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MPAA Rated PG for thematic elements including sorcery, some action, scary images, rude humor and language

Sex & Nudity

  • 01:13:35 - Isaac Izard and his wife do a passionate kiss.
  • Two characters are wearing a dresses that shows cleavage towards the end of the movie.
  • A baby is naked, his nude butt is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • One scene has living pumpkins vomiting up mush, however this isn't very graphic. These pumpkins could also scare a younger audience.
  • This scene uses magic and pitchforks to destroy the evil pumpkins.
  • Many kids bully and ridicule one of the main characters due to the way he dresses.
  • At one stage this bullying becomes physical.
  • a boy pricks his finger for a spell. blood is shown. a few other spells require blood for the casting and more hand wounds are shown
  • Multiple characters puncture or cut their hands to perform blood rituals, this is seen on 3 separate occasions.


  • Uses of D***, h***, Oh my g**, b****. Jonathan Barnavelt and Mrs. Zimmerman constantly call each other names, such as hag, coward, ugly, old, etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Jumpscares are common throughout the film and are fairly common.
  • There is a scene where a character transforms into alternate disguises, in which their head and neck shift and convulse. Cracking sounds can be heard throughout the conversion, and it goes on for some time. Viewers may find this scene uncomfortable and disturbing.
  • The movie has a very children's book feel, but it still delves into rather strange supernatural images and subject matter.
  • This movie is frightening and intense to varying degrees throughout. Creepy
  • The first half of the movie the scary scenes are humorous and light however they get drastically more creepy and scary in the second half. It is quite a drastic change and can very very frightful for children. At that point even the humor doesn't lighten the fearfulness of the movie.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The Uncle is teaching his nephew witchcraft spells, later the nephew casts a spell that brings about violence against him, the uncle and their female friend/Neighbor.
  • A boy forces another boy into a classroom and punches him in the stomach, saying that he'll break both of his arms if he tells anyone that they went out.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An intense scene when the nephew boy brings back a man from the dead. While using an evil spell book, he preforms a ritual including a pentagram and blood. Doing this ritual brings back a man from the dead who intends to harm the characters.
  • Creepy dolls, mannequins with clown head and even a wind up devil are found in one room of the house. Towards the end of the movie, these all come alive and attack the main characters.
  • Pentagrams and demons are littered throughout the movie, as well as random taxidermied animal parts and human hands. a boy takes an evil book to a cemetery at night and a skeletal hand on top of the book begins to move like a compass towards graves. It taps rapidly as he approaches a grave and he casts a blood spell to bring the dead to life. The coffin lid moves and a hand covered in maggots appears. One character retells his experience in selling his soul to a demon from hell in order to get forbidden knowledge. the demon is frightening and inhuman. the little boy has dreams where he speaks to his dead mother, who encourages him to defy his uncle's rules. Later you find it is actually an evil witch who transforms in front of the boy with a lot of writhing and jerking around.
  • The movie deals with witchcraft throughout, and it progresses to darker subjects. The subject of blood magic is stated, brought up, and seen, both performed by a child, and the antagonist. The child also performs necromancy. Towards the end it is revealed that a character summoned a demon using blood magic and satanic ritual. The demon is seen in a flashback and even named. These elements are not introduced or painted lightly, so some viewers will find this to be intense subject matter.

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