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I dont mind watching B-movies, some of them are actually quite good, this movie though is as boring and unimpressive as it can get.
imseeg7 August 2022
I have seen a lot of B-movies and some of them are really great, but this is definitely not one of them...

The bad: everything looks and feels cheap about this movie. Terribly mediocre actors, cheap photography, but most annoying of all, there is NO thrill or suspense whatsoever. Even the few action scenes look laughable. What a pain to watch!

Incredibly boring to watch as well. This shouldnt be called a movie, this should (at best) be shown on the television, when all the other tv channels are showing home shopping shows. And I would recommend watching a homeshopping advertisment above watching this sleeping pill...
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Actually a decent and very entertaining thriller-comedy from a newb filmmaker.
Top_Dawg_Critic7 August 2022
This film is newb filmmaker Oliver Thompson's second full length feature film as director, and third credit as writer. At first I was really getting annoyed with the typical B-film loud, overbearing and constant score which seemed to be 2x louder than the dialogue, that made me have to up and down the volume accordingly, but thankfully that issue got better as the film progressed.

Thompson's directing was spot on, and you'd never guess he was a newb filmmaker. Even his writing had great continuity, steady pacing, and some nice twists to a well executed story for this genre. The comedic scenes would sneak up on you and were actually funny - a job well done by the actors, and that made the story much more refreshing that I actually wanted more humor. There were some plot and technical issues, but rookie mistakes are expected from a new filmmaker, and Thompson's were few rather than prevalent. The cinematography was great, and once the score settled down and some decent soundtracks started playing, I started enjoying the film even more. The 96 min runtime was just right for the story, and I have no complaints with the editing. All casting and performances were on point and convincing, and the wide range of character personalities was a creative and enjoyable touch, especially the two brothers who were hilarious.

It's not a perfect film, but for a low budget B film from a newb filmmaker, Thompson should be proud of his results. I do hope by leaving that door open for sequels, he gets on that soon, before Mr. Allstate retires, because he'd be perfect as the rogue crew's boss. It's a 7/10 from me, could've been an eight had I not endured the annoying score from the start.
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Most ridiculous installment in the whole Sniper franchise, since 1993
supamchang23 August 2022
After watching all 9 installments of Sniper franchise (including this one) since the original Sniper released in 1993, I hate to say this is the most ridiculous and worst one. Thumbs down.

I wonder how could they end up reaching to this level of low quality with cheap production values, poor script, poor direction, poor casting, poor acting & overall poor editing. Everything is so terrible in this 9th installment.

It doesn't deserve even one single star rating actually, due to everything is very bad. In previous installments, presence of Tom Berenger somehow managed to create suspense and excitement, but this one is the most horrible in every aspect.

I wish, if sanity remains, producers stop further production of future sequels, for the betterment of the whole Sniper franchise.
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Worst of the Sniper movie franchise
OzMovieWatcher17 August 2022
I struggled to watch the whole movie...

Bad bad bad !!

The music score seemed to both overwhelm the senses in watching the movie , as well as being poorly selected. Some scores sounded like the background music of a Tom and Jerry cartoon, while in the extreme, sounded like background music of a 1970's porno. The music did not match the scenes and I found it distracting.

I found the acting poor, camera work poor and the story both was poorly written and did not flow in the production. The actors/characters were not convincing in their roles at all.

My advice, ........ give this a movie a miss... and then to religion and pray to your god and beg that this is the last Sniper movie to be made.... This is, thus far, the worst one so far.
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Pass this by folks
ndaylilez11 August 2022
The worst sniper movie EVER..don't waste your time. Someone thought this franchise needed a comedy. What a shame. Best of all this comedy isn't one iota funny.
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Less plausible than a Road Runner cartoon.
dennispros27 August 2022
I often wonder why this movie was green lighted. The writer and director, Oliver Thompson should really find a different career. Low buget, stiff or non-existent acting. As stated by other reviewers, the music is too loud and out of place.

