move in with a mega-rich architect, who you are pretty sure will turn into a cowardly arsehole and meet a predictably sticky end.

His daughter has no personality knows everything about survival, something which, I assume, she has gained from her father by means of osmosis.

His daughter's love interest (Hugo Johnstone-Burt), a young British man (and by British I mean someone who is not British but is putting on an obviously fake British accent) who, despite being an engineer, is fairly stupid and follows her like a homeless dog would follow a tramp with bacon in his pocket. He also has an annoying kid brother.

The love interest's kid brother (Art Parkinson), is so annoying that you desperately want to see him die in horrific and (preferably) painful circumstances at the earliest opportunity, but unfortunately he doesn't.

The main characters are all rich, WASPish and thoroughly dislikeable, and bear no resemblance to anyone you would want to care about. Or meet. Ever.

There is no plot to speak of, just a series of unbelievable escapes that takes suspension of disbelief to a whole new level.

In one scene Ray's estranged wife is having lunch in a restaurant on the top floor of a skyscraper (where else?)when an earthquake hits. She phones Ray, who is about a hundred miles away and who tells her to head to the roof and wait for him.Ray flies to her rescue, ignoring all the other people requiring his assistance and when he gets there the building is starting to collapse. As she runs toward the helicopter the roof caves in and she falls about six storeys down, but amazingly she survives enough to run up the rubble and jump on to the helicopter.

Now, all this would have been fine if her character had for years been hiding her secret identity of Supergirl from her husband, but unfortunately she isn't the Man of Steel's unnecessary cousin. This is a woman who has just come from living the high life of the idle rich, and let's be honest here, if you were a Search and Rescue pilot whose wife had (presumably) been shagging this mega-rich arsehole for months and was about to move into his grand house with him, a house, by the way, that you could never afford in a million years on your measly Search and Rescue pilot salary, would you go out of your way to rescue her? I know I wouldn't. I'd be hovering over her rooftop rescue point in my helicopter shouting, "Burn bitch! You had it coming!"

The scene on the rooftop with Ray and his estranged wife takes place within the first thirty minutes of this CGI-heavy film, and as it plods inexorably and excruciatingly on the situations get progressively ridiculous and unbelievable. It's all spectacle and no substance, and the spectacle's nothing to write home about because the special effects are nothing you haven't seen before in other superior disaster movies. When are the people who produce these insults to intelligence going to realise that CGI effects are not a replacement for a solid screenplay and good acting.

But what about the dialogue? Well, I know this is difficult to believe, but it's even worse.

When Ray is whinging on about how he couldn't save his daughter from drowning (that's the first one than drowned), his wife says to him, "If you couldn't save her, Ray, no-one could."

Really? I bet they could have. An Olympic swimmer probably could have. Or a dolphin. Besides, throughout the film Ray proves that he's a pretty useless Search and Rescue pilot, choosing only to save members of his immediate family and annoying numpties with fake British accents. I wanted to include all the bad dialogue in the film in this review, but that would have meant printing out the entire screenplay, and I didn't have time for that.

The worst chunk of dialogue comes right at the end of the film. Ray's estranged wife looks at him with dreamy eyes (that's right, she's fallen in love with him again because he's so MANLY) and asks, "What now?" And, as the Stars and Stripes unfurls before him, he replies, "Now we rebuild."

Yeah, woo-hoo! Let's take the dumbest film of the year and add a bit of patriotism into the mix to make it doubly dumb.

I wish the San Andreas Fault had split open and swallowed up every extant copy of San Andreas. Preferably about a week ago, so I wouldn't have had the misfortune of watching it.
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Special Effects Are Spectacular-But Dialogue & Storyline Hokey As Heck
larrys31 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm usually all in for disaster flicks, and the special effects in this one are spectacular (Colin Strause). There's an excellent cast as well, led by Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino with good support form Alexandra Daddario, Paul Giamatti, and Hugo Johnstone-Burt. However, I hope you're not expecting any earth shattering (no pun intended) dialogue or storyline, because the filmmakers here have taken every plot cliché and hokey line of dialogue and thrown it into this movie.

