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Bland, tired and lame horror/thriller
GL8423 April 2015
After returning to his family home, a man finds the fractured nature of their past has come back to haunt them when a thought-dead ghost returns to seek vengeance against them and must find a way of dealing with the wrathful being.

For the most part this one was just a bland, awfully lame and tired effort that has very little to like about it. The main issue striking this one down is the fact that there's just no horror elements at all within the first hour or so of the film, all taken up with utterly lame drama scenes of the family getting together and showing off the concern for his worsening condition. Not only does that not endear the film to anyone for having to force them to sift through that length of time to get the good parts on-screen but these really make it hard to make us care for what goes on since this one tends to rely on the same old set- up of the father trying to get them aware of something only to make a minor mistake in the facts, either by getting dates or names mixed up, and then have everyone gang up on him like his mental condition is deteriorating and everyone begins yelling at each other. Due to that and the utterly irritating factor of presenting all these scenes as dramas based on his condition there's very little appeal in them anyway before realizing that all they do in the mean-time is drag the pace down to a sluggish, barely-moving crawl that takes forever to get to the point and by then you've lost interest. These are nowhere near interesting or enjoyable since nothing's happening and what's going on anyway doesn't warrant that kind of behavior or reaction possible, and by making all of this reliant on a storyline that is never explained or makes sense compounds matters by keeping us in the dark about the true nature of not only the origins of the curse but also the reasoning behind it. There's a small amount given at the beginning of it being used to tie the family together, but nothing about the true purpose or intent behind it since all it seems to do is allow vengeful ghosts to be able to haunt the area and nothing else. Otherwise, there's not much else here that's worthwhile as the attacks in the house at the end are about all that's good here with the creepiness of his appearance making for a chilling, imposing villain and the action contained to some admittedly impressive supernatural battles involving the use of spells and tomes to completely finish him off. That does bring up some nice gore and kills because of the creepy action, but as this is contained all in the final minutes it's too little too late.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and supposed scenes of child abuse.
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Nice horror flick with some key horror/thriller actors
jackmeat14 June 2014
Movie review:Nice to see Tyler Mane in a role other than his typecast fare. You know him (sorta) as Sabretooth, or Michael Myers, but here Tyler shows he can act, along with write and produce. Michael receives a frantic call from his estranged father to come to his home (a fortress really full of paranoid fears of the supernatural) Here is where Michael (Mane) and his family must confront a spirit(Michaels brother) that took his sisters life. When Michael stumbles onto the murder, he then shoots his brother which leads to a short trip into the afterlife of the angry soul. The movie itself delves into the occult type transition into the afterlife which the family had a knowledge of for generations. Not all go on happy, some stay on a ruthless rampage. The gore is minimal which worked for the film since the characters did a fairly good job acting out a well written screenplay to keep your attention. Far from a classic movie, but will definitely make a fan of horror movies satisfied with a nice story, good images, kills when needed, and all the bells and whistles to bring you back to an age of horror movies that don't need gore and cheap scares to drive the movie. Kudos for the casting director for bringing icons of the horror genre together into this movie (Derrick Mears and Muse Watson, along with Tyler Mane) are very memorable faces from movies and TV I am sure you have seen (kept calling Watson "Franks" LOL ) Overall a great first effort from this team and I look forward to what Mane and Geerlings can bring to the table in the future. Enjoy 5.2/10, IMDb 4.4
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When Tyler Mane is on the good side of "good vs. evil," who do you think is going to win?
Slytherclaw9024 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Compound Fracture is a real gem of independent entertainment. I really liked this film for a variety of reasons. First, the cast - Tyler Mane (Michael Myers, Halloween I & II), Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th), Muse Watson (Ben Watson aka The Fisherman, I Know What You Did Last Summer), and Leslie Easterbrook (Mama Firefly, The Devil's Rejects and Callahan from the Police Academy series) - all knocked it out of the park. I was even pleasantly surprised by the actors/actresses I was not familiar with. Renae Geerlings (who happens to be quite the looker...good job, Tyler!) and Alex Saxon were excellent, as well. Second, the story is great. Not your normal run- of-the-mill horror script that's been done a hundred times. It actually made me want to do some research into the occult themes/rituals and Viking history displayed in the movie...very cool! Lastly, the pace of the film is set just right. I did not feel myself getting bored at all and I felt the right amount of tension that comes with a good slow-burn thriller. Overall, Compound Fracture is a really good movie and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good time. Definitely not a time- waster!
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Better Than Expected
c-300014 May 2014
This movie was much better than I expected. When I first started watching this movie, I could not get past the bad acting in the beginning and I had to stop. I went back to it today and I actually pushed past the bad script and poor acting. Tyler Mane was decent, but he could have done better. Muse Watson was essentially the only good actor - no surprise. The color of the movie was actually really strange, but I feel that it added to the aura of the movie. It was a nice change from the movies that are so dark you cannot even see what is happening. It has a really interesting story and an ending I did not expect. For the most part, it was very predictable, but it had some things that caught me off guard. The story was choppy at parts and a bit hard to follow, but it all made sense eventually. It was also a little bloodier than I expected, but I liked it all the same. I was expecting a 4/10, but it was better than that. For a low budget film, this was pretty decent; much better than ones I've seen before.

