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Advanced Style review affectionate documentary about later-life followers of fashion

A group of feisty older women create a stir as they prepare to appear on the Ricki Lake show

There has been some heated discussion on Radio 4 recently about the politics of ageing fashion, but this affectionate documentary finds nothing but cause for celebration in the extravagant couture of its later-life subjects, one of whom describes her age as "somewhere between 50 and death". Inspired by the success of Ari Seth Cohen's blog in which he "roams the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks", this on-the-fly film follows a group of very feisty women as they head to Culver City to appear on the Ricki Lake TV show, sparking flashbulbs and headlines wherever they go. Although the doc doesn't dig very deep, it allows plenty of space for each of its divas to flaunt their unique style, which ranges from classic elegance to colourful adventure.
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Geriatrics Fight for Glory in Ping Pong

Geriatrics Fight for Glory in Ping Pong
Though we understand the dual nature of children, we don't think of old age as a time for growth. Ping Pong shows us people piquantly aware of the deterioration of their bodies and that they don't have much time left. It becomes clear, as they train for the fiercest competitions in table tennis, that they are hardly defined by their limits. The youngest player featured is 80, the oldest 100, and both are world champions. Director Hugh Hartford skillfully documents each person's past and present. These folks, once young and beautiful, got married in the time of Hitler; they've raised children now of retirement age themselves. Some are sweet, some reserved; some are mean, and some gregarious. The game they play is not the one in their grandchildren's basements, but rather at the g...
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Olivia Munn: WeHo Party Time

Stepping out with her beau, Olivia Munn went to a party at a home in West Hollywood with Joel Kinnaman on Friday (February 22).

The "Newsroom" star wore a black long-sleeved top and knee-length hot pink skirt with her black heels as she held the hand of her Swedish boyfriend.

Earlier this week, the 32-year-old actress answered Twitter questions from fans with Vanity Fair at a Twitterview before the Vanities party at the Chateau Marmont.

When asked about what the multi-talented star isn't so good at, Oliva admitted, "Many things I *can't* do well, but to name just one: Pool Ping Pong. Ping Pong in my pool. My Bf kicks my ass every time."
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Susan Sarandon: ping-pong queen

Ping-pong tables are popping up on every corner and there is no bigger advocate for the game than Hollywood star and radical Susan Sarandon. Lawrence Donegan faces her across the table

• Watch Ping Pong, a documentary about the sport, on this site

The hardest thing about playing ping pong against Susan Sarandon is playing against Susan Sarandon. It's distracting to look across the table and see your defensive block being swiped at by a Hollywood icon, a woman who by the compartmentalised standards of modern celebrity life has "done it all" – actor, activist, lover, mother, model, feminist, fearless campaigner on behalf of the dispossessed, easy target for America's right-wing bullies.

Alas, Sarandon was marked absent when the gods handed out the gift of hand-eye co-ordination. It would be fair to say she misses as many shots as she hits. In her defence she is wearing a royal-blue trouser suit, high-collared white shirt and studded winklepickers,
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‘Project Runway’ Designers Make Ping Pong Uniforms For Susan Sarandon

Designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant Michael Costello talks us through the latest episode in his recap. The designers are commissioned by Susan Sarandon to redesign her ping pong club’s uniforms!

This week, designers will work in the same teams: let’s just say Dream Team looked startled about that. I would be too! I remember my team challenge in Season 8 was the worst day of my life! Everyone threw me under the bus. I felt like that bus kept running me over and over!

Episode 2: The Designers Take On Ping Pong Club SPiN

The challenge this week is to design uniforms for the waitresses, waiters, and ball boys and Susan Sarandon’s ping pong social club, SPiN. Can I just say that I was secretly wishing the challenge would have been to design new looks based on the movie Thelma and Louise, or maybe do a retrospective look
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Justin Bieber Flashes Nick Jonas Friendship In Selena Gomez’s Face

Justin appears to be using his friendship with Nick Jonas to taunt Selena Gomez. How cruel!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up yet again, however, this time it wasn’t because of Justin’s newfound friendship with Selena’s ex Nick Jonas. This time, Selena reportedly broke off her relationship with Justin because she found mysterious text messages from other girls on his phone! But Justin’s friendship with Nick is coming into play again.

Justin, 18, used his Instagram account on Jan. 10 to say, “This was the ping pong ball after me slamming it on Nick Jonas lol haha.”

If you recall, Justin hung out with Nick, 20, on Dec. 13, where they engaged in a ping pong tournament together. Selena, who dated Nick in the past, was Not happy with their hangout.

Justin & Nick’s Friendship Caused Selena To Break Down previously reported that the Justin and Nick
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Hidden gems of 2012: DVDs

Mark Kermode picks the year's best DVD releases that went largely unnoticed – but are too good to miss

Ping Pong

(Hugh Hartford, 2012, Britdoc Films, E)

A documentary about octogenarian (and upward) table tennis may not sound like the most obvious formula for life-affirming thrills, but this splendid account of the Oap "paddles of fire" circuit is as nail-biting as any sports event this year. Most impressively, the age of the participants (some in triple figures) quickly becomes an irrelevance as their competitive personalities take over to dominate the drama. There's nothing quaint or genteel about this battle of wits from players whose faculties, both physical and mental, have clearly been enhanced by the beautiful game.

The Dardennes Collection

(Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, 2012, Artificial Eye, 15)

The work of these most admirably humanist directors is gathered together in a six-disc collection which cements the Dardennes' reputation as guardians of the beating heart of cinema.
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Susan Sarandon's Dating Tip

Susan Sarandon's Dating Tip
Los Angeles -- Ping pong is having a moment, thanks in no small part to Susan Sarandon.