All in all, this film, directed by Brad Peyton, with a screenplay from Carlton Cuse, is just an escape filled with one tension packed scene after another, but don't be surprised if you find yourself unintentionally laughing out loud with some of the cheesy dialogue and plot elements.
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Total waste of time
I had been waiting to see this with much anticipation and what a complete let down. I can honestly say I have not seen such an awful film for a long time. After watching San Andres Fault by mistake I was so hopeful that nothing could be quite as bad as that. I was wrong. I know it's a big blockbuster and made to leave the viewer in awe, but I just laughed at it. My partner and I sat and said what was going to happen next and it did. The plot was dire from the start and I was kind of hoping the film would end before it had even got half way through it. Why do they always have Brits in American films who sound like they are so posh? Totally not called for. The acting was OK and I like Dwayne Johnson, but this was beneath him. The most ridiculous film in years.
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Money's Worth
msias-7344230 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Instead of ripping into character depth and story line, the overall point this movie delivered is an hour and 47 min of action packed thrill in 3D. It is not often your able to go to a movie theater, pay for overpriced tickets, popcorn, and dirty theaters and get completely absorbed into a movie and walk out feeling like that was worth my money and time. As for the common denominator for these kind of movies, at least the daughter no longer needs pull ups after the world was destroyed. Keep in mind, the length of this movie also keeps the momentum of action, where as the director did not fill the void by insulting the audiences intelligence.
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"Well that escalated quickly"
Danny_G133 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Opening scene - girl driving - 30 seconds later she's hanging off a revine, her car ready to plunge into the abyss.

This movie is relentless - it is a hard-core disaster movie with almost zero characterisation and 100% action-driven chaos with Hollywood's CGI department on overdrive.

And it makes absolutely no apology for this - nor should it.

The fireworks kick in from the start and never let up - buildings tumble, tsunamis flood, and heroic Dwayne Johnson, amusingly invulnerable to any form of damage (the man doesn't suffer a scratch), does his level best to save the day as a well-placed search and rescue veteran.

Sure the water effects are a bit unconvincing (Hollywood still doesn't seem to know how to create convincing white froth - it always looks like what it often actually is; smoke) and there's no real need for a 'villain' in the story, but who cares.

This is Hollywood at its blockbuster best. A brainless loud thrillfest which engages the senses (if not the mind) throughout.

Enjoy it for what it is. If you're watching it, you know what to expect.
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Great disaster movie
amianaby25 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is first for Californians then for blinder than bat people.

The first scene with the subaru and the blonde thats Topanga and Auzsa canyon, yes they do crumble and they do eff people up, thats just "normal"

San Andreas fault and Hayward Fault are about to go off any day now..itll be 9.0+ so more or less what you see in the movie can turn into reality, not as bad but bad enough...

so for us CALIFORNIANS that live in SF bay area we feel and understand this movie, basically an EXAGGERATED example to wake people up and give them an idea of how bad could it get, so we kinda know what will happen and if you lucky to stay alive what should we do, i cant believe how much production and work went into bringing idea as such on screen and gotta say they did a good job, because if you use your brain its too much details to capture and bring together, most people who rate this bad are just ungrateful clowns...this movie is not easy to make unless you are delusional from your couch as many people are.

I LOVED it on the screen in reality i hope it never happens here but we all know its just matter of time.
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A lot of useless story lines
ameliek8126 August 2015
I'm all for stupid/cheesy/lame action movies, but this one seems to have intentionally not put any effort into this at all.

The whole story of the dead daughter is just annoying and doesn't add to the action. I find it actually takes away as it's useless. Also, the whole divorce between the 2 parents. Again, it doesn't add to the story simply distracts from the action. As does the moms boyfriend. We could have done without him. I mean honestly, if he hadn't been in the movie, if the dead daughter storyline was left out, there'd be no difference. The characters would still be the same as would the events.

All these "distractions" I found to be annoying to the point where I couldn't enjoy the movie. Also, a lot of eye rolling dialogue. For example, after Blake is rescued from the car at the beginning, she and the 2 brothers are running in the streets, buildings falling apart all around them, they've seen people get crushed by debris... Ben (the older brother) asks Blake "why do you wear 2 of the same necklaces?" really? I mean, really? groan.

If you don't mind something incredibly predictable with no surprises at all (I'm just an hour into the movie so maybe they'll end up all dying!)then go ahead. I mean, it's still Dwayne Johnson! However, there are better "end of the world" type of movies out there such as The Day After Tomorrow.
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Great Family Action Movie
georget-986-6703977 June 2015
There are some movies I watch for critical acclaim ... and there are some movies that I watch for pure fun and entertainment. San Andreas is obviously the latter and my entire family simply loved it.