In short, poor acting, OK script, interesting story, good plot, odd coloration (but it works), and it has a few good scares.

Check it out if you're just looking for something to watch that you've never seen before. It's not a MUST SEE, but it's alright.
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'Compound Fracture' shows that the past can come back to hurt you
Drew Grimm Van Ess12 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing that drew me to this motion picture was the cast. When I saw that it stared Tyler Mane (Halloween 2007), Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009), and Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil's Reject's 2005), I knew that this was one worth a viewing. The opinion of horror fans overall seemed positive, so that was another reason to check it out.

There's a good soundtrack attached to 'Compound Fracture', I found myself enjoying the music. Most movies nowadays play music too loud over a scene, where as in this feature, we have good tunes that fit the mood, and are at an appropriate volume. Then you get Michael (Mane) meeting up with his estranged father, Gary (Muse Watson) which makes for some deeply layered character involvement and development. Michael doesn't get along with his father because he beat his first wife, Michael's mother, and he beats his current wife, Annabelle (Easterbrook). He also didn't help Michael's mother out at all financially while she died of cancer. It's explained that Michael left when he turned of age to go live with his mom, and he was left to take care of her with not a penny's worth of help from Gary, who's very rich.

Annabelle decides she can't take anymore of Gary's abuse and gets Michael's consent to leave. However, up until this point, Michael, Gary, and his step-mother have seen a strange silhouette and their family symbol in various places, including written onto the bathroom mirror. Earlier, we're shown how Gary has a safely secured panic room. But rather than think it'll get put to use, everyone simply thinks that Gary is loony. But as the viewer, you can easily see that although he does have Alzheimer's disease, he's still got sense to him. So you know the panic room will eventually come in handy.

As the movie progresses, we get the full scope of what happened with Michael's sisters death, and how it all went down. We learn that Michael was forced to take drastic actions against his brother William (Mears), and we learn why Michael's nephew Brandon is so emotionally distraught. Although things went down in a non-civil way, what they didn't expect was for that day to come back to haunt them all, and threaten their lives. They're all being malevolently haunted by William now, who wants blood for blood, and intends on picking them off savagely in taking his own revenge. I didn't expect it to happen during daylight though, so that makes this film unique.

Packed with a good quality of gore, special FX, and good acting, I was really into it. So much so that I surprised myself. There's one hell of a decapitation scene involving a van door that is easily my favorite kill of the entire movie. Though it's not very scary or suspenseful, I still found it intriguing because it's a character driven story. And there's a sad but triumphant twist ending that I didn't expect. There's some good action scenes involving fights, and the violence is a nice touch. 'Compound Fracture' isn't what I expected, nor did it end the way I foresaw. Though it's not a perfect movie, it's surprisingly entertaining and has a creative story.
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Well made independent horror film
LilOwens22 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was really surprised by the quality of the film that Mane and Geerlings wrote and produced! I don't know Tyler Mane outside of the silent superhero/villain roles he had played previously in movies like X-men and Troy. This was the first real time I have seen him act, he's not Olivier or even a Jason Statham level, but he carried this movie well as the lead character. He's got the size of somebody you see as being Quite threatening physically without having to take his shirt off. He is just naturally a really big guy. Same with Derek Mears who plays the villain in this.

The plot is mired in some genre conventions but not a rip off of any other picture in a specific way.

Spoiler part.......