The story is laughable, predictable and mostly recycled from other bad movies..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
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One of the better action movies
supermellowcali7 August 2022
Better than I expected. Good cast, photography, editing and directing. Some humor; violent but no sex or excessive foul language. Recommended if you like crime/action movies.
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Consider Watching So You'll be eared -up for Sniper 10!
mjkjuliet25 August 2022
This ninth franchise has committed a critical leap by deviating from the usual hard-core action we see from the franchise - that itself is commendable especially for a newbie filmmaker. Although Mr. Thompson is not totally new to the franchise, which makes him aware of the general pitch of the 8th series - the off-rail has a purpose, I see it as a "respite" in preparation for the Sniper 10. So I have something to look forward to for the real action in Sniper 10.

Storytelling-wise, it was direct and I wouldn't say predictable, although in my POV it could have a different ending, " claiming justice " by killing the perpetrator from the hands of " an already victim" is not justice and if I have to weigh-in the end part from the 1st part of the film , it's already a failure of their mission. That's the weak part for me in this movie, but that's my POV ( because I have worked with human trafficking cases in my professional life). Human Trafficking is the 3rd largest crime in the world and this movie touches that delicate issue but failed to at least show redemption in the end. However, not because the ending of the film was not how the way I wanted it to be, doesn't make the film bad. Thompson manages to deliver although it can show more.

I like the general tone of the film, the colorist did well in here, cinematography was justified particularly in establishing the character of Josh Brener. The camera angling and transition is pro level ( of course it's Doug Pasko I guess?) the continuity and editing is neat ( my only issue was the dolly shot outside the house when the gang discovered they have 1 missing victim.)

Theme music was cool, I particularly like the folk-rockish beat when Gildie was leaving the crime scene, or building ( I like Brendan Sexton's presence in this movie btw! Well done!) As for the other characters I believe this was Agent Zero's mission so Ryan did shine in here.

As for Brandon Beckett well this was totally a different display of his character , from being a so seriously serious Sniper in all the 5 Sniper's , his funny side showed-up here. - (not to mention he had the shortest stint in the CIA ) . But this was remarkable in Mr. Thompson's storytelling , despite the comedic dialogues and approaches , the representation of each character was very much present. I particularly like the convo between The Colonel and Brandon outside the building while having "coffee" , the grit is still very much characterized by Brandon.

Sony could actually release soundtracks of each Sniper films, I like the song " Teeth of The Master" , hope they release a single for the fans to enjoy. It can create a recall to the movie .

Overall this is a good watch, I can give a solid 8 and looking forward for a great action in Sniper 10!
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Worst of the series
mikeocasio-3802825 August 2022
Totally goes against the series.

I WAS a die hard fan until they messed with expanding the storyline, adding in nonsense that has nothing to do with the lineage of the movie line, and going with this "female positive" nonsense going on in Hollywood with creating roles for females in movies where they'd normally wouldn't be needed.

The series was a alpha male action movie those who served could somewhat relate to, this is popcorn fluff that I did not find one redeeming thing to hold my attention in the first 30 minutes I tortured myself to watch.
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"We Can Do A Puzzle"
gab-6759911 August 2022
Very good B movie with very attractive actors to keep your attention. I did admit to getting bored in the middle but overall a ok movie. The elevator scene made me laugh! When they did the action scenes and slowed it down so much you could actually see the punches and kicks MISS! Priceless, typical over the top Hollywood action movie with pretty actors, and little acting ability. Like Laura Lake character was horrible! Everyone else gave about 40% each.
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Come on Beckett
rapercrw20 August 2022
Yeahh you read it right come on already this movie is just a shame to the whole of Beckett family name.

Whats with the loud music everytime there is action scene ? 90% of the time the music background does not jive with the scene on screen .

I gave it a two stars since its Brendon Beckett in star in the movie and yeah thats about it.
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Way off the mark!
Dimple671 September 2022
This franchise took a wrong turn after Ghost Shooter! This is amateur filmmaking at every level and a complete lack of understanding and reverence for the franchise and the action fan base. Embarrassing and nonsensical. And the humor, I assume that was what they were going for, violated the one rule of humor - be funny! It wasn't funny or charming. This isn't Stranger Things. This isn't a franchise for 12 year olds. This was and should remain a hard actioner pitting bad against good in cat and mouse sniper battles. It's a movie meant for a mature audience. It's now coming off like a cartoon. The makers are missing the whole point. It's meant to be sneaky and stealthy, heavily relying on themes of isolation and the morality of killing from long range and what that does to the psyche. There is not one idea in this movie. It's not singular or strong. It's a weak movie, guided by no vision or perspective. The director/writer/editor/craft service had no idea how to mount or deliver and is tonally deaf to the source material and it's offensive to the fan base and action audience. I'm done with these movies for good. The studio brain trust is trying way too hard to reimagine this series. They've reimagined it to its grave.
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Fairly generic action thriller without much thrills...
paul_haakonsen9 August 2022
Well, I must admit that I had never even heard about this 2022 action thriller titled "Sniper: Rogue Mission" from writer and director Oliver Thompson prior to sitting down to watch it. But I assumed that it was a movie that was a part of the "Sniper" movie series that started back in 1993, you know, the movie with Tom Berenger and Billy Zane.