The Oscar-winning actress and self-described "ping pong propagandist" envisions a nation of table-tennis players. To that end, she's the famous name behind SPiN, a series of "ping pong social clubs" that opened its latest location in Los Angeles Wednesday. There are also clubs in New York, Toronto and Milwaukee.

The newest SPiN club, a partnership between Sarandon and famed hotelier Andre Balazs, takes over the entire second floor of Balazs' trendy Standard Hotel in downtown L.A., boasting a custom-designed red table as its centerpiece. Professional instructors are available to teach the basics to those who didn't grow up with a table in their basements and to help amateurs perfect their skills.

Sarandon, 66, has been giving ping pong tables to friends and to inner-city schools since she helped open the New York club
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Miss Lovely and Aquí Y Alla bag top awards at Mumbai Film Festival 2012

Miss Lovely and Aquí Y Alla bag top awards at Mumbai Film Festival 2012
In the newly introduced competition section for Indian feature films ‘India Gold’, Miss Lovely was announced as the Best Film and awarded the Golden Gateway of India Trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakh at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival 2012. Hansal Mehta’s “Shahid” won the second award in the category with a Silver Gateway trophy and cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh.

The Special Jury Award of a Silver Gateway of India trophy was given to Manjeet Singh for “Mumbai Cha Raja”. The Reliance Media Works CreaTech (Creativity & Technology) Award was bestowed upon the makers of Miss Lovely, who will be entitled to utilize the resources Reliance Media Works Service Solutions for a value up to Rs.1 lakh.

Aquí Y Alla´ (Here And There) won the Golden Gateway of India Award and a cash prize of Us $ 100,000 as the best film in the International Competition for the First Feature
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Complete Lineup of 14th Mumbai Film Festival 2012

14th Mumbai Film Festival (Mff) announced its complete lineup today in a press conference. Mff will be held from October 18th to 25th at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (Ncpa) and Inox, Nariman Point, Liberty Cinemas, Marine Lines as the main festival venues and Cinemax, Andheri and Cinemax Sion as the satellite venues. Click here to watch trailers and highlights from the festival.

Here is the complete list of films to be screened during the festival (October 18-25)

International Competition for the First Feature Films of Directors

1. From Tuesday To Tuesday (De Martes A Martes)

Dir.: Gustavo Fernandez Triviño (Argentina / 2012 / Col. / 111′)

2. The Last Elvis (El Último Elvis)

Dir.: Armando Bo (Argentina / 2012 / Col. / 91′)

3. The Sapphires

Dir.: Wayne Blair (Australia / 2012 / Col. / 103′)

4. The Wall (Die Wand)

Dir.: Julian Pölsler (Austria-Germany / 2012 / Col. / 108′)

5. Teddy Bear (10 timer til Paradis)

Dir.: Mads Matthiesen (Denmark / 2012 / Col. / 93′)

6. Augustine

Dir.: Alice Winccour (France / 2012 / Col.
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Film Review: 'Ping Pong'


"It's not how hard you play, it's where you put it", flourishes 85-year-old Lisa Modlich with an acknowledgement towards the cameraman. Since her inaugural table tennis medal in 1992, the octogenarian Modlich has gone on to vanquish around 150 more opponents. Hugh Hartford's Ping Pong (2012) tells the stories of Lisa and several other OAPs hailing from around the globe and their road to those veteran World Championships, which see 2076 players from 51 countries competing for glory in their respective age groups. Read more »
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This week's new films

The Amazing Spider-Man (12A)

(Marc Webb, 2012, Us) James Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary. 136 mins

New, improved-formula Spider-Man: does whatever last decade's Spider-Man couldn't! The world was hardly screaming out for a rejigged "origins" story, but this at least gives you less comic-book primary colour and more teen-drama shading. Plus better special effects, although the rooftop monster-battle climax feels same-old. Yes, it's a brazenly commercial exercise, but Garfield's limber geekiness tips the balance.

God Bless America (15)

(Bobcat Goldthwait, 2011, Us) Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr, Mackenzie Brooke Smith. 105 mins

American media idiocy literally comes under fire in this outlandish Falling Down-meets-Natural Born Killers shooting spree.

The Hunter (15)

(Daniel Nettheim, 2011, Aus) Willem Dafoe, Frances O'Connor, Sam Neill. 102 mins

Dafoe's craggy gravitas dominates this scenic tale of a hunt for the extinct (or is it?) Tasmanian Tiger.

Strawberry Fields (15)

(Frances Lea, 2012, UK) Anna Madeley, Christine Bottomley.
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Ping Pong Review: A Strange, Charming Doc About Old Age

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

You might think that octogenarians playing ping pong sounds like a strange subject for a documentary, and you’d be right. Director Hugh Hartford manages to, over a brief 76-minute runtime, wring laughs, thrills and a strong sense of humanity out of his wily subjects, while tapping into that universal fact binding the human race together – that one day, we all will die.

Ping Pong follows 9 elderly folk from around the world as they travel to Inner Mongolia to compete in the over-80s World Table Tennis Championships. The first face we meet is Les D’Arcy, an 89-year-old British man who, perhaps owing to his active lifestyle, seems anything but that age. Contrasting him is good friend Terry Donlon, who we first see in hospital facing a grim cancer prognosis, with the illness affecting his bones and inhibiting his play. Others have their own afflictions,
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