It is a haunting story, of a malevolent spirit of Mane's character psychotic ex brother in law. Mears murdered Mane's sister right in front of Geerlings, who portrays Mane's fiancée, and Saxon, who portrays Mane's nephew. Mane then stumbled upon the scene and killed Mears before he could finish killing Geerlings and Saxon. Mane's family harbours a secret of knowing how to control your transition into the afterlife. Every family member has a rune carved into their fore-arm flesh that allows them to manifest themselves inside their family home and thus spend eternity together. Unknown to Mane and Watson, who plays the family patriarch, Saxon's mother had carved the rune into Mears arm, before he went psychotic and was a loving husband, out of love at the time.

Their are some undercurrents of spousal abuse permeating the lives of Watson involving his deceased ex-wife, Mane's mother, who's cause of death is truly heartbreaking and the reason why Mane despises his dad. The violence also involves his current wife as well, played by Police Academy's Leslie Easterbrook. Easterbrook, a former Second City cast member in the 70s, does a great job in the small dramatic role. I had only seen her in comedies before and was surprised at her abilities.

The movie does contain some graphic gore, nothing too over the top, the level of injury seems natural to cause a death.

I look forward to seeing more of what Mane and Geerlings can provide in the future. In terms of low budget film making, they really delivered here with something better than most Hollywood A-level budget horror attempts.
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When a fracture break a compound
sigynnez19 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I actually liked it a lot, and I actually didn't expected that. The acting was pretty much fine, specially the leadings. I never thought to see "Sabretooth" in a "good guy" role, but was very good doing it, and pretty convincing.

Here we have a family, in a reunion because the patriarch is loosing his self, he have dementia. But learn that the family have very dark secrets. There is a crime that Michael committed to save his nephew's life, but was unable to save Chloe's (his sister). There is a behavior in abuse in Gary(his father and the patriarch), who beat his wife Annabelle, and that was before to Michael and Chloe's mother who died of cancer while in care of a teen Michael.

So, we have family issues, some forgiveness... and a bit of blood.

I loved the bitter ending for a lead character that didn't expected.

The photograph is awesome, with a touch of vintage, that make the atmosphere more strange, given the circumstances.

Music was perfect for each scene.

The villain was pretty "cool" (in a dark way).

There is a personal thing for me, my grandmother was abusive with me and I forgive her, that's for I feel so related to Michael, in a very strange level.

Oh, and for that review that doesn't understand what happened in the beginning... it is explained by images in the end, if you don't understand you must pay attention. It's all explained.

I recommend it with 9/10 absolutely.
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Killer Movie!
Kerry Blake23 May 2014
This was a fantastic movie! I LOVED it and highly recommend it. If you like movies that have demons, witchery, supernatural events then this one is for you. Keeps one on the edge of their seat during the who movie. Tyler Mane has become one of my favorite uprising stars ever since I watched him portray Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. Tyler mane and Renae did a fabulous job writing this movie and Tyler showed his superb acting skills staring in the movie. I thought it was cool how they brought together several iconic killers (Tyler Mane "Michael Myers", Derek Mears "Jason Vorhees" and Muse Watson "Ben Willis") to star in this made for a great cast. If you are a horror fan this is one that you don't want to miss!!
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Review of Compound Fracture
Where do I begin with this review? First off I love it, I truly believe that this film Compound Fracture has the ability in the next decade to become a true gem in the movie business! A lot of things go good with this film most notably using Derek as the main antagonist which doesn't surprise me given Derek is an amazing villain and having Tyler as the protagonist which we haven't seen, Tyler also is a great villain (Sabortooth and Michael Myers). Muse Watson is actually a favorite of mine since he played Mike Franks on NCIS and I just love that guy! This film really isn't classified as horror but an action/suspense but many of the scenes near the end with Derek I actually jumped a few times cause the makeup that he had on and the bullet hole in his head made him genuinely creepy no offense Derek. I talked with Renae and asked her if you guys thought if Muse actually went crazy ha. Another thing I loved the fight scenes with Tyler and Derek, the brutal stuff, getting choke slammed on a car, getting thrown into stuff, Renae getting knocked out ext. The action was really intense and the emotional moments with Brandon and Michael was good too having Michael being Brandons uncle and how close Michael and Brandons mom were close like the film hints at (makin Michael a high school diploma being home-schooled). The touching moments Michael has for his family really makes up for the brutal and intense moments. Michael really has a love for his family even though you see hell break lose with Dereks character. Everything fits together perfectly and its a film where I will watch it again and again and again and never get sick of!!