The storyline in "Sniper: Rogue Mission" was pretty straight forward, though writer and director Oliver Thompson didn't really being much of anything new or revolutionary to the table with this 2022 movie. Don't get me wrong, because this is not a bad movie, it was just something that had been done and seen many times before. But I am sure that the movie will prove entertaining for an audience out there.

The acting performances in the movie were adequate, but the actors and actresses didn't really have all that much to work with in terms of script, storyline and characters. And it showed on the screen. I was only familiar with actor Dennis Haysbert on the cast list for this movie.

The action sequences in the movie were fair enough, and they definitely helped to keep the movie afloat.

While I did manage to sit through this movie, I was only mildly entertained, because it was too generic and uneventful, if not actually downright predictable.

My rating of "Sniper: Rogue Mission" lands on a four out of ten stars.
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More action, More thrill ,More interesting
erlesstrife27 August 2022
Just finished watching Sniper Rogue Mission, the movie is really good. More action scenes, with a little extra humor, make this film different from the previous Sniper series and more interesting.

Agent Zero and Brandon Beckett who were originally tasked with escorting an arrest mission led by one of the CIA agents who turned out to be crooked and involved in the human sex trade. The mission doesn't go according to plan, casualties fall but a crooked CIA Agent manages to achieve his dirty goal and causes Agent Zero and Brandon Beckett to be discharged.

Never give up, Agent Zero and Brandon Beckett work together to uncover the crooked Agent's dirty deeds. But just the two of them without having adequate resources against a crooked CIA agent with extensive access to information and a dangerous group of mercenaries, is certainly very difficult. So they decide to ask for help from an old friend, Lady Death (Sniper Assassin's End).

Even though they managed to find Lady Death, it wasn't easy to convince her to help them. But after receiving an explanation from the rest of the survivors of the massacre, Lady Death changed her mind and wanted to help in the end, coupled with her unique hacker friend, they eventually formed a small but very strong team to fight back against the crooked Agent and his gang.

This film also tells a little about the background of Lady Death and last but not least, we can see the return of Colonel Gabriel in this movie

The film is packaged very well, plus good soundtracks make this film more interesting. Worth watching.
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If you are VERY bored, this might entertain you
thomaselers-5204116 August 2022
It's a typical B movie in every way, the acting, the effects, etc. And I admit sometimes I do enjoy watching a good B movie, but the word "good" is missing in this context. It was boring and unconvincing and nothing really to keep my attention, I struggled to watch it to the end to be honest. Also I can't remember any movie where the soundtrack affected it in such a negative way. It's so poor. Especially the background music for the first 10 minutes sounds like it's smacked together on a single sound module, and the music overall is mixed ridiculously loud, almost as if they thought they had the best score ever.

I liked some of the previous installments in the Sniper franchise, but this one is the most forgettable one of the bunch. Go back and watch (or rewatch) some of the old Sniper movies and pass this one.
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Beckett Legacy
cmcphils7 August 2022
It's a good watch! Been following Sniper series and this new release is a must watch, especially if you are invested to Beckett's legacy. The plot is simple but the storyline is a common issue and relevant nowadays. One who is familiar to Sniper series won't confuse themselves of trying to compare B films to high budgeted films but still they deliver. It's realistic , its neat. It's a movie meant to entertain and not to give the viewers Science or Math to analyze.
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The Perfect Badass Trio!
rachelmaytum16 August 2022
Make sure you have your TV sound up loud while you watch Sniper: Rogue Mission so you can feel the intensity of the film and the humour through the music, fight scenes, and story line. Oliver Thompson has done an amazing job at bringing together an amazing team; Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins), Zero (Ryan Robbins) and Lady Death (Sayaka Akimoto) are the perfect badass trio for taking down a sex trafficking ring. Gabriel (Dennis Haysbert) also played an important part in bringing the bad guys down and revealed something great at the end!