Like all action movies, you have to suspend some belief and avoid taking it too seriously. However, within the realm of disbelief, San Andreas stays believable and you find yourself pulling for the characters to make it .. which isn't as obvious as you might think. Special effects are downright spectacular while avoiding going over the top.

If you're looking for a night of fun at the movies with friends or family in the next couple of weeks, San Andreas is a 10 ... not an Oscar 10 ... but a fun, thrill ride 10.
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garbage, garbage, garbage....must be fake reviews posted here.
mkgixvtobhg28 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
absolute garbage. hey im a rock fan, i like a fair few of his movies for some dumb fun. i even found 2012 (another disaster movie with no soul) slightly entertaining. but man o man did this movie make me want to puke. the writers try to make you care about the lead (Dwayne), his ex-wife and his daughter but really half way through the movie i was wishing they all die in the end. blake's boyfriend (dunno know his name, forgot), and his brother, oh man they just need to die asap. the little brother accent, acting everything was unbearable.

the CGI is good, but still watch 2012 if you want CGI, essentially the same movie.

i don't get it the writers and director want to make want the main characters to survive but they are all so unlikable. in the movie you find ray's ex-wife with some rich architect, immediately you think 'gold digger', and same for the daughter who is sun bathing in rich mans back yard. the ray guy when the excrement hits the fan, is flying over millions of people in immediate need, some probably close to death, to go on a journey to find his daughter, reminds me of a quote from interstellar (now there's a movie) 'Evolution has yet to transcend this simple barrier. We can care deeply, selflessly about those we know. But that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight.'. that quote sums up the characters in this movie, they are all looking out for number one, and at best number two, unlikable characters.

cheesy moments and lines are through the roof, riddled with clichés (surprise, surprise).

there is no redeeming feature of the movie, its so bad id rather watch tooth fairy than this garbage. save your self the torture, you owe it to your self.
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F**kin' Dumb
Cailrundmc27 February 2016
This movie was so bad that it actually made me angry. I didn't think it was possible to make a more ridiculously stupid disaster movie than 2012. I was wrong. I will just nit-pick the opening scene real fast since IMDb reviews require 10 lines of text. So a car is hanging on the side of a mountain by a tree branch. It shifts and slides down three different times for dramatic effect... Stupid. Why would the LAFD take a reporter and her camera man on a dangerous rescue mission??? Stupid. The reporter asks one of the rescuers, "What is the biggest difference from rescuing people here in LA, rather than in the Middle East?" The guy says, "Well, we aren't getting shot at over here." She proceeds to write in her notebook "CUTE NOT BRIGHT", referring to the ex-soldier who answered her question. What did she think the biggest difference would be? He gave a very valid answer to her idiotic question. This movie is terrible and completely predictable.
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Powerful Disaster Film and Important Cautionary Tale
jlthornb5129 May 2015
San Andreas is a spectacular disaster film that blends breathtaking special effects with heart rending personal stories of incredible power. An overwhelming saga of a state devastated by monstrous earthquakes, resulting in stunning vistas of unprecedented destruction so vast that they are difficult to emotionally process. Technically, there is no doubt this is a brilliantly made and directed movie. However, it is the human element that creates the tension and suspense as characters for whom we care struggle for survival against a panorama of immense ruin. Carla Gugino shines as the wife of Dwayne Johnson, giving a moving performance of tremendous power as a woman desperate to save her family. Gugino lights up every scene in which she appears and the camera loves her. Johnson does well in his part as a helicopter pilot and first responder who faces the greatest challenge of his professional and personal life. A film that serves as a quite profound cautionary tale as well as a story of high adventure, San Andreas is a superb film that succeeds as a drama as well as the finest disaster movie to come out of Hollywood in decades.
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James_De_Bello28 May 2015
If you understand what a disaster movie is about and how it works you will go and have a nice experience just as I did, certainly superior to the "2012" or "Day After Tomorrow" dullness.