CF gets a 4.5/5 stabs
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A broken family fights the curse it put upon itself.
suite9223 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Three Acts:

The initial tableaux: The movie starts with a homecoming. Michael Wolfssen and his fiancée Juliette drive to his wealthy father's (Gary Wolfssen) house. Michael left home in his late teens, and never came back until now, just after his sister Chloe's death. Michael and Juliette bring his nephew Brandon with them. Brandon is not hostile to Michael, but he is not open or talkative in the least, partly because he is having visions. The family estate looks different to Michael. Now there are walls, cameras, and all sorts of talismans on display. Gary lapses into dementia now and then, featuring paranoia and secretiveness.

Delineation of conflicts: Gary beat Michael's mother, who then left him. Despite Gary's wealth, he contributed no dollars to treating her subsequent cancer. Michael is not happy on those scores, nor on the fact that Gary beats his new wife, Annabelle. The paranoia is bearing down on everyone. Also weighing everyone down are the consequences of the manner of Chloe's death. The reason for the paranoia is not revealed early on, but once it is, the whole remaining family has to work better together to fight it.

Resolution: Not everyone survives but the evil is largely broken. So it's a bleak film, but not jet black.
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A refreshing addition to the thriller/horror genres
While Compound Fracture reaches more into the thriller range than horror, it still manages to create a creepy, isolated environment with a few good scares while weaving a twisted tale around the Wolffsen family. The story was interesting and not the typical rehash of stories already told one thousand times. It does well to not lead you directly to the ending and keeps you guessing. Most of the characters have depth and their personal struggles are shown juxtapose to the real threat lurking around them.

I found Compound Fracture to be a very good film, that was even better the second time around. The writer included little intricacies and allusions that I had not picked up or even noticed the first time watching. If you are tired of seeing the same old thriller/horror movie with one dimensional characters and story and are looking for something unique to refresh the genre, Compound Fracture is one movie you do not want to miss.
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A definite must see horror film for 2013
all_inked_up1325 March 2013
Looking for that next horror film to play with your mind and emotions? Compound Fracture is that thrill ride from beginning to end. From the minute I sat down to watch I was either on the edge of my seat or jumping back in shock. This is not like your typical horror film, however it will exceed your expectations. You will be shocked and amazed. It's not every day you get three iconic horror actors in one film. Tyler Mane, Muse Watson and Derek Mears give amazing performances. Two thumbs up to Renae Geerlings on a well written screenplay. With this star filled cast, amazing plot twists and a old school horror feel, Compound Fracture will have you and your friends talking about it. I for one can't wait to see it again. A definite must see horror film for 2013. If you have the chance to see this film, make it a top priority for this year.
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Love Compound Fracture!
brockc8016 June 2014
Great Job Mane Entertainment!! Great Movie! Would recommend this movie to everyone to see. Great Actors/Actresses also. Was happy to see the actors that played in it, and had to have it right away!! Tyler Mane is the Man!! Liked the plot, and how it ended. Had us on the edge of our seats... Have already purchased this movie and will be watching this movie again and again. Will be sharing and watching it with friends, and family members. Thanks for making this movie, I am sure all of the involved worked very hard to make the movie what it is... Cant wait to see what follows.... We love scary, and revenge movies... Keep it up, and keep them coming!
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Best movie ever!
mosbytricekids15 May 2014
One of the best suspense movies I've seen in a long time! Made me want a sequel not allot of movies let me do that!!! Can't wait to see more from Mane entertainment!! The movie has some twist and turns You would not expect! Leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, Makes you want more, Has you jumping and gasping! Very well thought out plot and great acting! I can't not wait to get my copy of compound fracture!! Also as a added bonus they bring three horror movie actors together in the same movie and let's just say heads roll and blood splatters in this movie but its all in good taste no nudity so its not so bad for those who want to see a horror suspense without the cheezy sex stuff!
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Great thriller flick!!!!
scottctucker21 May 2014
I was not able to go see this film during its limited run at select theaters as I think many of the other reviewers did so this is a review of the DVD. I was happily surprised by this flick. For a new small company I was not expecting it to look like a big-budget Hollywood film, yet it did. Loved the story, much more thriller then the horror I was expecting, a happy surprise. Some great actors, always been a fan of Muse and he gives another great performance here along with the rest of the cast. A fun and entertaining film, and u hope to see more of this quality from this company. If they can keep this quality up I will keep buying the DVDs!
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They Don't Call It Compound Fracture for Nothing'
justin-29820 April 2013
Compound Fracture: written by Renae Geerlings & Tyler Mane, directed by A.J. Rickert-Epstein, and starring Tyler Mane, Muse Watson, Derek Mears, Leslie Easterbrook, Alex Saxon, and Renae Geerlings. Todd Farmer and Daniel Roebuck also make a special appearance (which was pretty awesome).