It's not like the other Sniper movies that you've seen where it's focused mainly on Brandon Beckett. From the Sniper: Assassin's End film this is where they introduced Zero and Lady Death to the Sniper Franchise. I'm so glad they brought them back. In Sniper: Rogue Mission you see how Beckett, Zero and Lady Death begin to work together as a team. You see the vulnerable side to Lady Death, you hear about her upbringing, and you see how Zero overcomes his lack of confidence in using a sniper gun. Brandon showed more of his humorous side in this and you see him fight Lady Death with a garbage bag. The music amplifies the intensity and humour of the film, causing you to feel all kinds of emotions as you watch it. The storyline is great! I really loved it! I will be watching this film again and again!
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It's worth the waiting!
autumnheart-5553524 August 2022
I like everything about this ninth installment of Sniper Films series. It's worth the wait after two years since Sniper: Assassin's End was released in 2020. Highly recommend to watch if you are a fan of sniper films. A few words are for Brandon Beckett, being a master gunny, smart and rich in experience, he has deserved more recognition from the top leaders and proved that he can do anything if he thinks it's right. I love Brandon Beckett (portrayed by Actor Chad Michael Collins) very much, Honestly I like this Sniper Films series because he is simply the best.
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Awesome action, humor, and music
brookejackson-2330516 August 2022
I stayed up after midnight and bought it digital. I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it. I have a physical copy of the movie. It came today.

From casts and crew did a phenomenal job. Actor Chad Michael Collins is one of my favorite actors and Sgt Brandon Beckett is one of my favorite characters. I hope the Sniper franchise continues.
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This is not your father's Sniper movie...
perez-leeann21 August 2022
While there is still all the action you'd expect from a Brandon Beckett Sniper movie, you are also treated to more of an Ocean's 11 feel to the dialogue, a snappier feel rather than only a stoic soldier mode. I loved the whole film. The action, the repartée between Zero and Beckett, the characters showing expansion and growth, and the addition of Lady Death to the team. The fights were well choreographed. You know, the Sniper movies aren't necessarily meant to change the world, but they sure do entertain and this one is among the best. No disappointments here.
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i loved and enjoyed this movie
winniepoooo24 August 2022
Very entertaining great acting i have watched several times brandon beckett chad michael collins never disappoints.the sniper series should be never ending.
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why didn't I go out clubbing at Saturday night rather than me watching this movie
nikola1710 October 2022
One of the worst change up direction of franchise this movie is a joke this is not what you think it is, like if you loved Sniper movies or first 1 like me and you think this is gonna be a serious movie this and that it's not. How in earth writers & directors know about Sniper (1993) and rest of franchise what it's about.... they don't know abustle know what Sniper all is about it's not Comedy this isn't Bruce Willis Red franchise or Chuck TV series because this is what it's trying to be like. I loved and liked all other Sniper movies out their like 1st film was Amazing it started out a serious action-thriller Military film the direct to DVDs movies were good in my opinion they were fun fast paced straight forward fun movie franchise I can't believe how far it went from 1-8 great last ones were Sniper Ultimate Kill (2017) then to Sniper Assassins end (2020) film were 2 good last ones I have done Sniper marathon after I finished with Sniper Assassins End. Because Sniper franchise the genre of movies isn't Comedy with comedic score music in it it's never silly but when I watched this movie straight from start it was a serious film then 5 minutes later with