The usual cheesiness in disaster movie is there, the characters are so stereotypical it's hardly believable and worst of all it commits the usual, stupid mistake of having characters make it out of a situation just in time before everything collapses. This mistakes really annoys me firstly because it repeats itself a dozen times in the film but most of all because it's worthless: it does not add stakes or tension, they would be exactly the same, but except for maybe twice in the film situations get resolved just in time and the uselessness of it really annoyed me. The film tries too hard to give it's characters depth and barely succeeds in it. I cannot deny I was rooting for them, that maybe being due to the fact that the actors involved are honestly all doing a good enough job, but the fact that it tries to achieve character empathy through clichés that have been present in cinema since the beginning of time is ridiculous.

That being said, it does deliver the goods of a disaster movie and delivers them much more competently than the recent disaster films we have seen on the big screen. With the exception of the finale where things are unnecessarily blown up to eleven, there isn't exaggeration. The set pieces are for the major part breath-taking and original enough. I counted actually two times where my mouth totally dropped in genuine amazement. I was riveted by many scenes and this is probably due to the fact that the director never overuses CGI. It is used in the perfect dose, there is enough practicality involved and the fact that the set pieces aren't always the biggest most blown up ones made it better, it gave the film more stakes. Moreover there is a great use of long takes in certain parts of the film, one in particular is very long and threw me right into the action like no other disaster movie ever had done before.

If you know what you are in for you will have a good time and you will be given back your money's worth, you won't want to be re-watching this movie anytime, but that is perfectly fine and fits the film in what it is trying to achieve.
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Hey, Californians! - It's "Duck & Cover" Time!
strong-122-4788853 December 2016
(*Most moronic movie-quote of all*) - "Now... We rebuild."

Yes. I know that this was "just-a-movie" - (But, all the same) - Whether this was a story about a natural catastrophe or about a vicious terrorist attack - I would have seriously thought that by now (especially after the horrific reality of 9/11) that the American people would have had "enough already" when it came to having buildings coming crashing down on their heads.

But, I guess, this doesn't appear to be the case - As is evident here in this movie of total mass destruction.

And, if this wasn't puzzling and peculiar enough as it is..... When our courageous, jock-hero, Ray uttered the line - "Now... We rebuild." (as the American flag was being flagrantly waved in our faces) - To think that after such a devastating disaster as the one that just occurred (which levelled countless skyscrapers and, no doubt, caused the deaths of millions) - There was any rational thought of actually building again on the same shaky ground - Well - That, to me, has got to be the ultimate moment of sheer human stupidity, if there ever was one.
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Bad Script. No violence
terryhollas11 August 2015
May contain spoilers!!!

The Script was AWFUL!

The film starts with the introduction of The Rock and his job. He's a search and rescue pilot and he's attempting to rescue a girl trapped in a car on the side of a cliff. He and his buddies find this amusing as they jokingly begin with the routine rescue. There is a reporter who has tagged along for an interview and now she's asking questions about the rescue and they're are answering like there's no emergency to begin with. They fly the helicopter into the ravine. Really? I guess the basket rescue line was not long enough. Anyway we'll leave it at that.

Cut to a class in session at a University where a professor is lecturing about seismic activity and that the west coast is due for a biggie. Of course the cliché "not a matter of IF but WHEN", spits out.

Cut to Hoover Dam where same professor and assistant are doing seismic field tests when.. guess what...yup. The entire dam, gone in a matter of seconds. Like a sand castle at the beach. No repercussions, cause and effect. No small local towns obliterated, washed away. This news never makes it to the local media nor the citizens of LA. Only a mere throw- away line to the professor at a later date; "sorry about what happened to your friend"

I swear this script was written in the back of a limo on the way to the studio.

Now, it's soap opera time.The Rock and his wife are finalizing a divorce. This drama goes on throughout the movie. It's like I am watching "As The World Turns" with an earthquake in the BG.

Rock's wife is dating an architect; not just any architect; he's got his own building named after him. The daughter, sat in the waiting area of the skyscraper, meets a dude who is there for a job interview. They hit it off. She pens him her cell number and he exits the scene.

Later, "WHEN" happens and the buildings are crumbling and shaking, people screaming and panicking. Remember the dude the daughter met, briefly? His No.1 priority is to find her. WHAT??? Yes, that's right. I just met you, and rather than seek shelter and escape this hell, I am going to try to find you. AND HE DOES!!!

You know it took 3 people to write this script??!!

