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beautiful story
mrsmarisalmartin27 December 2012
A beautiful story of truth that many try to deny. Art is everywhere. Homelessness affects children. Beauty born in the soul of a young girl and expressed outwardly can change lives for the better. Heartbreaking and celebratory at the same time. The strength some people have can wash over you and want you to become better. That is what this film did for me. I enjoyed the direction and vibrant colors. The truth in this young girls face is captured and seared into my heart. The film was done very well. The story doesn't leave you wanting more...her life does. You want to cheer and support and follow her. It made me see people through their experiences and talents (even if they don't see them yet).
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Not among by favorite of the nominees, but still quite good.
MartinHafer2 February 2013
Today I went to a special showing of the Academy Award Nominated Documentary Shorts. Surprisingly, all five of the nominees were very good. Not as surprising is that ALL were incredibly depressing films. After they ended, I wondered how many depressed folks see these five and then begin having suicidal thoughts! Yes, they were that depressing. Now having a depressing documentary is not a bad thing--often the films are about social problems and being depressing isn't bad. But ALL of them being depressing? Next year I wouldn't mind seeing at least one that isn't about old people waiting to die, cancer, homelessness, poverty or dying African children--like this year's crop! But, again, they ALL were quite good....

"Inocente" is a film about a very artistic teenager whose family is homeless. For the last 9 years, they have moved from sleeping outdoors, moving to shelters or living in cheap apartments--and none for a stretch longer than three months. Because of this, it is inspiring to see Inocente trying to beat the odds and make it out of poverty. The film is well constructed and although I didn't always love her art, she was very talented. My only misgiving about the film is that in some ways the film is a downer--as it's hard to care too much about the family because of the abusiveness in the home. Plus, in the end, the epilogue is a bit of a letdown. Still, fascinating and well made and a worthy Oscar nominee. Will it win? I doubt it, but it does have some interesting things to say about homelessness, illegal aliens and child abuse.

UPDATE: Well, my usual bad track record continues, as "Innocente" DID win the Oscar. A good film but I thought it wouldn't win. My friend who saw the film with me thought it would win, as "homelessness is sure Oscar-bait"! I guess he was right!
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near reality
Kirpianuscus18 September 2019
It is one of special films opening new perspective about life, near reality, art, homelessness .Its simplicity is moving and it is easy to define it as a testimonial. But it represents more. A slice from near reality. The basic idea - the art of a young homeless. The fear about the opinion of other about her, the memories and the effort to be herself. Not exactly a story but a lovely portrait of struggles to be. For long time, her voice sounds again and again, creating each image and each inflexiotion as kick to see the authentic truth.
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Beautiful Story!
diamond_bello26 February 2013
Such a beautiful story! Also what a brave, young talented girl! I couldn't help but cry after watching it. I loved everything about it. So touching, just beautifully done, I wish the best for this young lady and her family. The people involved in helping Inocente are amazing as well!

I have tears in my eyes just writing this. It really moved me. I can see why and I am thrilled that it won an Oscar!

Can't wait to share it!

I don't know what else to say without giving anything away, I have to write a minimum of 10 lines to be approved.
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