opening credit title with Animation playing comedic music I was like what the heck???? This is getting weird later threw out movie it became a comedy-spy movie everything in film the looks and feels cheap about this movie. Some of terribly mediocre actors, cheap photography, but most annoying of all, there is NO thrill or suspense whatsoever. Even the few action scenes look laughable what's even more laughable is when Main character is spotting on room from hotel room building looking after his Team when you find out when camera zooms back villains are at same Hotel building at roof top above where Main character is spotting, I threw my arms in air going like is this meant to be joke seriously???? It's like writers or director must be fan of Marvel movies because nowadays everything is a joke with Marvel movies with overtop silly comedy well sadly to say everything was putting in this stupid silly overtop comedy, I found it extremely distracting they play it during some scenes and some of action scenes I am like God this movie is hurting my Brain cells A SNIPER MOVIE IS NEVER A COMEDY never was. I never ever will know why they changed up movie franchise what did they change it up into like a comedy???? Sniper never was comedy what's next for Sniper sequel for 10th movie it is gonna be a horror movie???? Then 11th it's gonna be SC-FI film because with this movie if you watch any previous movies of Sniper films 1-8 films there aren't comedy goofy in it it was always an action, thrilling suspense straight forward action movie that's all it was. For first time a First Sniper movie in franchise without Tom Berenger or Billy Zane in the cast THANK GOD because if they look into this movie or if they in it... it will look worse because after movie is finished filming, they watch this movie they will look shame of themselves for being in this movie I am not kidding your main character rest of others including tough guys are bit comedic as well like your previous 8th movie character Lady Death (Sayaka Akimoto) she was a cold blooded character quiet, silent Assassin type but now she is a comedic even your main character Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) you followed him since in 4th movie was a series character learning how to shoot a sniper then threw out other sequels Brandon going through missions from 4th film to 8 his character you take seriously but in here he is a joke just made him look like embarrassing & silly like a joke. Plot follows this guy who is a human trafficker who is with other villains were planning to kill those porn star girls witch you feel sorry for like you hate those villains so bad, and this guy Simon (Toby Hughes) who is one of human traffickers saves 1 girl Mary Jane (Jocelyn Hudon) but he can't save all other girls but only 1 like he if he knew other guys will kill other girls then save others leave door open for other girls to them let out before villains kills girls witch, they

did I don't like seeing Dead girls from start of movie you feel extremely sorry for girls. Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) from previous 5 movies in this it's his 6th film he is at London spying at woman then he catches Bad guy that's all made it soo totally random. So then next day Gabriel Stone (Dennis Haysbert) who appeared in Sniper Legacy & Sniper Ghost Shooter appeared in this 1 which made him think wished he didn't appear in this movie, fires Brandon for because of some reason so now Brandon goes rogue, teaming up with his former allies Homeland Security Agent Zero and assassin Lady Death who now works as a waiter so what do they call her Lady Death one of waitress accepted her resume from her previous job her been Assassin killing people from past to been a waitress??? Anyway so Team goes uncover the corrupt agent and take down the criminal organization because there is a crooked federal agent is involved in a human sex trafficking ring and entire movie and characters were stupidly silly comedic playing comedy score music like you hear from Red films or Oceans 13 or Chuck TV series with that comedic music in it. Action scenes were eh nothing to special expect there were moment where Zero shoots guy head Multiple times then when elevator door opens 2 people screamed not series way but funny way, I was like what the heck. Rest of movie nothing was exacting or made like to like movie and villains were just laughable, just laughable they get a Sniper a Sniper villain who is a useless, gutless Sniper spotter who misses targets, takes a longtime to shoot Sniper who has no experience main villain can't get other guy to shoot Sniper???? The actors/characters were not convincing in their roles at all they are there for paycheck. The writer and Director, Oliver Thompson should really find a different career path because he hasn't never Directed movie in his life only 1 movie he was also producer from previous Sniper movie Sniper Assassins End, which was much, BETTER movie then to this crap at least Director & writers taken 8th Sniper film aka Assassins End seriously and he gets a green lit he ruined this movie so bad completely horribly bad, what makes him think turning this a 9th Sniper movie into a comedy with comedic music which was too loud and out of place... it's laughable it's laughable film you won't take this any seriously like other Sniper movies if you think Sniper direct to DVD sequels were horrible Bad!!! Then watch this tell me what is better I am fan of Sniper films I am a huge fan their weren't a comedy aka comedic type Sniper films had action, thrilling suspense movie toke itself series it may not be greatest franchise 1-8 but its flawed that I can easily Deal but with this flawed 9th worst film was very extremely overtop director to me never watched every Sniper movie out there and to know what it is about what kind of genre it is he was producer from 8th movie previous 2020 movie if you think that's Bad then I will prove you wrong this movie is never a series movie, it's comedy with comedic music witch it will make your ears Bleed, characters acting like goofy and silly & dumb overtop actors don't want to be there you can tell it, movie doesn't have any Sniper scenes only for a bit but not entire movie and movie is called Sniper and it doesn't have any brutal Sniper kills in movie, this feels like a low budget goofy silly overtop Mission Impossible film like Ghost Practical that had some little comedy but in sametime movie taken itself series. With this movie made your lead that you followed in 5 movies you taken him seriously and now to this movie made him look like an idiot completely like other with characters and villains witch they were forgettable thugs Human traffics. There's nothing wrong in movies with Some humor but this overtop humor this is like my theory writers or director taken notes from Marvel movies they said let's make our own Sniper movie 9th movie into a comedy witch it will make it different??? Just because it's different doesn't mean it's good. Music, I will say it again... it's so bad make your ears Bleed. Unfitting I don't know why went for Red or Ocean's Eleven direction What's with the loud music everytime there is action scene? 90% of the time the music background does not jive with the scene on screen people if you see Sniper franchise and you're a fan like me please avoid this Dumpster crap. Wasn't expect an Action/Comedy movie. The Zero Character from previous 8th Sniper film not a good fit. Too goofy against the quality of characters. Nice guy, but Sniper franchise portrays precision. This doesn't.