How can the writers think we're all stupid. That we do not know what happens in an earthquake. We've seen the images and documentaries, and testimonials on You Tube. Including the notorious Tohoku Chihou Prefecture disaster a few years back. We know that making a trying to make a call on your cell after a major quake would be impossible. We know that bottles on the shelves at a restaurant would be the first victims in a quake. But not in this movie.

I broke out laughing at a scene where The Rock, riding a motorcycle through the disaster area, passes by an elderly couple who are stranded, roadside. They're waving for help. He passes them with no interest in stopping. This, from a trained search and rescue worker. Hilarious!!!

There are scenes where The Rock and his wife are the only people in LA. wandering through the rubble. Or boating through the floating debris.


That all being said, I think the most disappointing aspect of the film is that you rarely see people die. It sounds morbid but it's what you come to expect in a disaster movie. Would the "Titanic" be just as good without "Propeller Guy" and the countless screaming bodies falling off the ship? The death count in SA is really low. There's 3 dudes that fall to their death and another engulfed in flames. It's suggestive violence and not like you would find in a Final Destination movie. I think because The Rock attracts a younger audience, they wanted a PG 13 rating, minimizing violence, therefore, a bigger box office demographic.

Anyway, that's my opinion. There are pages of wonderful reviews from people who praise this movie. I will respect that. To each his own. Watch, and decide for yourself.
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This is the disaster movie of disaster movies.
PWNYCNY10 June 2015
This is a great movie. It shows an entire city not only being hit by the biggest and strongest earthquake in history but then hit by a three hundred foot high tsunami that finishes the job. This is the disaster movie of disaster movies. No need for a strong story here. The special effects provide more than enough drama. The actual characters in the movie are ancillary to the story. It's about nature going wild, and on a scale that is beyond measuring. At the conclusion of the movie, San Francisco is a mess. Paul Giamatti is fantastic, and also quite amusing, as the scientist who predicts that the earthquake will strike - and nobody believes him until it is too late. By that time, the Hoover Dam is history and the rest of California is next in line. LA also gets hit, hard, but the director saves the best special effects for San Francisco. If you like movies that show total devastation, then this movie is for you. This movie delivers, or rather obliterates the goods!
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Behold the Stupid Movie
chicagopoetry31 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Behold the stupid earthquake that can rip apart walls of concrete and steel while leaving the tables and chairs standing.

Behold the stupid earthquake that can pulverize the Hoover Dam without knocking the nearby people off their feet.

Behold the stupid people who witness an entire city fall, killing millions around them; are they so in shock that they are speechless? No! Listen and you will hear them have a rational, joking conversations while they smile.

Behold the stupid shirt without so much as a smudge on it after the man inside of it crawls through piles of burning rubble and dust.

Behold the stupid five, the only ones on earth who matter: a rescue chopper pilot who's only concern is rescuing his own family, his ditsy wife, his daughter, the guy his daughter only met twenty minutes before but who is attached to her like a third limb, and the creepy little British kid.

Behold the stupid buildings falling down, and more buildings falling down, and more buildings falling down, as if they are made of nothing but clay and twigs.

Behold the stupid woman who has drowned to death--all efforts to revive her have failed and her loved ones accept her fate: but wait a minute, one more attempt will surely cause her to spit out water and wake up as good as new, right? Right!!!

Behold the stupid man who can fly a chopper through falling rubble, jump out of an airplane before it runs out of gas and drive a motor boat up a raging tsunami to safety: behold, he is not traumatized-- he will glance lovingly at the American flag and talk about rebuilding before the dead bodies are even counted.

Behold the stupid clichés.

Behold the stupid predictability.

Behold the stupid movie.

Behold San Andreas.
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Great Movie
michelle13930 May 2015
Went with high expectations just from seeing the trailer.And I can say I was not disappointed at all. The storyline was great the effects of the movie was AWESOME. I saw it in 3D and jumped a few times in the movie it kept me on the edge of my seat. I was extremely impressed in the acting and the sets of the movie. It doesn't matter if the science is shaky. We all go to the movie to enjoy them not to be picking it apart over science. I can see this actually happening sometime in the future. The only problem I had was with the tidal wave was that it would have crossed the ocean more than flood the city.Other then that it was a really good movie.
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Worse Than You Can Imagine
Bravesfan8225 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a shortened review. For my full length review, please visit:

I have a soft spot for disaster films. I'm not ashamed to admit it. They're generally a fun, energetic way to spend a couple hours while munching on popcorn or throwing back handfuls of Skittles. They're almost always better if you're able to disconnect your brain, sit back, and just enjoy the spectacle.