This supernatural thriller of a horror flick deals with rituals, old family bloodlines, & modern day family drama twisted up with a great story about ghosts. It reminded me of something you'd see on the show Supernatural, but if the Winchesters never showed up. What starts out as a simple visit to Michael's family home to take care of his aging father, quickly turns into a nightmare, visiting old sins of the father back on the whole family.

The most notable thing is the great chemistry between the actors. They all did a phenomenal job, but I have to say my favorites were Renae Geerling and Muse Watson. Derek Mears was extremely intimidating and scary, though his character didn't have much scope. His story was a very integral one being he is the main baddie in this flick. Tyler Mane did a great job achieving a very father figure/head of the house/normal guy yet heroic role. It was almost, but not quite, weird seeing him as the hero when he's sitting on my DVD shelves as a bad guy in everything. Bottom line, everyone did a fantastic job.

The story was really good, mostly because of its originality. It not the same old ghost story and it's got a lot of great details in it about certain lore and history of the supernatural. When you're done watching the movie you can tell two big things... 1. They did a lot of research. 2. They had a blast making this film. Their story translated very well to the audience and at points I was thinking "well played" because they totally got me on several occasions. They are really good at the "show them left, but then they go right" kind of thing. Much of the story is unexpected, including the extremely fun ending.

I'll be honest and say it did take a while to get to the parts I was waiting for. All the scares leading up to the main course was fun, but I was really pushed off my seat for the last third of the flick. Tension is well presented in this movie and builds to palpable levels, so much so that I noticed I was uncomfortable sitting in my seat at one point and even wanted to cover my eyes because of some of the disturbing violence that took place. They don't call it "Compound Fracture" for nothing. That's not all though, every great horror story needs a bit of humor and this has it for sure. It's not comical, but it's got some great moments that will make you laugh.

My hope is that this movie goes on to propel the group at Mane Entertainment to making some even better flicks for us fans to eat up. I mean, simply getting this specific group of people together is an inspiration in itself, but seeing what they did together gives me great hope for the future of horror entertainment. There are still people out there with new stories, new ideas, and the ability to put something together with little money that will still scare your pants off while keeping you entertained the whole time. I want more of that! As a filmmaker myself there was a lot of me thinking "how'd they do that" when it came to so many of their effects. I should know better, "hollywood magic" and all, but still, they left me curious because they did it so well and it was very cool to see.

Director A.J. Epstein was great too. He put together a very fun horror experience with a comprehensive story. Getting to meet the guy was pretty cool too as he can relate to many of the people I used to work with as a filmmaker. He mentioned having made several short films and that this was one of the first he'd be known by. I'm sure it's something he'll be proud to be known for because it's pretty awesome! The entire group who showed up, Tyler, Renae, A.J., they all were very humble and very friendly and it was so much fun to hang out with them and talk with them. They were very welcoming to every individual who came out and did a fun Q&A after the flick. I won't say much about it because I don't want to ruin anything for anyone, but like I said before, you knew they had a blast putting this together.

