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Season 2

20 Jan. 2012
Two weeks after the sealing of Mana, Shu and his friends are now cut off from their families and from all of society as GHQ completely blockades off the heart of the city.
27 Jan. 2012
Kakuran: Election
Rumors are flying about what's happening to people in the quarantine zone, and Arisa is losing control over the frenzied student body. To make matters worse, someone's let it slip that turning in members of Funeral Parlor might be their ticket to freedom.
2 Feb. 2012
Kokuhaku: Sacrifice
Shu is conflicted about the Void ranking system, the student body is creaking under the tension, and vaccine stores are running low. At this rate, something--or someone--is going to snap.
9 Feb. 2012
Ôkoku: The Tyrant
Welcome to Tokyo: a ravaged world under merciless totalitarian rule. More and more of Shu's old friends are seeing a side of him they never imagined possible... and Shu's about to see a new side of the Voids, too.
17 Feb. 2012
Kakumei: Exodus
Discontent within the ranks of the school is reaching fever pitch as the Exodus approaches.
8 Mar. 2012
Tsuisou: A Diary
Ten years ago on Christmas Eve, Mana, Shu, and Gai had a fateful encounter in a church. That's the story we already know. The story we don't know: where were their parents?
15 Mar. 2012
Uka: Emergence
As Funeral Parlor and the U.N. troops converge on Ward 24, Inori hovers on the edge of becoming Mana. Meanwhile, the mysterious boy finally reveals his plans for Shu and Gai.

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