The genre has a rich Hollywood background. It goes back fifty or sixty years, but hit a pinnacle of sorts in the 1970's with such excellent films as Airport, The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, and Earthquake. The 1990's saw a revival of the genre when audiences were treated to the likes of Twister, Titanic, Armageddon, Independence Day, and Deep Impact. They weren't always good films (I'm looking at you, Volcano), but they were big (big casts, big special effects) and emotional and simply fun.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the disaster film genre has seen its share of hits and misses. The Perfect Storm, Contagion, The Impossible, War of the Worlds, and Gravity have all been very good or even great. They have carried on the tradition in a very noble way. San Andreas is one of the most recent additions to the genre, but it fails on almost every level.

The plot is threadbare, but concerns one family dealing with the effects of gigantic earthquakes shaking and shattering the Earth along the titular fault line in Nevada and California. The father, Ray (played by the normally charismatic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) is a former Army medic and current rescue chopper pilot and EMT. His soon-to-be ex-wife, Emma (Carla Gugino) is moving in with her new boyfriend who, of course, is a real jerk, but she doesn't know that yet. Rounding out the family is Blake (Alexandra Daddario), Ray and Emma's daughter who is setting off for college when the movie picks up.

San Andreas, much like lesser disaster films such as The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, uses the "fractured family overcomes enormous difficulties to rebuild their lives together" motif as if Cruse simply pulled the formula out of a hat of clichés early in the writing process. I don't think I'm spoiling anything for anyone when I say there was never one moment during the entire 114 minute runtime where I thought they weren't going to end up together after the horrendous events they had to endure. Nothing like a national tragedy with millions of fatalities to bring a family closer together! One somewhat baffling aspect of the plot is there is scene after scene of Ray stealing different vehicles and piloting them towards San Francisco in an attempt to rescue his stranded daughter. He starts off in his helicopter and then steals a pickup truck, then a plane, then a boat. By this point, I was already laughing at the movie and I began to envision a series of events where Ray has to commandeer a railroad locomotive and, in the final harrowing moments, a vintage San Francisco cable car. Sadly, those wishes didn't come true. If they would have, the movie would have been slightly better.

For a movie like this, the plot doesn't have to be revolutionary to make a great film, though. If the characters are relatable, engaging, and act in believably human ways, they can make up for something simple and ordinary. Unfortunately, these characters (and the others they meet along the way) are none of those things.

As far as the cast goes, I thought it would be the film's saving grace – even if other areas fell flat. I almost always enjoy Johnson, even in lesser films. He's got charm and charisma to spare and has shown some decent acting chops (especially in the criminally overlooked Pain & Gain). Gugino and Daddario have been fine in the few films I've seen them in and, if nothing else, they're both attractive (especially Daddario!) and have screen presence. Unfortunately, just like most aspects of this film, the performances are average at best and laughably bad at worst.

Paul Giamatti (playing a Cal-Tech scientist who figures out a way to predict the quakes) was who I was most looking forward to seeing, though. Giamatti might be the best actor of his generation and I have been enthralled by his various performances for nearly 20 years. San Andreas is one of those rare films where he would have been much better off just saying "no" when his agent approached him about taking the role. He's not given much to work with, no one in the film is, but he also seems to be phoning in the entire performance. I don't necessarily blame him – why exert too much energy when the project certainly doesn't deserve it? – but he could have been the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal film.

Even the basic glue that normally holds these big spectacles together – the fancy computer effects – were seriously lacking. There's a moment at the beginning where a young woman is driving and goes off the road. Her car flips a comical amount of time before getting snagged on the side of a cliff. The entire scene, from the car to the surrounding area, is so poorly rendered that it looks like an Asylum production with a $1 million budget, not a major studio release. In fact, almost all of the scenes involving moving vehicles were obviously filmed with green screen backgrounds. This method is not new, of course, but on better films with better filmmakers, it is much less obvious and distracting. To be taken out of the film, practically at the start, was a serious blow.
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