The ex-Yakuza fighter Lady Death (Sayaka Akimoto) was such a Badass from Sniper Assassins end made her into a joke into this movie. Like in movie where they found this nerds computer guy who is nerds completely offering guys, a soda at end of movie credits main character and others standing their enjoying soda Lady Death goes like I... want.... Fanta toke her 20 seconds to say and finish full line and rest of characters talked like that I don't know what to explain in this review if you see seen you will get what I am saying it will make you want to turn off movie go out do something else. I am like this is writer's and Director stole ideas like Marvel movies goofy stupid overtop comedy films. Avoid this movie please its worst of worst go back watch all Sniper movies 1-8 end from their avoid this garbage trash film I will be curious what will they do with Sniper movies and how many will they make it up to Sniper 15???? Anyway, I rather go out clubbing go out have fun get girls go at Dance getting to know them me getting lucky would be more entertain then to this movie.
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elizabeth-rochon19 September 2022
The movie had potential till the music played! Why did they think having the worst music almost comedic? Tried to hard to be the movies "Red" with Bruce Willis. The dialog also left something to be desired. The acting was okay but then the actors spoke.... Serious potential then it was a flop.

The "tough" guys were a bit comedic as well.

The overall story was probable. However again the dialogue was like reading a script out loud! Why, why, why screw up a seemingly decent movie?

I was generous with the rating. The overall story about sex trafficking is serious and very real (which is sad).

Add bad soundtrack and bam you have a really bad movie trying to imitate Oceans and Red movies. Those movies had great casts!

Someone needs to explain who and why the music/soundtrack is pathetic! Then whomever wrote the script and who approved it.

There were investors who has to spend some money for a write off. This movie has so so much potential. I really wish more thought into who the producer and director were. A movie was made with a lot of money and actors who tried to pull this off. Sadly someone needs to answer why, why, why??
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Far Better Than It Ought to Be
xtinctionagenda6 October 2022
We have watched all the Sniper movies. This movie will be for those who, like us, enjoyed Sniper: Assassin's End. The action is very TV and the filming similar, but there is a charm to this whole production and a humour which cannot be denied. The music is, at times, perfect to the purpose.

The casting director deserves a shout out for picking some good villains. This is a low-rent, motley crew that Brendan Beckett and co. Are dealing with but it doesn't harm the movie. I like the silly menace of the gang leader and his two hapless brother goons.

Swearing is also solid. Everyone swears properly. And when things get bloody or violent, it isn't taken too seriously.

Is this movie for your typical Sniper fan? No. It's trying to be something else.

Perhaps Sniper: Rogue Mission shouldn't even exist in the Sniper Cinematic Universe. But it does. And that doesn't suck.
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Not the best
adrianpalmer-211588 November 2022
This is probably the worst movie from the sniper group. There is not enough sniper work and more hand to hand combat with really bad fighting scenes and acting. I hope the next will be a lot better. I believe the film writers have lost their way and seem to have forgotten what the sniper films are about. I do hope they read this and take it in to account for when they make the next movie. It does seem that they tried to make this more as a comedy style movie. The music was really awful and didn't really go with the scenes. All in all I have this film a 2 star as it did not compare to any of the other movies.
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