The one thing I never got to ask (because I thought it'd be a dumb question) was to see if this was at all a commentary about what it would be like for Jason and Michael to throw down. ;) - Mr. Frights
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Compound Fracture is a thriller with a new twist
geeksters26 April 2013
Compound Fracture is a throwback of a good horror/suspense movie but with a modern twist. This movie will have you interested from beginning to end and make you realize there is fear during the day. You thought that horror only is in the dark, think again. Go find this movie and watch the story unfold. Compound Fracture makes independent movies a fun time to go to the theatre and see something different that is quite enjoyable. this movie made me enjoy horror again.
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A Must See
Brian Whiteman24 April 2013
This was such an incredible movie. It was more leaned towards a Thriller based movie and it was a Great one. A movie that leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. In those moments your mind is running a mile a minute of what could take place. There are those movies that you can predict what will happen next because it has been done a thousand times before. Compound Fracture was not one of the movies. There was something new at every corner. The focus was more on the characters as a family unit that came together in a way you would never see before. Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings co wrote this movie and they did a fantastic job. People always assume that "independent" means a bad movie. When in reality it is far from the truth. This movie shows the passion of doing a great movie to show people what Mane Productions is capable of producing. This movie in my opinion sets the tone for great movies to come out of Mane Productions. On top of the movie Tyler and Renae did a Meet and Greet in the beginning of the movie and a Q&A at the end. That shows me how much they value their fans. I highly recommend this movie to everyone and the movie tour is still going on now. I can promise you this isn't a movie that will leave you going "Wow I saw that coming." Instead you will leave going "Wow I never saw that coming." Go see it and I can promise you won't be disappointed.
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A good effort but ultimately flat
uber_justin3 June 2014
Compound Fracture feels like a first outing, and it is. Tyler Mane's new company offers us a passable thriller that ultimately never truly thrills.

The story works. It offers characters with interesting drama and characterization, and a villain with a purpose. There are a few forced moments, where the emotion just shows up instead of being earned organically, but that could be in part to the directing and editing, which I will get to later. The story definitely had potential for thrills, and each character is memorable in their own way, and that is something you don't often find in indie horrors/thrillers, especially first timers like Geerlings.

The acting was weak. Muse Watson, the patriarch with dementia, often felt way over the top as he went in and out of lucidity. Sometimes it felt like dementia, sometimes if felt like he was tired and ready to go home. Tyler Mane will always feel like a giant to me, and it was hard, but not impossible, to see him as a family man. I think his strengths come from playing more fringe characters, less 'everyman'. Alex Saxon was a point of awkwardness for me. He fear noises really drew me out of the moment.

I think, even with the acting, there is potential in the film, but it all fell flat due to the direction/editing. I'm going to group those since they were done by the same guy, Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein. First, a look at his page reveals he is a cinematographer (he was also DP on this film, that's a lot of hats for a feature). And it shows. There were some technical shots going on but usually at the cost of performance and story telling. The film plays slow, and not "slow burn", just slow. The action scenes feel forced. I felt like I was supposed to be scared or thrilled but everything was moving so slow I was usually left just watching, unengaged. There were moments that didn't fit the rest of the film. I can't say it enough: everything felt forced. It felt like they wanted us to be scared, but didn't know how to pull it off, so they just copied a lot of techniques with sound and editing and tried to make it work. And for me, it didn't.

I think it was a good first effort. Hopefully they learn from the mistakes, mostly of letting one man head three departments, and can produce more films.

Compound Fracture isn't a great movie, but it shows that this team has potential, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.
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jfs63558 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Independent film is no longer synonymous with being bad. Tyler Mane has changed the recipe. You have to start with a nearly flawless script. Then rework it until all the inconsistencies are gone. Add three iconic killers, Tyler Mnae, Derek Mears and Muse Watson to the mix. Surround them with a core of incredible supporting actors. Season with just a hint of dark humor and a vigorous splash of gore. Simmer in a fortified compound for ninety minutes while slowly turning up the heat. Watch as the terror comes to a final boil. In the end you get to feast on not only one of the best supernatural thrillers of the year, but on one of the best movies of the year.
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Good Horror Flick
Julee Marshall1 May 2013
Admittedly, I am not a fan of the horror genre, but I attended a local premier of this movie with a friend, and despite the blood and gore, it was pretty good. It was good guys vs. bad/dead guys. Special effects were great. I especially liked the flashback sequences from puritan times showing the origin of the curse. The guy who played the judge/murderer in the flashback scene looked particularly menacing with cold, dead eyes.

The setting (I am guessing if was filmed in California)was also spooky-looking. It almost looked as if it was filmed with a slight sepia tint, which might elicit an unsettling feeling to the viewer. The point of the movie was to keep the viewer on his or her toes, wondering what was coming around the corner. I would say that this is a must-see film for folks who are fans of Tyler Mane, and folks who like suspense and horror. Also, Tyler Mane is not bad looking!
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