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8 Aug. 2015
Teens React to Cecil the Lion Killed
See the reaction from teens to the controversial killing of a lion named Cecil.
23 Aug. 2015
Teens React to Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
The Teens discuss the latest installment from the Hunger Games franchise.
6 Sep. 2015
Teens React to Markiplier
The Teens discuss the popular YouTuber Markiplier and why they think his content is relatable and funny.
20 Sep. 2015
Teens React to Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities
The teens discuss the power of sharing a video and the importance of fostering talent at a young age after watching the super realistic depiction of Mortal Kombat!
4 Oct. 2015
Kids React to Fifth Harmony - Worth It Ft. Kid Ink
The TEENS REACT to Fifth Harmony and discuss strong feminine music groups vs. male music groups.
1 Nov. 2015
Teens React to Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?
The TEENS REACT to Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean! The TEENS talk about Justin Bieber's music and if they like it.
29 Nov. 2015
Teens React to Batmetal & Batmetal Returns
The TEENS sit down and watch the viral video series, BATMETAL!